Somali migrant in Italy tries to rape woman about to give birth in delivery room

Somalia is a country in the Horn of Africa, with a population of 14.3 million in 2016, 99.8% of whom are Muslim.

The ongoing civil war has led to the Somali diaspora — an exodus of Somali refugees and migrants primarily to the Arabian peninsula, Western Europe, North America, Southern Africa and Australia. An estimated 8,228 Somalis are in Italy.

Below is an account of a sex-crazed Somali “migrant” in Italy who befits the term “rapefugee”.

Libero Quotidiano reports that on December 31, 2017, a 38-year-old Somali citizen stole a green nursing uniform from a warehouse at the Sant’Eugenio hospital in Rome, Italy.

He then entered the delivery room and attempted to rape a 43-year-old woman in the throes of labor. He groped the woman and started to masturbate. The woman’s screams alerted nurses and a doctor who immediately summoned the police.

Police arrested the Somali on charges of sexual violence.

On January 2, 2018, the judges of the fifth penal section of Rome validated the arrest and ordered that the man be detained in prison, pending his trial on January 10.

The Somali has been in Italy for several years and has a criminal record. His defense is asking that the man undergo a psychiatric examination.

The average IQ score in Somalia is 68. A “moron” is defined as a person with an IQ score of 70 or below. That means the average Somali is a moron. (See “How smart or stupid is your country?“)

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2016, there were 135,266 Somalis in the United States. Below is a video of Somalis in the Mall of America, Minneapolis.

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H/t Defend Europa and FOTM‘s MomOfIV


32 responses to “Somali migrant in Italy tries to rape woman about to give birth in delivery room

  1. These disgusting Somalis are the lowest form of scum, in the pecking order of muzzies they are truly at the bottom. They are extremely low IQ, have no empathy, and are very narcissistic, not 1 should be allowed in the USA and the ones here already need to be shipped back asap.

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    • Indeed, the average IQ in Somalia is 68, which means the average Somali is a moron (definition of moron: IQ of 70 or below).

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    • Tony . . . . Amen to that! They came in to this country in huge numbers during Obongo’s Presidency. This is a plague that unless countered will be a festering sore until the end of time. Here you have people who are unfortunately morons, who will of necessity have to be taken care of by the rest of us. What a demonic plan on Obongo’s part.

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    • I agree with you. Perhaps it would would do to have a volunteer Immediate sterilization for both sexes before granting entrance or be sent back. Why should we accept one, that quickly turns into 150 with chain immigration?
      And saltpeter should be added to all their diets.
      Left like it is, in 20 years we won’t know our own country and our children will be left to danger.

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    • These “migrants” are also mostly criminals, being dumped here by the freemason/Rockefeller et al cabal because they want to destroy and dumb down the capable societies. Just like Castro did with the Havana boat lift and just like the English did in the USA and Australia. They dump their low lives in other countries, the low lives breed like roaches and make more of themselves. Then their “solution” of course is “Eugenics”, which is practiced by the same ultimate evil who created the problems in the first place.

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  2. Muslim, non-English-speaking, subliterate and ultra-low IQ Somalis must be about the least assimilable people on the planet, and yet these people could not have been brought in (almost by definition) to destroy our culture while simultaneously providing slave labor without funding authorization by the Republican establishment under Ryan.

    Somalis have had chattel value in kosher meatpacking plants like Agriprocessors and have figured in Tyson meatpacking labor abuses. And how about Trump’s first presidential pardon going to kosher meatpacking’s uber mobster, Shlomo Rabashkin. Rabashkin’s a Hasidic rabbi, devouted husband and father, so his 27-year sentence had to be motivated by blind hatred, right?

    Anyway, this is as good a glimpse behind closed doors as we’re going to get of Ryan wiping his chin off with the American flag, and, connecting the dots with Italy, who owns all our politicians as completely as if they were Somalis working in a meatpacking plant.

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    • Good points Dan. Both Dems and Repoops are responsible for this mess. Those poor folks who live in some of these more rural places where these plants like Chobani or the Kosher butchers’ plant are in close proximity really get the brunt of having these neanderthals in their communities. I saw that article on Trump pardoning Rubashkin too. Absolutely sickening. The whole thing is sickening. I honestly cannot say how we are going to survive this when the ruling elite punish us for every minor infraction, not to mention saying the wrong thing, while the likes of these Morlochs are allowed every privilege imaginable. I can handle almost anything, but this replacement of our people and our culture by savages while our hands our tied behind our backs drives me out of my mind, and sickens my being.
      For those who don’t know what Dan refers to as regards The man who Trump pardoned, I include the link below. I guess it’s safe to say we all know who pulls his strings.

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      • Well, what isn’t being said is that “WE” are the new “Somalis”. The filthy owners of Obongo and Company continue through their agents to operate a “soft coup” in the name of the Jews. I suppose the “nice” thing about it is that it makes it very easy to assess blame. Pick an evil and it ALWAYS traces back to “The Source”.

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  3. Welcome to The Mall of America

    William Shockley, was the physicist who invented semiconductors.

    His ‘views’ got him into major trouble, although his views were based on scientific observation.
    IMO the following statement by him went a long way towards getting him labelled as a racist and ruined his career and reputation:

    “My research leads me inescapably to the opinion that the major cause of the American Negro’s intellectual and social deficits is hereditary and racially genetic in origin and, thus, not remediable to a major degree by practical improvements in the environment.”

    What he said is consistent with what was in this post.

    The Nazis made Eugenics a forbidden word, and halted any objective or productive discussion of how society can constructively and compassionately deal with individuals with low IQs.
    Abortion is a form of eugenics, but it has become the darling of Liberals and feminists.

    Where are the stats for how smart is your state, or how smart is your political party?

