Newly-elected Philadelphia DA fires 31 from the DA’s office in first week

larry krasner

Larry Krasner: Put in office with the backing of George Soros

Last week I told you about this newly-elected DA, the one who vows to “trade jails for schools.”

Krasner is moving quite fast to fundamentally transform Philadelphia and focus on “fair and effective criminal justice”.

And take a wild guess as to which proggie player spent over $1.7 million to help get Krasner elected? You should not be shocked that it was the evil Soros.

From Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner ousted 31 members of the office Friday, a dramatic shake-up and the first major staffing decision announced by the city’s new top prosecutor, just three days after he was sworn in.

Krasner’s spokesman, Ben Waxman, said the dismissals were part of a “broad reorganization” of the office’s structure and a way to implement a culture change in an institution Krasner frequently criticized during the campaign.

In seeking their resignations, the new district attorney “thanks them for their service to the city,” Waxman said in a statement. “However, he made clear his intention to take the office in a different direction.”

The sweeping change affected lawyers of all ranks and could represent a 10 percent reduction in the number of prosecutors. Names were not released, but current and former employees — none authorized to publicly discuss the moves — said the group included trial attorneys and some supervisor-level staff, many with decades of experience. As many as a third of the office’s homicide prosecutors were asked to leave, sources said.

The announcement was the first bombshell in what some of his supporters have hoped — and his critics have feared — would be a wave of drastic changes accompanying the installation of the career civil rights lawyer to the city’s top law enforcement job.

During his campaign, Krasner pledged to reduce the number of people behind bars, never use the death penalty, and seek to end use of cash bail — goals that earned praise from fellow Democrats and liberal criminal justice observers, but skepticism or even scorn from other law enforcement officials. After his victory, Krasner reiterated his priorities but downplayed concerns about a possible exodus or mass purging of staff.

He wasn’t available for comment Friday, and Waxman declined to elaborate on reasons behind individual dismisals. He did say Krasner was in the office during the purge, even though it was officially closed due to the weather.

Some of those let go, who asked not to be identified in discussing their termination, said they were told Friday morning to come to the office as soon as possible. When they arrived, they said, they were escorted by the office’s detectives as they learned their fate — often without explanation — and cleaned out their desks. Several left in tears.

“This was done in darkness,” said one dismissed veteran.

Andrew Notaristefano, a homicide prosecutor and District Attorney’s Office employee for more than a decade, said he had a homicide trial scheduled to start Monday — and that he’d met with the victim’s family Thursday night to prepare. He was at his desk working Friday when a human resources employee took him aside and told him he was fired, he said.

Notaristefano, who secured dozens of murder convictions during his career, said he was given “no explanation.” He requested to leave after prosecuting his upcoming trial but was told no, he said. His request to speak to Krasner was also denied, he said.

“I’ve worked very hard and sacrificed a lot to make this city a safer place and to help people,” said Notaristefano, part of the team of prosecutors that unsuccessfully sought the death penalty last fall in a retrial for a decades-old murder. That case was dubbed the city’s “last death penalty case,” given Krasner’s opposition to capital punishment.

Read the rest of the story here.


14 responses to “Newly-elected Philadelphia DA fires 31 from the DA’s office in first week

  1. The first thing we’ll do is kill all the lawyers. Henry 6 part 2, act 4, scene 2.

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    • So you prefer to live in savage anarchy, do you? Soros approves of your message.

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    • I am with you and Shakespear on this one. Law schools dont teach law-they teach “how to win at all costs, even if it means to lie, cheat steal, twist facts, hide facts, etc. .kind of like how the liberal judges operate now and like how Mueller has been known to operate in his past. Plenty of examples of how the justice system is just a game, like monopoly, and the one with the most cash at the end, wins!

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  2. I don’t like the fact that Soro’s contribution played a part in Krasner’s winning. Sounds like out with he old and new with “my ins”

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  3. Expect to see crime increase and victims ignored.

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  4. When you dismiss many of those attorneys who prosecute :homicide cases”. . . does that mean you are going to offer an alternate to being put in prison? I am flabbergasted by this horrendous upheaval in . . . I just hope that none of our FOTM family are thinking of relocating there.

    I am left wondering, this idea of “trading schools for jail” will that include white offenders, or will they be excluded from that program and shuffled off to jail? Frankly, I could see this being done in order to bring down the percentage of black offenders to an amount closer to 12%, which is about the percentage of African Americans in our society.

    The end result of Soros’ flooding Krasner’s campaign is so that there are more felons out on the streets, so that whites and others will be prayed on by these animals turning our society into a fierce jungle. The end result that Soros wants is that you and I, and the average everyday citizen petition the One World Order crown . . . please do something, please help us, we will agree to onerous subjugation if you will only save us from this plague.

    I can only fervently hope that one of the “sealed indictments” has Mr Soros’ name on it. He is an instrument of death, in his zeal to assault normal law abiding society. He is an ardent follower of the Father of Lies, and he carries out Lucifer’s plans of destruction to the letter.

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    • DCG . . . . God Bless you for “staying on top of this significant story!” This is exactly what Soros and his crowd want to enact all over, in order to destroy the children of God.

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  5. I don’t usually wish ill will on someone no matter how nasty, but G0D, George is ripe for the picking.

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  6. Let me guess who belongs to what party here.

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  7. Bye-bye Philly.

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  8. And thus because of Soros, we have some of the nastiest colleges out there. Soros spent millions in donations to colleges to further his agenda. Will anyone stop this scourge? The college leaders and boards should be shown the door.
    This event in Philly is just another example of what that man will do.

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