Jim Carrey & Jamie Lee Curtis blame Pres. Trump for Hawaii’s missile false alarm

Last Saturday morning, January 13, residents of Hawaii went into a panic when one very incompetent and unnamed employee at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency pressed the wrong button on his computer, sending a “this is not a drill” emergency notification of an incoming ballistic missile, and advising citizens to “seek shelter”.

Desperate parents even tried to shield their children by putting them in storm drains.

Hawaiians had to endure 38 minutes of terror before they were told it was a false alarm.

See DCG’s “Worker who “hit wrong button” (twice) about Hawaii’s missile threat feels terrible, will face counseling“.

Hollyweirdos, being morally corrupt, spiritually blind, and IQ-challenged, blame — you guessed it — President Trump!

Jim Carrey, 55, a high school dropout who is sued by the family of his former girlfriend, the late Cathriona White, for giving her STDs (herpes, chlamydia, hepatitis A) and illegally-obtained prescription drugs, tweeted:

“I woke up this morning in Hawaii with ten minutes to live. It was a false alarm, but a real psychic warning. If we allow this one-man Gomorrah and his corrupt Republican congress to continue alienating the world we are headed for suffering beyond all imagination. ;^\”

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis, 59, a college dropout after just one semester, who is best known for her role in the 1978 horror flick Halloween, tweeted:

Being IQ- and education-challenged, both Carey and Curtis conveniently ignore the fact that it was President Bill Clinton who created the monster of a nuclear North Korea.

So if anyone is to be blamed for Hawaii’s missile false alarm, it’s Democrat Bill Clinton and blue-state Hawaiians who voted for Hillary Clinton 66.22% (vs. 30.03% for Trump) in 2016.


31 responses to “Jim Carrey & Jamie Lee Curtis blame Pres. Trump for Hawaii’s missile false alarm

  1. The stupidity of these two individuals is really over the top. How could any rational person think that Trump is directly responsible for this situation. As I see it, for far to long each of the Presidents starting with Clinton has tried to placate North Korea. This has caused them to become emboldened. Now that a POTUS is actually “calling them on their stuff” they are as upset as wet hornets. The push against North Korea should have begun long, long ago. but, NO it was far easier to kick the can down the road–to force someone else to deal with it. So now Trump is dealing with it. When you have psychotic tyrants doing whatever they will, the sooner to face them, the better off everyone will be.

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    • Well said, Auntie Lulu!

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    • True! One cannot reason with certain kinds of people: fascists/socialists/communists, liberals, tyrants of any political color, etc. Loose cannon Kim will only be put in his place by force. Hopefully, North Koreans will one day cut his head off and put an end to his evil family dynasty, and join South Korea.

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    • 👏👏👏 and for any of them to compare a State error with anything connected to the Federal Governement is asinine.
      How easily they forget the people in Hawaii have lived in fear for a few years now, when Kim has bragged since Obama was in office that he was going to blow Hawaii out of the water and he was ignored. Obama did diddily squat. Then Kim moved on to Guam and has made Japan live in fear for several years when his bombs have landed all around them.

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  2. Great article! I have not added Jamie Lee Curtis to my “No Watch List,” Carrey has been on that list almost forever.

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  3. Priceless video!!! And BULLSHIT to the MSM and all the mentally challenged holliweirdos who can’t even smell it, so used they are of eating it three times daily.

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  4. Dumb and Dumber.

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  5. I’ll betcha’ President Trump called up that dude in Hawaii and told him to press the button so that CNN, MSNBC and the other lefty blabbers would have something new to talk about other than “sh*tholes,” and it worked. Yes, they switched and wailed endlessly about the false alarm 24/7 for two days. They are now torn between which Trump horror story to feature each and every minute of their loathsome days. LOL.

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    They don’t know…Trump’s button sends real missiles?

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  7. Mark Dice: Celebrities Are Here to Help

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    • Hilarious video. I’d also love to see a follow up video mocking the official story of the NORAD officer on duty pulling out a physical key to initiate the warning, and with a loud alarm going off to alert anyone present of a possible error or malfunction, confirming the order to issue the alarm, and then sitting around for half an hour twiddling his or her thumbs while Hawaiians scramble for their lives. Sounds more like deep state sabotage to humiliate President Trump than the preposterous official story.

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      • That’s what I think too.

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      • If you remember back to the heady days right after Her Nibs lost the election, we had David Brock, John Podesta, Debbie “Dindu”, and a cast of thousands all dedicating themselves to a soft coup.

        Remember the purple “color revolution” attire alleged to be supported by Soros? Now try to visualize that, with Obongo’s little “war room” in D.C. working round the clock at mischief.

