Invoking the name of Jesus Christ repels demons/UFO alien abduction

According to a 1992 Roper Poll of a representative sample of 6,000 U.S. adults,  with a sampling error of plus (+) or minus (-) 1.4%:

  • 2% of the adult population in the United States (one out of 50 Americans, i.e., 5.16 million of total U.S. population of nearly 258 million in 1992had experienced being abducted by aliens.
  • 18% said they had awakened paralyzed, with a sense of a strange “presence” in the room.

The most interesting facet of the alien abduction phenomenon are accounts of abductees who succeeded in repelling the “alien” or demon by invoking the name of Jesus Christ. CE4 Research Group has a website with first person testimonies of those encounters. Below is a sample that I culled from a fifth of the testimonies:

Carel Luck:

“In 1973 my husband Coleman and I and our two baby boys lived in Virginia. Coleman was working for Christianity Today as the advertising manager and I was a stay-at-home mom doing some freelance artwork. One night I awoke with a start. My eyes flew open like a close-up in a horror movie when the dead person comes back to life. I was totally awake with the sense that something was very wrong. That sense moved very quickly to terror. I was paralyzed, unable to move anything except my eyes. To my left, over my husband’s sleeping body, I could see three figures gliding into the room…. I tried to scream at Coleman to wake up but I couldn’t. My vocal cords were paralyzed. Then I began to pray. I tried to call out, ‘JESUS.’ Again nothing would come out of my mouth other than grunts. Once more I tried to say ‘JESUS.’ More grunts. Finally a garbled ‘Jesus’ came out. At the name of Jesus the beings dissipated into the air into little triangles just like a visual effect….

Then over twenty years later Coleman was writing a pilot script for a television series that was supposed to be about all sorts of strange phenomena. He gave me a book on alien abduction and asked me to read it and see if there might be any story ideas in it that he could use. As I read the book it struck me how similar these people’s experiences were to mine. Then I came across a drawing of one person’s alien abductor. It was eerie. He had drawn the same beings that had come into my room.”


“It began five years ago with strange things happening in my house. I had…been involved with Tarot on a high level and ALWAYS could predict events for people…. I didn’t believe in anything really. Flashlights would fall off the table, my dog would growl at nothing, I had bad dreams. Things were scary. Then one night it all came down on me. I ‘awoke’ in bed without being able to move at all, not even an eyebrow. Some ‘thing’ was in my room with me…. Then it began to come toward me…then the thing jumped at my chest, but not before I screamed in my mind, ‘Jesus help me, God help me!’ And the ‘thing’ was thrown back in utterly agonizing pain and the sound it made was as close to hell as any human ears could ever hear…”


“I am the adult Sunday school teacher at Christian Lighthouse Church in Mount Clemons Michigan and I recently taught on ‘spiritual warfare’ on Sunday morning January 24th, 2004. I cited many scriptures on the power of Jesus’ name on controlling and defeating demonic activity…. After my lesson, a newer member of our congregation came up to me and related that she had awoke one night to find herself paralyzed and even unable to talk. She felt something applying pressure to her upper torso as if some invisible ‘thing or person’ was sitting on her chest. She called out to Jesus in her mind and immediately found herself free. She then began to pray out loud in Jesus name. This just seems to me to be further confirmation that this is a wide spread problem and that only true Christian believers have the power, through Jesus name, to combat these attacks.”


“I am thinking it was May or June I started experiencing ‘seeing things move out of the corner of my eyes’ again one night. And I realized I might soon have to deal with another abduction experience, even though I knew what it was… I knew it was evil spirits… so I got on the AR and then your CE4 website right then and read the guide to self-deliverance on there, and verbally rebuked outloud in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. Just what is written in the guide to self-deliverance, ‘The Lord Jesus Christ Rebuke You, The Lord Adonai Rebuke You! …’ And I stopped seeing things move out of the corner of my eyes. I haven’t had an abduction experience since, that was May/June of 2007.”


