Top 15 winners of Wikimedia’s Monuments international photo contest

“This is man: For the most part a foul, wretched, abominable creature, a packet of decay . . . a hater of his kind, a cheater, a scorner, a mocker, a reviler, a thing that kills and murders in a mob or in the dark, loud and full of brag surrounded by his fellows, but without the courage of a rat alone. . . . This is man, who will . . . bow down in worship before charlatans, and let his poets die . . . . Yes, this is man, and it is impossible to say the worst of him, for the record of his obscene existence, his baseness, lust, cruelty, and treachery, is illimitable . . . . Yet if the gods could come here to a desolate, deserted earth where only the ruin of man’s cities remained . . . a cry would burst out of their hearts . . . . Behold his works . . . . ” –Thomas Wolfe (1900-1938)

Wikimedia Foundation held an international photography competition of man-made “monuments” — the world’s largest photo contest spanning five continents. Over 254,000 photos were submitted by just over 10,000 photographers.

Below are the top 15 winners. Click image to enlarge.

#15 – An old man walking through a historic area of Comacchio, Italy, on a foggy and bitterly cold winter day. Photo by Francesco.

#14 – Tabātabāei House in Kashan, Iran, built in the 1880s for a wealthy carpet trader. Photo by Mostafa Meraji.

#13 – Svaneti towers in Mestia, northwest Georgia, 4,921 feet in the Caucasus Mountains. Photo by Dmytro Balkhovitin.

#12 – Casino inside Kurhaus in Wiesbaden, Germany. Photo by Martin Kraft.

#11 – West Pier in Brighton, United Kingdom, derelict since 1975 and in a state of collapse since 2002. Photo by Matthew Hoser.

#10 – Sydney Opera House, seen from the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney, Australia. Photo by Thomas Adams.

#9 – Wat Benchamabophit Buddhist temple in Bangkok, Thailand (photo by Janepop Atirattanachai).

#8 – Interior of the Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal. Photo by Diego Delso.

#7 – Exterior shot of Baitul Mukarram National Mosque in Dhaka, Bangladesh. (Photo by Jubair1985).

#6 – Inside Verrucole Castle in San Romano, Tuscany, Italy. Photo by Simone Letari.

#5 – Outside shot of Verrucole Castle in San Romano, Tuscany, Italy. Photo by Simone Letari.

#4 – A staircase in Baron Empain Palace in Cairo, Egypt. Photo by Manadily.

#3 – Baitul Mukarram National Mosque in Dhaka, Bangladesh, decorated in teal and gold. Photo by Azim Khan Ronnie.

#2 – A ray of sunshine descending upon the royal pavilion in Thailand’s Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park. Photo by Janepop Atirattanachai.

#1 – Hindu temple in Pune, India. Followers shower one another with turmeric powder. Photo by PKharote.


11 responses to “Top 15 winners of Wikimedia’s Monuments international photo contest

  1. Beautiful, and for photographers being chosen and placing twice out of so many entrants is pretty amazing.

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    Didn’t understand the connection of the quote at the beginning. Thought may be some one was expressing their thoughts of obama. He certainly has no good works to reflect on.

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  3. How is it possible the world has so much beauty for us to see and how much corruption surrounding us.

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  4. I like #8 the best!

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  5. Thomas Wolfe, a native of Asheville, NC, had some really good quotes.

    Pic#1: What a waste of good tumeric powder!

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