Hawaii Emergency Management Agency put its password on a Post-It sticky

On Saturday morning, January 13, residents of blue-state Hawaii (66.22% voted for Hillary in the 2016 presidential election) went into a panic when one very incompetent and unnamed employee at Hawaii Emergency Management Agency (EMA), as described by Hawaii Gov. David Ige, “pushed the wrong button” on his computer and sent a “this is not a drill” emergency notification of an incoming ballistic missile.

See DCG’s “Worker who “hit wrong button” (twice) about Hawaii’s missile threat feels terrible, will face counseling“.

After the EMA sent the emergency alert, it took the agency 38 minutes before it assured Hawaiians that the alert was a false alarm.

A photo from July recently resurfaced on Twitter, showing the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency to be a Mickey Mouse operation.

The photo was taken on Friday, July 21, 2017, of Jeffrey Wong, current operations officer of EMA, standing in front of a bank of computer screens monitoring hazards at the agency’s headquarters in Honolulu. (Business Insider)

Hawaii's Emergency Management Agency operations officer Jeffrey Wong

At the bottom of a computer screen next to Wong is a yellow Post-It sticky with a password scribbled on it, helpfully labeled “Password”.

Hawaii Emergency Management Agency password

You can’t make this stuff up.

But Democrats, like Hollywood brainiacs Jim Carrey and Jamie Lee Curtis, are blaming President Trump for the false alarm. Go figure.


25 responses to “Hawaii Emergency Management Agency put its password on a Post-It sticky

  1. graduate from a common core institution

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  2. Hadenoughalready

    Simple solution: Leave military threats to the military and let the civilians take care of weather-related and natural threats.

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    • Hadenoughalready . . . . I would say that is the very best idea. It is rather obvious that the morons who work for the State of Hawaii just cannot cut it. The only counseling the actual state workers who hit the button twice . . . is counseling from the unemployment office, with seeking other employment.

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  3. There are certain procedures on Commercial airliners that are critical enough that they’re shared between the pilot and the co-pilot. BOTH have to participate for the operation to be completed. This prevents mistakes.
    There is also a kind of switch that has a red metal or plastic cover that must be opened to activate the switch. This prevents mistakes.
    In many Banks,the vault cannot be opened by o9ne person-it takes TWO bank officials,each with their own key,working together for the vault to be opened. This prevents unauthorized opening of the vault.
    THESE methods make it nearly impossible to “ACCIDENTALLY” perform the action. How hard can it possibly be to make it impossible to accidentally sound an actual alarm? Even I could do it!! (Apparently,making it IDIOT-PROOF wasn’t enough….)

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  4. Thats why i was sorta disappointed itvwas a false alarm,
    Anything that gets rid of liberals in bulk cant be all bad!

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  5. The Hawaiian Post-It note password isn’t as bad as some major airline security, where they write the passcode for the security door on the ceiling above the keypad. That way, their friends (and enemies) can board other airlines with “parcels” containing who knows what, without going through any security check. Comforting, eh?

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  6. Well if it is a Mickey Mouse operation they need a trap and get rid of the rat controlling the agency, once the rat is “gone” there won’t be anymore false alarms, and when it becomes real it will all be ready to “strike, you are out”!

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  7. How could such a mistake happen unless Hawaii EMA had its own early warning system, which seems very unlikely? Wouldn’t Hawaii EMA have had no possible reason whatsoever and especially no authority whatsoever to issue such a warning without notification and authorization from NORAD? As stupid as Mr Wong and Hawaii EMA workers are, wouldn’t NORAD have procedures factoring this in as a given? What am I missing? As I see it, the probability that the official scenario is what actually happened might as well be zero, it’s so utterly absurd. Add to that the highly suspicious nature of why Hawaii out of 50 states and why now, and it smells like an act of treason.

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  8. I can’t stress enough how lacidaisial some people take their responsibiities in the state’s employ. Until something happens is when they finally do something.

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  9. I think Mr. Button Pusher should’ve gotten KUDOS instead of universal condemnation.

    After all, Hawai’i has just gone through the most realistic simulation of what to expect in the event an actual missile is inbound. No drill, when announced/simulated, will get that kind of reaction.

    Now Hawai’i can take lessons learned, and find out just how woefully inadequate their preparations are.

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  10. Chk this out – apparently a group of tourists out on tour with a guided boat company saw what looked like a meteor be blown out of the sky

    And according to this blog, there is a FIVE STEP process to activate a Ballistic missile warning in the Hawaiian civil defense protocols: http://phibetaiota.net/2018/01/defdog-there-was-a-missile-government-is-lying/

    It looks like it could be another false flag attempt by the Rothschild-backed non-Arab Middle East emtity who, thanks to Germany, now has fully equipped nuclear subs roaming the oceans at large.

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    • The man in the video gives a third-hand hearsay account of what happened Saturday morning — that his sister, who lives in Maui, said a boatload of 9 men, all tourists, claim they saw a flash “like a meteor” in the sky at 8 am that morning, which they suspect was a missile being shot down, and that they told the local media about what they saw, but their account was immediately deleted.

      My question is: With the ubiquity of cell phone cameras, how come NOT ONE of the 9 men took a pic or a video of the “flash”? I don’t buy it.

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      • Granted this account is 3rd hand and without pics is indeed just hearsay.

        Given the supersonic speeds at which missiles fly, tho, there may simpky have not been sufficient time to record the event.

        And I refuse to buy the story that a lone worker could ignite a live ballistic missile warning simply by pushing the ‘wrong button’.

        As another commenter here noted, such a warning would likely need to come from NORAD and be subject to a multi-stage verification process before a live warning could be activated.

        Whatever the case, the official story does not compute regardless of that password on the sticky photo.

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  11. American software engineer

    As a software engineer I understand why this mistake happened, we all should forgive the hapless individual who was forced to make one of two choices by the software and he choose the one not labeled test thinking that the other button was only testing the software. The real problem is poor software design with no clear affirmation procedure in the software nor no cancellation process nor time delay and override all which are obvious now. The real questions which should be asked are these: is the price of software out of control causing cheap inadequate software to be purchased? Is the price of testing too high now? Have we placed too much reliance on intested software? Even my own Apple 5s phone still cannot get the volume controls right!! We should give this poor hapless worker a break!


    • What kind of Emergency Management Agency would have this stupid software? Why should we “give this poor hapless worker a break” when what he did caused terror to 1.5 MILLION Hawaiians? Who knows how many heart attacks and strokes the emergency alert caused. EMA should be sued.

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    • So, by this theory, the guy who’s job it is to set off the alert has no understanding of what to click? I guess they could do that with launch codes too. Just get “Nancy from the mail room” up there and say “here’s your screen. If anything happens just follow the prompts”?

      There is something VERY strange and smelly about this whole affair. So now we are left to believe that, in the event of a hostile nuclear strike, somebody’s computer will pop up choices for an unfamiliar operator to choose from and no one will even call back to provide updates or otherwise check the status of this?

      I smell a big hoax here.

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  12. Of course it’s PRESIDENT TRUMP’S fault. only a mentally deranged person would do the stuff the Hawaaii emergency magement folks did. And since it was PRESIDENT TRUMP that made them go crazy, it’s his fault.

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  13. You would think something of this magnitude of importance, they would have a great big red button in a seperate area where another person would have to be contacted. But that is just me.

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  14. Update on the story…

    Hawaii: Missile False Alarm Clearance Delayed Because Governor Did Not Know Twitter Password


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