“I read in Genesis that there really were beings called the Nephilim, and what they really are. And then one night I saw an alien, (and it seemed as if I knew him), at the side of my bed and I said, ‘I know what you are! Go away! Jesus is my Lord!’ And it got angry and it was as if it was being suctioned out of my room right through the wall. I never saw it again.


“What sounded like thousands of voices that would come to me almost every night. At that time I was probably about 10, and figured I must be crazy. My parents told me it was my imagination. These experiences happened a long time ago. I am now 21 and a devout Christian and have had no experiences since. I don’t really remember when I first started hearing the voices and when they finally left me. I remember I used to call for Jesus to help me. The voices would slowly fade whenever I did. I now recognize this as most likely a demonic attack.”


“I am from the Island nation of Trinidad and Tobago and am a preacher’s kid. So I’ve grown up in the church and seen a fare share of demonic attacks and the power of God at work against the forces of darkness…. One night while in bed, I had a major break though. I finally realized who I was in Christ and that no evil spirit should ever be bothering me like this…. That night I had another visit and this time I was able to muster up enough strength to move my lips and say ‘by the blood of Jesus I rebuke you’ and instantly they left me and to this day they never returned.

Michael Crane:

“…experiences I did have as a young Christian in my early 20’s and over the past 10 years all of the signs and symptoms were there. The fear, the paralyzing feeling, the feeling of a presence in the room, it was all there. I just didn’t think of it as an abduction experience. To me it was a demon attack. As I called out in the name of Jesus and rebuked the spirit, the fear, the paralyzing feeling and the feeling of the presence left. I realized that what I did experience was in fact demon attacks. I learned early about demon attacks and how they would try to pull me away from my JESUS. It is only now that I see and understand that the alien abduction phenomena is one more way that Satan is trying to gain a foothold in this world.”


“When I fell back asleep this time the UFO came again hovering in the same corner. This time I saw a an evil spirit materialize next to my bed even though I could not perceive its shape. Before I was able to speak it tried to physically attack me by probing my neck and I was paralyzed a moment and could not speak. So I lifted my pinky up in the air and spelt out “Jesus help”. Immediately the evil spirit released its grip and I yelled “leave in the name of Jesus and do not come back again”. The evil spirit left and was gone.

These accounts, of course, imply that the alien abductors are not interstellar UFO space travelers, but are demons.


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  1. While I have never experienced any alien abduction scenario, I can remember within the last couple of years experiencing a horrific dream. I cannot remember what the dream was about, but I remember that my body had dumped a load of adrenalin, just as if I was experiencing something awful for real . . . I called upon my Savior, Jesus Christ to take this dream away from me. It immediately dissipated, for which I was most grateful.

    There are many instances in our lives that things can and do happen where calling on Jesus Christ is the most appropriate thing to do. His love for us is so immense that if we call for help, he will not deny us that help. Perhaps in many instances, as some of the above cited–just believing in Christ may well be the greatest protection we could ever had.

    Dr Eowyn . . . . Thank you for bringing such an interesting article to us.

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  2. Totally believe. Although I have not experienced a demon attack, I am sure they are real and that these instances happened. The night my Uncle passed away (I grew up with him as part of the family) angels showed up at the foot of my bed. My husband was working the night shift and I was not afraid when I saw the two images. When Dad called the next morning I knew exactly what he was going to tell me. I have also heard from the Holy Spirit several times as a distinct presence near me. Yes, Jesus Christ is protecting his children. Praise the Lord.

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  3. There’s no doubt about it, so called aliens are demons. They aren’t extraterrestrials, they are extradimensionals from the spirit realm. L.A. Marzulli has a series called “The Watchers”, and he has talked with many people who have experienced the exact same things as those in this article. He has found that the name of Jesus is the only thing that will stop these demonic encounters in their tracks. He’s also done a lot of research about the Black Eyed Children, and the name of Jesus also breaks their spell. Here’s his website.

