Satanic Pedophilia Within Our Society

Our guest blogger, Tony Mead, is a Sandy Hook researcher — an administrator of the Facebook page, “Sandy Hook Hoax“; a contributing author to the book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook; and a member of Independent Media Solidarity that produces the videos “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook” and “Life of Adam”. Mead is also the author of the outstanding “Lenny Pozner’s HONR Network: The Fine Art of Online Stalking and Harassment,” which FOTM republished.

Satanic Pedophilia Within Our Society

By Tony Mead

As the headlines are teeming with such stories as the Harvey Weinstein scandal and admissions of involvement in sexual misconduct by the infamous from Justin Beiber to Kevin Spacey, it is an important time for us to look deeper into what is really going on in our world today!

Actually, this is not some new phenomenon and is certainly not limited to those prominent Hollywood actors and notorious musicians, but instead, permeates every corner of people in power in our society and has done for centuries.

Is this some affinity for sex with children that is shared by these culprits, or is it something that they have been forced to engage in to procure their prominent positions in society? Although the cognitive dissonance that I possess has made it difficult to thoroughly assess the enormity of the epidemic, I have found myself compelled to research this topic more fully. What I have discovered will shock every person of high morality into a state of disbelief!

As a man of Christian faith who was born into a modern (non-religious) family, I was raised with certain values that have helped me to adhere to a type of morality that conforms with that of my peers. I have learned to know right from wrong and have experienced great joy when commended for “doing the right thing” as well as feeling guilt and shame for any transgressions that I have made. I learned that cheating and lying were not acceptable behaviors. I learned that honesty and integrity were respected values. I learned that sex was a pleasure to be shared between a man and a woman, but was to be a private, yet intimate experience. I learned to have respect for my fellows and to be polite and compassionate.

Of course, my Euro-centric upbringing somewhat defined my morality and, as a child, I expected everyone else to adhere to a similar standard. When they didn’t, I was offended, and I would report the offender to an adult, who would then render consequences to keep them in line. In fact, if another person engaged in such conduct regularly, they would be chastised and even ostracized by their fellows and in this way, Social Conformity is achieved. In order to maintain a peaceful society, I think we can all agree that social conformity is a necessary ingredient. We, as a society, need to know what is acceptable, and what is not.

What is considered morally acceptable in some societies may not be acceptable in others. In some African tribes, the women wear increasingly abundant “necklaces” that gradually extend the length of their neck until the begin to look like a human giraffe. This is considered attractive to their men. Other tribes have arranged marriages of girls as young as 12 years old. To them, this is normal. Other, more subtle differences arise within our own culture such as different religious practices. The circumcision of an infant may be as abhorrent to some as is the baptism of an infant to another. But, I think we can all agree that there is an established morality within our society that precludes the idea of adults having sex with children.

So then, why does it seem to be such a common occurrence among one particular segment of our society? Is it because once someone is rich enough to afford whatever luxury they desire that they seek out the “forbidden fruit”? Imagine that you have enough money to last several lifetimes and enough to take care of everyone that matters to you in your life! Now imagine that you have access to every simple pleasure such as the finest food and drink, the best entertainment, the best drugs, the most beautiful places imaginable. What is there left to enhance your pleasure? The finest of sexual pleasures that money can buy?

At first inspection that is what I had considered to be the root cause – these people just have too much money! But, as I explored the phenomenon further, I came to believe that may be putting the “cart before the horse” as it was their affinity for sexual deviance that led to their powerful positions in society!

What becomes especially shocking to someone such as myself is that it is not the mere compulsion of sexual desire that leads to their position of prominence, but their involvement in something so deviant, so disgusting and revolting, that the average person will immediately dismiss it as being “impossible’! In fact, despite overwhelming, indisputable elucidations of the existence of this phenomenon, it seems too incredible to digest!

When I think of Satanism, what comes to mind are the witch burnings of Salem and some antiquated obsession with devil worship. Perhaps a more modern version includes the likes of Anton Lavey, the founder of the Church of Satan, or Wicca, which is a modern cult of witchcraft believers. A lesser known proponent of Satanic worship is Michael Aquino, a former Military Officer who specialized in psychological warfare and founded the Church of Set, which is an offshoot of Lavey’s Church of Satan.

