Normalizing cannibalism via jokes and pop culture

For some years now, efforts are underway to “normalize,” i.e., legitimate pedophilia. See:

One way to normalize something that is illegal/immoral is to joke about it.

That is why Gretchen Sisson, Ph.D., a “feminist” sociologist at the University of California – San Francisco research group Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH), wants TV shows to joke about abortion.

Toni Airaksinen reports for Campus Reform, Jan. 2, 2018, that in an article in the new issue of the journal Feminist Media Studies, Sisson proposes that television shows should use “abortion plotlines” as a valuable tool to help “destigmatize” abortion:

The purpose of including an abortion plotline is simply to make jokes about abortion, recognizing that such satire is valuable for some people as both a means and an end. This should not be surprising: comedy has often been used as a subversive way of challenging predominant social structures.

Now we know the hidden agenda for Senator Al Franken’s ‘joke’ about the anal rape of babies, as if that is something funny.

Knowing all that — that a way to normalize something is to joke about it — we should be alarmed by “jokes” being made about cannibalism.

(1) John McAfee

John McAfee, 72, a libertarian, is the founder of McAfee Associates that created the first commercial antivirus software.

On January 9, 2018, in a series of tweets, McAfee “joked” about being a cannibal.

Another tweeter CryptoSpider asks McAfee, “Chronologically incorrect? Dont u mean categorically incorrect? Or did you eat small children at some point then stopped?”. To which McAfee replied:

“In the early 80’s i used to dabble a bit in child eating. As I got older they no longer agreed with me.”

” And to be honest, i still slip from time to time and devour a third or fourth grader.”

Asked “so are you upset about the eating small children part or the chronological order part?,” McAfee replied:

“The Chronological order part of course. I stopped the practice years ago.”

(2) Steve Huffman

Steve Huffman, 34, is the co-founder, CEO and forum administrator of the content-sharing and chat website Reddit, where he uses the alias Spez.

Huffman/Spez banned Pizzagate as a subject for a sub-Reddit thread, but not cannibalism. The sub-Reddit for cannibalism /r/Cannibals is titled “We Eat People“; the moderator was Spez but now is someone called FuzzyNavel, who is suspected to be Huffman under a different alias, but denies it.

Someone on the 4chan message board compiled a composite of comments (see below) made by Steve Huffman “Spez” and “FuzzyNavel” on cannibalism:

Spez: “Shit. No skeletons in my closet, but a few in the fridge.”

FuzzyNavel: “The night I learned the truth and consumed human flesh. With BBQ sauce, of course.”

There is even an entire sub-Reddit called “Spez is a Cannibal“.

↓Click to enlarge↓

Another way to normalize cannibalism is to make it a theme in pop culture via:

(1) Zombie movies and TV shows; the Twilight movies that romanticize vampires:

And let’s not forget Reza Aslan, the CNN host who dined on human brain with cannibals. Aslan’s series was called “Believer”:

Even the game show Jeopardy had to make a point that a contestant — proofreader/editor Flora Leen — on a recent episode, broadcast on January 10, 2018, had dined with cannibals.

(2) Cannibalism as art:

  • Marina Abramovic’s “spirit cooking,” in which menstrual blood, breast milk, urine and sperm are mixed to create a “painting”.
  • The 2011 annual gala of the Museum of Contemporary Art’s simulated cannibalism, wherein Hollywood stars, such as Pamela Anderson, consumed pieces of cakes molded into life-size images of Marina Abramovic and pop singer Debbie Harry.

(3) Pop singer Katy Perry, who is on video saying she had sold to the Devil, glamorizes cannibalism in a music video of her 2017 single, “Bon Appétit”. The music video is a macabre step-by-step cooking recipe featuring the singer as the main course, ending with Perry about to dine from a plate full of human body parts.

See also:

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30 responses to “Normalizing cannibalism via jokes and pop culture

  1. Barf, barf, barf.

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  2. That video has no redeeming values.
    Sort of like Diane Feinstein

    So cannibals are eating a clown and one says to other:
    “Does this taste funny to you?”