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  5. The name of Jesus has power. And it is not just against “aliens.” For folks who have issues with porn, try a binding prayer when you are tempted. “In the name of Jesus, I bind you, spirit of lust, and send you to the foot of the Cross to be judged by Our Lord.”

    I used this a few times and it was so effective that I actually did not notice it. The images and temptations that were going through my head disappeared so completely that I forgot about the issue immediately as my mind went on to other things. Binding prayers are not exorcisms, but the invoke the Holy Name to ward of the demonic and can be used in any temptation or trial (Pride, Lust, Anger, Anxiety, Drunkenness, etc.). If it works on the occasional space “alien,” so much the better.

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  6. As a child, I was a frequent “sleep-walker”. The adults used to allow me to walk around, and I’m told they never attempted to wake me. There’s a phenomenon called “sleep paralysis” or being awake in your nightmares. I’ve given up on believing the main stream medical profession, who insist on denying spiritual encounters out of hand. I keep a crucifix handy.

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  7. Something else I remember from Marzulli is that these alien abductions very often begin with children and continue on throughout their lives, unless they do something to stop them. They call themselves “frequent flyers”.

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  8. Back in the mid-90s are Siberian Husky who was not a barker, jumped up and ran up to second floor and stood in the doorway of our guest room that is located in the north corner, ( I have read they come from the north) and started barking into the empty room, with a very firm bark, I ran up behind her and turn on the light as I stood there looking into the room, even though I didn’t see anything, the room felt like there is an invisible wall to keep you out and I felt uneasy…. I grabbed the holy water and I saturated the room, I empty the bottle…lol, while praying to Saint Michael out loud and asked Jesus to watch over and protect us, then I asked Jesus to send the angels from the north south east and west to watch over and protect us and keep us safe from harm. At that point Misty stop barking, she looked at me like they’re gone and turned and went back downstairs.

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  9. I have seen, experienced these subhuman things, grey aliens, which I would class as stealthy demons, fallen beings… They are terrified of the true Human Spirit and prey on the weak… Calling on the Lord, casting them out & away in the name of the Lord worked for me!

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  10. I have heard the same, that UFO’s and aliens are demonic manifestations from the opinions of the Dimond Brothers of Most Holy Family Monastery, as well as other journalists and investigators, e.g., Jordan Maxwell and David Icke.
    I have said before that I have witnessed demonic activity on a number of occasions in my life. My late father related to me a vision he had as a young boy, and I believed him then and I still believe him now. But the point is this: How can we tell if a particular person is telling the truth or not? For even if one speaks in good faith, he could not have had a paranormal experience, but, rather, BELIEVED he did, but his imagination deceived or tricked him.

    The late Veronica Leuken insisted for years that she received visions and elocutions from Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Theresa of Lisieux and other saints. Her testimony was ruled to be without merit and rejected by the Archdiocese of Brooklyn. (E. Michael Jones wrote about her in his Fidelity/Culture Wars Magazine back in 1995 or 1996). How do I know that Mrs. Leuken was lying? She had made money off of it. How do I know this? She was my godmother. (Mrs. Leuken died in 1995).
    I had attended meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous for a couple of years back in the late 1980’s. Aside from the fact that many of these people really were not alcoholics, I was surprised (and rather taken aback) at what came out of peoples’ mouths. Long Story Short, the easiest person to brainwash or convince is oneself. Live in a fantasy world of confabulation long enough, and one will begin to believe it. (I believe that Ted Kennedy and the Clintons risked this real psychological danger!)

