Satanism is now a cool thing in California, esp. Hollywood

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he doesn’t exist.” -Charles Baudelaire

Back in April 2016, I did a post on Satanism having become a new political movement in America, as the light of Christ dims in America, exacerbated by 8 years of Obama in the White House. Indeed, a 2015 study by the Pew Research Center found that, although the U.S. population continues to grow, mainline Christianity and Catholicism have fallen 3.4% and 3.1%, respectively.

As if Californians can get even more lost, August Brown reports for the Los Angeles Times, Jan. 5, 2018, that a new generation of Californians are turning to Satanism “in service of radical politics, feminist aesthetics and community unity in the divisive time of Trump.”

Last November, a group of Satanists gathered for a candlelit ceremony in the basement of Alexandra and Zachary James‘ Los Angeles home.

As Alexandra proclaimed before an altar with a bleached human skull, “On this altar we consecrate swords to direct the fire of our unholy will. A human skull, symbol of death. The great mother Lilith created us all, and will destroy us all,” the group chanted “Hail Satan! Hail Satan! Hail Satan!”.

For his part, echoing community organizer Saul Alinsky’s book dedication, Zachary James explains that “In these times, a lot of people want to not feel helpless. And Lucifer was the original rebel angel.”

See “Obama’s Mentor, Saul Alinsky, was a Luciferian

Anna Biller, director of the 2017 film The Love Witch, said that “the aesthetics of the occult” is everywhere you look and that satanism is appealing to feminists:

“There are so many young women especially who use occult imagery to define their identity. What I’m trying to do is to transform the witch from a figure of male fear and fantasy into a figure of female power and sexuality. For some women it represents healing, for others, raw power, for others, the freedom to be unorthodox or to find their own spirituality outside of the family system. It’s important for women to try to reclaim our images for ourselves.”

On Halloween, Zachary and Alexandra James’ group of satanists gathered in the basement of the Hollywood bar Black Rabbit Rose. At the witching hour, the young film director Kansas Bowling was anti-baptized as their new cover-mate. As described by L. A. Times:

“Blood-smeared and stripped down to nearly ‘sky-clad’ . . . Bowling was offered up in service to the goddess Lilith as an avenging angel for crimes against women.

‘Some of these men, like Harvey Weinstein, are finally being held accountable for their crimes,’ Alexandra yelled at the crowd. ‘What do you think, shall we burn him at the stake? Or shall we drown him and see if he floats?’ The crowd erupted in cheers for both.”

Though not a Californian, Stuart Jeffries — a subeditor and correspondent of the UK newspaper The Guardian — is clearly a satanist enthusiast. Referring to Chelsea Clinton’s “Happy New Year” tweet to the Church of Satan, Jeffries writes:

“Disappointingly, Chelsea Clinton has denied she and her husband practise satanism…. One hopes that, like her father’s denial of having had ‘sexual relations with that woman’, Chelsea’s disclaimer isn’t for real. Doesn’t she realise that the radical power of Satan is having a moment unparalleled since Milton unwittingly made him the badass rebel hero of Paradise Lost? . . . .

Satanism’s latest mutation is . . . a contrarian uprising against a patriarchal world order that deserves its comeuppance.

How inspiring to find that in 2018 satanists are more progressive than the Great Beast even now tweeting diabolically from the Oval Office.”

For an example of a young anti-Trump Californian satanist, go here.

See also:

H/t FOTM reader Big Lug


29 responses to “Satanism is now a cool thing in California, esp. Hollywood

  1. I live in Cali. Not a day goes by that I don’t pray and ask for the Lord Jesus. We are ruled by satanic psychopaths.

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    • it’s easier to mess up the minds and bodies of children when God-fearing Christian parents have been removed from the picture…one of the reasons foster care in commiefornia (and elsewhere) is so big.

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    • Interesting you use the term “psychopath”. I really knew nothing about Satism or Levay, so after I read this article, I found one on New that explained Satanism in more detail. My first thought was they are (act) just like “psychopaths”. It makes sense to me now, that psychopaths must be souless, to act the way the do. Anyone who Hails Satan must be a “souless psychopath”. And to think…alot of these “psychopaths” are our leaders! God help us all!

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  2. we all have a choice to make….not everyone will go to Heaven….these people are choosing hell.
    I pray for these ignorant people and their damned souls.

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  3. Kansas Bowling, Eh?
    How about Baked Alaska. As in baked when you go to HELL, Girl!

    Well, this is just like anything else: The world is a marketplace. If you want something to go away, STOP BUYING IT. Problem is, the public keeps buying enough of it to keep the ball rolling.

