Rooster waits for school bus bringing his human home

Dogs, and even cats, are known to wait for their humans to come home.

Betcha you didn’t know that chickens also do that.

Every afternoon, a rooster named Frog runs to the school bus when his human, Savannah, comes home.


8 responses to “Rooster waits for school bus bringing his human home

  1. This is so sweet.

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  2. Hadenoughalready

    My son had a goose like that. That goose wouldn’t leave his side and anyone that came close got chased away. Too funny!
    Sadly, the coyotes got it and left my son devastated. We all felt his loss even though that damned goose bit every one of us.
    It’s weird how critters can make “pets” of us…lol

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  3. I love it. Chicken really are smart if given a chance. We had three pet roosters when growing up. They were the best watch dogs. We had to train them to let the bread man and milkman to enter the yard, everyone else, not so much.

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  4. Awwwww, what a good rooster.
    We mostly had good roosters that would call their wives over to new treats. Then we had a Cochin who was beautiful but wasn’t a good husband at all. He was replaced by Phineas, a light Brahma who placed himself between the cat and the hen and chicks. Good husband.

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    Don’t you just love this kind of friendship which is extraordinary.


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  7. Turtles get excited, too.

    My daughter had a turtle named Shelly, but didn’t care for it too well, so I wound up being its daddy for 3 years. Often when I came home from work, it would swim excitedly towards me because it knew it was feeding time.

    Eventually, I decided to give Shelly freedom, and brought it out to my parents house. They share a pond on their backyard as part of the homeowners’ association they’re a part of. Shelly didn’t seem to mind its newfound freedom, but I’ll always kinda wonder if Shelly was subsequently eaten by another animal in the pond, or if it survived its first winter outdoors.

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  8. Too cute! ❤️

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