It should come as no surprise that in 1987, Michael Aquino was accused of Satanic Ritual Abuse of a 3 year old child but was exonerated after police “could find no evidence linking him to the crime”.

What is the link between Satanism and pedophilia? I had always considered pedophilia as some sort of psychological disorder. I thought that pedophiles had somehow transfixed on some period of adolescence and never fully matured into adulthood. Perhaps those afflicted suffered such immense insecurity as to be incapable of having intimate relations with other adults. Or perhaps they were infatuated with the physical characteristics of pre-pubescence. I really couldn’t fully understand something that I have never experienced myself, but I was of the belief that it was a psychological affliction that resulted in behavior that was unforgivable in my opinion.

I really had no idea that people could be indoctrinated into this deviant practice through their own family. Unfortunately, that rude awakening eventually became what I hold to be truthful.

In order to understand Satanic Ritual Abuse, we must first recognize that there is a definite pattern of repeatedly exposed techniques that are used to indoctrinate individuals into this cult. These reports come from hundreds of “victims” who have been sexually tortured and made to perform despicable tasks, including murdering infants, in order to appease their captors. These children have been either in the care of their own parents or in some cases kidnapped into these Satanic cults where they are then forced to participate in the sacrifice of a baby by being forced to hold a knife in their hand as their parent aids them in the beheading, mutilation and cannibalization of the infant!

This ritual has been explained, in detail, by hundreds of whistle-blowing survivors. It occasionally gains some traction, but inevitably loses momentum as the cognitive dissonance of the general public, coupled with the media’s concerted efforts to dismiss the stories, helps them gradually fade away.

Stories such as the McMartin Trials were dismissed as Satanic Panic even though 360 children had confirmed that they had been sexually assaulted!

On March 22, 1984, Virginia McMartin, Peggy McMartin Buckey, Ray Buckey, Ray’s sister Peggy Ann Buckey, and teachers Mary Ann Jackson, Betty Raidor, and Babette Spitler of the McMartin School were charged with 115 counts of child abuse, later expanded to 321 counts of child abuse involving 48 children! Eventually all charges were dropped for “lack of evidence”. This is how corrupt the court systems are, and have been, because they are infiltrated by these same pedophiles.

The Franklin Cover-Up, written by former U.S. Senator John DeCamp, details the kidnapping of John Gosch and Paul Bonacci and their indoctrination into Satanic Ritual Abuse that led them into a life of prostituting themselves to wealthy politicians. Their story took them from catering to the powerful politicians in Nebraska all the way to servicing the Bush Family occupied White House!

The rituals of human sacrifice and drinking the blood of a slaughtered infant are also recanted by these young boys.

DeCamp’s book inspired the documentary “Conspiracy of Silence”, which had been produced to be aired on the Discovery Channel on May 3, 1994. It was canceled just 24 hours prior, for still undisclosed reasons. Of course, most people assume that it was due to political pressure from the Satanists who did not want the exposure, but, to this day, the Discovery Channel has never said why it was scrubbed. You can still view it here:

Then there is the story of Vicki Polin, a woman who appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 1989 and, once again, described in detail how she was forced to participate in her family custom of Satanic Ritual Abuse by killing and devouring babies. She also disclosed that not only has her family been doing this for multiple generations (dating back to the 1700’s), but that there were many Jewish families throughout the United States who also regularly practiced these rituals!

These Satanic practices are not limited to the United States, but indeed are a global epidemic. “Theresa” from Australia explains in detail how her family also raped her and forced her to engage in the exact same rituals described by all of these other outspoken victims! Traumatized beyond repair by the involuntary participation in the murder and cannibalization of infants and repeated sexual torture!

Perhaps the most poignant words of Theresa are when she describes the feeling of helplessness while engaging in these rituals. She compares it to having to “eat your vegetables” as a young child — you don’t really WANT to do it, but you know that it is something that you HAVE to do.

