On his way out of office, Chris Christie signs law requiring gun owners to turn in their bump stocks

Chris Christie celebrity softball game for charity at Yankee Stadium June 4, 2015


RINO Chris Christie is out as governor of New Jersey. On his last day, he signed a lot of bills including a bump stock ban. From NJ.com:

New Jersey has now banned “bump stocks,” controversial firearm accessories allegedly used by the shooter in last year’s Las Vegas massacre. The devices can be affixed to semiautomatic riffles to allow them to fire bullets, mimicking automatic weapons.

But under the new law — which takes effect immediately — anyone who owns one has 90 days to surrender them to authorities. Retailers have 30 days.

Christie, a Republican, signed the law even though he has long opposed new gun-control measures in the state.

“We applaud Gov. Christie’s signing into law of a ban on bump stocks, the device used by the Las Vegas mass shooter to effectively turn his weapons into fully automatic machine guns, leading to the largest mass shooting in modern US history,” said The Rev. Robert Moore, executive director of the Princeton-based Coalition for Peace Action. “We are very pleased that partisan politics played no part in this move toward making the people of New Jersey safer from such mass shootings.”

For those unfamiliar with bump stocks, here’s an explanation of how they work:

“Bump stocks are simple pieces of equipment that replace the stock of a rifle and add a small “support step” in front of the trigger. The shooter rests his finger on this step and pulls forward on the barrel or forward grip to press the trigger against his finger. The recoil of the shot then propels the rifle backwards into a gap in stationary stock where the loose fit gives the rifle freedom to bounce forward. This, along with sustained forward pressure on the rifle, has the effect of ‘bumping’ the trigger back into the shooter’s unmoving finger. So long as a shooter maintains forward pressure, the rifle will continue to fire at a rate much faster than could be accomplished with even the quickest possible series of manual trigger pulls.”

The end result is “bump firing,” where your semiautomatic firearm shoots bullets much quicker, in a fashion similar to fully automatic mode.

Banning bump stocks will not stop anyone from bump firing. All you need to do this maneuver is your finger and belt loop. See a demonstration video here. It’s really quite simple – I’ve even tried it – although not as masterfully as the guy in the video.

So there’s Christie’s legacy: A ban that violates the Second Amendment and prevents no one, absolutely no one, from practicing bump fire. Good job, RINO.


33 responses to “On his way out of office, Chris Christie signs law requiring gun owners to turn in their bump stocks

  1. We need a law to prevent legislators from introducing laws about things they know nothing about. What an idiot. A while back Feinstein tried to introduce a law that would require guns to “micro imprint” the serial number of the gun on every bullet fired.

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  2. I’m gonna go with Humpty Dumpty on this one. If the same effect can be accomplished per the YouBoob video, selling such apparati only makes it easier (and possible for the flunkies) for those out there who refuse to research the idea. And those are the yahoos who are likely to be abusing such effects for criminal activity. Just saying. Dittto my thoughts on the magazines that hold over, say, 9-10 rounds each. The 2nd Amendment says nothing about the ability of lay-citizens to fire military-style weapons at will.

    That kind of power is only going to serve you so long before a sniper takes you out, or a gang returns intent on finishing you off. Gotta be smarter.

    (ducking & covering with my tin-foil helmet & Mylar sheet covering me)

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    • Don’t tell left/libtards about this, they’ll want to ban nerf guns too:

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    • I say “weapons”, whether firearms, knives, hammers, rocks, etc., are our business to decide. I do not need government permission. If I want a howitzer, I should be able to buy one.

      I refuse to equivocate with these control freaks and I wish others would as well. It starts by saying “no” to ANY effort to regulate your ability to defend ourselves. It should be sacrosanct.

      None of these bullshit efforts have ANYTHING to do with “crime”. They are about parasite control and their worry that the great unwashed might decide one day to hold them accountable. I say a worried government is a good government.

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      • “None of these bullshit efforts have ANYTHING to do with “crime”. They are about parasite control and their worry that the great unwashed might decide one day to hold them accountable. I say a worried government is a good government.”

        You are on the money Lophatt.
        I would also respond to the assertion above by cogitoergo that ” The 2nd Amendment says nothing about the ability of lay-citizens to fire military-style weapons at will” is without merit. At the time of this countries founding, outside of canons, military and civilian weaponry was identical. So if the force and fire power of civilians and the government was identical in1776, there is no reason that it should not be identical now too because the intent of the second amendment was to keep the government in check. Why else did Jefferson state that, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”?

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        • Thank you, Lana. That is part of my point. It is about “bearing arms”, which means any weapon a person chooses to use in his or her defense or to ensure the continuation of their liberty.

