Illegal alien, previously deported, hijacks Greyhound bus in Wisconsin & threatens to kill riders

illegal margarito vargas rosas

Illegal alien Margarito Vargas-Rosas

From Fox32Chicago: The man accused of threatening to kill passengers on a Greyhound bus is a Chicago resident in the country illegally, law enforcement officials said Saturday.

Margarito Vargas-Rosas, 33, is accused of threatening to kill the other 36 people on the bus from Milwaukee to Chicago on Friday night. The situation led police to chase the bus, and then stop it with spike strips on the Illinois side of the state line.

The Racine County sheriff said on Saturday that Vargas-Rosas is an illegal immigrant who has been deported before.

No one was injured in the incident, which ended at the Illinois/Wisconsin state line when police laid out spike strips.

More details from WISN ABC News:

“A man who threatened to kill other passengers on a Greyhound bus Friday night was in the country illegally and has been previously deported.

Racine County Sheriff Christopher Schmaling said Margarito Vargas-Rosas, 33, lives in Chicago but works at a restaurant in Milwaukee.

The incident started around 9:40 p.m. Friday when authorities received reports of an armed subject on board a bus from Milwaukee to Chicago. The Racine County Sheriff’s Office said a caller said a man on the bus claimed to have a gun and made threats to kill people. Officials chased the bus from Racine County into Lake County, Illinois.

Passengers said that people were yelling at the bus driver to stop, but he kept going. Schmaling said the driver though it was a training exercise.”

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21 responses to “Illegal alien, previously deported, hijacks Greyhound bus in Wisconsin & threatens to kill riders

  1. Hmm … from Chicago.

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  2. the victims should sue rahm emmanuel’s sanctuary city and rahm as well…

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    • MomOfIV . . . . I think that would be a very good place to start.

      I suppose my question would be: When will it be that this country has suffered enough from the actions of illegal aliens . . . that the liberals will change their minds and obey our Constitution?

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  3. The driver was being chased down the highway by a swarm of cop cars and thought it was a training exercise? That makes no sense at all. Why would he assume that? Maybe the crisis actors got on another bus by mistake and Vargas-Rosas lives to be deported another day instead of getting paid a few hundred rounds of lead in lieu of the cash he was promised.

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    • Another “Keystone Cops Hoax Production”? When “the message shapes the news”. “I’ve Got To Get Back To Chicago or Bathhouse Blues”,

      Sure, it could happen (not!). This sounds like that guy they burned up in someone’s cabin after shooting cops. First they blasted a couple of Asian women in a pickup that looked NOTHING like the suspect’s car (a black man).

      If this would have been a white patsy he’d be dead.

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  4. Pray that this does not lead to TSA operations at bus stations.

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    • marblenecltr . . . . That is a very astute observations. I should imagine that their union would love to be able to add enough employees to take on covering all the bus stations. . . for all the good the TSA has done the American citizens.

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  5. Of course a real American headline, before the Great Cuckolding, should read: Suspect Shot Multiple Times By Fellow Passengers Before State Troopers Could Deploy Spike Strips”. Apparently, these days people lay their heads on the chopping block, just like chickens.

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  6. And yet U.S. bishops oppose federal enforcement of immigration laws, while never disclosing how many tens of millions of taxpayer dollars the Catholic Church (and other churches and synagogues as well) is paid for “resettling” refugees, migrants, and illegal immigrants.

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . . You have hit on something that is extremely troubling to so many of us . . . why would the Bishops not want peace and safety for US citizens? Is it really all about getting numbers into their pews, and thus pumping up donations. I shudder at the very thought of that. As far as I am concerned, any Bishop who takes this stance is a traitor by virtue of the fact that they do not feel total allegiance to the Constitution of this country.

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  7. He should try that on a bus I’m taking.

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  8. The Church’s traditional stance has been not to involve itself directly in the politics of nations. The Church’s charism is to build consciences and the laity is to act on their conscience. Admittedly, over time, some bishops, and even Popes, have decided to play politics. I hate it and it is not orthodox.

    The reason for the phenomena of “sanctuary” over the centuries is that the Church is more important and all encompassing than any country. If a country’s policies or laws deprive a Christian of their God-given birthright they can go to a local church and be protected. This could result in the Church helping a person back to his or her country of origin, etc., or assistance where they are.

    The Church is not “Merica for Mercans”, or Italians for Italians, and I believe that the bishop’s position on free movement of peoples hasn’t changed in centuries. While I’m not a fan of this current Pope, he isn’t that different in that regard than any other I’m aware of.

    The bishops in any country would tell their flocks to follow their laws. If someone appeals for mercy at a church it would probably be given to them. I know that it was in the 1980’s during the Salvadoran problems. Of course, many of those were genuine refugees in the sense that, if they returned, they would have been tortured and killed.


  9. Any gov’t which fails in its primary duty, to protect and secure its citizens, is not a legitimate gov’t. All around most state and local gov’ts have failed and continue to falter at this. No bills to restrain illegals ever seems to pass without extreme difficulties. Politicians become adamant about the rights of these illegals. Nothing is clear or above board about why they are here, how many, what their status is or what it is costing taxpayers. This should indicate to all of us that our immigration system isn’t broken but something is sure not the hell right about those charged with upholding it.

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  10. Unfortunately, there are clergy, politicians, and others who are ushering in armies of Muslims who hate Judeo-Christian faith and any government other than that which is sharia- based. Not long ago (1990 and earlier), Islam was seen as a major threat by our own security and intelligence agencies of government. What happened? Petroleum and a great increase in Globalist efforts. Read chapters eight and nine of the Koran, a good history book, and a good newspaper.

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  11. Here we go again, when are we going to “get rid” of the swarm of two legged sewer rats? I know, leave it to the Liberals in Congress, getting rid of them will never happen.

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