More recently, the case of the Hampstead Cover Up has come to light, in which Alisa and Gabriel Dearman have spoken out about the Satanic Ritual Abuse in their school in England. The 9 year old girl and 8 year old boy, once again, described in detail how they were forced to hold a knife in their hand and decapitate a baby and then drink it’s blood. They’re whole school engaged in this “black mass” on a weekly basis. These children are completely comfortable as they explain, in detail, the sexual abuse that they have endured when interviewed on multiple occasions and yet, somehow they are taken from their family and remanded into State Custody, never to be seen again! Many of the concerned parties advocating for these children claim that their father Ricky Dearman (an actor), along with the entire staff of the school and the local police department are all involved in this Satanic Ritual Abuse!

Of course, the mainstream media once again assists in the denial of such atrocities! See, for example, this article in the Mirror.

There is no way in hell that these kids were fabricating the EXACT SAME SCENARIOS that were detailed by all of the aforementioned victims unless they had experienced it themselves!! For more information please Google search “The Hampstead Cover Up”.

The fact that their father is an actor should not be so easily brushed off either. Every day we are being fed tiny morsels of allegations of sexual misconduct by Hollywood actors, producers and agents. Television personalities are suddenly being discharged for even the slightest transgressions! But why?

I would suggest that this is some serious maneuvering and “damage control” as the public has become increasingly aware of pedophilia in Hollywood. Whistle-blowers like the late Corey Haim and Corey Feldman are garnering more attention as their stories get more widely distributed. Documentaries have been produced exposing Hollywood Agents and Producers with ties to the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and other extremely popular children’s TV shows that expose just how predatory these men in power behave. Are they Satanists? It’s hard to know, but it seems unlikely that pedophilia is a prerequisite for their positions. Perhaps they wind up in those positions due to their affiliations with these secret societies.

In fact, I think it has become evident in our society that the more likely someone is to corrupt their own morality, the more likely they are to amass substantial personal wealth! What I mean by that is that people who are willing to lie, cheat and steal are better equipped to become Politicians or even CEO’s. Bill Gates actually stole the idea for Microsoft and Mark Zuckerberg stole the idea of Facebook. They are highly revered because of their massive wealth and “altruistic” endeavors, but make no mistake about it, they corrupted their own morality to get where they were going.

I’m really not sure exactly HOW these people wind up in positions of power, but it is without a doubt that they do. They wind up in politics and in government! In 2010 it was discovered that thousands of Pentagon employees (including Department of Defense) had been purchasing and downloading child pornography! Over 5,000 suspects were accused, but the story gradually faded away and few, if any, arrests were made.

The entire Political System is infiltrated with these pedophiles!! How can that be? Perhaps one of the requirements to advance your career is to be “one of them”. It seems impossible to me to explain away the overwhelming number of sexual deviants in the Federal and Local Governments. Lori Handrahan has done exhaustive research and discovered thousands of government employees have been arrested and charged with committing sexual crimes (such as rape and torture), pedophilia and possession of child pornography in agencies such as the DOJ, FBI, CIA, Pentagon, DHS, DOT, TSA, ICE, and just about every single arm of the government that you can imagine! These are only the people who have been CAUGHT!! You can imagine that this is just the tip of the iceberg as for every one person exposed there are probably dozens who remain hidden!!

So there you have it! An inexplicable epidemic of sexual deviancy permeating our government! The accusations go all the way to the top! Perhaps that is why “Pizzagate” was so thoroughly ridiculed by the MSM, even though there was substantial evidence to call for an independent investigation. Why did GQ Magazine list the owner (James Alefantis) of Comet Pizza as one of the most 50 influential people in Washington D.C.? Since when does the owner of a pizza parlor, supposedly for kids, have any political influence anywhere? And why did his website for the “pizza parlor” host pictures of children posed in precarious, sexual, and inappropriate settings?

I would speculate that it was PizzaGate itself that led to Hillary Clinton’s defeat! Hillary had been groomed for her entire life to become the “First Woman President”. I really don’t think that voting ever mattered as we saw by the defeat of the people’s candidate (Bernie Sanders). Exit polls were discounted and in some states completely eliminated for fear that they would show just how compromised the vote counting has become! In some states, the results of the exit polls were the exact opposite of the results of the election. Of course, Mainstream Media always tows the line which is aptly demonstrated by this New York Times article which simply explains away the importance of the exit polls!

