Washington, DC is replete with Masonic-Illuminati symbols

Takeaway quote: “Masonry is Judaism for Gentiles“.


(1) The Scottish Rite Temple is located at 1733, 16th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, near the White House.

(2) The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, commonly known simply as the Scottish Rite, is one of several Rites of Freemasonry. A Rite is a progressive series of degrees conferred by various Masonic organizations or bodies, each of which operates under the control of its own central authority. In the Scottish Rite the central authority is called a Supreme Council.

In the United States of America there are two Supreme Councils: one in Washington, D.C. (which controls the Southern Jurisdiction), and one in Lexington, Massachusetts (which controls the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction). In the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States, the Supreme Council consists of no more than 33 members and is presided over by a Grand Commander, Ronald A. Seale, a Baton Rouge, Louisiana attorney.

(3) Did you know there is a tiny owl hidden in the U.S. dollar bill?

(4) Did you know there is a hexagon — a 6-sided cloud pattern — in the north pole of the planet Saturn?

The sides of the Saturn’s hexagon are about 8,600 mi long, more than the 7,900-mi diameter of Earth. Saturn’s hexagon rotates with a period of 10h 39m 24s, the same period as the planet’s radio emissions from its interior. There is a vortex inside the hexagon.

Saturn’s hexagon was first discovered by Voyager in 1981 and revisited by Cassini-Huygens in 2006. During the Cassini mission, the hexagon changed from a mostly blue color to more of a golden color. Various explanations for the hexagonal cloud pattern have been offered.

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22 responses to “Washington, DC is replete with Masonic-Illuminati symbols

  1. What does all this mean..?? We have yet to discover the many Simple things of Earth itself.. No-one has yet to describe or yet explain the powerful dynamic action that the Moon’s gravitational pull has on the inner, more mallable mantle of the earth.. I won’t explain the physics or the dynamism of it here, – because those “smart-ass-know-it-all” dummies over at Harvard should have already figured this out Yeeaarrszz ago..


  2. I remember seeing a while back, a video showing the pole of Saturn with the circular swirling clouds around the hexagon. It was compared to a an aerial view of Muslim “pilgrims” circling the Kaaba stone in Mecca. The appearance was identical. I wish I could remember where I saw it.

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  3. Yes, look at a picture of the Baphomet and then a picture of the ancient god Saturn. They are eerily similar. Saturn was also known for being an old man that devoured children. Just like the real thing. There are deep connections between evil doctrine and the concept of time travel. Literally, going back and doing things over again, etc. Obviously, since the Heavenly Father has decreed that Man shall live but once. We don’t get second do-overs in the literal sense, no matter how desperately we may wish it.

    This info is old news, frankly, and nothing is more frightening than that well-hidden image of a double-headed serpent wrapping around a cross… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3YY30UqzLU

    This video above, and its prequel, are must-watch for this topic.

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  4. It also leads into the concept that the hexagram is the most unholy demonic symbol, so I’m told. It also depicts a black cube in three dimensions. And the Black Cube is the most ancient of satanic symbols, dating back to Egypt, or at least according to a google-dive I did back in November. I know I randomly encountered a abhorrent satanic artist who had done photographs of this black cube wandering around. There is a real connection there, as well as the tendency to reference it in horror movies and the like.

    And again, a hexagram is detailing a cube in three dimensions, surrounded by what appears to be rays of light… We humans didn’t confirm there was a hexagonal storm atop planet Saturn, but others did, I guess.

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    • I have photos I found online of a black cube sitting in the harbor in NYC on the morning of 9/11/01. It’s eerie looking and seems to be sitting there for no reason. I believe 911 was a ritual, a burnt sacrifice, and the black cube was there as part of it.

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  5. Regardless of the hidden mysteries we are here to fulfill a mission, when complete we will be the dust particles sped off into space to other dimensions, and other universes yet unknown.

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  6. Ever walk around Valley Forge? They’re blatant, and everywhere.

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  7. My understanding is that symbols in Freemasonry are allegorical and in themselves devoid of occult powers, except in the sense of being loci of strictly naturalistic forces that adepts may learn to tap into–hence the claim Freemasonry is like Kabbalah for goys. The whole of Masonry is naturalistic, if sometimes superficially occult in its dependence on symbols, and as a pseudo-rationalist system, it attempts to derive moral precepts using geometry, as in the past, or science, as it’s used today to bludgeon traditions and Christian moral dogma.

    Freemasonry has as it motivating, nurturing, and sustaining appeal to its initiates the overriding purpose of destroying Christianity, and particularly by undermining the RCC, such that when it falls, the rest collapses like a house of cards as a viable force opposing the NWO, symbolically dedicated to Satan for being the enemy of Christ.

