Four demorats plan to boycott President’s Trump SOTU address

Fine by me!

From Fox News: Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson added her name to a growing list of Democratic lawmakers who say they are fed up with President Trump and will boycott his State of the Union address at the end of the month.

Wilson, who was elected in 2010 and made headlines last year for fighting with Trump over his telephone call to the widow of a fallen soldier, cited the president’s “recent racist and incendiary remarks about Haiti and African nations” for reasons why she wouldn’t be attending the Jan. 30 speech.

“For the first time since I began serving in the U.S. House of Representatives, I will not be attending the president’s State of the Union address,” Wilson said in a statement late Sunday. “I have no doubts that instead of delivering a message of inclusivity and an agenda that benefits all Americans, President Trump’s address will be full of innuendo, empty promises and lies.”

Wilson joins Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif.; Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga.; and Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., in boycotting the event.

“Why would I take my time to go and sit and listen to a liar?” Waters said on MSNBC over the weekend. “Someone who lies in the face of facts, someone who can change their tune day in and day out. What does he have to say that I would be interested in? I don’t appreciate him and I wouldn’t waste my time sitting in that house listening to what he has to say. He does not deserve my attention.

Lewis made his announcement Friday, citing reports that Trump had referred to some African countries as “s—holes” in a conversation with lawmakers about immigration. “I cannot in all good conscience be in a room with what he has said about so many Americans,” Lewis said on MSNBC Friday. “I just cannot do it. I wouldn’t be honest with myself.”

Blumenauer said he would be skipping the event before Trump’s remarks became public, but said it would be a waste of time and that he was staying home. “Rather than listening to another destructive, divisive speech by Trump, I will not attend this year’s annual address to Congress,” Blumenauer said in a statement. “Instead, like I did during his inauguration, I’ll be working at home listening to Oregonians about what they think about the State of the Union.”

On Sunday, the president addressed the people who are accusing him of being a racist. “I’m not a racist,” Trump told reporters. “I am the least racist person you have ever interviewed. That I can tell you.”

The State of the Union boycott isn’t the only protest planned by Democrats.

Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., said she is planning on wearing black in order to stand in solidarity with victims of sexual harassment, while other House lawmakers say they are planning on inviting victims of sexual assault to attend the president’s first State of the Union address. “Some members will be bringing survivors of sexual assault and advocates as their guests,” an aide to Florida Rep. Lois Frankel told NBC News.

Other ideas that have since been nixed include holding mock trials with the women who have accused Trump of sexual misconduct.

Trump has denied any claims of sexual misconduct.

Democrats’ boycott of the annual address isn’t something new. In 2016, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, skipped former President Barack Obama’s last State of the Union address. That same year, three conservative Supreme Court judges — Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Antonin Scalia — were also a no-show.

Scalia, who died in 2016, had missed the State of the Union address more than a dozen times, and called the event “a childish spectacle.”


23 responses to “Four demorats plan to boycott President’s Trump SOTU address

  1. Let them all stay home. They will look stupid sitting there on their thumbs.

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  2. Scalia was assassinated.

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    • MeThePeople . . . . there is little doubt about that. What a terrible waste for our country. He truly was a good man, but then that is why he was assassinated.

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  3. I really can’t remember a time when the parasites and their talking heads were as rude as they are now. They are disrespectful to the office as well as the man.

    In a sense it says more about their character than his. This really needs to stop. As far as them “boycotting”, that’s fine by me. He should make it a big gala affair and toss a few jokes toward Slapsy Maxy.

    If it were me, I’d do the whole thing in blackface.

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    • lophatt . . . . I’m with you, truly there is an overwhelming amount of “parasites” within the halls of Congress. Furthermore, it galls me that the vast majority of Republicans, did not show Obummer the disrespect, and hatred that the libtards show our current President! It is outrageous, to even think about the wages and perks we give these “parasites” truly is enough to gag a maggot. Those who were named as “not going to attend” I see includes Oregon’s own Earl Blummenauer, who is a numb nut from the get go!

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      • Amen to that. Respect must be earned. Being disrespectful to those who were elected by your fellow Americans shows a contempt for those that pay their bloated salaries.

        There is no requirement to “like” someone, but civility is a requirement for those who with to “lead”. Instead, we have a gaggle of whiny, immature, graceless imbeciles that hold “titles” they don’t deserve.

        These losers are boils on the ass of time.

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    • If they’re going to boycott-they should do it up “LEFT” and ALL move to Kenya. THAT’LL show us!!!

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  4. Don’t think Trump cares if they show up or not….

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  5. V. S. Naipaul (I believe in his Writer and the World) says we make a huge mistake, a category error, in thinking of African or South American countries as being remotely like the civilized countries of the West operating under the rule of law. Ironically, if the congressional districts represented by Wilson, Waters, Lewis and the rest of the congressional black caucus resemble anything, it’d be the squalor, ruin, violence, crime, and political corruption of the African “sh*tholes” loosely referred to as countries. The way things are coming to a boil, treating them as fellow Americans may result in the mass murder of our children and grandchildren.

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    • Yes, of course. It’s all part of “The Conditioning”. “They” (meaning the propaganda readers), decide what is “acceptable” depending on “who” is saying it. This is supposed to force us eaters to join a side.

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    Just keeps getting better and better. The real enemies of the U.S. just keep crawling out into the light.

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  7. I was reading the headlines and thought, well I will just go into this article and just say they are petulant children. Then the graphic at the top of the article shows up. Guess some one beat to it. Way to go.

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  8. Probably plotting to go shop lifting at the local WalMart.

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  9. Too bad we won’t see “lovely Frederica” sporting a new rhinestone pompón and red patten leather knee high boots, she and Latrine Waters and J.Lewis won’t be missed at all because they’ll be “at the club” watching it all in close quarters windows tightly closed, hahaha I could just about see’m. I’m sure they are not welcome either.

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  10. Isn’t this racist? And to not even show up for his inauguration is even more unfair since they had no idea what the President was going to do for our country. To not even give someone the chance to see what they can do, is doing a great disservice.
    These are just a bunch of people that got outsmarted at their own game, making them nothing but a group of sore losers. The blacks are no longer in charge.
    Let them be the petulant children they have proven themselves to be over and over for the last several months. We won’t miss them.

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  11. Maybe we should give those seats to some real heroes.

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    • Glenn—watch the news…some REAL HEROES….from our military…have had your same thought and actually requested to take the place of people like Maxine W. on the floor for the State of the Union speech…….

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  12. “For the first time since I began serving in the U.S. House of Representatives, I will not be attending the president’s State of the Union address,” Wilson said
    What the hay? This is the first non-obama SOTU address since she was elected…. talk about racist!

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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  13. Their absence will increase the aggregate I.Q. of the room.

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    • ditto tx—perhaps if the US legislature has sunk to the level of street performers and Hollywood Red Carpeteers……it’s time to televise the State of the Union from the Presidential Office, w/President seated in the Oval Office at his desk, addressing the AMERICAN PUBLIC instead of the rabble and assorted camera hogs of the Senate and House…… is ALL ABOUT the USA and the President’s report on the state of OUR union….and NOT (over and over again) on the “feelings” of our various and sundry career politicians, special interest groups, recent news-worthy groups, carpet-bagging DC lobbyists’ interests, foreign interests and foreign governments.

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