BBC asks, “Is it discriminatory to refuse to date a trans women?”

india willoughby and ginuwine

Singer “Ginuwine” and “India” Willoughby

No. What happened to being pro-choice?

From BBC: A reality television programme kicked off a debate about whether it’s discriminatory or transphobic to refuse to date a transsexual person.

The argument started on UK reality television show Celebrity Big Brother, where minor celebrities are locked into a studio made to look like a house, then filmed 24/7.

As might be expected in such a situation, tensions run high and conversations can be fractious. One of the housemates is India Willoughby, a TV journalist who had an established career as a man before transitioning to become a woman.

Willoughby asked her housemates about their dating preferences, and the resulting conversation kicked off a social media storm.

“Would you go out with a transsexual woman?” she queried. “I believe it’s your choice… I would choose not to,” replied the R’n’B singer Ginuwine. “That doesn’t make me scared.”

“You would go out with a woman?” Willoughby asked. “Yes.”

“But you wouldn’t go out with a transsexual woman?”


The conversation rumbled on. When Willoughby suggested “Let’s have a kiss,” Ginuwine replied “no” and leaned away from her.

India was later seen telling another guest that “all this superficial stuff that you are a woman and all that sounds great and is the right thing to say. But it makes no difference if people don’t believe it – that’s the problem.”

While some housemates defended Ginuwine’s refusal to date a transsexual woman as a “preference”, the issue divided the audience on Twitter.

The debate has continued to reverberate inside the house. Viewers of the programme vote off guests one at a time until a winner is selected, and on Friday India Willoughby is one of two celebrities facing a vote and possible eviction.

Some viewers claimed Ginuwine rebuffing the notion of dating a trans woman was discrimination or transphobia – dislike or fear of transgender people.

But others backed the “preference” argument and said the singer was entitled to state his dating choices without being criticised.

The debate reverberated on other social networks and outside the UK as well. A video from New York radio DJ Charlamagne Tha God defending Ginuwine’s stance as a preference has since been viewed more than 350,000 times on YouTube.

Read the rest of the story here.


37 responses to “BBC asks, “Is it discriminatory to refuse to date a trans women?”

  1. Is it discrimination? Of course it is and it is a correct and just act. DISCRIMINATION means to make a rational choice. You discriminate against what is wrong or despised or unwanted.

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  2. How long before we see such thinking turn into law suits like what we saw against Christian bakers. But, Obama is not president, and the momentum is on the side of sanity again.

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  3. Kevin J Lankford

    Surprised they don’t bring ‘race’ into the dispute also. There are still many that believe in dating and relationships with their own; and many who would call that racist.

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  4. What would be the sense in “dating” someone who’s transgender? Kind of like dating a steer. A transgender person has chosen to mutilate a perfectly healthy body simply because their minds are messed up!

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  5. What’s wrong with people? What has happened to” boy meets girl, girl meets boy” and enjoy a healthy relationship and not the repugnance of boy on boy and girl on girl, -life’s values are diminishing so rapidly as is the family as a whole.

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  6. I agree with Liberty4awl. And I am also tired of being told by the elites how I should think, how I should feel, what I should do and how I should live my life.
    The so-called Elites just don’t get it: My heterosexual identity IS NOT for sale. Dr. Henry Makow has pointed out the plans and designs of the Sabbateans to destroy our Christian heterosexual identity, and he is absolutely right. There has been a war against manhood for as long as I’ve been alive, and it has disrupted relations between the sexes. We see it in the declining numbers of marriages taking place and the increasing number of divorces occurring. And not only that, the number of abortions and incidents of STD’s has increased.
    These elites have rendered Christian Western Civilization (otherwise known as Christendom) a Wasteland that T.S. Eliot warned us against. The body count—of the aborted, of those killed by the Pill, the dead from venereal diseases and all the rest—is in the BILLIONS.

    And then they have the GALL to tell me I’m a bigot if I refuse to date a transgender (which is nothing but a mutilated man)?!?! You Know, I have to hand it to these organized criminal perverts: They never seem to run out of energy, and they never miss a beat. They never give up or relent. That is because they are of their Father, THE DEVIL.

