Trump letter enables states to require Medicaid recipients to work

Medicaid is a 1960s-era Lyndon Johnson anti-poverty Great Society government program that provides free health insurance (as well as benefits not normally covered by Medicare, like nursing home care and personal care services) to low-income adults, their children, and people with disabilities, totaling 74 million recipients in 2017. Jointly funded by the state and federal governments, Medicaid is managed by the states, with each state currently having broad leeway to determine eligibility. Although states are not required to participate in the program, all have since 1982. Medicaid recipients must be U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents.

The Affordable Care Act, i.e., Obamacare, significantly expanded both federal funding and eligibility for Medicaid, to include all U.S. citizens and legal residents with income up to 133% of the poverty line.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) determines the poverty thresholds, updated each year by the Census Bureau. For the 2017 poverty thresholds, go here. As an example, the poverty threshold for a family of four is $24,600. That means a family of four with an annual income of $32,718 (133% of $24,600) or lower is eligible for Medicaid.

Like Medicare and Social Security, the federal government’s spending on Medicaid has burgeoned since the 1990s. If nothing is done, Medicaid spending will balloon to $1½ trillion in 2022.

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The Trump administration has signaled from the outset that it wanted to set a more conservative tone for Medicaid. On the day in March when she was sworn in as administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMMS), Seema Verma dispatched a letter to governors encouraging “innovations that build on the human dignity that comes with training, employment and independence.”

Currently, 10 states intend to impose work requirements on able-bodied adults who are receiving Medicaid, but they need federal permission to do so. The 10 states are Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Utah, and Wisconsin. Three other states are contemplating the work requirement — Alabama, Idaho, and South Dakota. (Washington Post)

Today, the Trump Administration issued a letter to state Medicaid directors which, for the first time in Medicaid’s half-century history, enables states to cut off Medicaid benefits to Americans unless they have a job, are in school, are a caregiver or participate in approved forms of community service — an idea that the Obama administration had consistently rejected.

To those who, predictably, will accuse President Trump of hard-heartedness, the letter specifies that:

“States must comply with federal civil rights laws, ensure that individuals with disabilities are not denied Medicaid for inability to meet these requirements, and have mechanisms in place to ensure that reasonable modifications are provided to people who need them.

States must also create exemptions for individuals determined by the state to be medically frail and should also exempt from the requirements any individuals with acute medical conditions validated by a medical professional that would prevent them from complying with the requirements . . . . As many Medicaid beneficiaries live in areas of high unemployment, or are engaged as caregivers for young children or elderly family members, states should consider a variety of activities to meet the requirements for work and community engagement . . . . States will be required to describe strategies to assist beneficiaries in meeting work and community engagement requirements and to link individuals to additional resources for job training or other employment services, child care assistance, transportation, or other work supports to help beneficiaries prepare for work or increase their earnings.”

CMMS could approve the first Medicaid work requirement waiver — probably for Kentucky — as soon as tomorrow!

Please keep President Trump in your prayers.


39 responses to “Trump letter enables states to require Medicaid recipients to work

  1. Sounds good to me!

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  2. High five! M A G A

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    • All of us have worked very hard all our life, and contributed to Social Security so that when the time came we could retire and live within our means, we don’t need the government to give us anything, and if we would try to apply for MEDICAID, they would give us a dirty look and tell us YOU DONT QUALIFY, same with food stamps. I very well KNOW there are many that have not worked a single hour in our country, they get Soc.Secy., Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, free telephone, Section 8, they are given citizenship without a word in English so that they assure a vote, they have a job under the table, you name it, that’s why we are in the hole we are now, our taxes are keeping these morons live it up and what do we get? A ROYAL KICK IN THE ASS. Take it all away from them, underservimg assholes!

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  3. Lord, please grant wisdom to our President for every decision.

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    • TD . . . . Amen to that! Every day we hear of yet another monumental decision that our POTUS has enacted. How can we possibly be worse off that we already are. I notice that commie-run Oregon is not among those who wish to institute this, nor the states considering such legislation. It hardly comes as a surprise.

      For those who are able bodied, yet choose to sit out contributing to our society in some fashion . . . they should not be entitled to receive anything which is generated by the sweat of those who do work!

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  4. Get ready for the liberal nanny state to start screaming, “Trump is going to kill us all!” , in 3…2…1…

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    • Everyone has already died from net neutrality and GOP tax reform 😄

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    • Maryaha . . . Pelosi has already denigrated the fact that some employers have offered wage and bonuses to their employees. She indicated that it was “ridiculous” or some such, and that this movement was not negligible in the grand scheme (I am strictly paraphrasing here, I could not remember her exact works–only their tone.) It is mystery that she doesn’t get a clue, and just retire to her vineyards.

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    “Recipients must be U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents”?….One would think that would be one and the same.

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  6. Hope this weeds out the undeserving. 74 million seems extremely high. Back in 2012 Obama took people out of unemployment and put them into SSDI to make the unemployment numbers look good for the 2012 election.
    I hope they check and see if those people are still in there. There are so many places where the previous admin stuck it to us.

