The “naked” bridal jumpsuit is a sure fire way to “stand out” on your wedding day

naked bridal jumpsuit

But of course, this ensemble is perfect for your wedding slutwalk.

From Today: Love the sheer look? Then you might be into this new wedding trend. But let us warn you: Looks like these take some serious guts to pull off.

Spanish model and actress Christina Pedroche recently shared snapshots of her gutsy New Year’s Eve look: a see-through, lace jumpsuit embroidered with crystals. Photos of her outfit went viral and raised some eyebrows after she posted them on her Instagram page.

While Pedroche wore the jumpsuit to ring in 2018, it’s actually from the Spanish bridal wear company, Pronovias. (The same company that made Maria Menounos’ New Year’s Eve wedding gown!)

The jumpsuit is made with Chantilly lace and more than 200 embroidered crystals. It took more than 244 hours to make, the fashion house wrote on Instagram.

“Thank you for trusting us again for such a special occasion,” Pronovias wrote to Pedroche.

While it appears that the jumpsuit is a one-of-a-kind piece made for the model, we wouldn’t be surprised if looks like this became more popular in the wedding world. Jumpsuits are a trendy alternative to the traditional gown — remember Solange’s effortlessly cool and sleek look from her big day?

The trend has been popular on the red carpet for years. Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and others have all worn see-through gowns. Despite their sheerness, the dresses often pack on the glitz in other ways: with crystals and lace and embroidery that covers just enough so wearers feel at least somewhat decent. (Maybe?)

But is the world really ready for a see-through bridal jumpsuit? We’re not sure. But if you’re looking for something that people will remember when you say “I do,” we’re betting that this outfit will do the trick.


19 responses to “The “naked” bridal jumpsuit is a sure fire way to “stand out” on your wedding day

  1. What a sad commentary on our present day society that praises brides who reveal the most skin. It just seems to make a mockery of the state of marriage. I’ll go for the old beautiful long sleeved, floor length lace, modest dresses that brides of yesterday wore. All this strapless gowns, see-through gowns, jumpsuit replacing gowns is strictly for the birds. Even if you have a beautiful body, not all the world needs to see it. I wonder what children born to these unions will think when they look at these pictures in the future!

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  2. Only people with no morals or self respect would expose themselves. These people will never be faithful or tell the truth. These are vile folks who pervert our children.

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  3. There are actually ‘Slut Walks’? WTH are thes people thinking? When did being a slut become something to be proud of?

    These idiots go around wearing (or not wearing) alluring clothes, daring men to look at them and then cry assult/harassment/rape/etc. What do they expect? People are sexual and social modification will never stop the desire to procreate.

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  4. Soon, grooms will wear see thru tuxedos. They will be called “naked and afraid” !!!

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  5. — Auntie Lulu — I agree.

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  6. And of course, the naked jumpsuit is in virginal white. /sarc

    Can anyone answer this perplexing question: When and why did looking “sexy” become the be-all and end-all?

    And what is the point of the naked jumpsuit?

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  7. And I remember those ancient years when women used to complain that men perceived them solely as sex objects; men were only interested in them for their bodies and didn’t respect their minds.

    Well, I guess those without minds still need to flaunt their bodies.

    Feminism is dead. Unfortunately, so is femininity.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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  8. The Spanish model’s face looks rather masculine. 😎. Just sayin’…

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    • Yep, it does. And, quite frankly, she doesn’t have that much of a “knockout” body, either. Maybe I’m wrong – being a woman, and perhaps not the best judge of what a “knockout” body looks like – any of you guys want to correct me, here, I’m okay with that… Now, with the girl-crush I have on our fabulous FLOTUS… I think [no – I KNOW!] Melania Trump could pull this off and be beyond a knockout, but I also know she has way, way, way too much class to allow herself to be so attired in such a trashy way. [Never mind comparing pictures from her much earlier days. That was then. This is now.]

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  9. and what about that ugly bunion on her right-f00t big toe..!!

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  10. As seen on Vegas showgirls:

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  11. ………….and Pope Frankie will officiate those wedding vows- -blessings and all.

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  12. I could see it on the beach for a beach wedding because it covers more than a string bikini but aren’t they cold in any other venue with all that flesh exposed?

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  13. ” Looks like these take some serious guts to pull off.”
    Actually,pulling ’em off looks pretty easy. It WOULD take some guts to actually put ’em on and wear ’em in public though.

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  14. Dear God, please just kill me now. I have been fighting for 12 hours trying to disengage with people on FaceBook about my opinions. And all I tried to do was disengage kindly. They won’t allow it. I finally let them have it. There is little doubt now where I stand with many who have followed me on the book of feces. I also made sure to exactly tell them just what my newly evolved opinion of abortion is, and believe me, they won’t like it.

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  15. It’s just another insult to Western Culture. They are equating brides to whores. It would be a real problem alone to have people trying to wreck our culture. It is almost too much to bear to have the culture cooperating with its own demise.

    I see stupid people.

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