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  7. Great Q, DCG! “What happened to being pro-choice?” These hypocritical, flea-brained Libtards don’t want us to have a choice any time our choices might be in opposition to their sick, twisted, demonic outlooks.

    I so thank God that “this world” — the one ruled by satan — is all coming to an end soon. And I thank Christ Yeshua for coming to me in 1994 and taking the initiative to save me. Without Yeshua as my Sinless Savior, Holy King, and my Guiding Light… there would be bodies strewn all over the landscape. Only Yeshua could have saved me from my rage. (And I thank God for inventing humor, because without it, no one on this planet would like me at all… and I couldn’t blame ’em.)

    Blog on, DCG, and the FOTM brother/sisterhood! Blog on!

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Would You Like To See… ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ Come To Life?

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  8. Nothing exposes the sheer hypocrisy of these people than their definition of ‘choice’. One can chose to abort a baby but not chose with whom to associate. One must accept the gay lifestyle as normal but not deeply religious convictions as normal. You must obey gov’t mandates as absolute but refuse gov’t oversight as tyranny. Double minded is the best description.

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  9. they like pushing the boundaries:
    ‘we need “rights” too’
    ‘we are equal, just like you’
    ‘we deserve better protections than you’
    ‘bake us a “wedding” cake for our multiple partners to enjoy or hand over your business’
    ‘we will show your children how wonderful it is to be lgbtqrs…z’
    ‘we will teach your children how wonderful it is to be lgbtqrs…z’
    ‘we will make your children into lgbtqrs…z’
    ‘if you don’t applaud when we kiss, then you are homophobic or transphobic’
    ‘we deserve to donate blood just like anyone else’
    ‘date a trans person or be labeled “transphobic”‘
    ‘if you turn down a trans person who is hitting on you, then you are not only transphobic, but are practicing “discrimination” against trans people and therefore a lawsuit will be filed against you…be prepared to owe the trans person you “discriminated” against thousands of dollars.’ (I do see this scenario eventually playing out…if they can force people to be their “wedding” photographer or bake their “wedding” cake or share a restroom or even give them direct access to children, then why not force people to date them as well?).
    ‘since we believe we are trans-women, then we believe we can also become pregnant…thanks to scientists/satanists’

    I imagine there are weak-minded males and females out there who would fall for this stuff…I pray for them.
    I pray they turn to the Lord and let the Holy Spirit be their strength.

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  10. The tranny is lucky Ginuwine did not punch it in it’s face…. What sound minded non gay man is going to date another man? Discrimination is psychological healthy, what kind of silly question is the BBC asking.

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    • True George . . . . You are spot on when you ask the question . . .”what kind of silly question is the BBC asking. All of the top liberals, which includes the various corporations that own media outlets, they all want EVERYONE to buy into the “Trans” movement. I certainly do agree, why would a man want to date another man unless he is a practicing homosexual?

      What I saw in that clip was an act of “sexual harassment” on the part of that “woman.” If the roles had been reversed–there would be no question but what a man doing the very same thing, would have been arrested–at least in our current PC climate.

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    • Punch in the face is the perfect response.

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  11. So people have no expectation of free choice now? What utter B.S..

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    • lophatt . . . . I see that leaning towards “people have(ing) no expectation of free choice” is tantamount to a form of slavery. Why should any individual be forced to do anything that they don’t wish to do? This kind of insanity is quite over the top.

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  13. Gee I don’t know. Imagine the thrill of dating a trans sexual-it would be like dating Mooochelle.

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  14. Hadenoughalready

    Ah, yes. By all means…let’s make dating a community-approved matter. Can’t be a bigot in choosing who you might marry, either, ya know…

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  15. If I was looking to date a man, and I want him to be tall, dark, and handsome, does that make me discriminatory of short, pale, ugly men? If it does, so be it. I guess it’s a good thing my husband doesn’t let me date! 😳

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    • Hadenoughalready

      That’s just wrong, Maryaha. What’s his excuse, reason, for keeping you from dating? Is it out of concern for your safety or is it simply because he can’t find someone for himself? He’s not a mozlem is he?
      This is cruel and unusual punishment – I’d protest and petition congress for a full investigation…

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    • So does that make him discriminatory? There otta be a law!

