Blame the NRA: Illinois AG candidate robbed at gunpoint during photo shoot

aaron goldstein

Goldstein: Running on progressives solutions and TDS

This candidate’s solution to gun violence, from his campaign web site:

“As Attorney General, I will stand up to the NRA and hold them and gun manufacturers accountable for their role in the flood of guns that are besieging our communities.”

From Fox News as reported by Brooke Singman: A Democratic candidate running for Illinois attorney general was robbed at gunpoint Thursday during a campaign photo shoot in Chicago.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Aaron Goldstein, 42, and members of his campaign team were approached by three men in their early 20s. One of the men had a handgun and demanded Goldstein and the campaign aides turn over the camera equipment and other personal belongings, including their cell phones, which they did. 

According to the Tribune, law enforcement sources confirmed that they had no one in custody and did not release a description of the suspects.

Goldstein’s campaign manager Robert Murphy, who was not with the candidate at the time, explained that he was taking promotional campaign photos with an “in-the-neighborhood kind of” message, according to the Tribune. The incident took place in Albany Park.

Murphy, a Chicago committeeman, told the Tribune that no one was harmed during the robbery, and that the campaign was assured by the police that the robbery was not a targeted act.

Goldstein, Murphy and campaign spokespeople did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

Goldstein’s campaign Facebook page posted a link to the Tribune article, with the comment: “Thank you all for your concern, well wishes, thoughts and prayers. My team and I are all good.”

Goldstein is running for attorney general to replace Lisa Madigan and is part of a crowded field of eight vying for the Democratic nomination.


15 responses to “Blame the NRA: Illinois AG candidate robbed at gunpoint during photo shoot

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    Dang!…. Just no end to the things a politician will stage to get his name in to fake news.

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  2. Hadenoughalready

    “RED FLAG”! Just another campaign stunt. Let’s remember WHERE they are and WHO’s running that dump.?
    Yeah, and those cops; they KNOW this wasn’t a “targeted attack” HOW? Awfully quick on their resolution, considering no one was caught, doncha think?

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  3. Heehee…a freaking publicity stunt!

    Let’s see,
    Sh!thole state – check ✔
    Liberal Leftist Party – check ✔
    Jewish Last Name – check ✔

    Yep, it’s a hoax! 😁

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  4. Too clever by half, but good enough to dupe the Illinoisans in what used to be called The Sucker State during the 19th century.

    Parsing this buffoon’s quote, Aaron Goldstein intends to hold the NRA and gun manufacturers accountable for the guns supplied to the streets of Chicago by Hasidic arms dealers. Taking his cue from Hasidic successes in Brooklyn, London, and Paris, the next thing you know he’ll be using that faked robbery to argue an exception for concealed carry should be granted to his kind.

    Aaron Goldstein take note: You’ll win big time, at least in Chicago, by claiming the mass exodus of upper middle class taxpayers and their businesses means Illinois’ future couldn’t be brighter.

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  5. Definitely off topic but worth a look:

    This is called expanding the limited hangout on SHES. Read this carefully. If you’re already aware of the problems with the official narrative this will put you over the top. It is total, utter B.S..

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  6. Bet he want gun control now…

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  7. But wait! Don’t they already have all that gun control in Illinois and Chicago?
    Oh yeah, the “guns FELL into the wrong hands”. Don’tcha see, the guns did it…LOLOLOL

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  8. Good thing he wasn’t talking about gays. He couldn’t sit down now. Chicago is full of it. DA politicians, that is.

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  9. Where was this guy when Holder was actually gun running to thugs? Do they really think being in the toughest gun law state and taking them from law abiding residents will help? I, myself, would want as many legal gun carriers around me in that state.

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  10. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Nice! Now we can wait for the spin on this one!

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  11. TOO BAD that Illinois doesn’t REQUIRE EVERYONE to carry a gun…and so, we could have witnessed, on film, for the nightly news, up front and personal…. this AG candidate whipping out his “required gun” and taking on the BAD GUYS. OMG….just like a Charles Bronson movie——OY! Automatic VOTES from us banal middle class no-accounts!!!!!! When are “they” EVER going to figure this out????????

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