          In England it used to be a requirement that all young men learn archery so that they could defend the King. The monarch was, therefore, exposed to people who could harm him if they wished. He had to have faith that his subjects would not rebel.

          In our day those who would be “king” are attempting to disarm us because their bosses are afraid of us. They have no intention of letting the cattle roam free.

          It is deeply troubling to me that so many are willing to start asking permission to do things that are already their God-given right. The State does not provide “rights”. In order for a state to take away or restrict a right there must be a compelling and overwhelming reason to do so.

          Regarding the Second Amendment, “shall not be infringed” is as high a standard as there is. There is nothing ambiguous about it. It is not about “hunting”. The Government does not have the right to infringe upon it. If they do they are illegitimate.

          One of the beauties of the Constitution is that it not only establishes protections in law for our God-given rights, it limits and defines what “rights’ officials have. If they are not defined, they don’t have them.

          It is unrealistic to assume that they will stop their overreach of their own accord. They have no respect for the thing they claim to aspire to and their offices are an affront to all men and women of good will.

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      • You’re right,lophatt-Gun Control has little to do with GUNS-it’s ALL about CONTROL.

        ANY Gun Control is Unconstitutional!

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  3. But New Jersey Democrats can virtue-signal how progressive they are!

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  4. DCG . . . Great article! Since I did not exactly understand how “bump stocks” actually work, I was most grateful to get to see the clip you added. Well in a pinch, I guess one could still engage in this rapid fire method. Chris Christie is RHINO * POS, he has certainly shown his true colors AGAIN! It is a travesty when leaders make laws when they don’t have the faintest idea what they are doing. I certainly hope that now Christie is free that Trump won’t try to install him in some federal position.

    Why is it that these boneheads continue to think that they will reduce tragedy by curtailing the rights of free people. Would it not be more devastating for someone to use dynamite at the sight of a large gathering? Or, what if some madman were to inoculate the water supply with some biological. Here in Portland, our water comes from Bull Run, a large uncovered reservoir out in the sticks. Perhaps a man might be caught trying to get close to the reservoir, but now we have drones that can just as well deliver poison to where ever.
    There is no Earthy way that every means of dealing death to people can be legislated away.

    As a free people, we were far better off back in the 1940’s and 50’s where families were whole, they attended church, children were taught right from wrong. Now we live in a amoral society–where anything goes!

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  5. Oh, my! This picture again?! 😂

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  6. Hadenoughalready

    Here’s a thought: Rather than turn in “bump-stocks”, let’s turn in CRIMINALS. And instead of “gun control”, let’s try, for once, CRIME CONTROL; just for the hell of it.

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  7. “……the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
    Just which part of infringed do these jackasses and yes, cogitoergosumantra not understand? If the second amendment (not the third or fourth or the …..) protects my God given right to protect myself from the “powers-that-be” i.e., the VERY trustworthy and upright FBI, DOJ, CIA…etc. (ad nauseam) then I should be able to protect myself and my family with the same weapons that they might use….. DAMN!

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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  8. Oh and Mooshell has a bigger cameltoe than does Christie….. DAMN again!

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  9. So much for taking an oath to uphold our constitution. Have some more HoHos and Wild Cherry Pepsi Chris.

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  10. I can’t imagine private citizens turning in their bump stocks. The government doesn’t know who owns them. Anyone who would voluntarily turn theirs in is too stupid to own them anyway.

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  11. It almost makes one believe he might have passed that law on purpose as a finger in the eye to the Republicans that didn’t reelect him.
    He did it himself the minute he butt kissed Obama and kept his mouth shut on the crimes Obama was committing against our country.

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  12. I’m SURE the butt kiss was only a CYA move. (The REAL kissing was full-on lip-locking in the Oval Office/Cigar Room.)

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  13. Chris Christie, he’s got what it lacks! Chris Christie, he rolls down your back!
    Will someone please buy this Old Whale a truckload of donuts and keep him pacified???
    Oh Well. I live in New York. That’s all right—OUR Governor is WORSE!!!

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  14. I just wish they would outlaw those mind control devices that DARPA’s been working on. Or maybe the HAARP weather modifying that’s causing all these hurricanes to be steered to Florida and Puerto Rico.
    Christie looks a bit ‘feminine’. I also hear he downs like 15 lbs of M&M’s at ballgames they go to. Aren’t those baseball games some sort of ‘trigger’ that these pedo politicians like to use?


  15. And this is what NJ gets for its next governor.

    NJ Governor to Establish Agency for Protecting Illegal Immigrants

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    • I suppose somebody has to “protect” illegals from the White Devils….(US!). He’ll probably win the “Shabot Goy of the Year” award from the Knesset for this.

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  16. Looks like Christie is sporting the second largest camel toe in the world. The first, of course, being Rosie.

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