    In ’91 GHWB signed a joint resolution of congress, enacting public law 102-14, which combines the 18th century formulation that every true Mason is a true Noahide, meaning his actual religion is secular humanism, with the efforts of Chabad Lubavitchers to supersede Christianity with their non-biblical and self-serving Noahide Laws, which laws are the actual Judaism for goys and proscribe Christianity as blasphemy subject to death.

    It should also be pointed out that Freemasons and kindred spirits have no problem attending their church of origin or receiving the sacraments since to them such are primitive but well-meaning efforts in need of enlightenment and correction by the Noahide Laws.

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  8. Interesting take on Freemasonry. I started looking at info from both pro and con sources. You covered the con (slightly). From what I’ve read it’s not a religion at all. It does however subscribe to the religious tenet of a higher power. Freemasonry is pretty much worldwide and practiced in areas of many different religion. As for the symbols real stonemason’s tool are given intrinsic such as Dealing with people Squarely (the square) Upright Decorum (the plumb) Equality among each other (the level). The Egyptian business seems to hearken back to, get this, the time when Egyptians were pretty good stonemasons. I think some of their stuff is still standing. ;-\
    I’ve met a lot of folks that were Freemasons. Most seemed like
    the average every-day-Joe. A couple of them were creepy in a loose-in-the-loafers way but you see that everywhere you go. Most seem like common-folk. I don’t know but it’s always good to see what other folks think.


    • My understanding is that Masonry at the elite level is very different from low-level Masons. Your description is of the latter.

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      • My dad belonged to the local masonic lodge in our small michigan village of 800 or so people. He seldom attended any meetings, never talked about it, and didn’t seem to have much attachment to it. I believe you are right Dr.E.,, The higher levels are where the true evil exists. The low levels exist only to pass on financial help to those at the top. But there are many more evil people in this country than the free masons. And they are well organized and financed. We call them Democrats and Republicans. They are taking this country towards armagheddon quicker than the free masons ever could. It is these two organized groups that scare me more than any other group in the U.S., and that includes ISIS, the Taliban, and any other group that you might wish to mention. Because these two groups have the ability and the wherewithal to cause things to happen and quickly. And they have the military at their beck and call. At least some of them. My son is in the Navy, and he has told me that he and his fellow servicemembers will not obey an unlawful order, such as shooting citizens, or seeking to disarm them.

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        • Even the ‘low levels’ they are still forced to take the oath of allegiance to the devil. Masonry dues are also helping to support all the sick evil twisted abuses they do out there to men women and children. And, the evil masons get an unfair advantage in the worldly goods section.
          The masons are the most evil, none are worse save the devil himself, whom they (the masons) worship. You may find “Architects of Deception” by Juri Lina an eye opening book.
          Go check out their ‘homes’ for the aged and sick, they’re super expensive and they have creepy décor in them, half animal/half man creatures.
          This Saturn thing as well as the half human/animal statues makes sense if you read about what Edgar Cayce said about the whole kit and caboodle. Read “Edgar Cayce and the story of Jesus”.

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      • It’s like arguing that a low level demon isn’t as bad as a higher level one. Ultimately, no good comes of it. It’s all a money grubbing power cult. True the lower ones are derided and looked down on as patsies and pawns, but they still all have to take the oath of allegiance. To get to the higher levels, they have to do more and worse unscrupulous things. And, anyone pledging to put the “brotherhood” in front of ALL other things like family and God, that doesn’t seem too innocent.

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    • That’s right about a higher power, which Albert Pike authoritatively (for Freemasonry) equated with Lucifer, but in any case among Masons might be mistaken for atheism by primitive Christians, he said, who are incapable of grasping the higher-order ultimate truths revealed in the degrees of Masonry. It would be better to think of it as a cult-like anti-religion that fulfills the secular humanist’s religious impulses for ritual and symbolism. For the everyday smellfeast porch masons, the appeal is gaining an unmerited advantage over non-Mason competitors on Main Street, USA. That higher power concept was taken over by Alcoholics Anonymous, whose members, unwittingly aping AA’s Masonic and wildly occult antecedents, will often proclaim they’re “spiritual, not religious,” blithely unaware of being part of an anti-religious cult.

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    • My uncle had the Masonic ring, the triangle with the G and a small ruby. He was a church goer every sunday, and was in the military as well. He never spoke about it, and I was young, and noboby ever asked. I know nothing about the Masonic Temples or much about the free masons, really. Hmmmm…
      I hope he was a good guy! Time to learn about this topic! The video was interesting…thanks for posting it!

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  9. Around 30th degree onward it becomes increasingly Satanic. Check out http://www.cuttingedge.org/fmcorner.html for a good place to start. They like to advertise lots of stuff, but they have free articles a plenty to digest. It’s not pleasant reading, and directly links to the NWO.

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    For your information.