    When I consider everything that has been going on, it is clear that the world IS going insane. The question is, How Fast is it going insane? And then I ask myself, WHAT is the Problem # 1 that is the absolute worst, that has greased the skids to every other problem?
    I answer that contraception and abortion are the Root Problem # 1. Once the Sex Horse is out of the gate, one cannot even shoot that horse. People have demonstrated—as did Nietzsche—that they ARE willing to DIE for sex. Therefor, it only makes logical sense that they are willing to KILL for sex. After all, if we’re both promiscuous, and I fornicate with you and become infected, what better revenge than to spread that infection?
    People may not reason like this in a conscious manner: That doesn’t matter! THE SEX INSTINCT DOES, and THAT is what matters.
    It is for this (and other) reasons that God DEMANDS purity of every single person. Celibacy may not be the most pleasant thing going, but it never killed anyone.
    These Satanists want “sex, drugs and rock & roll.” Or it’s sex, power and pleasure. And it unleashes an unhealthy and unholy self-consciousness in a person that will take confession—or even an exorcism—to cure.

    Well, we might as well prepare ourselves: We are living in the Age of Satanism Rising. St, Michael the Archangel Defend Us in Battle!

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  4. How appropriate that an industry which supports Satan supports Oprah for president.

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  5. Well, as we knew… those Clintons:

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  6. This is not new. People are just becoming open about Satanism, and promoting it as cool. Who is more patriarchal than Satan, you stupid feminists?

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  7. The “leaders” of Satanism say they’re promoting sexual libertinism, feminism, abortion, trans, drugs, ad nauseam, which amounts to their promoting the impossibility of nihilism as the basis of social order, which in turn suggests a likely psy op funded by Soros, his ilk, or maybe the CIA, and more than simple derangement. Another tip off it’s being funded and promoted like Pussy Riot to undermine civil order and destroy Western Civilization is the obviously scripted exhibitionism that’s so risibly obtuse–like those buffoons or crisis actors in unused black robes above–such that any and all media exposure virtually guarantees collusion. Oy vey, what will be next?

    How about that woman Biller saying women are going to “reclaim” themselves through Satanism? You can’t make this sort of farce up since, if anything, women under widespread nihilism will be reduced to slave status in a blink of an eye. But of course nobody knows this better than Soros and the Deep State.

    Steven mentions Nietzsche’s take on things, which was my first reaction as well after reading these Satanists’ scripted nonsense, and I’d just add that Nietzsche feared that the civilizational greatness of the age of Christian faith wouldn’t be superseded by greater aesthetic or intellectual achievement, but descend into this sort of primitive nihilism of apes worshiping their own genital excreta and other body waste as sacramental, in the manner of Crowleyism.

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    • Love your comments Dan- so right on.

      And OMG I just can’t believe how deluded, ignorant and misinformed these people are. I truly wonder, do they all think this is a hoot, a joke, or are they all in and serious about this?!!!? All I know is that it took my most of my life to figure out what is going on in this whole religious/ spiritual situation here on planet Earth, but through it all, even at times being disillusioned with much of organized religion, I never lost my belief in and love of Jesus. I may have veered off the beaten path for a while in my search, but it became clear that while there are truths outside of Christianity, they are only partial truths, and too often they are mixed with lies. Most of what I saw in other spiritual spheres was just one heck of a lot of ego and navel gazing which is in the end destructive, even when it claims to be light and not out and out Satanic such as the above.

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      • People who are attracted to stuff like this are not “thinkers”. They do not believe or have a strong commitment to moral responsibility. They want to be led.

        That is in no way an excuse for them. I do realize, however, that many of them have lived their entire lives without any religious training or, if there was any, it was of the “fast-food” variety.

        It is no secret that this is part of The Plan. It is working. Those of us still left are their only opposition. Once we’re gone they’ll have them boiling in Hell in no time.

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  8. I know the men love to participate in a black mass because they end up having sex with the woman laying on the alter. You may call it a gang bang. If women join they are expected to have rival sex with the temple’s men. I wonder if the women do it cause they love to be banged by multiple men at one time…..


