9,294 sealed indictments and the last time Hillary, Podesta and Soros were on Twitter

An indictment is a formal accusation that a person has committed a crime. A sealed indictment is an indictment that stays non-public until an arrest is made. Sealed indictments are typically used in prosecuting individuals or criminal networks in cases where revealing names could lead individuals to flee or destroy evidence.

In 2006, there were only 1,077 sealed indictments for the entire year, according to a 2009 Federal Judicial Center report. Those sealed indictments made up about 0.96% of all criminal cases that year.

Contrast that to 2017. In less than two months (October 30 to December 22, 2017), 9,294 sealed indictments have been filed in districts across the United States, according to data collected by researchers and gathered from the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) service of the federal judiciary. 

According to Marc Ruskin, a former FBI undercover agent and author of The Pretender: My Life Undercover for the FBI, the large number of sealed indictments is something he’d never seen in his 27 years as an agent. Ruskin said this may explain the relatively low profile maintained by Attorney General Jeff Sessions because “If he’s been occupied with an initiative that is sort of under wraps and being conducted covertly, it would explain why he hasn’t had a prominent position in the media as of late—because these are things he can’t talk about.” (The Epoch Times)

When unsealed, all those indictments will require prosecutors. And so it makes sense that on Jan. 3, 2018, Attorney General Jeff Sessions appointed 17 current and former federal prosecutors as interim U.S. attorneys.  (Washington Post)

The extraordinarily large number of sealed indictments has sparked speculations and rumors that the Trump Department of Justice is going after Hillary Clinton and  pedophiles (pizzagate):

  • According to a January 4, 2018 report by John Solomon for The Hill, law enforcement officials and a witness said that the Justice Department has launched a new inquiry into whether the Clinton Foundation engaged in any pay-to-play politics or other illegal activities while Hillary Clinton was as secretary of State.
  • Former FBI agent Ruskin said the lack of chatter about the sealed indictments in legacy news outlets and retired FBI circles may suggest that the higher-ups have no political interest in leaking their content. Ruskin believes that the most plausible cause for the surge of sealed indictment is human trafficking. Even his work investigating the mafia didn’t generate anywhere near as many sealed indictments as those currently pending; but with a human trafficking network, he said, there would be multiple groups operating in multiple districts—which fits the profile.

The rumors are fueled by cryptic “bread crumbs” made by an apparent Trump White House insider who has been posting on the 4chan and 8chan message boards as “Q Anonymous”. Among his tantalizing “bread crumbs” are the following:

(1) On December 11, 2017, Q Anon posted on 8chan: “We have a special place picked out for GS. Really special.” Six days later on December 17, 2017, President Trump tweeted: “Wonderful weekend at Camp David. A very special place. A lot of very important work done.” That led to speculations that George Soros had been captured and confined in Camp David.

That same day, December 17, 2017, Atlanta International Airport had a major power blackout that lasted 11 hours. Q Anon asks: “why did they have to shut the whole airport / time to get one person out / who was the person”.

Flight logs show that, whereas planes were grounded and more than 1,000 flights were canceled, a cargo plane operated by Israeli CAL Cargo Airlines was allowed to fly from the airport. CAL Cargo Airlines boasts a Customs Clearance status — “the ability to load and unload trucks without the presence of a customs agent”.  The plane’s records show that it made a stop at its hub in Liege, in Larnaca, Cyprus, and then landed in Tel Aviv, Israel. (The Free Thought Project)

(2) On December 19, 2017, Q Anon posted the message that “We won’t telegraph our moves to the ENEMY. We will however light a FIRE to flush them out.” On January 3, 2018, a fire broke out in a cottage occupied by the Secret Service on Bill and Hillary Clinton’s property in Chappaqua, New York. The Clintons were not home at the time.

One clue for whether some of the key players have been arrested is their Twitter feeds. They can’t tweet if they’re arrested, although there are also other reasons why someone stops tweeting. This is what I found:

7/6/2016: Huma Abedin’s (@HumaAbedin) last tweet. (Note: There is a pic of Abedin taken on Dec. 29, 2017, in which a strange wrinkle on her right pant leg suggests an ankle monitor.)

6/16/2017: Tony Podesta’s (@realTonyPodesta) last tweet. In early November, it was rumored that he’d been indicted and arrested.

9/9/2017: Congresswoman Jackie Speier’s (@JackieSpeier) last tweet. Speier’s other, official Twitter account’s @RepSpeier last tweet, however, was today, 1/9/2018. (Speier has been seen wearing an orthopedic boot.)

10/25/2017: Congresswoman Jackie Walorski’s (@JackieWalorski) last tweet. Walorski’s other, official Twitter account’s (@RepWalorski) last tweet was today, January 9, 2018. (Walorski was photographed on November 2, 2017, wearing a medical boot.)