    One question I ask myself when I look back on my experiences is this: Did I know HOW I would react at the end of the experience before it actually ended? If I can honestly answer, NO, I DID NOT, then I can be confident I was not confabulating. When I hear of others sharing their experience, I try to apply the same test, if at all possible.
    Here I believe is the real danger. It is not that Satan hates us—that’s a given. The Question is, Since he hates us, WHY would he approach us? Ultimately, the full answer to this Question is only to be known in the Mind of God. But I believe that we—weaker than this Fallen Angel, without the foreknowledge of future events that he has—have ONE FACULTY OR POWER that he does not: That faculty or power is IMAGINATION. Satan knows this, and he knows it painfully well. The Devil is no innovator: All his reflex moves have already been gamed out. I imagine the Old Monster has been experiencing nothing but a desperate boredom since his Fall!
    But he knows it is WE who have this marvelous faculty, denied to him—and even to the Good Angels. So he will never hesitate to get US to trip ourselves up, getting US to use our own imagination against us. This is what I think many people are experiencing when they report on UFO’s or aliens or paranormal activity. After all, it seems to be the only “good chuckle” that Old Nick can get.

    I have witnessed REAL demonic activity, and I can assure you: E.T. and Steven Spielberg had NOTHING to do with it. If the New World Order ever does get to project a gigantic hologram in the sky at night, I will not be intimidated or surprised. Or even amused.

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    • steven . . . . Bravo! Very interesting post!

      You indicated that Satan hates us. I do not doubt that in the least. Those of us who came to Earth have a body, and we can experience those things that only a person who has a body can experience. Satan is forever denied a body of flesh and blood . . . therefore he has a hatred of us humans, and will do anything, and everything he can to cause us to loose our place at the right hand of Our God.

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      • Satan hates us because he hates God, wanting to be “like God” and refusing to submit.

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      • I would be very careful about saying things that you don’t know for sure.
        Satan , if you want to use that title for him, can shape shift and appear in physical form, and has to many; to those he deceives, and those who are a threat to his kingdom. He’s very handsome, and very dangerous to those who don’t understand who they are in Christ. Pray you never really find out for sure.

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        • Veey true. Hell…..I was married to Satan for 25 years! I swear this guy was afraid of any church, for fear of spontaneously combusting! Yeah…Satan is a deceiver, and has nothing on me anymore. I can pretty much spot those “children of satan”… they can spot me. There is no love lost and I run the other way as fast as I can. I always had very good intuition, but the evil ones, tend to keep you off balance, isolate you, and make you question your sanity. I too, have had approximately 5 supranatural experiences, that were quite real, and quite evil: others very positive in nature. Invoking the name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, does work, based on my own experiences! My intuition is pretty spot on now…some say its the “holy spirit”, some say its a 6th sense. Whatever it is, listen to it! It will save you a lifetimes worth of headache.

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  11. The synagogue of satan(Revelation 2:9 & 3:9)is hard at work in the world today, bringing evil to all corners of the earth and silencing the true gospel , Jesus stripped satan of all of his power so the only ones able to do evil are the children of satan,(John 8,,,John 8:44)
    The promised land is a Heavenly place, not an earthly place(Hebrews 11)
    The Children of the man named Israel(Jacob) are not the same as the Jews.
    Jews are those involved in the anti-Christ religion of Judaism like Saul was before he met Jesus.
    You can not be a Jew and a Christian at the same time. Two different belief systems. Law and Grace.

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  12. It’s all demonic. Mess around with the occult and at some point you’ll pay the price. I have some relatives who go to mediums, fortune tellers etc. I’ve warned them but they say it’s just fun.

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  13. in His name,we can do anything…aliens?one of the greatest deception ever

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  14. Dreams from the LORD 2003-2006
    28 April 2005

    The closest that Satan ever got to killing me was back in January 1985. At the time, I was living in Washington, D.C. and I had just been admitted to a psychiatric hospital. The doctor diagnosed me as manic-depressive—which is another way of saying that my head was infested with demons. My head was infested with demons because I turned my back on God at the age of eleven.

    At the hospital, they put me on a low dosage of some anti-psychotic. Within a few hours, my brain began to shut down and that night I slept a very sound sleep (for the first time in months) until about three o’clock in the morning.

