More virtue signaling: Female demorats planning to wear black to Trump’s SOTU address

juanita broaddick

Demorats in solidarity with this victim?/AP Photo

Will Juanita Broaddrick receive an invite from the democrat working group that hopes to “transcend party lines?”

From Glamour: At the 2018 Golden Globes, the red carpet was flooded with black dresses and Time’s Up pins, a coordinated protest against sexual abuse and harassment in Hollywood and other industries. Though responses to the blackout (and the efficacy of this type of showing) was mixed, it does appear to have inspired a similar movement in a different field: politics.

NBC News reports that another blackout demonstration against sexual misconduct is in the works—this time, in Washington, D.C., on the occasion of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address. On January 30 members of Congress, led by the Democratic Women’s Working Group, are invited to wear black to the address as an act of solidarity. Representative Jackie Speier, a Democrat from California who will be participating, told NBC News: “This is a culture change that is sweeping the country, and Congress is embracing it.”

Last year female Democrats staged a similar fashion demonstration when President Trump addressed a joint session of Congress for the first time: They wore white as an homage to the women’s suffrage movement, and to make a statement about women’s rights. They documented it with the hashtag #WomenWearWhite.

While lawmakers in Washington are often starkly divided by their political affiliations, Speier and other organizers hope that a call to stand up for victims of sexual harassment and abuse will transcend party lines, with members of both parties showing up in black.

Capitol Hill is no stranger to the rampant sexual abuse that has plagued professional environments, from film to farming. A November New York Times report described sexual harassment as an “occupational hazard” for women entering politics; in the same month, 50 women spoke to CNN about their experiences with harassment while working in Washington. And when it comes to individual politicians (mostly male), accusations of sexual misconduct abound: Most notably, President Trump has dodged and denied accusations of sexual harassment since his 2016 campaign, while Senator Al Franken and Representative John Conyers (both Democrats) stepped down from office following allegations of their misconduct.

The Golden Globes blackout was met with criticism, many notes that seeing a sea of black dresses—and reading the statements of actresses who participated—made for one of the most meaningful red carpets in entertainment history. At this time, few politicians have announced their intentions to wear black alongside the Democratic Women’s Working Group to the State of the Union. On January 30 we’ll see which lawmakers step up—and whether the President responds to the protest.


26 responses to “More virtue signaling: Female demorats planning to wear black to Trump’s SOTU address

  1. Demonrats have become terminally BORING!

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  2. Don’t they EVER say anything?? They “signal” a lot but they’re too cowardly to just out-n-out SAY what’s on their feeble excuses for Minds. BTW-Saying Democrats and Virtue in the same sentence COULD cause volcanoes,quakes,tidal waves and other disasters that preclude the end of the World….

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    • Also, the chanting brigades drive me crazy. These groups of illegal immigrants, especially, loudly chanting little rhymes in people’s faces, thinking that their screaming is going to make people listen. It doesn’t. It turns people off and offends them even more.

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      • Maryaha . . . . I certainly agree with that. The other thing that nearly sends me ’round the bend, is those holding signs that say something to the extent that “Americans owe us . . . housing, food, medical, education.” When I see garbage like that I really want to start a bonfire and dispose of all their stupid signs.

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  3. They truly are BORING. You’ve had your say, ladies, now move on (to your next likely grievance, which can’t be far behind). Women should simply learn to say “Buzz Off” if any guy acts inappropriate or is too pushy, etc. If that doesn’t make him leave them alone, OK, complain to a boss, brother, father, cop, etc., & let them go have a chat with the offender. For being so “high society,” these “broads” don’t seem to even know how to stand up for themselves.

    I’m sure POTUS will groan in his spirit when he hears these same juvenile criers want to stare him down en masse at his State of the Union Address, Sigh sigh!

    For all the perpetually “offended” ladies in black, fast forward to 50-seconds in this video from the “good old days”; then run screaming into the night pulling your hair out, lol!

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Hope they don’t forget their “pizza pins”…

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  5. If they’re wearing black, sit ’em in the back. And keep the house lights down. And these folks think conservatives are the ones with a problem. They’ll protest anything that hurts their feelings. No matter how small. No matter if they have to shut down someone else’s rights. As long as they can have their right of not being offended. (That’s is a constitutional right isn’t it? sarc.) At the moment. even if they change their mind from one minute to the next. SOTBS.

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    • YouKnowWho . . . . The idea of placing the gaggle of black wearing women to the back is most excellent! Who wants to see a bunch of old crones in mourning?

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  6. Ever see how some women and young girls dress? Ever watch how some women com on to men? Men ought to have a movement about being teased.

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  7. Don’t you wish they gave that much attention to the country’s internal problems instead of whether some elite chick smoozing among known pervs got her rump squeezed?

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    • Youghn . . . . Bravo! That observation is over the top. Here we have a Congress who gets very little done, of which woman are certainly a part, . . . but they have time to piddle around “crusading for a cause.” Why not join the “cause” of getting the people’s business taken care of?

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  8. Wearing black like…….in the globe awards?? He’ll NOooooooo! Go naked, maybe they will pay attention to you nakedness hahaha, show it all -all of you like to call attention to unworthy causes. Sexual misconduct? Why don’t you take your sexual and child abuses some place else? what does President Trump have to do with that when YOUR OWN democrats R.Scott, VA, Ruben Kihuen, Nevada, John Conyers, Michigan, “comedian” Al Franken, Minn, have “resigned” for their misconduct? I think you are very late reporting all that. Guess what? I give you my middle finger award for your continued stupidity. Democrats are two legged sewer rats, and you stink!

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    • Alma . . . In your very own wonderful style . . . you take no prisoners! Keep up the good work. I would say the the Dems have more than enough problems inside their own organization that it is rather hypocritical for them to come out “trying to shame those who commit sexual misconduct!”

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  9. I think their insistence on wearing black is a strong sign of them being racists.😳

    Will they also be wearing their pink hats?

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  10. black burkas (XXXL)

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  11. Personally, I’d like to see all of the Dhimmicrat Trump-haters stay home .. or maybe he should just cancel the SOTU speech. If they show up, they’ll make a$$es of themselves.

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  12. The Democratic Party has absolutely no morality at all. Why be shocked? Ted Kennedy was a Senator for almost 50 years and got away with what amounted to a negligent vehicular homicide.
    These women are criminally insane. And hypocritical!

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  13. I say give them zero camera time. I am not tuning in to watch them, but to listen to our President.

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  14. Black dresses, pink knitted uterus hats, Mexican flags, etc etc….. Be my guest. March. Not endearing to the American voter from all those “fly over states” that elected Trump. Keep it up! Best “publicity” against your own candidate, EVER! Doesn’t matter who the NEXT “fly-over” president is….Americans in the electoral majority were and are SICK of New York and California running the American economy, social justice system, national political scene, the political narative and political primaries, etc…of this nation (and so POORLY that it has put us into a decade of malaise at home and abroad). There’s LOTS MORE between the “ears” of the far West & far East than the bullsh*t of the far left/Fascist Obama years….for instance ….the whole basket of Hillary “deplorables” who kept their mouths shut against the Dem bully pulpit…against the social insults (you know…we who “cling to our guns and Bibles” ) & then went into the voting booth to speak out VERY loudly w/finality that, as yet, the “opposition” refuses to accept.

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