The only people who ever wanted to see Hillary as President were those that had groomed her and those who had their heads so buried in the Liberal Ideology sand that they couldn’t see just how corrupt and evil the Clinton regime was. I think that the only reason Donald Trump was presented as a candidate is that it could at least justify, in the minds of any rational American voter, that “no wonder Clinton won — she was up against Donald Trump!”

Trump himself was shocked to have won the Presidency! In fact, he went the longest period in the history of a President-Elect without holding a Press Conference, probably because he had no idea what to say! This is not some brilliant man who is adept at understanding Foreign Affairs and balancing the budget of a nation. This is a man who, in 1990, was so heavily in debt, that he explained to his daughter that a bum on the corner had more money than him.

“How can that be ?”, she asked.

“Well, he may have no money, but he also has no debt. I have over $90,000,000 in debt!”

How could a man so heavily in debt ever recover to become a billionaire unless some serious back room deals were made with his creditors? Did Donald Trump sell his soul? Was his participation in the 2016 election a premeditated contingency of his debt forgiveness? I mean, although Trump had been vocal about the Presidency early in his career, why on earth would a man who had amassed enough of a fortune to last 3 lifetimes want to take on a job that requires his full attention 24/7, opens his personal life to intense scrutiny, takes away from his ability to enjoy the benefits of his wealth and family, and causes a man to age at twice the normal rate?

But, I digress – the point is that no matter how much the informed general public hated Hillary, she had been pre-selected and groomed her entire life for the position. Unfortunately for Hillary, the PizzaGate story broke just weeks before the election, and the elitists had to scramble to protect themselves! These cockroaches scatter when the light is shone in their direction and emergency measures were enacted immediately! Independent researchers had linked John Podesta (Hillary’s campaign manager) to the pedophile ring run by James Alefantis and there was no way out!

Videos were flooding YouTube explaining how code words that were used in Podesta’s emails used terminology that had been identified by the FBI as pedophiles’ means of communicating with each other! Connections were made between Marina Abramovic and her Spirit Cooking ceremonies that had been attended by Podesta and his brother! Suddenly it became evident that this wasn’t simply about pedophilia and sexual deviancy, but more about Satanism and Occult rituals!

There is no way that Washington could allow this public investigation to continue! They had to act fast and remove any further public scrutiny! Removing Hillary was their only option, because if she had been elected, the Public Pressure to expose this bizarre activity would have been too tremendous to control!

Mainstream media acted swiftly to discredit alternative media researchers and came up with a plan to demonize those intent on exposing Hillary. They immediately discredited any talk of PizzaGate as “fake news” and arranged for a deranged lunatic to go to Comet Ping Pong (James Alefanitis’s place) and shoot an AR-15 rifle, thus casting an appearance of “violent conspiracy theorists” on those investigating and, once again, using the “victim” model of Alefantis to protect themselves from further scrutiny!

The idea that a Pizza Place would be a hub for child trafficking was a ridiculous idea! So easily dismissed by the average American who would have enough cognitive dissonance to avoid even the slightest inclination to investigate further. But, to anyone who looked at the evidence uncovered, it became undeniable that Comet Ping Pong Pizza had catered to the elite pedophiles of Washington DC and perhaps entertained foreign dignitaries who indulged in these Satanic Rituals and pedophilic practices!

PizzaGate is real. It is not some lunatic fringe conspiracy theory. These people in Washington D.C. participate in Satanic Ritual Abuse. This is not about some perverts looking at kiddie porn on their computers, although that is a common side effect of ritual abuse, it is about the acquisition of longevity and power through Lucifer. Because this is such a foreign concept to most people (including me), our own cognitive dissonance will keep us uncertain.

“Surely this can’t be true”, we think!

We have actually shielded the perpetrators by trusting that our own morality is shared by them. These acts are so horrific that we don’t believe other humans could be capable of such things — at least not on such a large scale as we are told. But, as more and more evidence is presented, it becomes apparent that these cults do exist. They are widespread, secretive, and have somehow procured the most prominent positions of power in our government, entertainment industry, food supply, and every other vital institution that we rely on for sustenance!

As George Carlin once said, “It’s a BIG CLUB and you ain’t in it!”

