Male-to-female prison inmate in Illinois seeks rare transfer to female prison

deon strawberry hampton

Deon “Strawberry” Hampton

From MyFoxChicago: A 26-year-old transgender woman (MTF) serving a 10-year sentence in Illinois for burglary is seeking a rarely granted transfer to a female prison where she says she’ll be less vulnerable to the kinds of sexual assault, taunting and beatings she’s been subjected to in male prisons.

Deon “Strawberry” Hampton describes in a lawsuit filed last year asking for the transfer how guards and fellow inmates would regularly single her out for brutal treatment at the high-security prison in southern Illinois, Menard Correctional Center, and earlier at Pinckneyville Correctional Center.

A U.S. magistrate judge began a first-of-its-kind evidentiary hearing in Hampton’s case Friday in Benton, southeast of St. Louis, to help the court decide whether to order the transfer. The hearing, which will last several days, is focused on Hampton’s gender identity and on whether she could pose a risk to female inmates if moved.

While at the Pinckneyville prison, she alleges that guards made her and another transgender inmate perform sex acts on each other as the guards hurled slurs and laughed (wouldn’t this be caught on the multitude of video cameras in the facility?). When she was transferred to the higher security Menard, she says guards there warned they would retaliate for complaints she made about Pinckneyville guards.

Unable to comfortably represent herself as female in the male prison — where she can’t wear her hair or nails long — has also been devastating physiologically, said one filing from her lawyers at the Chicago-based MacArthur Justice Center and the Uptown People’s Law Center. “I feel inhuman,” Hampton was quoted as saying (everyone in prison feels “inhuman,” ever watch “60 Days In?”).

While prison officials do have the option of assigning such male-to-female transgender inmates to women’s prisons — it happens infrequently. Federal data from 2016 indicates there were no transgender prisoners in Illinois’ two female prisons; there were 28 in the state’s 24 male prisons.

Surveys support claims that transgender inmates are at greater risk of abuse. The latest available Justice Department data estimates there were over 3,200 transgender inmates in state and federal prisons as of 2012. And nearly 40 percent reported being victims of sexual misconduct by other inmates and guards — compared to around 4 percent (I’m guesings that number is much higher as you don’t “rat out” that information) of the general prison reporting such abuse.

Some prisons and jails nationwide have faced similar legal challenges. Jennifer Picknelly, a transgender woman who in Massachusetts, sued a sheriff alleging she was mocked with anti-transgender slurs, extorted and raped while an inmate at a Hampden County jail for men in 2016. She recently agreed to drop the suit in exchange for a slightly earlier release.

Having a court decide where to send Hampton and other transgender inmates “would directly interfere with the operations of the (department) in a situation where Plaintiff is merely attempting to manipulate the system,” Illinois Department of Corrections lawyers argued in a filing. 

The same state filing casts doubt, not only on Hampton’s accounts of abuse by guards, but on her gender identity — alleging that Hampton in initial sessions with prison health workers never claimed to be transgender and, in the words of the filing, “was ok with being male.”

But a key witness for Hampton, clinical psychiatrist George Brown, said in a declaration to the court before Friday’s hearing that Hampton shows all the features of someone convinced of their identity as a female, saying Hampton has identified as female since the age of 5.

He also challenged the department’s contention that Hampton is a greater risk to women because she hasn’t had sex reassignment surgery, saying such a view “conflicts with all reliable medical literature.” He added Hampton’s low testosterone levels due to previous hormone treatments meant she was “functionally chemically castrated.”

A decision on the transfer request isn’t expected for several weeks.


24 responses to “Male-to-female prison inmate in Illinois seeks rare transfer to female prison

  1. Hadenoughalready

    We need to stop accommodating these morons. If they don’t like being where they are, they should have thought about that BEFORE they committed their crimes.
    I say tough shit! Deal with it!

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    • Hadenoughalready . . . . I agree with that sentiment 100%. KInd of sounds like a lack of pre-planning on his/her part.

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      • Hadenoughalready

        This is what happens when people live their life in o’shitbag’s world of ZERO consequences. Then REALITY strikes and they don’t like it – tough!
        I say leave “it” right where “its” DNA dictates. No gender surgeries on MY dime!
        Maybe “it” will get a taste of life’s experiences right where “it” wanted to be. After all “it” asked for it, no one compelled “it” to change.
        They want to live their lives as weirdos, so be it. Don’t commit crimes. It’s a simple concept…

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        • Absolutely. Maybe a better decision than to “become” a woman would be to not become a burglar. Screw him (her?). Come to think of it, that’s a likely possibility. He should shut up and eat his baloney sandwich.

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          • “How dare you judge her for having a ‘burglar’ gene. It’s who she is, just as she’s a ‘woman’. She was BORN that way, dammit, and until you walk a mile in her shoes (size 11-1/2 WW, naturally), then no one wants to hear what you have to say,” says every (insane) Prog, ever.