    I felt this evil presence come into the room. My body became frozen, paralyzed and I could barely breathe. Then for the next hour this powerful, malevolent being was on top of me trying to electrocute me to death. It was absolute torture; it was very painful. The electric shocks were coursing through my body. It reminded me of that scene in the first Star Wars Trilogy: The Return of the Jedi. Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader and the Emperor were at the battle station at the end of the movie. Luke refuses to turn to the dark side and join the Emperor, so the Emperor proceeds to torture/electrocute Luke to death. This is exactly what it felt like.

    For the next hour, my body was being electrocuted and I was trying to say the Lord’s Prayer, but it didn’t seem to have any effect. After an hour, the electrocution stopped, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

    I believe the reason that Satan attacked me was that he knew that I would soon realize that my manic-depression was a spiritual problem, not a chemical problem, and that I would soon come to the conclusion that the medication they gave me was only a temporary solution. Satan could see (Satan can see some things in the future—look at his children, the psychics—they can see some things—but it is inspired by Satan and not by the Holy Ghost) that I would ultimately turn to the Lord in faith and be healed and Satan would begin to lose control over my life. Satan is the ultimate control freak.

    The few years before I got saved, I was attacked quite a bit in my sleep by demons, and of course, I did not know how to fight against these attacks because I was not yet born again. After I got saved, I continued to be attacked by demons in my sleep. It wasn’t until 1986 that I began to use the Name of Jesus to keep the demons away from me. When an evil presence would come into my room (usually when I was trying to sleep), I would say, “in the Name of Jesus, be gone, Satan!” Eventually, the demon would leave. Later, I began to use the Blood of Jesus and it was much more effective. If I felt an evil presence come into my room, I would say, “Blood of Jesus!” The demon would leave in a split second. In my experience, the Blood of Jesus is more powerful than the Name of Jesus. It was the Precious Shed Blood of Jesus that defeated Satan over two thousand years ago. There is power, power, wonderworking power in the Blood of the Lamb.

    A few years ago, I was hitchhiking east out of Colorado and I ended up in central Missouri at midnight. I needed a place to sleep and I found a junkyard near this gas station. I walked over to the junkyard and climbed into this junked trailer home. Immediately I could feel an evil presence in the trailer home. I jumped out of the trailer home and walked around the junkyard till I found a back seat of a car to sleep in. Before I went to sleep, I said, “I plead the Blood of Jesus over this junkyard!” I was never attacked by demons and I slept like a baby that night.

    As I have grown stronger in Christ, I have been attacked less and less by demons in my sleep. The last time I got attacked in my sleep was back in February 2005. Before that it was March 2001.

    What can’t kill you will only make you stronger.

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  15. This article is complete baloney.

    The Christian Evangelical community is THE MOST gullible group of people walking this planet today.

    The abduction phenomenon is quite real–and it has spanned multiple generations going back perhaps thousands of years on this world. In recent years a small, vocal group of Evangelical researchers and pastors has created a cottage industry (books, videos, etc.) inside the Christian community pushing the idea/belief that these unknown visitors are demonic entities.

    The shocking truth of the matter is thus… there are multiple species out there with some being quite benevolent and some are very malevolent, but they all carry one common trait–they are all thousands and thousands of years more advanced than we are here on this planet.

    Some advanced civilizations (as in millions of years) looking upon the people on Earth could view humans as we would look upon cockroaches. Their science and technology to would appear to us a “magic” or “supernatural” and this is how these book, video and lecture circuit goof-balls in the Christian community derive their material. Anything that cannot be understood is instantly “demonic” or along these lines.

    There is ZERO evidence (other than someone’s claims) that evoking the name of Jesus will scare these entities away. This is all just hogwash and wishful thinking in the gullible Christian community, who believe anyone who uses Jesus words and bible verses in a public manner.

    If the truth behind extra terrestrial life forms were to be revealed in a complet and full manner–it would pull down the religious, economic and industrial belief system of this world overnight.


