Friday Funnies!

funniesfunnies1Hillary Clinton odor

Okay, that last one is more scary than funny.

So here’s one that is sure to put a smile on your face!


9 responses to “Friday Funnies!

  1. While I’d normally suspect ANYTHING coming from John Podesta, on this point I’m sure he knows from his close association all-too-well of what he speaks. There can never be anything clean about Broom Hilda, for as Dr Tom OBrien told me, ‘If anything she’s even worse, far more evil than he is.’ End of transmission.

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    Smile – you are on the Google WordPress site which is “trying to help you make it thru the FAKE NEWS MEDIA AND GIVE YOU JUST THE TRUTH which they oppose and want to suppress.


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  3. I love the last picture, with the hound dog treed by four dangerous kittens.

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  4. Podesta speaks truth for once in his life! (I also would not be surprised if Mrs. Clinton actually suffers from kuru, and I’m serious!)
    I also loved the kitty cats with the dog!

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