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  2. Now this will make you scratch your head . . . since “Hampton has supposedly identified as a female since the age of 5” . . . . why is it that he/she did not report this at the time of his interview with health care workers on entering this prison? I think it is a very miserable idea of having a pre-op male put in with females. Their well being should be thought of under these circumstances. I think that I lean towards the idea that he/she is trying to get a softer living accommodation from trying to transfer to a women’s jail. In the back of my mind, I never think of men who commit burglaries as being so “in touch with their feminine side.” If you think about it, it is rather gutsy to stage and carry out a burglary; I don’t think of that as being particularly within the scope of the majority of females.

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    • I’ll bet “he” wouldn’t have too much trouble staging a rape in the women’s prison either. That may have something to do with his current quandary.


  3. What’s next? Sex change at the taxpayers tab while serving their time there. Leave’m where they are, they deserve a good “pounding” and take like a man(?)

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    • Alma . . . . This is the very thing that is so despicable. Many of these trans people are getting surgery at the expense of the taxpayers, because it is considered to be part of the State’s responsibility to provide them with reasonable medical and mental health coverage. It is just flat out a scam on their part. They should be made to wait until they are in a position to bare the financial burden of getting said surgery on their own dime . . . not mine, or yours! They do deserve a “good pounding” for having the audacity of trying to run this kind of scam on the rest of the citizens of this country.

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    • That’s a great idea. Tell him to whip it out on the butcher’s block and he’ll get his transfer.

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  4. Seems pretty simple to me. No surgery-No transfer.

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  5. As said a sign on the wall behind the Parts counter at a Commercial Truck Repair Shop I did business,”A lack of planning on YOUR part does NOT constitute an emergency on OUR part.”

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  6. MyFoxChicago’s calling this man a “woman” is the real story, and this mental patient or possible psychopath, Strawberry or Deon as the case may be, the diversion. It was only yesterday that every sane person would have accepted the obvious truth that the class of men and the class of women are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive.

    The hearing will probably be a predictably send-a-message, leftist kangaroo court as the judge was appointed under Obama, but our “conservative” friends at Fox News are attempting to finesse their complicity in overturning the fundamental distinction of human existence down to the level of our DNA, as well as Christian morality, by slipping in what amounts to an arbitrary definition as if it had been determined on some empirical basis. It’s about time to realize that Fox News has been playing us for fools for as long as the Republican establishment.

    A transfer to a hospital for the criminally insane while awaiting “reassignment” surgery would have Strawberry begging to drop the matter immediately.

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    • Dan . . . . You have come up with the very, very best idea yet . . . transfer then to “a hospital for the criminally insane” not necessarily while they are awaiting “reassignment surgery. Unless that surgery is being paid for with their own money. However, if the taxpayers are expected to pick up the tab, then these confused folks should just remain in the hospital for the criminally insane. I am sure that it would “scare them straight.”

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  7. isn’t living in a horrible existence what prison is all about?
    I didn’t know prison was about soothing egos and helping people to be their best ‘perceived’ person.
    if the judge agrees, then he will be setting a standard for lying males to be locked up with females…what could possibly go wrong with that? (sarc.)

    if it has a penis, then it should be with other penises…
    if it has a penis, but thinks it has a vagina, then it should be separated from the other penises…

    why not simply file a civil rights case against the state instead of requesting to be jailed with women? or even request to be put into a psychiatric prison?

    I also didn’t know that not wearing nails and having short hair made a person a man….”where ‘she’ can’t wear her hair or nails long”
    isn’t that a relief to all the women out their who don’t wear fake nails or grow their nails long or who have short hair…those women are actually men! (sarc.)

    he should join the military, they’ll help “him” to “transition” and he won’t have to do anything for 2 years if he complains enough about medical problems (enough time to get out without ever having to worry about doing anything or sacrificing anything for his country….it will be all about him and the taxpayers bowing down to his ‘perceived’ needs and the rest of the satanic psychiatrics heading the military will salute and applaud him for his courage).
    eugenics, in the form of PC, can also be added to the military’s long list of services.
    yep, our society is swirling around the PC drain.

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  9. For courts to cave in to this is insane, and only leads to more abuse of the system.

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  10. Strawberry should stay right where is; you feel so much like a woman, then being with men is the perfect place for you. He/She can be all the woman he wants to be. Do your time and shut up; in the meantime, have fun with the boys!! Everybody knows “Strawberry, Strawberry, is the neighborhood hoe!! Or in this case, the “penitentiary hoe” They better not transfer this creep.

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  11. Hmmm,..

    It’s just a thought, but I wonder,.. if,. just perhaps,.”‘Strawberry, , aside from identifying as a woman, might, just also, identify as a lesbian,..

    Ya think,…?

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  12. It could identify as a lesbian as well iconordic.

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