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    • Well, the “Nazis” didn’t make eugenics a dirty word, the Jews did. This is a subject that will never receive the attention it deserves because the myth that will lead to our destruction depends on people self-censoring themselves.

      I keep repeating myself on this. Things ARE what they ARE, not what we would like them to be. I think you may notice a clue in the behavior of the young SJW’s who whine and cry because they’ve been raised on this doctrine that things are whatever you decide that they are.

      This is a huge immature avoidance maneuver. It was decided that certain groups of creatures were “human” and all “humans” were created “equal”. It would appear that the anecdotal evidence does not support that claim.

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      • “Well, the “Nazis” didn’t make eugenics a dirty word, the Jews did”.

        True! And the critical fact of this matter is not all eugenics has to be negative as in abortion. A positive aspect of eugenics would be to incentivize those of high IQ, productivity, and responsibility to have children and to be placed in positions of influence where they can do more towards lifting up the society as a whole. Eugenics never went away though anyway. The controllers are now forcing a negative eugenics where all the lowest IQ, least responsible members of society are being given benefits, exemptions etc. to be able to out breed and gain power and influence. You are right Lophatt, we are the new slaves- here and in Europe, where working productive Whites cannot bear the expense of having more that one child if any because they are so heavily taxed to provide for the lazy muzzies et all to come and live on handouts, having free college, 7 kids, and housing we all paid for and instant social security.

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        • Very nicely put. The conditioning is VERY strong on this one. Any suggestion that any “race” is inferior in any way is rebutted with overblown vigor, and righteous indignation.

          Personally, I “wish” we were all alike in our abilities (at least close in potential), and we spent our time together skipping through the daisies. But, the fact is that is not the case. If we want to explore just why that is, we have to study it.

          People have attempted to do this and now they are demonized. The “Nazis” were not the inventors of this nor the only practitioners. Most of what I’ve read seems to be concerned with your comments. They are concerned with not allowing diminution of the species.

          If you have an interest in anthropology you can quickly determine that most do not know what they’re talking about or, if the do, they’re afraid to say it. Nothing can be said that contradicts the “out of Africa” theory just like nothing can be said that questions the “we’re all equal” theory.

          Scientific method, while much discussed, is seldom used. Most “facts” are simply derived from the anecdotal evidence because it is all we have. I think its a safe bet that we have at least as much anecdotal evidence to suggest that we are not all equal as we do that O.J. was guilty.

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          • There is more than anecdotal evidence. We have long-term statistical and scientific IQ data that, again and again, show races and ethnic groups are not equal in intelligence (as measured by IQ tests) or physical abilities. What is debated are the reasons (causes) why.

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  4. And we owe it all to S.O.B. MUSTAFA OBAMA, we are forever grateful to that M.F. (Sarc).

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  5. Reblogged this on disturbeddeputy and commented:

    Muslims just can’t stop proving how evil they are, can they?

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  6. The Somalian was hardly a standard deviation.
    He performed the famous Franken-Clinton Maneuver on the woman.

    Riddle me this:
    Where do liberals, democrats and the southern black caucus fir into the spectrum?

    for answer please see below
    morons (IQ of 51 to 70)
    imbeciles (IQ of 21-50)
    idiots (IQ of 0 to 20).

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  7. This is what Barach Obama, the DEMOCRATS and RINO’s brought to America. Hillary would have multiplied this TRASH x ten.

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  8. What’s the little blonde hair boy at the 30 sec mark doing w/a scumoli ?


  9. Didn’t someone in a high political position this past week say to the public to shoot them if they catch them doing something wrong?


  10. These heathens are incapable of ever assimilating. They have never seen how a civilized nation is ran nor do they care. They are here for free living, and all it contains, not for jobs. Thus. They should be sent back. Many say they are here because of dangerous living at home, but they leave their women and children at home. Many come from areas that aren’t living in war. For what this ends up costing us and Europeans living in hell, I would rather that miney be spent sending them home and the betterment of their countries.
    Whois paying for their cell phones and their name brand clothing? More Soros?

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    • Don’t forget the freemason-Rockefeller connection too. It’s their way of diluting and destroying first world countries with a demonic “religion” called Islam. In every strata of life there is a push to kill and destroy.

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  11. I Have been to this Mall and it was a beautiful place. Since all of the trash have been allowed in, it’s a crap hole. I would not go back.

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  12. The most disgusting news…this is not a human being anymore…

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  13. As if labor & its pangs is not difficult enough, then a sex crazed black MORON PERVERT rushes in trying to feel you up while on the delivery table! HOW TRAUMATIC, poor woman!

    That scum doesn’t need a “psych evaluation,” he needs to be castrated & shipped home.

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  14. It seems that Somalia is producing a disproportionately large number of monsters. Theirs must be a culture born in Mordor.

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  15. This pervert was apparently “smart” enough to steal some scrubs and impersonate a hospital employee. What a sick person he is. Another reason to do home birth. Ugh!
    Remember that Somali “police officer” in the USA that just shot a woman who had called them and she approached the squad car and shot her (after reaching across the cop who was in the drivers seat)? I forget if that was in Minnesota or Michigan.
    Most but not all “hot climate” peoples are not geared towards large brain size. Anyone (smart or stupid) has a better chance over generations and generations of surviving in a hot climate as it’s easier than in a very cold climate where you have to figure out how to live and “do things” in order to survive. The dumber ones get weeded out. And, as you can see, modern civilization helps breed stupid people too, just look at Rockefeller engineered welfare, they generally get the lazier types to have a lot of offspring, who continue the laziness exponentially. Then they have to put warning stickers on everything to keep the dumb ones from naturally selecting themselves out of the gene pool.

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