Pelosi: Wage increases and bonuses from tax reform are “crumbs” and “so pathetic”

Please continue to let this woman continue to be the representative of your party, demorats!

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24 responses to “Pelosi: Wage increases and bonuses from tax reform are “crumbs” and “so pathetic”

  1. Hey, Alzheimer’s Pelosi. I dare you to say that to the face of all the workers (Boing, Walmart, et al.) who are getting bonuses because of the Trump tax cut.

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    • Amen to that! Since American wages have stagnated for a long time now, I’ll just bet that the employees feel it is a big thing . . . not insignificant crumbs.
      She just always shots herself in the foot, making her look like the elevator does not go to the top floor.

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    • Since when to any of us $1000 chump change? Never. This is a woman that made millions on insider trading, legal only for Congress. This is a woman that made millions from lobbyist when they promised there would be no more lobbyist in DC.
      This is the woman that wanted us to pay for her train to her vineyard. This is the woman that made a very racist remark about someone in Congress, calling them the five white guys.
      This is the woman that used to call for a military jet to fly her home every weekend and demand it be furnished with food and high class alcohol. All on our dime.
      Sometimes she left that large jet sitting on the Tarmac for hours, on our dime.
      This is the woman that faked the spitting incident years ago while parading their victory lap.
      Does anyone take her serious or give credence to her blathering?
      Oh please let her continue being your spokesperson dems.

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  2. Here’s a real “Let them eat cake” moment on the part of Nancy Pelosi. Those “pathetic crumbs” would make a very big difference to my family today. But then, with her wealth, how is she supposed to know that?
    And of course, her solution would be more job-killing anti-business legislation to show how much she’s really there for the “little people.”

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    • It’s moments like these that prove that voters have nothing to say about who’s in office. She’s been a haughty little nitwit for many years and keeps getting “re-elected”. She must have a hell of a bill owing The Tribe as she’s already a billionaire. She doesn’t need a job.

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    • On FOX they’re calling Nutty Nancy the Marie Antoinette of the Democratic Party

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  3. More:

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    • Have you ever seen so much whining and hysteria? They all get the same script. Now the “mental health” issue is getting “the push”. All the allusions to Nixon. How obvious could they get?

      They have no respect for the country at all. They have no respect for the voters. They are paid stooges and liars.

      I said early on that if he didn’t get a handle on this right away there would be trouble. There’s going to be trouble. He has waited too long to do much about it (at least publicly). There is a line between criticism and slander. There is a line between “journalism” and sedition.

      If you’re going to be powerful you have to be powerful. This would never have happened to LBJ even though he deserved it. Somebody would have gotten an offer they couldn’t refuse. Someone should be getting another offer right now.

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  4. How many more years are we going to have to endure The Horror that is Nancy Pelosi?

    I wish we had a Pope who could actually offer a PLENARY INDULGENCE for enduring this DEMENTED CRETIN! Talk about purgatory!
    I literally CANNOT ENDURE to hear this demon-crazed woman’s voice. (And you know I’m peculiarly prone to be a very literal man!)

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  5. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    One thousand dollars ($1,000) may not be much to Nancy Pelosi – probably chump change for her; but, to some – it is a lot of money. Pelosi has to stop looking a gift horse in the mouth and be gratiful.

    It is all about attitude:


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  6. On a slightly different subject,is anyone else getting tired of the sentiment that the Tax reduction will “only cut my taxes by 10%”? I can’t, for the life of me,understand how someone can get a tax REDUCTION,of WHATEVER amount,and be upset because it isn’t MORE. To THOSE people,I’d say,”Tell ya what-since that isn’t enough of a cut for you,let’s just skip it completely and pass it on to another deserving Citizen. YOUR Taxes will stay just the same as you’ve BEEN paying.” Am I wrong,or is ANY Tax cut a GOOD thing? Okay,the Soap Box is all yours…

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  7. For sure, Minion Nancy needs to take a “not coming back from vacation term, does she ever watch herself and hear how stupid she sounds during those press Q&A’s? No wonder the “party” can’t stay afloat.

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    • My personal favorite was the time she gave a press conference and said that the American public was too stupid to make decisions. That’s why we had her and her colleagues. When confronted she just made this face like she was completely bewildered.

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    • And to think someone that loosely-wrapped OWNS AN AR15!!!! (By her OWN admission,during an gun control debate some 20 years ago.) I fear for my life-we ALL should. She should have been disarmed by now,according to the Sanctuary State’s OWN gun control laws. Not to mention the part about Criminals and Insane people not being eligible to own guns…

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      • I hadn’t heard that. I suppose she earns a giant “hypocrisy star” for that one. In a way it fits her general thinking. SHE is entitled, WE are not.

        One of the funniest videos I ever saw was of her at home, in her district, entering a building to give a speech. A guy on the street was standing there smoking a cigarette. She strode over to him and started lecturing him and demanding that he put it out.

        He stared at her a minute or two, processing the information. Then he launched into the most beautiful lecture I’ve heard in years. “Who the HELL do you think YOU are lady to tell me…….”. It was priceless.

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  8. These people’s heads are spinning so bad they can’t even hear how stupid they sound. Everything they do enslaves and ensnares. When they see people being liberated from those bonds it drives them even further into thier world of illogic.

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  9. Dr…This out today, 1-12-18 on Sandy Hook…..

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  10. This woman is the DNA twin to my 7th-grade “Home Economics” teacher from 50 years ago….totally living in her own “Susie Homemaker/Economics Fantasy World” and an embarrassment to decent Americans/human beings here…and maybe EVERY WHERE ON EARTH. She has so little connection to the REAL “regular” American working stiff….(Her public pronouncements on Obamacare and now THIS economics reveals her as a total clueless CLOWN) that $1,000 or so represents a minute or LESS of idling on the runway in her private jet…but will put new (cheap) carpet in my Master Bedroom…..which has not been carpeted in 30 years……(just imagine the shape it’s in)……which will make me happy, help my home value….and give a couple of carpet layers a job….and keep the carpet business that they work for alive for another week……. Now… MULTIPLY THAT BY MILLIONS OF AMERICANS….!!!!!

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