  9. Satan has a many-pronged attack: The androgynous agenda with gender fluidity transgender adoration (hollywood idol worship) is much bigger than your think – baphomet and shiva are both transgender. Not only do we have the AI robot agenda but the middle step is total androgyny and our children have accepted this. I SCOFFED at this idea at first but now when I look at soap operas at restaurants and TBN and CBN (the Crouches, the Osteens, jim and tammi bakker – the roles are reversed – the men are women and women are men. Almost EVERYONE in hollywood and on buzzfeed. They are trying to get us to think beautiful women with flat abs, wide skulls and high cheek bones are feminine – but NOT – look at their actions. The femmy men have oval faces act wuzzy and have fake tranny beards. Real men have longer arms brow bones and deep set eyes, long arms, hairy hands, adams apples. Women eyes more close together and their hips are wider than their shoulders; they have a softer look in their eyes. Many male to female (MTF) trannies have fake hips (brazilian butt lift). They do have a lot of surgery but you can still see it (and a coroner certainly would). Almost everyone in Holly (tranny) wood is inbred cross bred – many at birth and before puberty. There are many videographers with good info on this subject (and some bad disinfo ones). Mag Bitter or Ugly Truth on Viola Davis and others are interesting, but his best video is: SOMETHING YOU NEVER KNOWN ABOUT POPE FRANCIS SECRET EXPOSED. BUT – Some of the best overall videos exploring the tranny subject (which is spiritual) without breaking down individuals are: “Transpocalypse Origins – Solomon’s Sodomites” (MrE); and “Transpocalypse: In Their Own Words” and “They Are Coming For Your Kids – The Transpocalypse Has Begun” (Canada). and the “Truth Shock TV” series. I didn’t believe it but now I see thick neck women with wide set eyes and long arms everywhere and feminized wuzzy pretty men. The Female to Male (FTM) take tons of hormones, lose hair and they get really puffy eyes despite their huge muscles. think of all the actors who have weird puffy eyes: Arnold, Oprah, and many more …. (not what they seem ? … )


  10. You know, I went to high school back in the day with a girl who stood up in our English class and gave her reqired public speaking speech on WHY she was agnostic. It was wildly controversial at the time and she became “instantly popular.” Later…..she “upped” her popularity by becoming pregnant at age 14, running away, getting an illegal abortion, and being held in a far-away jail cell until her parents could gather her up…..and so on and so on…..and yet, despite all disqualifications, she was “elected” as cheer captain….and proceded to bring alcohol to the Jr. Varsity team during games…(AND GET CAUGHT AT IT) as well as “hang out” for sex in a geographically noted area in our community. Then….she got a scholarship to a state University (which she left after the first week of college) for being a “rehabilitated juvenile delinquent..” She was pretty much the bane of my childhood/young early adulthood…the antithesis of everything I THOUGHT I was taught to be, was expected to be, was striving to be…..along with so many others like me in my graduating class. I thought when I grew up…I’d not have to deal with this sort of CRAP….but, I’ve seen that both Hollywood AND Washington, D.C. share much the same needs for attention that this poor, sicko adolescent required and exacted from me and my peers. This “satanism” bullcrap fits the same “need to be recognized/seen” sickness that my high school peer evinced. And, we all know—it ALL ends up the same—-it all ends up to be NOTHING in the end… life…no achievements, career….no place in the community—maybe not even in the family….no meanignful/productive relationship(s), a big fat NOTHING. Period.

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  11. Sincerely ask Jesus into your life, and He will answer

    Satan fooled one third of the angels into believing that he had a chance to rule in Heaven. Most of us know Satan proved to be a fool. These people still bought the lie because they denied the Truth. Pray for them, despite their vile wickedness. We are absolutely without a doubt in the end times. Jesus’ return won’t be long now.

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  12. When I learned that Sammy Davis Jr. was a member of the Church of Satan, I was very sad. He was a guy who was well liked as an entertainer. How could he be so stupid?!
    Here are Sammy and some other idiots:

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  13. Its says in Revelations that we are in the last city and at this time its more important to bring as many as possible to Christ and this being what it is naturally there has to be the opponent of Christ on the move to stop as much of what we are trying to do. So no surprise to me that this is taking place given what God’s word says.

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  14. Hear ye, hear ye! Come!! Visit South Florida to see the real thing! Bludgeoned horses, the noble horses, to sell the meat and offer sacrifices to SANTERIA. Had it not been for a woman feeding cats it would have gone unnoticed, bones, hoofs, hair, heads, how heartless that is a real crime.

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    • Alma—what is this “Santeria?” I had a student who dressing in all white this year, including a hat…..We ask in our school rules that no one wear their hats in class ( it becomes and attractive nuissance for disrupting class when one student snatches another’s hat to hide it or play “keep away” etc.). His mother wrote we teachers a note to allow it for him b/c of some deep religious observance…….I asked another teacher about it, and we have very little understanding about what this recent “fad” is….but it appears centered in our Hispanic population. If anyone knows…please enlighten me and my teaching peers.


  15. The wrath of GOD is very present in CALIFORNIA, so sad all have to pay for the sins of just a few embracing SATAN. Fires, drought, mud, murders, rapes, and the ever present fear of the BIG ONE quake!

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  16. ‘We Are On A Very Dangerous Path Of Self-Annihilation’ Warns Head Of Russian Orthodox Church: ‘If Evil Prevails, End Times Will Be Upon Us’

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