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  1. All you have to know, to realize this is all true, is that in many states currently, a handful of a dried plant, and or possession of one or more live said plant, will garner you a higher bail, bond and jail or prison time, than that of an adult found to have had sexual relations with an infant, toddler or child. That’s ALL that needs to be said.

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  5. Dr Eowyn . . . . God Bless you for bringing this article to us, which brings into the light of day–the heinous, unspeakable acts that are being committed in our day and age. I am very sure that many of us think “this just cannot be true.” During reading the article, not only did I feel sick with revulsion, but I developed a severe head ache that came out of no where. The one sentence in the article that I feel is extremely important for all of us to dwell on . . . “We have actually shielded the perpetrators by trusting that our own morality is shared by them.” I think we have to let go of that mindset, and actually feel that these things are real, and they are really going on all around us.

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  6. As I’ve said before, I have come to believe that pedophilia played a role in the Sandy Hook event. Not that I believe any children were harmed, but that the people running the hoax are involved in pedophilia. That’s how they have kept an entire town silent. I sensed a demonic undercurrent in all of it. When the Pizzagate revelations started, I noticed that some of the symbolism strongly resembles the symbols and logos that came out of the Sandy Hook event.

    Also, I believe, judging from photos I’ve seen, that James Alefantis is a Rothschild. That would explain his prominence in DC,

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    • Yes, I agree that it played a role in SHES. I think that’s what that “school” was all about, personally. It provided a great pick up and drop off point as well as being in close proximity to the Masonic Hall and Fairfield Hills.

      There are others that share that suspicion, including locals. This one drill served a lot of agendas. I also think that it continues. The efforts to silence and prevent further exploration are part of the operation.

      It is beyond question that these assaults on children happen frequently and that there are entire networks to facilitate them. They are Satanic, whether claimed by them or not. They are obviously not “of God”.

      Jesus was quite clear about what he thought of those that would harm children. These recent political attempts at acceptance are so obviously Satanic in nature that they are obvious on their face.

      This is not new. It is getting more exposure than it used to, but it is NOT new.

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      • Just to clarify, I don’t think the kids were harmed (if there were any) in the operation. I do think the school was used, probably as a “special needs” school previously.

        I’m familiar with the computer records and they are compelling. I don’t know that they “prove” that the school was not open. I rather think they used it for something.

        When I re-read my comment I saw that some might think I was saying that children were harmed in the SHES narrative. I don’t think so. There are other stories, including back stories, connected to the school. They picked this location for their extravaganza and there is a reason for that .

        I still thing that this thing screams for some sleuth work. Each of these has a certain “character”. SHES pulled out the stops on soliciting pity and expressing “outrage” when “Faith Based Journalism” didn’t win the day.

        BMB was a fast-paced, nonsensical assault on the senses. It too was full of unlikely scenarios and outrageous propositions. The new Las Vegas operation is likewise too ridiculous for words. I’ve been compiling bits from here and there on it and I already have quite a list of impossibilities. Of course they really aren’t pushing “belief” as heavily as they did in the others.

        One thing is certain. Anyone who even expressed a cursory interest in one of these hoaxes has been exposed to mind control.

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        • Look up April lajune blog on it, she says Steve paddock was FBI running guns to the Saudis, who owned several casinos, but they discovered he was FBI and butchered him instantly and took over the multiple shooting positions to frame him. I’m sure there’s more to it, but considering the lack of brass on the floor abd a pic of him on the floor with clean brass dropped in the puddle of blood, sounds like an option. There’s also a strange connection to him and a paradise Park in the Philippines which may turn out to be a sex tafficking thing.


          • Yes, I’ve read that theory. At this point I have no theory other than its a hoax. That doesn’t mean that nobody died. There is footage allegedly taken that night in another hotel of a Saudi royal being quickly escorted through the casino by armed guards who are pointing their weapons at the patrons and making them put their hands up.

            This could also be part of a drill. I simply don’t know. I do know that the official tale is bunk. As usual, even the pictures they release don’t support their own story. Where’s the brass?

            I have been accumulating quite a collection of articles about this. The only consistent part is that none of it is consistent with their story. Some of what I have would be pretty hard to explain away.

            But I also know from past experience that it won’t make any difference. They don’t care that we know they’re hoodlums. I think they like getting away with it and rubbing our collective noses in it.

