Costco suggests shoppers go to Tukwila to avoid Seattle’s beverage tax

costco sign

Hey Seattle: Save your money on studying how the soda tax will affect businesses, after you implemented the new tax. Here’s an example of what the outcome will be.

I just saved the taxpayers $500,000!

From Matt Day at the Seattle Times: Costco Wholesale has some alternatives at the ready if shoppers feel sticker shock from Seattle’s new tax on sugary beverages. Essentially, consider shopping outside Seattle.

Signs apparently posted in the retailer’s Seattle store explain that the newly taxed items are also available at Costco locations in Tukwila and Shoreline.

A notice, spotted by the Washington Policy Center advocacy group, appears alongside a pack of Gatorade that received a bit of internet fame this week as people passed on the image of the tax markup.

Costco priced the 35-unit case at $15.99. Seattle’s new 1.75 cents-an-ounce tax, when applied against that nearly 600 ounces of the Pepsi-owned brand of sports drink, comes to $10.34, for a grand total of $26.33.

“When it expresses itself as a penny and three quarters, the tax is not a big deal,” said John McKay, chief operating officer for Costco’s Northern Division. But, as in Costco’s jumbo packs of soda and sports drinks, “when you multiply it out by many ounces, it becomes a bigger deal.”

“We feel an obligation to let people know what [the tax] is, and let people know it’s only in Seattle,” McKay said of the signage mentioning the tax. “Our real intent was to educate members.”

The Washington Policy Center joined store owners and beverage industry unions in opposing the tax. Proponents said the new levy is aimed at discouraging consumption of sugary drinks, which have been linked to a range of health problems.


26 responses to “Costco suggests shoppers go to Tukwila to avoid Seattle’s beverage tax

  1. The irony is that Costco’s co-founders James Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman are both “progressives” who would favor Seattle’s “soda tax” social-engineering. Sinegal, 82, even spoke at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Brotman, who died last year, was an early investor in Howard Schultz’s Starbucks.

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  2. Seattle will tax itself out of existence between the beverage and wealth taxes on the books.

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  3. Until people rise up and push back and elect a different party, the citizens can only expect things to worsen. Right now, because of their repeat reelections, it is hard to have much empathy.

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    • I have ZERO empathy. Proggies wanted their libtard council and policies. They now got it.

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      • Everyone should start a “rope drive”. You know, collect rope as it will be needed in the future. The one who collects the most rope wins a model guillotine.

        I thought about a communist watch. You could put up posters with some of the better known ones like, Rachel Madcow on the street with a hotline for spotting.

        Then there are awards. We could send them letters acknowledging their contributions to Marxism and promising to forward a copy of those for “recognition” when we finally manage to chase them out of here.

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    ??”Recovery Fee”??……

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  5. If my math serves me right , that’s a 60.5 % tax , or close to it . I wonder if they would have given that rate at the time of the vote , if it would have passed , don’t think so !

    I might be a little off on this , feel free to correct it .

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  6. Look, = when your adversary or your Enemy is shooting themselves in the foot, then best to stand aside and watch.. Better yet, Help them re-load.. Nothing beats a “failure” – except a “Devestating Failure.”

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    • EddieBG.. . . . . I could not agree more when you wrote . . .”Northin beats a “failure” — except a “Devestating Failure.” I just love it when our Commie leaders experience a “Devestating Failure!” It just gladdens my heart no end.

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  7. The madness of the Leftist invasion in Seattle- $1.75/oz tax-this is the reason we separated from England-this is a sugar tax, and communism in the US, with politicians now telling you what you can eat and drink (here by pricing the item out of consumers pocketbooks; and stealing your money to boot) looking at the article in one example of the planned uses of the tax resulted in %80 of that money being burned up in administrative costs;
    what we are seeing in our current corporate structure in society are “corporate schemes” that have little intended effect, yet line the pockets of the small group of blue suits who make out like thieves, even if the company goes under, with generous payouts

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    • sunaJAeon . . . . I agree completely. Looking at this another way, since the statistics you cited, “80% of the money brought in would be eaten up in administrative costs . . . . makes this sound exactly like “make work positions for a chosen few.” This preposterous scheme to tax citizens to the nth degree, certainly does “line the pockets of the small group of blue suits who make out like thieves . . . “

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  8. HA!HA!HA! You stupid liberals!

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  9. The Tukwila and Shoreline stores could even offer to ship to the buyers for $5.00 per order,to add a little more incentive to fight the tax and save the buyers a drive..

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    • truck . . . I do know that Costco does ship somethings to buyers. In some instances it does not cost extra. I’m not sure if that included sugared drinks.

      I think an unintended consequence, that these boneheads may have not thought about, driver’s will increase the amount of gas they use, in driving here, there and everywhere in search of soft drinks that are not taxed. I’d just bet that will really torque their jaws.

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  10. I saw a sign in a North Carolina Icecream Shop. Anybody that claimed to be or was recognized as an elected official would be charged a 30% ‘Convienence Charge’ that was back in oh say 2010 or so when theimpact of BHO was starting to settle in.

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  11. Just who, exactly, asked these mutton-heads to look after our health or pick our pockets? It’s high time they got put in their places. Just more NWO garbage. “They” will control all aspects of our lives.

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    • lophatt . . . . Indeed, why should they think that we voted them into office to “look after our health?” I have no doubt that this goes hand in hand with the NWO; if folks become very used to having government regulate every aspect of our lives, many after a while will just give in and go along with the program.

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  12. An example to where this leads to next comes from the Illinois and Indiana border.

    The state of Illinois started in about 2004/5 to post gun and badge thugs on the IL and IN border ostensibly to catch IL residents coming back across the border with fireworks. Of course, that quickly morphed into the mulcting of IL residents that were shopping on the IN side.

    First they were scoping out IN cigarette shops and then stopping people on the IL side for having “un-taxed” cigarettes. Then IL began to send retail sales tax bills to IL residents whose IL license plates were “observed” in IN shopping centers.

    Cook county (Chicago’s county) started doing this on its borders with other counties..

    You’ll see. Sometime in the future Seattle residents will start getting bills for the tax after their license plates are observed in shopping centers of neighboring towns. Mark my words.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

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    • No wonder WA state wants to test a mileage tax using GPS. Easy to track where your car goes…

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      • Actually, the tax by mile is a ruse to control our, the American people’s, ability to travel internally. The border wall, and passports, is a planned control on our ability to travel internationally.

        I have already won a bet that the US Tyranny would slowly put conditions on passport issuance after they made them mandatory for returning Americans. And the US Tyranny’s borders are full of “Checkpoint Charlies” and 100 mile wide “Constitution free” zones. Checkpoints and “zones” that will get worse each year.

        An American citizen, not US subject.


      • DCG . . . . Just a question for anyone who might know . . . “If a car has GPS capability, but you don’t use it — can your whereabouts still be monitored? That is a pretty dismal thought.

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        • Don’t know the answer to that. You know if the state is going to collect money on your miles they will ensure that things goes on when your car starts. Not sure about tracking location but wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

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    • K. Chris C. . . . . that is certainly a repulsive idea. Did the residents from IL have to open their trunks to let the law observe what was in them? I would think that a warrant would be needed. This Brave New World is not such a good deal. This kind of behavior on their part seems rather draconian, and quite weird since they are spending resources on this–rather than cleaning up the killing fields in Chicago.

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  13. “Democrats Give Liberal Starbucks Exception to Huge Sugar Tax”

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