11/26/2017: George Soros’s (@georgesoros) last tweet.

12/17/2017: Atlanta International Airport blackout.

12/17/2017: John Podesta’s (@johnpodesta) last tweet.

12/21/2017: President Trump issues the Global Magnitsky Act executive order “blocking the property of persons involved in serious human rights abuse or corruption”.

12/29/2017: Barack Obama’s (@BarackObama) last tweet.

1/2/2018: Hillary Clinton’s (@HillaryClinton) last tweet. (Hillary was photographed on December 14, 2017, wearing a medical boot.)

1/3/2018: Clinton house fire.

1/9/2018: John McCain’s (@SenJohnMcCain) last tweet. (McCain also wears a medical boot.)

Some observations:

  • Tony Podesta has not tweeted for nearly 7 months, since last June. But then he hardly ever tweeted.
  • George Soros has not tweeted for 1½ months, since November 26. But then he is 87 years old. Last October, almost as if he had anticipated Trump’s executive order blocking the property of human rights abusers, Soros craftily transferred the bulk (78% or $18 billion) of his net worth into his Open Society Foundation.
  • John Podesta has not tweeted for 23 days, since December 17.
  • Given the recent dates of Hillary’s and McCain’s last tweets, it sure doesn’t look like either has been arrested.

UPDATE (Jan. 14, 2018):

Sealed indictment unsealed! Uranium One business executive Mark Lambert indicted on 11 counts


47 responses to “9,294 sealed indictments and the last time Hillary, Podesta and Soros were on Twitter

  1. Whoa! Up to 9292? Goodness! Well, let’s hope we see the dam break and all of them go down with the flood. Lord hear our prayers! Did you see the article about the Poles praying the rosary on their borders. God be praised, they are blessing their country!

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  2. I think it’s very interesting that Hillary has been quiet since the fire. I find it equally odd that Obozo hasn’t been flapping his big blabbering lips since the end of December. Could Soros be taking a dirt nap?

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  3. to be the fly (or drone) on the wall in their lawyers’ offices…

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  4. And now we hear that QAnon, 4Chan, etc. are disinfo agents taking our minds and eyes off what’s happening to dash our hopes. Who knows? Guess we’ll have to stay in “wait and see” mode.

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    • It sounds like Q was hacked and someone was posting “disinformation” under his(?) name from a different “location”,but that’s been sorted out.

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  5. I am getting a real tingly feeling. Dare I hold my breath?

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  6. Since I’m not well versed in all this stuff,I can only look upon it as “entertainment” until I can actually see conclusive physical proof. Sure is a LOT of pieces that fit together TOO well to be coincidence.

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  7. If there is any truth to any of this we’ll know in good time. I avoid paying too much attention to those who strive to be cryptic. I know that a lot of people lie puzzles and games, I don’t. If someone knows something they should spit it out.

    On the other hand I try not to tell others what to do. So, if this sort of thing appeals, go ahead. It seems to me that these “special knowledge” people seldom deliver. It seems to me to be a ploy to get attention.

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  8. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    For your information.


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  9. I remember in the last couple of weeks people have reported lots of air traffic in and out of Gitmo. Some thought it might be employees going home for the holidays. Now I wonder.

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    • The things that spoke to me about Gitmo are the VP going there-Why? And why all the flights without flight plans and/or without tail numbers all of a sudden? Not to mention that this seems like a LOT of big-plane flights compared to the recent past-Why? Could there even BE an explanation other than what we’ve been hearing about the arrested being taken there for incarceration by the Military?

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  10. All the others are probably called for but I’m primarily interested in Hillary and her immediate entourage. After that we have Obongo and the DNC. Then……oh my, 9000+ is certainly not enough.

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    • I’m sure they ALL equally deserve the Military’s tender loving care while they wait for their day in Military Court. I can only guess the reasons for going the Military route are:
      A-International Crimes and Violations of National Security
      B-Capability to handle more cases in a shorter time
      C-Less likelihood of Plea Bargaining for shorter sentence and more likelihood of JUSTICE,by Constitutional standards,being done.

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    • and the pentagon….I wonder if they are part of the loop of indictments?

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  11. Hadenoughalready

    I just hope there’s a pile of judges’ names on those 9k+ indictments; as well there should be!
    Some moron “so-called judge” just blocked Trump from allowing the ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL “DACA” program to run out.
    How in hell can they uphold an already ILLEGAL order o’shitbag put in place? It doesn’t make any sense even to a high-schooler.

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    • Since DACA is unconstitutional to begin with,this Judge is simply extending a situation that LEGALLY couldn’t exist anyway. What can be done regarding this particular case? An appeal to the Supreme Court? Could the Judge be removed? I guess this couldn’t actually be considered Legislating from the Bench,could it? If it COULD be considered such,,isn’t that proper grounds for removal?

