Only in La-La Land: Actress at the Golden Globe Awards wears “Poverty is Sexist” t-shirt that costs $380

connie britton

A “cool” t-shirt…if you can afford it

Last night at the Golden Globes Awards show the Hollyweird libtards were out in force, wearing black to show “solidarity” for victims of sexual abuse and every other social justice warrior issue they proclaimed to support via virtue signaling.

Case in point: Some actress, Connie Britton, wore a t-shirt proclaiming, “Poverty is sexist” that retails for approximately $380.

She’s worth a cool $8 million. Way to represent the “small towns” with a “custom” t-shirt.

Via Refinery29: We called it: When you’re restricted to wearing just one color, creativity forces your hand. But on Sunday evening, Hollywood rose to the occasion, making black their own — and in Connie Britton’s case, taking things one step further and wearing a literal statement sweater.

On Sunday evening, the Nashville actress walked the red carpet wearing a black long-sleeve Lingua Franca top embroidered with the words “Poverty is sexist.” She styled it with a black Max Mara skirt. Britton shared her look on Instagram, captioning the photo: “My sweater says “Poverty is sexist” and we dressed in black to acknowledge that it is time for all of us, men and women, to empower ourselves with equality.” She explained the inspiration for the look, saying during the red carpet: “My hope is that this movement will now reach the grass roots, the small towns, the villages near and far, where women have been silenced, without resources, in the face of gender disparity. We are all stronger when we work together with respect and understanding. Strong women equal strong families, economies, and communities. Everywhere. So let’s get this show on the road.”

Lingua Franca created the custom sweater for Britton and shared her awards show look on their Instagram account, writing: @conniebritton stuns in custom… us!!!!!! Omg so amazing to see our sweater on the red carpet!” While $100 from each of Britton’s sweater sold benefits one campaign, an organization working to fight poverty and prevent diseases, particularly in Africa, Rachelle Hruska MacPherson, the designer behind the New York-based label, also created a black sweater with “Time’s Up” written across the chest in white. It retails for $380, and $100 of each of those sweaters sold will benefit the Time’s Up legal fund. You can buy yours here.


21 responses to “Only in La-La Land: Actress at the Golden Globe Awards wears “Poverty is Sexist” t-shirt that costs $380

  1. Do these nuttos even realize just how ignorant they sound? Poverty is sexists, please pray, do tell.
    Since she left her show, Nashville, I have to say she is looking quite frumpy.

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    • Glenn47 . . . . You have brought up a very good point. How is it that women ofttimes get to live their lives in poverty? Does that happen to young women who complete their education, perhaps gaining a secondary university degree? That is not what I see going on in our society. I see young woman who willingly allow boys to impregnate them, and then having done so they have to fall back on the taxpayers to support this single parent household. All the while, the men have skipped off to “pollinate another flower.” Why should those who have chosen poverty, not only for themselves, but for their offspring, live as well as those who have made better, and wiser choices in planning their life’s path. It should not be up to taxpayers to reward those who have given no thought towards how they were going to support illegitimate children. Unfortunately, many of the men who impregnate these woman, do not want to make a life with a woman who has multiple children with any assortment of various men. The taxpayers should only be called on to provide the bare minimum of keeping these households sheltered, feed, and medicated. Yes, I know those who live in these circumstances feel that they are entitled to the fruits of the labor of others. To which I say, that is a resounding . . . NO !!! You do not have the right to chronically steal from those who work.

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      • Auntie,
        You brought up another great point. Whatever happened to making men accountable for the kids they produce? Why should the hardworking taxpayer pay for them while daddy is out buying fancy chains, cars and shoes while his kids do without? I say mommy starts being responsible and gets the same amount of money whether she has one or ten kids and starts giving up daddy’s name. She refuses, no money. We are rewarding for bad behavior.

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  2. Poverty is sexist? How so? How this is a statement, let alone helping any ‘movement’ is beyond me.

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  3. Connie Britton? Never heard of her. But then I make it a point to shun American TV shows.

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  4. Looks like a muslim flag to me.

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  5. She’s really triggering me. Oh crap. I just had a liberal thought. Must….Not…Let.. Stupid. People. Bother. Me.

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    • YouKnowWho . . . . that’s a very hard one to actually put into practice, at least for me. When you experience a rise in your blood pressure when confronted by this and that stupid liberal stories . . . it is far too easy to jump on the bait, rather than shine it on.

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  6. I blinked and missed her career.
    Oh well

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  7. Mockery at its best. Just a show of the survivors of the defunct and a mastery of hypocrisy at its best. And the winner is, OPRAH WINFREY and the caravan of liberal progressives to empower(?) women? Smart way to see if a black woman OW can occupy the White House but, why not, she’s been there and done it all! And notably missing none other than Mustafa Obama and his “wife” Michael, they didn’t need be there, as it would “obscure” the female empowerment movement. The future of the awards is in decline, leave it to the “liberal” arts.

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  8. Does poverty have a gender?

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  9. If she’s that “concerned” why doesn’t she send a free shirt to anyone who contributes to a poor person? Hypocrite.

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  10. I don’t even know who this brain dead idiot is since I don’t watch much TV but, poverty is SEXIST???!! Tell that to all the thousands of homeless and down and out men out there. Just when I think the libtards can’t get more vacuous than they show that they have moved into the equivalent of an intellectual black hole.

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  11. I dare her to say that to a homeless veteran, most of whom are men!

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  12. Completely agree…

    “Perhaps Britton should have donated the $380 to a homeless charity instead of spending it on a pathetic display of virtue signaling that doesn’t even make sense.”

    Paul Joseph Watson

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