            The Las Vegas one is weird because, other than the standard disarmament nonsense, what’s the point? Is it a commentary on country music? Is it an anti-advert for Las Vegas? Is the message “don’t have a Filipina girlfriend”?

            By the way, they have valet receipts that show her driving his car every day that she is supposed to be in the P.I.. She can’t be in two places at once and I can’t imagine why they would do that. They also have the room on a story above his “assigned” room.

            Anyway, yep, I know some are saying that. Frankly, my little antennae are telling me that this is one or several of our “alphabet agencies”. If they weren’t the culprits I’d hate to think they couldn’t do any better than the did at stopping it or treating the wounded. It was pathetic.

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  7. Also, Lenny Pozner’s brother-in-law, attorney Alexis Haller, has been a legal defender for very prominent pedophile priests for quite a number of years.

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    • Yes, I’m aware of that. I don’t understand it, however. I haven’t made the effort to research his involvement. I just remember it from SHES. I found it odd as The Church has many wonderful lawyers already.

      I suspect there’s a story there.

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  8. Re. the Franklin Coverup, it seems the FBI has been covering up and leaking to the hostile press for many decades now to cover their own crimes. Pedophilia are likely everywhere in government at all levels. I’m hoping some of the reported 10,000 sealed indictments are against these criminals.

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    • Satan works everywhere. At various times throughout the year we are called upon to renounce Satan as part of our affirmation of our Baptism. There are reasons for this. It is not just a quaint custom.

      So, yes, pedophilia (and its attendant crimes) are EVERYWHERE, not just in government. Anywhere there are children, there is pedophilia. Within government not everyone is a loser. Some are very frustrated that what they know to be true is not dealt with.

      I keep saying, not because I like it but because I know it to be true, that these things will not be “fixed” through government or normal channels. The very Satanic pedophiles that engage in this are the same who appoint judges and department heads. The same group finds themselves appointed to judge their partners in crime.

      If things get to the point where they actually think the villagers are ripping up the pillows and boiling the tar they might sacrifice a lesser demon to appease them. The real movers and shakers are left alone (see Dennis Hastert).

      I think the realistic approach to this is to shine and keep shining so much light on it that it becomes virtually impossible for them to operate. These dark things must be done in secret. When you deny cockroaches a dark space to hide within you are well on your way to eliminating them. I do not believe they will ever be eliminated. They can be controlled. God will take care of their judgement.

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      • In order to fully appreciate the depth of this article, it is important to click on the live links. The link “Lori Handrahan” will bring you here:
        where you will see THOUSANDS of government employees ranging from local Sheriffs to the Pentagon are all implicated in pedophilic practices !!

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      • lophatt . . . . Amen to all you have said! It is true, the only antidote to begin stomping out this insidious behavior is to continue . . . “to shine and keep shining so much light on it that it becomes virtually impossible for them to operate.” The thing that is so dumbfounding is that even the Bush White House (?) the Clintons, have been tied to these deviants. It really is hard to comprehend since we do judge others by the standard of values that we ourselves hold, it becomes very difficult to actually think that other human beings would have different mindsets regarding this horrific practice.

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  9. I’ve known about this for years. I remember Anthony Hilder, breaking open this practice first in the UK (where politicians, Lords, Magistrates, etc including police too, were involved) and how one house was found to contain many bodies buried either in the ground or in the walls, or various other places. He then traced its spread across the pond to USA. I believe he also laid out a convincing case that Jeffrey McDonald (the Army surgeon) was innocent – Hilder believes the crime was perpetrated by satanists. Around the same time I learned of the Cathy O’Brien, Arizona Wilder, Janus and others. I’d never heard of Janus til I came across this
    At any rate Fritz Springmeier who’s an acknowledged authority on the Illuminati (wrote “Bloodlines of the Illuminait”), helped Cathy write Trance Formatioin of America. Fritz has detailed with accuracy the Satanism / Luciferianism of the elite / Illuminati. I haven’t made up my mind re the story of Michael Prince aka James Casbolt. When I first read his story some of it sounded too fantastic, but having since learned of black projects aimed at crreating super soldiers of the nephilim (hybrid) variety, of the hollow earth and travel routes under us, (Admiral Byrd had first hand knowledge – see Hollow Earth Chronicles – Ep. 1 by the Faull bros. on vimeo or order the dVD from 4th watch – it’s very factual). and many other things re SRA from Russ Dizdar – an authority that police use), I’ve come to begin rethinking a lot of my presuppositions. I’m reminded of Yeshua telling the disciples “as it was in the days of Noah” – and seeing as all the usuall sins of today were in effect then, what was different? Answer: Nephilim hybrids – and as Genesis 6 tells us more populated the earth after the flood. Steve Quayle, Tim Alberino, L A Marzulli, Cris Putnam, and others have done extensive investigations and have so far put out 3 True Legends films. Then we have the revelation Yeshua gave to Hollie Moody in 2007 re the return of the Nephilim.