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    • Just as long as you are happy to date a tall dark trans man it’s all good.

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  16. You’re right……claiming to be a women does no good if others don’t believe it. We don’t, and neither does every encoded cell in your body.

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  17. The fact that the question,..”Would you date a transgender woman?”,..was even asked, on live TV only goes to show the depths of decadence to which, White Western civilization has fallen,..

    But then, what could we expect, when, we allow Zionist Jews to monopolize the news & entertainment media?

    What indeed,.?-

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  18. Let’s look at this a little differently. “Discrimination” and “prejudice” are NOT the same thing. A person has an absolute right to be prejudiced. Some forms of “discrimination” are protected against by law.

    Human desire or attraction is not something that needs a clearance from The Central Committee to act upon. There is no “requirement” to date a homosexual. If the said homosexual takes issue with rejection, so be it. They have no recourse, no matter how much a leftist bully wants it to be so.

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    • Your normal guy is just not going to buy this. No matter what they screech.
      I just get the impression the parasites that rule us are actually saying “see, a man can be a better woman than an actual woman”.
      Which is why Bruce Gender Agenda won “Woman of the Year”.

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      • Yes, it’s the flip side of the whole “chicks with dicks” thing. In that scenario a guess guy can go shopping with women, talk about cosmetics, etc. and substitute for a dildo if necessary. Now “who’s the object”?

        No matter how muddy they make it, it still comes back to ancient wisdom. The sexes are attracted to each other not just because of the need to procreate, but because they represent two halves of a whole.

        No matter how many multiples of the same thing you have, if one half is missing you don’t have a whole. The most you can get is an imitation. Who would rather have an imitation than the real thing?

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    • Lophatt i agree. The blurring of the line of discrimination & prejudice has been blurred for a while.

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  19. Your normal guy is just not going to buy this. No matter what they screech.
    I just get the impression the parasites that rule us are actually saying “see, a man can be a better woman than an actual woman”.
    Which is why Bruce Gender Agenda won “Woman of the Year”.

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  20. GEEZ LOUIZEEEE….even if we are “straight,” bisexual, homosexual, transgender, or some sort of neutral WHATEVER…… does NOT negate that the majority (96%??) of human beings on this Earth have the urge to procreate. It is what keeps us from going the way of the dinosaurs… is a valid human activity that has biology behind it to support life on Earth. Like it or NOT…..If you have this human proclivity to procreate….you are PROBABLY NOT going to want to spend any time trying to develop a relationship with a transgender. Sorry…you might LOVE them as a familly member, a friend or even closer than that…or a neighbor or fellow in any number of settings… like church or bowling league or community activities…….but b/c you DON’T want to develop any potential reproductive relationship with them (that is futile) does NOT mean you are “prejudiced” or cruel, or discriminatory in any way against any one “class” of people for being who they are………It just means that you want to distribute your gametes productively….b/c MOST human beings were born to do this so that the Earth continues with our species……IF you want to do this….then, you ARE a participant. IF NOT…then fine…& it is perfectly FINE to NOT want to participate. BUT, you can NOT socially “punish” either side of this line for their participation or non-participation. STOP SHAMING people for following biological destinations on EITHER SIDE of the line……..This reality BBC TV show is divider, a damned shame…& probably a political ploy of someone or other.

    I just want to inject here that I once stopped dating a guy b/c I did not like the way he smelled.IF ANYONE admitted this today aloud…pretty soon we’d have the SMELL POLICE at our door demanding to know WHY….trying to make a Federal case out of it. I don’t mean in any way that he had an offending “odor”….I just did NOT like the smell of his skin when we kissed. He was a great guy….very nice….very moral….very set to achieve, nice family…all that going for him just right….but I could NOT get OVER this smell thing…very acidic….I DO NOT know what this might have meant…but I DO think it was something biological going on that said to me that we were NOT a good biological “mix.” Call me crazy…but I followed my biology…and I expect that it is NOT shameful for others to do so for MANY reasons…not the least of which is trying to decide if one could date a transgender or not.

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