    • “there are multiple species out there with some being quite benevolent and some are very malevolent, but they all carry one common trait–they are all thousands and thousands of years more advanced than we are here on this planet.”

      Really? And how exactly do you, “Shinmen Takezo“, know this? And to think you actually speak of “evidence”! Do you even know what empirical evidence means?

      Assuming that advanced interstellar civilizations can overcome the physics problem of the speed of light and undertake space travel, why would they expend so much effort, energy, and costs to come to Earth to repeatedly abduct humans? What’s the point?

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    • I believe there is ample evidence that there is extraterrestrial life. However you have obviously made a religion out of your belief in ET. as if THAT explains everything. I have studied both areas – ET/ Alien paranormal phenomena, as well as religion/ spirituality, and until you do, you cannot even begin to get a grasp of the complexity of the unseen world that exists out there. To deride and ridicule religious people as you have makes you no different than the simpleton religious people who say God made Earth with humans and that this is the only planet with intelligent life in the universe. You are a true believer, you are! What a maroon.

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    • Ignorence is bliss. Unbelievers are uneducated in these matters, otherwise they would be believers. The fact is the Bible is proof, as is all that is around you.

      I find it so amusing that someone completely discounts God out of ignorance, but then says something like “The shocking truth of the matter is thus… there are multiple species out there with some being quite benevolent and some are very malevolent, but they all carry one common trait–they are all thousands and thousands of years more advanced than we are here on this planet.”

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  16. Just last night I had drifted off to sleep for only 10 – 15 minutes when I felt someone laying next to me. I distinctly felt one hand grasp one arm and the other hand grasp my other arm. I did exactly that which is recommended above, but the problem is I was still asleep and couldn’t get the words out!!!! aaahh! I kept trying to say, in the name of Jesus leave! By the time I woke up, with adrenaline pumping I could not feel the hands, so hopefully just thinking the name of Jesus helps.
    When I was 20 years old many moons ago I had one of those experiences that they just chalk up to sleep paralysis – that of an incubus, only I don’t think I knew anything about them at that time. I distinctly felt someones weight on the bed and then the feeling of another body weighing down on me.Really creepy. Whether there are incubus and succubus who knows but it was something!

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  17. Long time ago Xmas I was gifted with an Ouija Board, the most horrible experience in my life, it held me down like a ton of bricks and I felt it was choking me; it took a hold on me to the point I was afraid to touch it until I put it out in the trash. Every morning I start my day with Our Father and I end my day with Our Father, it has a calming effect on me.

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  18. When I was a fairly new Christian I was spending the night at my parents house. I had been asleep a short time when I was awakened abruptly. The room was filled with a loud humming noise and the dark was pierced with a pins and needles type of visual electricity of red and white tiny spots flickering and vibrating. I felt enormous fear and I could hear my mom walking around in the hall and bathroom nearby and tried to call our to her. I couldn’t move anything but could open my mouth but no sound would come out. I continued to struggle to call out and finally realized that I was under demonic attack so began to rebuke Satan in my head and ask Jesus to come and help me. It broke and I jumped out of bed and ran to turn on the light.

    After a time of prayer I went back to bed and not 5 minutes later the same thing happened, just as intense and just as scary. I spoke the same rebuke in my head and pled the blood of Jesus over me and it broke. I ran to turn on the light and began to pray. Then as my eyes scanned the room a book on the shelf jumped out visually toward me and it was a book by Edgar Casey about reincarnation. The Lord revealed to my spirit that this book and others on that shelf were the open door allowing these evil demonic spirits to come and harass me. Because of past practices in the home, these spirits had a legal right to be there and to them, I was an intruder. So, I sat up the remainder of the night and with the first light of day, got up and left for home. At the time I was the only one saved in my family and their lives were steeped with occult books and practices. Shortly after, my brother gave his life to Christ and he came and rid the house of all the occult books and artifacts, burning them in the fireplace. Those evil spirits never again appeared in my parents house.

