Commie bastardo: FALN terrorist, Oscar Lopez Rivera, tells mainlander Americans to get out of Puerto Rico

melissa mark and terrorist oscar

NYC council member Melissa Mark-Viverito and convicted terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera

Along with support from a NYC council member, Bill de Blasio also embraced this terrorist. And of course, Obama was the president who commuted the terrorist’s sentence.

Via NY Post: Convicted terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera is at it again, demanding that mainland Americans helping hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico return home.

Lopez Rivera, who just celebrated his 75th birthday, leveled the Yankee-go-home rant Sunday in remarks broadcast on the Spanish-language TV station Telemundo.

“They should go. Just go. Just go,” he said. “We don’t need anything from them. We don’t need them to govern. They need us, and they have needed us since 1898.

The year he cited is when the US invaded Puerto Rico and it became an American possession. Lopez Rivera also accused President Trump of being corrupt.

Lopez Rivera, who has received unwavering support from former City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, did not immediately respond. She infamously accompanied Lopez Rivera over the summer on a Puerto Rican Day parade float.

The Post revealed in July that a Harlem non-profit bankrolled with taxpayer funds from Mark-Viverito helped construct the float.

Lopez Rivera was a member of the Puerto Rican terrorist group FALN and spent 35 years in prison for seditious conspiracy. Many sponsors boycotted the Puerto Rican parade when they heard Lopez Rivera would march in it and be honored.


32 responses to “Commie bastardo: FALN terrorist, Oscar Lopez Rivera, tells mainlander Americans to get out of Puerto Rico

  1. Meanwhile, more than 156,000 Puerto Ricans have moved to Florida — a key swing state in U.S. elections — since Hurricane Maria hit the island in September.

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    • how about we deport the more than 156,000 Puerto Ricans who have moved to Florida,close our Border to them and SEE who needs who?

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    • Please remind me-Who is this guy,and why should we care what HE says? Would he become a Puerto Rican HERO if we DO pack our stuff and leave them to decide their Country’s own fate without our assistance? Personally,I can’t think of any valid reason to so much as give them the time of day….

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    • This is a very perplexing problem. I have little doubt that among the 156,000 there probably aren’t too many doctors, lawyers, skilled tradesman, or people who are able to add something to society; Probably, we can say that they do add to the number of employed, and that’s because of the needed workers to do intake at the various agencies that give out “assistance,” to the poor and needy.

      It would be very interesting to have the actual figures of how much money, adjusted for inflation, the USA has pumped into Puerto Rico since 1898. I would just bet that that would be a very tidy sum. Evidently, at least from what I have read, the leaders of PR have systematically skimmed monies from the aid packages that have been sent to this territory.

      As far as those people who show by their actions that they are people of great integrity, God Bless all those “sponsors who boycotted the Puerto Rican parade when they heard that Lopez Rivera was not only riding on a float, but being honored.”

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      • Auntie, all you said is true. It hurts our economy when so many land here uninvited and wanting to suck us dry. Florida needs to make sure they can handle this influx before they want the federal government to pick up the tab. How many will be allowed to draw from our social security?
        The lies told by those Puerto Ricans when before the storm, the President start sending aid ahead of time. Several of their mayors held the assistance back for their own selfish gain. Those are the people they should be angry with.
        This terrorist has nothing useful to say. I bet he sure took the aid sent there.
        Sometimes, I wonder if we should cut loose these ungrateful territories.

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        • Glenn47 . . . . I for one would vote to “cut them loose!” When you have a whole country where the majority are welfare recipients, this needy class of people can break the backs of the people who pay the taxes that get transferred to their territory. It is ridiculous that this situation has been allowed to languish for more than 120 years now. My Heavens, it’s time to tax our necks off the chopping block.

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  2. Terrorist are the scum of the world so why on earth would anyone there listen to anything this nut has to say. The humanitarian relief is what they need not some communist spewing hate about the US and saying they don’t want the relief, I’ll bet the rest of the country will have a little to say about that.

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    • Brian . . . . Very well said! It really does mystify a person when you read that a 75 year old communist terrorist would even be bold enough to open his mouth. I have little doubt that he would like to get on the gravy train, just like the Puerto Rican government officials who have cut themselves a fat hog, living off the stolen influx of US monies intended to help the poor citizens of PR. That’s the basic problem with Communism, the folks that promote it the loudest, feel entitled to be among the 1% or so, who will be living lives of ease and plenty . . . all the while the rest of society will be working like dogs to keep these very same 1% living a life of luxury. We can see this in South American counties, such as Venezuela, or look at the total work that Putin from Russia is said to have stashed away–it amounts to several billions of dollar (or the Russian equivalent.)