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      • Hadenoughalready

        How can a sitting “so-called judge” demand that the US government continue to uphold an illegal and unconstitutional order? It just doesn’t make any sense.
        They may as well declare that theft, fraud, and murder are non-criminal offenses and pertinent laws are null and void.

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  12. Kevin J Lankford

    Does help, just a little, to take the sting out of the ‘breitbart’ stories of Trump caving on the traitorous cries for amnesty for the dreamer daca illegal alien brats.

    People are waiting for some real major accomplishment to signal the end of the “swamp” of corruption.

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  13. But the cleanup of the swamp doesn’t end there, there’s much more shit to get rid off.

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  14. I love to see the pieces fall just like the dominoes knocking one another, uuuuuu getting goooood!

    Liked by 4 people

  15. Chris Chiomento

    Once I found out about “Q” I felt my hope rise up, too–then I began to notice the concerns of some people who’d also had their hopes rise up as well, until something began bothering them in the same way it had begun nagging at me–also there was some speculation as to what the letter “Q” might stand for, and no one could come up with any explanation for it–but, it crossed my mind, unfortunately, that Quisling starts with a Q–that didn’t exactly make me very happy, to realize that, either!

    I didn’t say anything to anyone because I wanted to wait and see if my own fears could be backed up with something more concrete than just my own hunch–but, others have now begun to really question whether “Q” isn’t a set-up to distract us, or set us up for a huge, public let-down, in order to keep their lefty flunkies happily laughing at us with ‘egg’ all over our faces–so, I’m still waiting, still hoping, but I’m no longer able to be surprised if this, too, turns out to be just another dirty trick pulled on those of us who so long for justice to be done to genuine criminals once again.

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  16. I’ve been following these things like a nut, really. It has become too much of an obsession. There is something going on alright. It’s much bigger than a dust up between Trump and Bannon. In fact, I am convinced the Trump-Bannon story is a means of manipulating the media so they don’t even look up until the pedophile rings are rounded up and locked up.
    The Global Magnitsky Act executive order “blocking the property of persons involved in serious human rights abuse or corruption” goes directly after the people on our radar. So if Soros, the Clintons, Podestas and others are connected with human trafficking, this will take them down. This may even go much higher (lower?), to a shadowy family of bankers, but I will not indulge that thought at the moment.
    May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ guide, strengthen and defend us in these days.

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    • I hear you. We become so accustomed to outrages like these that it is frightening how bad they can get and, somehow, everything just goes on. If anyone here even remotely approached the criminality we see they would be under the jail.

      I really don’t understand how they can get up every morning and not feel the need to address what they plan to do about this. Remember, even though we know better, they theoretically work for us. We deserve answers.

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  17. Huma’s attorney today withdrew divorce request. Maybe so Weiner can’t testify against her? Hmmmm…

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  18. Gad, I hope this is true!

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  19. SGT Report has also reported an unusually high level of aircraft activity into and out of Guantanamo right after the Atlanta Airport blackout.
    I eagerly await the news that these monsters have been arrested.
    I see the Trump strategy now: 2017 was the Year of Salvage. This year shall be the Year of Savage. GO TRUMP!

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  20. My question regarding Q is this;Why is it he/she/they would ask all these QUESTIONS? It’s possible the “Question-do your research” format is to slow the information train enough to prevent panic,or to let those following the Q stream cross check and verify everything Q releases,but with all these tiny,discreet clues it seems to me like the actual trail could easily go horribly off the rails. As someone finally posted last night,I believe it’s time for Q to just lay it out in plain language. There are enough serious followers now that I doubt “panic” would be an issue. Possibly the current format is to hide the identity of Q,or protect sources. This stuff is a ways “above my pay grade.”

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  21. there a new tweets on the George Soroy Twitter page.
    But who knows who wrote them?

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  22. Chris Chiomento

    Well, now the “Q” posts have veered into talking about the Rh negative blood type, and how it’s source might be other than human–hinting that it might originate from creatures outside of our realm of existence–once “Q” began talking about that many people began wondering what in the world was going on–so did I! Personally, now I really do believe “Q” is nothing more than a psyop being perpetrated on us to make us look foolish, and/or to keep us distracted so we miss what’s actually going down. The whole thing just disgusts me now.\

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  24. https://www.unitedstatescourts.org/federal/dcd/190971/1-0.html
    I found this through Pacer. If this is legit it’s great news! I hope so 🙂
    It’s for John Podesta, Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin, the Awan brothers, & about 6 others …. fingers crossed

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Well I hope all of this is correct! I looked at the different parties Twitter accounts — and they DIDN’T stop tweeting — so that is NOT correct. So wrong on that account — but I am still hopeful that they are all going down!


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