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  11. The video shows plenty of symbols that refer to Sun/Dawn. I believe they are equal to eye and light symbols. I often wonder if they all refer to Helel – the Satan (2 Corinthians 11:13-15), though outwardly appear as symbols of God’s Light.

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  12. My late great uncle (whom, I fear, was not so “great”) was a 33rd degree Freemason. He was personal friends of President Truman and worked as a lawyer for the Tennessee Valley Authority under his Administration.
    Uncle Walter considered himself to be a Catholic, at least to outward appearances: He did attend Mass, and he even had a Catholic funeral.
    I have no idea as to how Uncle Walter reconciled the irreconciliable, namely, that the Catholic Church has forbidden her members to be members of ANY secret society—unless one could consider some form of “dialectical thinking,” thinking for which some lawyers are very well known.
    Uncle Walter died in 1973 and is buried in Arlington. He was secretive and surreptitious to the end. He died a millionaire and left every last cent to his wife and daughter, after never having communicated to my parents and our family, who definitely could have used the help at the time.

    Yes, I used to go with my grandmother and visit our Aunt Pat in Washington, D.C. every Easter. Aunt Pat lived off of Connecticut Avenue and had a great house on a hill. We all loved Aunt Pat. And I loved Washington, and Grandmother took my brother and me to all the sites of interest.
    Be that as it may, it would really be nice if the illustrious intellectuals, such as Sarah Palin, for example, would STOP CROWING that our “Founding Fathers were Christians.” For the truth is, only ONE was known to be a Catholic, Charles Carroll of Maryland. And only ONE was known to possibly be a Christian, George Washington. (John Adams, for example, was a self-professed Deist, and DENIED the Divinity of Jesus Christ).
    Despite all of Americas flaws, no other nation on the Face of the Earth can claim the record that we can—warts and all. WE are “the Shining City on a hill,” and there is much to love about America.
    WE have welcomed everyone here—which, since 1965, has been a mistake.
    WE have overcome our problems—for which NO leftist will ever forgive us for!
    WE have fought wars to defend Liberty—some of which we should not have been involved in at all.

    And now it is past due that our children’s history books admit the rock-bottom truth: Despite our Christian society, America is, essentially, a Masonic Republic, founded and ruled by Freemasons. This is the HISTORICAL TRUTH that Sarah Palin, for all her goodness as a person, CANNOT see. (Just as those V-2 Catholics CANNOT see that the Second Vatican Council was the biggest criminal fraud in all of human history).

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  13. Not sure what a hexagon has to do with anything here, strikes me as more of that neo-gnostic new age claptrap stuff that has been used to poison the “conspiracy”/truth movement for some time (they invested over a century in buttering up the public for adoption of “aliens”, you know.) the shape itself isn’t bad of course, God saw fit to make it, and deploy it especially with beehives. freemasonry on the other hand does have most to do with this, look into most modern occult garbage & gnostic resurgences, and you’ll find one of freemasonry’s lackies slithering about the origin point of it, if they aren’t driving it (IE mormonism). Lest we forget arthur edward waite, renown for playing a big role in the making of the rider-waite tarot card deck standard to any occult/new age person or witch these days, was a freemason, occultist, and member of the hermetic order of the golden dawn, itself constructed similarly by freemasonic types. The organization likes to hide it, but freemasonry is gnosticism/kabala in a pretentious package, with some judaic flavoring, the “blue lodge” people are just kept around as “idiot armor”, well-meaning dupes to give cover & plausible deniability to it’s leaders.

    It is true that d.c. is a mess with occultic symbolism, from the attempt to recreate the colossus of rhodes with the statue of “liberty” (pagan rome’s libertas, pagan greece’s eileithia also seemed to have elements put into it. herself having a son called “sosipolis” the “god of the city” whose imagry had him wrapped in a “star spangled” robe.) to the “capitol” (an archaic word meaning “temple”, this is why it is spelled with an “o” instead of an “a” for those wondering. the figure standing atop it is also the roman libertas.) and the washington monument (what place does a giant osiris phallus have in an allegedly Christian nation? although washington himself was a freemason.) and the other monuments which tend to be modeled on greco-roman temples, as well as other pagan deities found in the courts (dike a greek deity is what most people are told is “blind justice” who holds the scales.) and other places. Ever notice that “terrorists” never attack these structures, as well… doesn’t that seem a bit odd, especially when the alleged terrorists “hate america”? What better way to break a people’s spirit than targeting one of their iconic capital’s structures and thereby accomplish the goals of terrorism? Yet for all the supposed “terrorism” not even a scratch on any one of these things.

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    • Yep. Consider the Masonic garbage to be dregs from the Renascence. They thought all of us were stupid and superstitious too. Well, I suppose they’re all just too smart for me. They can have their Satan. I’m very confident that, in the end, those who refuse Luciferian organizations are the “smart” ones.

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