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    • Re: Fritz Springmeier: Within the past few years, Henry Makow had an article after noticing Fritz had a new website wherein Fritz was preaching forgiveness of the Rothchilds, et al. Makow became severely suspect of Fritz at that point. Can’t blame Henry for feeling that way. But after reading Fritz’ site myself (at that time), he came across as near-Jesus-like in his desire to save/forgive Rothschilds. I wasn’t sure what to make of it!

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      • Even God forgives only after there’s remorse and repentance. Forgiveness without repentance is just indulgence and enabling.

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      • That should be the goal, realizing that few, if any, are capable of it. Jesus is clear about this. We can forgive if we ask Jesus for the strength to do so. Whether God forgives is between the supplicant and God.

        We are told that atonement is necessary. I will have to take The Church’s word on that. Genuine sorrow can be forgiven.


        • Very true that forgiving is easier said than done. I suppose it was “easier” for the Lord (“forgive them for they know not what they do”) as He could see right through them, their cluelessness, ignorance, their being deceived, taught wrong, “group think,” etc. Yet we tend to only see/react to the surface offense.

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          • I think that the idea is that “WE” forgive because it is important to “US”. God may or may not forgive or punish. That isn’t our decision to make. We are not “acting for God” in terms of our forgiveness.

            If we can’t forgive, the next best thing is not to seek retribution. Realizing that nothing done to someone will likely restore us to our former state. That is not the same thing as taking action to prevent harm to ourselves or others.

            “Judgement” is the Lord’s. God doesn’t give out licenses to get even. I think its important to remember that forgiveness is not something that cancels the perpetrator’s debt to God. That is still between him and his maker.


          • Our forgiveness is purely between us and the one forgiven. It does not obligate God to do anything (unless you’re a priest and performing a Sacrament).

            It is easy to see Jesus’ counsel here. If we continue to hate we find ourselves in an occasion of sin as well. “Forgiveness” in this sense is “washing our hands” of the issue. It is “turning it over to God”, where it belongs.

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      • Jesus is not willing anyone should perish but all would repent. I see nothing wrong with Fritz desiring they’d repent

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    This is an extensive investigation that exposes even more info that the people have been unaware of.

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  11. the little brother

    The brothers say this prayer every night during devotions.
    Lay claim to them & those Christ Jesus
    Victims of satan, bound against their will
    Cover & Seal them with Your Precious Blood
    & all their generations
    Human, Creature & Creation.
    Amen, Amen. †

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  12. No jail time nor death penalty is enough than that when a parent can take it upon himself to punish his/her child’s tormentor.

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    • Alma . . . . If I were on a jury where a parent or guardian had punished his/her child’s tormentor . . . I would try to convince the jury of “jury nullification” where a jury can choose to not go along with the prescribed tenants of the law. I would never, ever find a parent in those circumstances guilty of murder, assault/battery, etc. If you are perpetrating this kind of evil on little children you are deserving of exactly what you get. I would say that the parent was but a agent of society in carrying out a sentence against the monster.

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  13. I have to remind myself that some still think this doesn’t happen, somehow. One of the questions in the article pertains to the link between the “privileged” and Satanism. This can be a sort of “chicken and egg” situation, I believe.

    Those that wish fortune and power are often greedy to a fault. Their greed rightfully isolates them from much of society. To compensate they compete among other greed heads for acquisitions. At a certain point, those that control those acquisitions introduce the “ultimate acquisition”. That is total domination of another, preferably a helpless child.