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    • Glenn47 . . . Bravo! You hit on something that is particularly significant . . . all those who entered the ranks of those who are disabled. This ballooning effect has threatened the viability of the fund remaining in place. This was really a horrible state of affairs. It was done to make Obummer look like he was doing such a stellar job!

      I saw on youtube that Moochell (Michael) Obummer has signed the required documents that would include her among those running for the Presidency in 2020. Oh! My stars . . . just gag me! Didn’t she steal enough during the time she was FLOTUS?

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      • Is there anything mentioned in the “Rules of Eligibility” to run for President regarding SANITY? If we can get some Psych. Dr’s to agree and/or Certify that being a Democrat or even a Liberal is a (dangerous to America) form of Insanity,would THAT make them ineligible to run for the office of President? The Conservatives need,now,to use the Liberals playbook and use it to beat them with their OWN rules. If not,then someone of the mindset of Hitler,or C. Manson,or Jack The Ripper would be a viable Candidate,and I fear we can no longer just assume that WE the PEOPLE of the US of A will choose the BEST Candidate for America. (Especially with the Insane Party’s stubborn resistance to Campaign and Voting REFORM.) How can we EVER get a lawful and Legal Election?

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        • truck . . . . That is an excellent point! When you have an opposition that will go to any lengths to resist any movement towards conservative ideals, it will get harder, and harder for those of us who know spiritually that as a country, we will not prosper until such time as the criminal element is ousted from government jobs, and average citizens who are able bodied are expected to earn their keep by the sweat of their brows–rather than voting to transfer the wages of working people to sustain their work free lifestyle.

          I absolutely blame Lyndon B Johnson, who believed that he could (this is a direct quote, not my words) . . . “have the niggers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years . . .” by enacting all the Federal give away programs. His initial efforts in purchasing Democratic votes, has been copied many time by many different people, to the same end–to steal fair elections from the hands of those who generate the wealth that keeps this nation and government going.

          God Bless you for speaking the truth . . . “How can we EVER get a lawful and legal Election? I suppose that the only answer to your question is by digging in our heels to fight this atrocity, back men and women of good will to run for office, demand an end to voter fraud, the list goes on . . . .

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        • truck, assuming you’re serious, including sanity as a rule of POTUS eligibility is dangerous.

          The psychological profession being what it is, “sanity” is very much open to interpretation, except in the case of psychotics (note: psychotic is not psychopath) who have lost all contact with reality, e.g., schizophrenics. Already, there are psychologists/psychiatrists doing armchair diagnosis (which is unprofessional, if not illegal) of Pres. Trump, declaring him to be insane and mentally unfit, thereby laying the groundwork for invoking the 25th Amendment to remove him from office.

          Recall also that psychiatry is used as a political weapon in the former Soviet Union and China today to incarcerate political dissidents in mental hospitals.

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      • Thank you Auntie, those facts came straight from Stuart Varney and you should have heard me screaming at the TV that morning.
        And pray tell, what makes MO qualified to be President? Everything she touched was crap. She couldn’t even keep her attorney license. All she knows how to do is use, spend, travel, eat, and look down her nose and dress like a hooker. Did you see what she wore into the Vatican? OMG.
        God help us.

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    • SSDI is such a scam. I attended a training event for lawyers on how to get your clients on disability. Example of scamming:

      “I just can’t find the motivation to look for a job” = no SSDI for you.

      But if the same person were coached by a lawyer to say “I’m too OVERWHELMED by my life to look for a job” = Jackpot!

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      • “But if the same person were coached by a lawyer to say “I’m too OVERWHELMED by my life to look for a job” = Jackpot!”
        Well,I guess it’s a jackpot-if one actually has a job to supplement the SSD check,but I find that MY check leaves me about $100.00 short of enough to pay my bills,though I’ll be narrowing that gap when I re-finance. (No TV,Cable or Satellite,base internet,no landline phone,utilities cut to minimums,etc. etc.) I haul scrap metal when I can get it,sell vehicles I trade for and recycle aluminum occasionally to make up the difference.
        I’d work if there was work available for someone my age and condition,but I’m one of MANY people here scrabbling for the same jobs,stuff I’m not too familiar with,and the work I know about,Tires,I’m not fast enough at and Road Service mechanics,I’m getting too fragile for. My best option is to start my own business. Once I get started,I’ll locate a tractor with a loader bucket,expanding my capabilities. Another 5 years and I can get my house payments down a little more with another re-fi. Repeat every 5 years…..

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        • TJ, I feel badly for what you are going through. My better half is retiring this year and we are moving to a cheaper location. We have been scrunching the numbers for months. Scared, you bet and after all these years working our rears off.
          It didn’t help that 3 out of 5 years Social Security got nothing under Obama, citing there was no inflation those years. But when you look back you will see where food and fuels doubled, but they were left out of the equation. Then the next year there was the whopping .03% raise, just enough to cover the Medicare increase.
          Do you by any chance have the capability of taking in a boarder? Dog walker?
          I wish you luck, it think we all will need it.