        What all of this comes down to is that this pack of seditious creatures are simply attempting an overthrow from the inside. They hope they can build support for it because it will make it easier, but I think they will attempt it no matter what.

        So they have their “mighty organ” running full blast, day and night, spending countless dollars, hoping that when they make the final push, the eaters won’t push back.

        That’s what I see here.

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        • “………pack of seditious creatures….”
          Lord if those words don’t perfectly capture the spirit of those vile people and their actions! A++++++++++++++++++!

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      • “Sounds more like deep state sabotage to humiliate President Trump than the preposterous official story.”

        That kind of thought fleetingly went through mind now that you have mentioned it, I just don’ t pay too much attention to my own feelings in the absence of something more glaringly off. But now that things are coming out we do have a few oddities here.

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  8. Once again you can’t fix stupid. I will not watch any movies containing either of these morons and have not done so for years. As far as Carey’s against his former girlfriend perhaps you would like to get AIDS from some pervert.

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  9. Sad, I really liked Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, but their daughter is as stupid as Maxine Waters and Pelosi. So is Carrey. I pay no money to watch anything these people are in or on. And Jamie Lee can take her Activia and put it where the sun don’t shine.

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  10. Although I don’t know how they knew, the false alarm was apparently recognized within 5 minutes by the local police according to police scanner transcripts. Yet, it still took another 38 minutes for authorities to declare publicly that it was a false alarm… Then, rather than being fired, the person who committed the error was only “transferred” or whatever. This appears to be yet another stunt by Democrats in high places intended to keep the hatred of President Trump by left-wing supporters in the news. I wouldn’t be at all surprised to learn that Carrey and Curtis were actually “lured” to Hawaii just for this event… in order to record their response to it.

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  11. What people is ignorning here is the fact that in the event of a nuclear attack there is no defense, no shelters, zero. The government has embraced a policy that leaves you=dead.

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  12. Gee, I wonder how could someone accidentally set off an alarm that automatically knows exactly where the incoming missile(s) were launched from?

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  13. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Hey, you two, Carrey and Curtis, need to put the blame where it belongs.

    We know you are two spoiled brats and need to grow up.

    For once in your life take the high road instead of the low road if not for yourself – then for your parents – to make them look like they did a good job in raising you two – cause I know they tried.


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  14. I heard on the radio that ,though it took 38 minutes to officially declare this a false alarm,if it HAD been real,it would have taken something like 20 minutes for a nuke-missile to hit Hawaii. With THAT in mind,the “Retraction” of the warning was totally unnecessary.

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    • TJ, regardless of how lackadaisical the State government does their job, Where the official state wide sirens were NOT set off, I have more faith in my US Navy and the Seabased XBan radar that has the capability to detect a missile thousands of miles away no bigger than 4″. And the tests over the years of our destroyers and cruisers have proven very adept at blowing one out of the sky into smithereens.
      And for Tulsi Gabbard, who claims to be a vet, should be chastied for taking the democratic low road to damage our President. She had the opportunity to calm fears and she did the opposite

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  15. What these two would do for attention, she looks just like a scarecrow, she’s better off selling her probiotic yogurt. Jim Carey, no big deal, he belongs to the Hollywood crowd, and Saturday Night Live, he’s always look dead to me!

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  16. We are so fortunate these two Rhodes scholars, who studied system design and anslysis at GA Tech and MIT, have reached a conclusion after intense study of this malfunction. Their detailed research and breakdown of that entire operating system and its components was through and precise. What a pair! Using only CNN data they established Trump did it! If they combine their towering intellects and expert talents they call solve the Robo call problem in no time!

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  17. “Carrey and Curtis” A couple of fecal-brained deviants puking their mental garbage about as if someone with the power of reason will heed. All they do is set themselves up as targets of ridicule. Carrey, the cinemaniacal idiot, can’t distinguish the reality of life with that of his wretched acting parts in the movies he appeared (like Dirty Harry-he overacted in that one displaying his idiocy) in as well as the garbage he starred in. Curtis, shrouded in androgynous enigma through the years, sort of surprises me with this leftist parrot-like rant. Where were their rants while the “spirit cooker” hil’liar e. rotten clinton “acting” (notice I said “acting”) as secretary of state pushed us closest to nuclear war with Russia since the highlight of the cold war. Where were both them and all the other jackasses like them at? They were kissin’ rotten’s ass like the rest of their jackass party sayin’ “you go girl”! Stupid multitude of twits didn’t have sense enough to push their “lord of the flies” obama for civil defense measures in case of mushroom cloud. It shows me this lot doesn’t have enough sense to get in out of the rain much less nuclear fallout. “…and they demanded the “queen of the flies” to be president…”. Never let the presidency fall to the damned o’ crats ever again!

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