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  19. Decades ago there was an abduction of two men from Pascagoula Mississippi in 1974 One of the men while being prodded and examined was in pain he cried out in Jesus name to help him because he could not take it anymore. When he did,he said a bright blinding light shot down from above going through the ceiling and on through the floor, the little gray alien was terrified of it and ran to a corner of the room and cowered down in a crouched position trying to hide his face from the light. Why would an alien being be terrified of Jesus unless it were demonic in origin.

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  20. The fact that these people seem to be continually targeted is concerning. And then their children also! I wonder if some kind of “soul agreement” has been made where they say “Yes” to a simple question from these beings. (“Do you want to learn about us?” or similar.) And then the person is made to forget it. Give the devil an inch and he will then take a mile. The first six minutes here gives an idea of this:
    So to stop the family run, it may help to break all contracts and agreements made with these beings / demons – even by others in the family – in Jesus name.

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    • These people that are constantly attacked by demons probably have generational curses. These curse can be broken through faith in Jesus Christ/ or go to a deliverance minister. Some people may also have cursed objects in their houses. They need to clean their house and get rid of these curses objects.

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  21. I have had experiences that can’t be explained from knocking on the walls, and boxes to jack in the box with a joker sound so perfect it could not have been me or a dream. Right next to my ear! I live alone. And it was always 3 in the morning, or a little later. I got up and I said “be gone in the name of Jesus Christ, you aren’t welcome here!” out loud, and started saying the Lord’s prayer out loud every night. It stopped immediately.

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  22. I try to keep an open mind. I don’t claim to have all the answers to phenomena that I believe occurs. I think there are any number of “theories” or “thoughts” on things like “aliens” or “demons”. Most of the literature on these is pure speculation, although some has become popular.

    Faith, for me, is reserved for God. I believe totally in the theology given to me. The Church has quite a familiarity with the demonic and the unseen. I do believe that we are not normally capable of sensing much that surrounds us. Once in a while, for unknown reasons, we see something that “shouldn’t be there”.

    I have precognitive dreams occasionally. I tend to think of those as slipping between the tracks on a time tape that runs on an endless loop. I have met people who claim to be abductees. I believe that THEY believe this. I also know that insane people are not lying. That makes it hard to verify what someone is telling us.

    It is NEVER. a mistake to call on Jesus Christ. Whether you think you’re battling demons or creatures from Outer Space, God has dominion over all. If it is His will you will receive help. A better way to put that is that you will ALWAYS receive “help” although you may not recognize it as such should the help you ask for prove out of sync with God’s plan.

    I’m not sure what to make of this post. It covers a wide range of topics and opens the door for many more. Some are related, others only loosely. The question of calling on Christ is answered absolutely with YES. How we perceive our world not so much.

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  23. Hi:

    you are right. Demons are EXACTLY what UFO attacks are. It’s ALL satanic.



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  24. Somehow, this subject reminds me of the shlocky 90s film Mars Attacks. Scientists were able to translate into English what the Martians were saying. However, as they were using their death rays, killing people and wiping out buildings, they were translated consistently saying, ‘We come in peace’.

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  25. When I look back on my “awakening & learning process” I see that I HAD to have been divinely guided b/c I “randomly” came across the information in almost perfect sequential order. As though God was running a lesson plan and bringing me the perfect info at the perfect time, in the perfect order.

    He started out by showing me that aliens were demons. I had never really thought much about aliens….at the time I was shocked to find out just how many people were actually having these abduction experiences. It all began when I ordered a book that I randomly came across…that at the time just looked interesting. I really have no explanation why I ordered it….except that perhaps I was directed to….it’s called “Unholy Communion” by Joe Jordan & David Ruffino.

