Owner of “Obama gas station” in SC faces tax evasion charges

Appropriate. The owner thought he could fool people, too.

From Fox News: The owner of a South Carolina gas station named in honor of former President Barack Obama was arrested and charged Tuesday with tax evasion.  

Murad A. Alhanik, 39, the owner of the Obama Store and gas station in Columbia, S.C., was charged with “four counts of sales tax evasion,” WISTV reported.

The South Carolina Department of Revenue said Alhanik filed $971,935 in sales tax returns in the period between 2013 and 2016, but after an investigation the agency found the store’s sales was $2.6 million, according to a press release. Alhanik dodged paying more than $136,000 in sales taxes during that four-year period, the department said.

Alhanik was booked into the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center, arrest records show. He could face up to five years in prison and fines nearing $10,000.

The owner renamed the gas station to honor the 44th president during Obama’s first term. Alhanik told WISTV he saw more business after the name change. “I see more people come in,” Alhanik said then. “Excited with the name.”

In January 2017, Alhanik told the Post and Courier that he would never change the name of the store despite Obama not being president anymore because “it’s still history.”


24 responses to “Owner of “Obama gas station” in SC faces tax evasion charges

  1. That’s just funny. Thanks for the piece.

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  2. Sounds rather fitting to me! Oblammy was the GASbag in Chief…and a crook, liar, fraudster extraordinaire. Any fan of his is likely the same.

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  3. HA HA HA HA! How sweet the poetic justice!

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    • Amen to that! Now let’s just hope that the FBI, and DOJ continue to stay on point and ferret out all the other chislin’ tax cheats. I pay my taxes, and I have the expectation that other people do as well.

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  4. HOW SWEET IT IS, (sounds like he’s a rag head to me) Murad A. Alhanik your gas is up your ass and you have to pay, pay, pay. I hope the people in Columbia, SC boycott the store and stop pumping gas and the name is stricken off just like is done to street names of our forefathers because it is offensive, Mustafa is offensive because He came, divided and won the mistrust of blacks and the police, favored the Iranians, gave power to BLM, queers, lesbians, and almost brought our country to its knees, etc. Etc. Etc. I hope you sit in jail and when you come back your gas station is no longer in business and you declare yourself bankrupt. Maybe Mustafa hires you for toilet cleaning his house.

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    • Alma . . . . Congratulations! You just confirmed exactly what I thought that this joker was an Arab. There are many Arab gas station owner’s here in Portland. So the Arab countries gouge us on one end, then the gas station owner’s gouge on the purchasing end . . . kind of sounds like “double dippin’ to me.”

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  5. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    These people really believed Obama was going to pay their way and, boy, weren’t they fooled? They have since found out – he stuffed what he promised them in his own Christmas stocking.


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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    Yeah…..But they’re still letting obama get away with all his crimes, which should literally earn him ‘execution’ with extreme prejudice.

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  7. While they are collecting this cheats back taxes, I hope they knock on Sharpton’s door and get those millions also.

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  8. “Alhanik dodged paying more than $136,000 in sales taxes” BUT “He could face up to five years in prison and fines nearing $10,000” Is that $146,000 that he owes?? Might not be enough. Maybe deportation?

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  9. Just like the LOWLY OBAMAPHILE phone receptionist in the Cleveland IRS OFFICE told me a few years back when we called to find out how we—in CALIFORNIA—- had to proceed with a MAIL AUDIT through their office——“EVERYONE HAS TO PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE.” Looks like the $30,000 per year phone receptionist caught up with Murad.

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  10. LOL – Maybe the new owners will change the name.

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  11. Karma is what it is.

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  12. Why couldn’t it be the real Obama??

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