    I have read countless accounts of people who have found themselves in these situations. Most made the choice to submit to Satan and join in the “rewards”. Those that don’t are often killed, stalked, tortured, etc., or suddenly find themselves at odds with the law.

    Once engaged in this way they can all rely on each other for support and whatever coverup is needed. In exchange they continue to win valuable prizes and rub elbows with other celebrity slaves.

    This is why I’m the constant cynic with it comes to this. It isn’t enough to “know” these things. It is vital to have someone in authority to prosecute them. They don’t exist. They see to it.

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    • lophatt . . . . Every point that you have brought out is absolutely true. Those that perpetrate these crimes against children are well protected from any consequences.

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  14. Sort of interesting, complete disagree about “the burn”. I believe he is part of it. And as for PDJT? The author is clueless. My 2 cents

    Liked by 2 people

    • Agree! I sent Mead this:

      Five days after the Democratic National Convention in which he sold out his supporters by enthusiastically endorsing Hillary, Bernie bought a third home — a $600,000 lakefront summer home in North Hero, Vermont. The home has four bedrooms and 500 feet of Lake Champlain beachfront on the east side of the island.

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      • How do you like your serpents? If there is any difference between parasites it is only a matter of degree. They all suck. Those with “political heroes” are wasting their compassion.

        Liked by 1 person

  15. Re: James Alefantis… Maybe it was here at FOTM in a prior article’s comments (or elsewhere, I can’t remember) where someone wrote that ALEFANTIS was a French name & that it means “a lover of INFANTS”!

    If true, that is creepy as all get out! & would be either a grand “coincidence” or maybe they create new names for themselves as part of their psycho-Satanic-pedo operations.

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  17. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Our country is inundated with problems. The human force has to be brought to justice before the corruption because if the human force isn’t pure then they won’t solve the corruption part.

    Onward Christian soldiers.


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  19. I have yet to see anyone point out that this is of the cult of Baal. The cult is thousands of years old. It didn’t magically disappear one day.

    It is not much of a stretch to realize there was more to the cult than what the Bible describes as one that practices child sacrifice.

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  20. Great post!

    Praying daily that the things done in secret will be revealed and that the captives will be set free.

    Please join me in this.

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  21. Thank you for your comments and praise, and especially thanks to Dr Eowyn for publishing this writing. I find it sad that this will be just another flash in the pan article that gets filed away and achieves nothing. But I am glad that I took the time to compile the material. Somewhere somebody knows that WE know- and that is the beginning of the end

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  25. The person who wrote this article sounds like a spineless bitch. When people didn’t conform to my morals I was offended and I ran to find an adult to tell? You behave like a whiny sjw liberal.


    • I beg to disagree. Actually, the “spineless bitch” is you, Shadrock in Tennessee, who trolls by spewing gratuitous insults, with no substantive argument. Such venom! A psychiatrist would say you are being defensive. Are you a satanist and/or a pedophile, by any chance?


  26. I enjoyed (hardly the appropriate word, I know) reading this. I was hoping this piece would be suitable for forwarding to fellow academics in need of having their eyes opened. However, the author’s excessive use of exclamation points is not befitting a man who prefixes his name with “Dr.” and makes him come across as wholly unhinged. It works well within this little echo chamber, for sure., but we need someone of intelligence •and• stature who can redpill the Masses. That’s the prophet I’m holding out for. Let’s find someone who can preach not just to the choir but to the lost souls out there. A CS Lewis type of person, if you will.


    • @Tim Fray,

      For an academic, you apparently can’t even read, for if you had, you would see that guest poster Tony Mead is the author of “Satanic Pedophilia Within Our Society,” as I’d stated at the very beginning of the post.

      To dismiss an essay simply because you object to the author’s fondness for exclamation points not only points to your shallowness, but also to your snooty, nose-in-the-air elitism. As an academic myself and a full professor, I’m ashamed for you.


      • I did not dismiss it. I appreciated it. But it is simply not suitable for wider dissemination, as it perpetuates the established stereotypes of us being unhinged. Maybe my expectations were too high.

        And, frankly, I find your histrionic response (replete with infantile meme) somewhat shocking, speaking as a full professor myself…


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