    These 2 guys started researching alien abductions and spent several years interviewing thousands of ppl who had been abducted. They were not Christians when they started this research but by the end of this project they had become Christians….b/c just like every ufologist or researcher who has ever done thorough research into this area…they soon discovered through their thousands of interviews…that the ONLY thing that has EVER stopped an abduction in its tracks was the person calling upon Jesus Christ. Calling on His name made these beings flee immediately.

    An interesting statement they made in their book was that every secular ufologist knows this…it is a fact well known by many in the UFO community (that Jesus name is the only known thing to ever stop an abduction)…yet it is rarely spoken about because it doesn’t fit their narrative…and so it is dismissed.

    So aliens are demons..but of course! Made so much sense. They steal kill and destroy.

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  27. Alíens are created by Christ. So Yes your right the recognize his authority and name. However, if you are seeing them, And they are visiting you.. I doubt saying his name is going to help much. Afterall, we all get what we deserve. If we are having encounters, its not fandom innocent people. They cant just waltz into someone’s life without first geeting the okay to do so. Or that person opening the door.

    Also the says of being abducted, being taken off in some UFO, u really think they need to abduct you in order for them to do what they want?
    They don’t have to open the doors to your house to walk in.. I don’t know how they do it. But they just waltz right in. If you’ve been drinking, using or drugs, which more than likely the influence is coming from them.. It makes you easy prey. More susceptible because of your disobedience to Christ.

    I can tell u they will cut you up. And when they cut you.. You will know. Their lines are perfectly straight lines. Like a laser cut line. They do implants. Like amphibian marine like implants that resemble a black eel or worm. It has the capacity to communicate with the owner, whoever sent it to you. Very well could be a person your living with that appears human but is not. This person looks human but they will always place a strong emphasis on speaking ‘literally’ or ‘exactly’.. The words have to be exact. Its odd. Because human places that much emphasis on speaking exactly. We have common sense and we can read between the lines. They get pissed off because they can’t express themselves in the English language as well as they would like to.

    If you suddenly see or experience a bright blue light inside ur home or around you.. When you are certain there is none and you can’t seem to tell where the light or shine is coming from yet when looking around the room things are blue… Not over blue.. Not blinding. But enough of a blue light where u definitely notice it. Then u better watch out. I don’t have any tips how to beat them if they are in your house. The only way I know so far, is to obey Christ in everything, and the closer you get to Christ, you will be able to see them… Basically at that point YOU and Christ will have the upper hand. They wont have a right to mess with u, or operate on you.. But you can come against them but remember not YOU ALONE. you must have solid faith in Christ. My aim was never to fightt them.. It evolved into that on its own when i started growing in Christ Jesus. Remember in Ephesians, the Word says “put on all your amor, helmet of salvation, sword is gods word, the more of it you know the more powerful your sword will be. And I’m NOT talking about a bible. I’m talking about a real spiritual sword to strike down all enemies. Then yiu shall see those bastards run. They will even pleee for their lives. They will come kneel before u. This is no joke. Most people will never do such things cause they think its impossible. NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. If they can come into our homes and cut us up. And perform operations and do implants, do u think Christ is not going to defend us? But remember, yiu have to be staying away from all sin, yiu have to be trying to get to know god on a daily basis, you must be asking him what his will is each and every day, you must be willing to die for him, you must love him more than anything else, u must be willing to give up your life, the way your living however that may be, and be ready for whatever type of radical change Christ will bring. Whether its poverty or riches. Whether its being isolated or alone or with many people. You just don’t know what he will ask of u. But you better be ready. That’s what it means to be a follower of Christ. To be willing to die right now at this second if needed. To those that love him, he himself shall award them special weapons and gifts… And ain’t no f alien going to do nothing about it. There is no time to fear. Just be careful. Hate is never good. And very easily you can fall victim to hating and being engulfed by it then going on a green splaterring spree. And lastly, they look like that for a reason. The are repulsive because of the sin they have lived for so many years. I suspect they didn’t look like that at first. But over the course of time.. Many years and many sins.. They became alienated and foreign. Repulsive.


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