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  3. Of course they are sh*tholes.
    That’s why they will swim 100 miles through shark infested waters to get into this country.

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  4. The people who are trying to make light of cannibalism are often elites like McAfee, a category of people who are accused of gaining power through child sacrifice. And let’s not forget Reza Aslan, the CNN host who dined on human brain with cannibals. Aslan’s series was called “Believer.”

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    • Thank you, TD! I added this to the post. 🙂

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      • HilLIARy_and_her_enablers_4_Jail

        Hi Dr. E, i have a couple to add:

        Season 4, Ep 1 of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia,” entitled “Manhunters” — well you can get the gist from the name, but here is the synopsis:
        “Mac and Dennis pursue the ultimate high of hunting another man by stalking Rickety Cricket, while Dee and Charlie become obsessed with eating human flesh after they come to believe Frank has fed some of it to them.”
        Hilarious, right?! That show covers every psy-op in the book, including joking about pedophila as well — “Frank’s Little Beauties” being a prime example (Frank is played by Danny DeVito), and the episode “The Nightman Cometh.” Creepy stuff indeed, and fits right in with the overall subversive social engineering agenda.

        Another instance that comes to mind is an early episode of “Seinfeld” where he performs a bit about cannibalism. I can’t recall which ep since it had nothing to do with the plot. Oh and there are instances in other episodes: the gluttonous “Newman” character fantasizes about dining on “Kramer” — once when he is in a hot tub and adds butter to the mix, and another when he is sun-bathing using butter instead of lotion. A regular laugh riot!

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    • CNN-THAT figures.

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    • That LITERALLY makes me sick! What a disgusting attention whore.

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    • Could be wrong but as I recall I saw that show or one in his series. The whole of it is geared towards saying you are prejudiced if you look down on some of these other ways of life/ religion. Another twisted demon winning friends and influencing people.

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  5. I find the fact that there are those who would advocate for including cannibalism as an everyday act in our society, one which should be “normalized,” to be not only appalling, but the the very height of evil doing in our land. As much as I know there are people who are extremely evil roaming around our country. My mind has great difficulty believing that this could possibly be. Yet, going back to the very beginning of time, Cain introduced murder to this world, by killing his own brother. So I suppose that we in this day and time should not be surprised by these kinds of acts being committed.

    I pray the Lord will not allow this particular evil to gain a strong foothold in our nation.

    God Bless America!

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  6. Debbie Harry = Transgender! Pamela Anderson = Transgender….I know nothing about Marie Abramovic however if I was a gambling man……

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  7. Yeah, because this is hilarious…

    These people are sick freaks.

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  8. The subject of cannibalism was adequately covered in episodes of Alfred Hitchcock, The Twilight Zone, and Criminal Minds.
    Also there is a colloquial expression that says it all:
    EAT ME
    The Democrats love Haiti because they are in business with the crooked politicians who enslave those people

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  9. The whole idea is to destroy anything “normative” in Western Culture. The grosser the better. So gender, sexual perversion, marriage and family life, religion, free speech, the list is long, is all being used to this end. Their hope is to create enough chaos to allow them to step in and control us by force.

    It I easier do that if we’re disarmed. Hence, all the hoaxes and legislation. It’s easy to see. Look what they’re doing to Trump. They are basically saying, “you have no right to say anything we don’t approve of”. If everything they said were true, I’d totally understand it. Does it make any difference whether or not I said it?

    A “shit-hole country” is precisely that. I suppose its like “The N word”, how ridiculous. But look, it worked, didn’t it? There’s something ironic about being shamed by the shameless.

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  10. Hopefully, these sick people will be utterly stopped by Trump’s executive order from December 21 2017

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  11. Professor Gretchen Sisson along with all others who agree with her are mere satanic puppets being used against Humanity  and Moral decay.