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  3. This is an eye opening moment for the citizens of Puerto Rico to put an end to the rethoric american possession. United States did not invade the island but instead benefited the Puerto Rican with their presence there. The island advanced with good housing, good roads, schools, entry in the US just like any American citizens, Social Security and the right to vote and ultimately recognized AN AMERICAN CITIZEN by birth with all the rights as any us citizen, you, Puerto Rico continues to be just a “possession” -no law to say you have to return to PR, you are free to go anywhere you want to live. “Puerto Rican accept and make the island be another State of the Union, you have a lot to give and much more to receive, you are not going to lose your Puerto Rican right-of being and the feeling that YOU BELONG will be better than before. ssshhhhh! federal monies are at your door step, don’t miss the opportunity and you’ll se your island flourished better than before” trust me, I know what I’m telling you.

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    • Puerto Rico is thoroughly bankrupt and hopelessly indebted. It is and will be a financial burden for the U.S., whether as a “territory” or, God help us, as the 51st state.

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      • I’d give it to Israel.

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      • Dr Eowyn . . . I agree with you 150%. The real losers in this whole scenario no matter if Puerto Rico accepts statehood, or they remain a territory . . . is that the American taxpayer (from the 50 states) will always remain on the hook to support these people. The real cherry on top is that a large amount of the monies we send to PR are syphoned off by those in government, just the same scenario as the government of Venezuela. So here we send monies in good faith, yet the monies do not reach the level where the average citizen benefits from it. I for one, would almost be for cutting off PR . . . the people of PR need to vote in honest people, who will actually serve their people, instead of feathering their own nests. Until the day comes that the criminal element is ousted from their government, PR will remain a botomless money pit.

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  4. Oscar Lopez Rivera is old, and done, he’s just blah blah blah, just like chicken broth, no substance!

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  5. Most of the Puerto Ricans there are on NYC welfare rolls. That should prove interesting. Can we give them D.C.?

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  6. We need to do this. This would make a much closer location to send our reprobates.

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    • Their politicians bankrupted the island, I’ve read all the opinions and I agree wholeheartedly with you my fellow friends but, in order for them to stay in the island and keep them from being a burden help should be forthcoming and then the “elected officials” will have to obey the rule of law. Wouldn’t I love to see Cuba free and be a state? You bet!

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      • I am not aware of a time when the island was NOT bankrupt. The professionals move to the US. The ones that stay are on the dole. The politicians steal any aid money given to the government.

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        • lophatt . . . Bravo! That is absolutely the honest truth. Those who have become educated do not remain in PR, they move to the mainland so that they can have a better life. Evidently, the other Puerto Ricans also move here so that they can also have a better life, via our welfare system.

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    • Lophatt. Why waste the precious oil, Cuba-Gitmo is closer and not a Caribbean vacation!

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      • Good point. From time to time over the last fifty or so years, I’ve ran across statistics on P.R.. When I was drafted into the Army we had quite a few Puerto Ricans too because they were drafted as well.

        I admit to being perplexed as to WHY we have this as a territory. Of course, we do not have Cuba as a territory. In the 60’s and 70’s studies were done on welfare recipients. A HUGE percentage living in P.R. had “addresses” in NYC and were receiving assistance.

        This created a weird “economy” whereby people lounged about in P.R., while receiving checks mailed by relatives in NYC. From what I can gather their politicians are even more corrupt than ours (although that’s hard to believe), and the situation resembles Bermuda. I know a few Bermudans and they have it pretty good.

        If you’re a citizen of Bermuda the government takes care of everything and sends you a check. How this works out with Britain is an open question.

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        • lophatt . . . Thank you for sharing that background information. What a scam to receive welfare from the state of New York, all the while living in PR!

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          • I had a friend in the Army who verified it for me. He had relatives in NYC that sent his family’s welfare checks to P.R.. He used to talk to me because he knew I had at least a little crummy Spanish and he spoke no English at all.

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  7. Communism—it’s what’s for dinner!
    Communism: The Spectre that never seems to ever go away.

    Question: Why is this terrorist still wasting God’s precious air and water? Oh, yeah, nine Presidents failed to go after him. Yep.

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  8. I’m pretty sure that’s Harvey Keitel on the left.

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  9. If not for America Puerto Rico would be just another 3rd world island nation in the Caribbean. Let’s give them what they want. Here’s autonomy, stand on your own feet without the deductions from working class Americans. Enjoy yourselves.

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    • Ric, what’s left in the island are old backwards people, they don’t know what they want, neither autonomy nor stateship.


      • Alma . . . I could not agree with you more. Unfortunately, the island is left with the dregs of uneducated people, who probably since they receive monthly stipends, see no real benefit for wanting actual statehood, remaining a territory and receiving the benefits they now receive, may very well seem good enough. I have no doubt that if they were cut loose, they would soon become another third world country.

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        • That’s exactly it. That’s what I meant, above. Those that receive an education and/or have aspirations above simply existing, go to the States (or elsewhere) and practice their professions. Those who stay just vegetate.

          So, while feeling a little sorry for them during the last storms, the siren whine of “nobody does anything for us” is as old as Puerto Rico. Workers did the same thing in the USSR. They would have done so in Mao’s China too but they would have been killed.

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    • “If not for America Puerto Rico would be just another 3rd world island nation in the Caribbean.”

      Actually, it still kind of is.

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