Dog figures out how to sled downhill, again and again

Let no so-called scientist ever tell you that animals act only on “instinct,” but not by intent and deliberation.

This dog figured out how to have fun by himself sliding downhill on a sled, again and again.

H/t FOTM‘s CP.


25 responses to “Dog figures out how to sled downhill, again and again

  1. A Border Collie,of course! No surprise there!

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  2. They are so smart! Looks like a Shelty, and they are smart cookies…what fun!

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  3. very beautiful…they r smart ,n faithfull,n honestlyi love them friendship like a mans one ,i have 4 sharpeis,their mom died on nov.3rd,2016,n it still hurt me so bad!

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  4. Most remarkable, but not surprising to me. Breeds differ in aptitudes and spirit, but this Aussie collie looks true to both high spirit and intelligence. And doesn’t s/he look to be the same epitome of youthful strength as we all once had, if it wasn’t stomped down by mean-spirited parents? I think this is why I’ve so much enjoyed having younger students and employees, just so I can share in that spirit with them as they discover new ways of being and flex newly acquired mental muscles and skills!

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    • Joseph . . . . . I certainly agree there is much to be admired in both animals and humans who display “both high spirit and intelligence.”

      I thought it was wonderful to see that this dog could on their own provide for themselves a fun, playful experience. It makes me wonder if someone taught them to use the sled, or did this pooch figure this out all by themselves. What a good dog.

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  5. A new meaning for the term ‘dogsledding!’

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  6. Dr Eowyn . . . thank you for bringing us such a sweet story to start the week!

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  7. Hadenoughalready

    I watched this nearly a dozen times, laughing all the while. Who said dogs are stupid???
    To the dog’s “master”, please tie a short piece of rope to that sled so the dog doesn’t have to “man-handle” it…lol

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    This is just so cute. I can appreciate this so much because when we had our puppy – we never referred to him as a dog – it was amazing at the way he came across as so human in thought and deed.


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  9. I’ve seen this on facebook several times over the past week and can’t help watching it each time I come across it. To watch the exuberance and fun this sweet dog is having sure does a heart good!

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  10. Smart dog, lousy photographer

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  11. He’s having fun!

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  12. That doggie works hard to have some fun! Saint Francis is the Patron Saint of all the four legged “angels” that OWN us. My Barney is my master, take note I am not a b…….. tch! 🤨bahaha.

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  13. Good stuff! I was a young pup once, full of energy… enjoying the snow.

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  14. God’s lovely creatures.

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  15. This dog looks like my border collie. She would do things like this all the time. She would run up a slide backwards and she followed me everywhere when I rode my horse, smart dogs indeed,

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  16. Hadenoughalready – first thing I thought of, give Dog something easier to grab on to. That’s a great sledding hill, great dog. One of my pet dog’s (died of old age) favorite pastimes was diving off the board into the deep end of the pool. He would dive, immediately swim to a dog-friendly ladder, get out and line up to dive again. He loved the “splash” he made entering the water. Dogs are very intelligent, truly humans’ best friend. Thanks for posting, Dr. Eowyn.

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  17. As it was in the day of Noah but worse.


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