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          • I’ve rented a room a couple of times,and that worked out well the first time,but my renter moved in with her soon-to-be husband;the second time,the renter (a mid 50’s male) brought his girlfriend (38 year old Marine who got her CDL with ALL endorsements then decided she didn’t like to drive trucks) and her 3 kids (2 males,5 and 8 and a female 14)whom she told me all had “problems”. I got along with the kids and GF okay,but the renter always seemed a few bricks short of a load. Finally they all left,taking some dishes,silverware and an extension cord. I got a call later from the owner of a local furniture rent-to-own place asking if I had a current address for the GF. Seems she’d rented a TV,,a recliner and some other things and hadn’t paid anything. The owner said she’d tracked them to Las Vegas,but they’d moved from there. I guess I was lucky-the renter always paid on time,and what he and his “family” took was less than $10.00 in value. (I was sure glad to get home and find him gone-the GF and kids might have been ideal renters,except for their criminal behavior.
            I intend to rent the room again,but I have some work to do on it;a little electrical and a better bed. THEN there’s my Cats and my people-loving Dog,who “hugs” everyone. I lucked out and found TWO renters who love Dogs AND Cats,and didn’t care that much about my house being in mid-remodel. Maybe I’ll luck out one more time.

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        • Truck, read your note, I don’t read anywhere that you are going to the government for help and handouts -at others expenses, you are an honorable man, you try hard to get a job and while you do that ILLEGALS ARE WORKING, and we find blood sucking bumbs getting it all AT OUR EXPENSE, it is just incredible how the liberals get away with so much corruption.

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      • Under Obama, obesity is now a disability, eligible for SSDI.

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  7. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    For years, Obama opened the door to Medicaid and padded it with every Tom, Dick, and Jamie. It is time for people who can work should participate in the work load. That’s life.

    What is wrong with people volunteering to help cities and schools if they are able and receive Medicaid.


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    • kommonsentsjane . . . . I’m behind that sentiment 100%. Those who are able bodied need for their own self esteem to be doing something that enhances our society. . . whether it be working in schools to help teachers, or students, cleaning up school yards, visiting and interacting with those who are in nursing homes and care facilities . . . the choices are endless. In the end, their labor would indeed add to the strengthening of our society as a whole.

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  8. Dr Eowyn . . . . God Bless you! This is a most noteworthy article. I just hope that more states will hop onboard before this train leaves the station.

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  9. Need a good laugh? Watch what this woman does when her EBT card is rejected. 😁

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    • Maryaha . . . . that POS should be arrested for her little display of store wrecking, and she should be issued a permanent “No Trespass” order by this store. She should never again as long as she lives be allowed to enter that store . . . no matter how inconvenient that may be. That a grown woman could not control herself any better than that truly is flabbergasting. Why would she even feel that it was the store’s fault that her EBT card had been declined. Under these circumstances, you go home contact the food stamp office and find out why the card is not working. On the other hand, perhaps you need to have an IQ higher than that of a moron in order to think the process out. It is frightening to think that we may have more of this sort out in our society.

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    DAMN-I got ARRESTED when I did that-oh,wait-THAT was my evil twin brother….

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  11. I’m still looking for the part of the constitution that say the government shall be a charity, at the expense of the populace, to those that have no means of existence.

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    • It used to be only Christian groups who founded charities. People gave of the goodness of their hearts.

      Now we’ve rejected Christ wholesale, charities have been replaced by government, and all of us are forced at gunpoint to give. Nothing charitable about that! Plus effectiveness has gone through the floor.

      As in everything, the biblical solution is the only viable solution.

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      • Jurist . . . . You have made extremely important points. It would be better for non-governmental entities to take over when it comes to overseeing the indigent. It is far to easy for folks to become angry if the government does not give them what they feel they are deserved, but when dealing with a private agency . . . perhaps not so much. A private agency has the right to refuse service to anyone who becomes obnoxious during the processing of their request for help. This very fact helps to keep the folks in line, they don’t want to be turned away altogether.

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        • Indeed, Auntie, indeed. The Father of Lies has done a great job of using our Constitution against us, just as he has used the Word of God against us since the Garden of Eden.

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          • Yes. That’s a consideration when trying to decide how to tackle social problems. There has been a dedicated and effective effort to replace religion with the State. Now that they’ve largely done that it is much harder for religion to pick up its rightful place in society.

            Look at the recent attempts to stop anyone from feeding the homeless or growing their own food. They want total control of these things. They want total control of our children as well.

            This is simply worship of The State. I agree that one’s faith should be the center of their life, not the Government. Anything done in or for government should be a reflection of one’s faith. Government is always secondary.

            Several years ago I spent some years living as people did in prior centuries in terms of faith. I went to daily Mass. I did my Office of the Hours. I regulated my activities to match my religious obligations. It was WONDERFUL.

            It does cause some problems with working life, however, but the benefits are such that it is more than worth it. My whole focus changed, for the better. My relationships improved as well. Starting meetings with a prayer makes disputes much easier to resolve and introduces the concept of relative importance to human undertakings.

            It isn’t hard to see why they’ve devoted so much time and energy to destroying Christianity. It is our only hope.

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  12. AWESOME! Next, same for all entitlement spending.

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