California AG finds SDSU lecturer discriminated against/threatened a grade of a white student because of her race

oscar monge

Oscar Monge: No empathy for white folks?

Just so you know, this lecturer – as listed on his LinkedIn page – says he cares about civil rights and social action and human rights.

From A San Diego State professor discriminated against a white student because of her race, investigators from the California attorney general’s office found.

According to a 51-page confidential report obtained by The Daily Aztec, investigators sustained three specific complaints against American Indian Studies Lecturer Oscar “Ozzie” Monge made by recent SDSU graduate Crystal Sudano against Monge — that he discriminated against her, harassed her and retaliated against her by threatening her grade. A fourth complaint, that Monge discriminated against her on the basis of a disability, was not sustained.

When reached Saturday by City News Service, Monge declined to comment.

Under the conditions of CSU Executive Order 1097, which outlines the complaint process, individuals involved in a complaint are instructed to maintain confidentiality until the conclusion of the investigation and appeals processes.

According to the report, Monge sent at least 15 “inappropriate” Facebook messages to Sudano, including one in which he calls members of the university’s Associated Students “Frat Bros and Sorority Sisters … who do not easily empathize with non-whiteness” and another in which he claims other students have called the current student government president, who is black, an “Uncle Tom.”

He also wrote to an investigator that it is “quite easy to argue that ‘whiteness’ is synonymous with evil,” according to the report summarized in The Daily Aztec.

Sudano eventually decided to drop her course with Monge last spring, and the investigation found Monge at fault for her decision to withdraw.

Monge will likely appeal the findings against him to the California State University Office of the Chancellor, The Daily Aztec reported. The investigation by the attorney general’s office was performed at the behest of the CSU and is only a first step. The case may be re-investigated, and possibly reviewed by the University Senate.

“San Diego State University is committed to creating a learning environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity,” SDSU spokeswoman Jill Esterbrooks said regarding the complaint against Monge. “The university prohibits discriminatory behavior and harassment of any kind on campus, and takes allegations of misconduct by any member of the campus community very seriously.

“The university responds to all reports of alleged violations by members of the campus community, and takes appropriate action to prevent, investigate, correct or discipline such conduct.

“San Diego State University does not discuss pending matters due to privacy rights of all parties involved and to protect the integrity of the review process.”

Monge is a controversial figure on campus. His master’s thesis, “Fail, Montezuma! The last vestiges of an obscured yet stubbornly persistent culture of racism at San Diego State University,” described what he considers to be the racist history of SDSU’s mascot, the Aztec.

He backed a resolution from SDSU’s student government in favor of ending the Aztec in April 2017 — an effort that ultimately failed. However, the University Senate — which mostly consists of faculty, with a handful of student members — passed a non-binding resolution in November to retire the use of the human “Aztec Warrior” mascot and investigate the appropriateness of the continued use of the Aztec name.


5 responses to “California AG finds SDSU lecturer discriminated against/threatened a grade of a white student because of her race

  1. Oscar Monge looks like a middle-aged woman gone to fat.

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  2. He does have high cheek bones! Pocahontas(EW) brother?😂😂

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  3. If I were the white female student, I would be real buzy contacting the Federal E C O C, it might be better to have not only a State or local agency going after this dullard for misbehaving, but have this Federal agency tie into his hide also. I just hope that the University will take the infringement of this young woman’s rights to be treated fairly, with a very serious attitude to un-do this act of prejudice.

    What in Heaven’s name could be given as the reason for this joker to contact this young woman “15 times with inappropriate Facebook messages???” Obviously, he doesn’t have anything better to do. I would also say, someone needs to catch him with a butterfly net and deliver him to the appropriate mental institution! Anyone who has gone out of their way to make contact with a student 15 times, in my estimation is bordering on stocking ,or harassment charges being leveled against them. Good grief! I would think that a professor would be smarter than that.

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  4. Another SJW cultist, I suspect if he does get punished at all for his racism, it’ll probably be overly light, and be considered a badge of honor or even garner him rewards elsewhere.

    Ever notice that the so-called “racist” claims regarding cartoons and mascots etc. tend to be racist themselves? What else do you call the systematic complete removal of a depiction of a culture or ethnicity which represents a given culture or ethnicity, within reason and not a gross hateful parody? Next thing you know they’ll be protesting Daffy Duck because he’s “blackface” (The SJW cult already tried this garbage with Speedy Gonzales, by the way, but their efforts were defeated when the Mexican folks let it be known that they loved Speedy.) ‘Course that garbage about censoring or destroyign old cartoons went a bit under the radar, I suspect it constituted a “beta test” to see just how much SJW cultists of the time could get away with destroying before people would do something, turns out, they got away with most of it, and are still getting away with it now.

    Worse still the SJW cultists in their insanity think they’re the ones getting rid of racism, so they’ve been conditioned by their handlers. This modern “race war” stuff seems to be textbook hegelian dialectics at play, and also as C.S. Lewis cited the devil sends “errors in pairs of opposites”… an age old trick that people are still snookered by, it would seem.

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  5. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    What?! A racist social warrior on a university campus? Oh dear! Oh my! Sorry! No suprise face here.

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