    We live in a High Tech Society that is getting more evil and self destructive each day,  quickly and fiercely
    going to cause God’s horrific judgment upon this Civilization. 

    Jesus Christ is a Holy God,  and demands His people to repent of their sins and live a Godly life style from the evil agendas of this world’s  perspective.  

      Read and Obey.. Acts of the Apostles,   Acts 2: 38-42….Acts Chapt. 19: 1-6… Acts 4:12…
    John 3: 3-5 ..    Ephesians 4:5
    Galatians  1: 8

    Jesus Christ is coming any day to capture away His Biblical prepared people from this evil world and then all hell will break forth up on all who refused to repent of their sins.
    Don’t be left behind to suffer God’s  wraths.

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  12. The people who prey on children have a lot to worry about. First it is Trump and friends but more so is when they meet Jesus who had a special love for innocent children so imagine these evil people come judgement day?

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  13. Have you noticed Cannibalism getting into advertising too? Pringles and some kind of Cereal already depict characters “eating their own”. As a side note,the cereal character has a VERY long tongue-how suggestive is THAT?

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    • Yes I have. I wonder about that like I wondered about all the amputees after BMB. They are doing their mind control operations again but I’m not sure I fully understand the implications.

      The best I can do is that they must destroy what exists in order to replace it with the depravity they have planned for us.

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  14. A guy we invited to Thanksgiving dinner joked about cannibalism at the dinner table. He won’t be invited again.

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  15. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Hollyweed is back! This only tells the country these people have to be hooked on something besides common sense. They are really spaced way beyond my pay grade. When people, who are suppose to be humans, start indulging in blood and body parts, then they are under the influence of something other than their own volition.


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  16. So, I’m guessing that, if the Hollyweirds and “A” and “B” listers (like Kathy the Trump-beheader) pick up on this and start “joking” about cannabalism….we are soon going to see the “Jeffery Dommer Awards Shows” annually????????? We can only HOPE that they will be recognized for what they ARE: Abberant attention-seeking Jackasses with personality disorders……or worse……

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  18. Only in a SHITHOLE nation is CANNIBALISM an equal RIGHT!!!

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  19. This is absolutely grotesque. I have no words….

    Let me follow the logic of this. If cannibalism becomes acceptable, will Jeffrey Dahmer be hailed as being “ahead of his time?”

    “60 Minutes” raised eyebrows over 37 years ago on a report on Idi Amin: The report actually raised the possibility, as a question, if the Ugandan madman had “tasted human flesh.”

    But I also see a “Hunger Games” warning here. If—GOD FORBID—America ever gets nuked and the grid goes down, all hell will break loose. We’re only three meals away from rioting and looting, and about 15 days away from actual cannibalism!

    I hope every famous person mentioned in this post gets kuru! And I am shocked and appalled at McAfee.

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  20. Sickening, twisted individuals, there is simply one word for them–REPENT–if they’re even human–personally I fear there might be far more DNA crosses running loose now, and that might help explain the cannibalism–if so, I doubt they think of it as cannibalism, though–if not, then they can call it murder–that suits me fine, because God promised that He would repay all who refused to repent of their sins–so, I keep hanging on to that thought, to prevent myself from becoming too, too upset when I think of the babies and small innocent little children who they torture and murder to further their own damnable agenda–if they truly are DNA ‘compromised’ then I honestly believe God never placed a human soul inside that carcass to begin with, so they couldn’t repent if they wanted to–God already judged those fallen angels-turned-demonic entities, so I don’t worry about what will happen to them–but, if they truly are fully human, then, yes, I pray for them to repent whether they ‘sold’ their soul to satan or not–until their last breath, that ‘bill of sale’ is not binding–they can call out to the Lord Jesus for help, and ask Him for forgiveness, and salvation through faith in Him–but, what God has waiting for all who harm those little children is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy–but, God will mete out justice, period, whatever that might mean for those horrible characters. [Please, God have mercy on us all as sinners, in the name of your precious Son, Jesus, amen.]

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