Elderly Meals-On-Wheels volunteer attacked by machete man

File this under “No good deed goes unpunished”.

Dom Amato reports for WCAX that on Jan. 5, 2018, a 73-year-old Meals on Wheels female volunteer was dropping off meals at Harbor Place in Shelburne, Vermont, when she was attacked by a man wielding a machete.

Harbor Place provides temporary emergency housing with services, run by the Champlain Housing Trust.

Police had responded to calls about a man with a knife smashing out car windows. Corporal Jon Marcoux of Shelburne Police said, “On arrival we found that this person who was reported to have a knife, had actually attacked an elderly female.”

32-year-old Abukar Ibrahim was the one with a machete. From his picture (see below), it is not clear if he is a black American or a Muslim immigrant.

Corporal Marcoux said Ibrahim “barricaded himself in the room. After two and a half hours, he came out on his own.”

Marcoux  says the Shelburne Police Department gets a fair number of calls about Harbor Place: “I think anytime you put a lot of people in a place, not necessarily Harbor Place, but any place, the more contact people have with others, especially under trying circumstances, I think generates more calls.”

Ibrahim is scheduled to be arraigned on Monday, on the charge of attempted murder. He is being held at the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility. His victim, the elderly woman, sustained multiple injuries, was taken to the hospital and later released.

Question: Given the fact that some 40% of homeless people are mentally ill or drug addicts, would you minister to them, like the 73-year-old Meals On Wheels volunteer? Or is doing so just asking for trouble? Not trying to be cynical, but would you think this woman to be a “useful idiot”?


46 responses to “Elderly Meals-On-Wheels volunteer attacked by machete man

  1. With a name like that, his looks, his color, profile and features he fits the prototype of a Muslim, if he doesn’t then my name would be something else.

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  2. whether on drugs or a mentally disturbed individual, he should NOT be left to roam the streets -lock him up and throw the keys away,

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    • Alma . . . . As you say . . . lock him up, where he cannot roam the streets, have him behind very sturdy bars, topped with razor wire, and when its time for him to eat–just throw something over the fence to him. It will be interesting to watch this very story progress; I would not be at all surprised if the press did leave out the fact that he is a Somali immigrant. Ain’t it just great, we don’t have enough home grown mentally ill people . . . we also feel a need to import them. He should be placed in housing right next store to the Obongos, let them experience what it feels like to have to cope with this kind of crap, particularly since they are all for “immigration.” Now that I think of it, find a place next door to Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Barbara Boxer, Slick Willy & Killary, Chelsea Clinton, I could go on for miles and miles and miles, but I think you get the point.

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  3. These stories are putting me on overload of late!
    In answer to your question, this is something that I have already wrestled with, always wanting to help anyone who is in any type of pain. But my answer is no, I would not do this for precisely the reasons you have given. I have a friend in Australia who runs a ” soup kitchen” with a couple friends. Every Saturday night she goes out with the soup and bread and ministers to people. She is a brave soul- braver than I am as I have told her many times. I have given her funds to help, but actually going out myself is beyond me.
    One time she told me that she used funds that I sent her to fly a homeless pregnant teen home to her family. Think of the good that people like her do. I guess it is one of those things that one has to feel called to in their heart- and those that are, are willing to take the risks.

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    • Lana . . . I am certainly of your belief, I just could not personally go out where I might be in danger. On the other hand, I am more than ready to pony up cash when I see people who are in need, but I do not necessarily want to put myself in danger in order to help my fellowman.

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  4. The woman is not an idiot. She was working to help others.


    • I didn’t call her an idiot. I ask if she’s a “useful idiot” — in the Leninist sense of the term. Look it up.


      • Dr Eowyn . . . I would have to agree, I doubt that she would ever think in a million years that she was doing something where a crazy man with a machete was going to attack her. I think that in this day and age, and taking into consideration the influx of “foreign immigrants” none of us can be too careful. I would think that they may have to adopt a plan where multiple people go together to deliver meals on wheels, rather than a single person.

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      • Unless she’s ministering to a huge muslim ‘refugee’ camp, her heart was in the right place anyway. What a coward this small headed follower of satan is! Even their cranial size is smaller. And I notice the mass media is always making sure to tell us “Oh, the attacker was named Mohammed blah blah but of course even though they drove their car and hit 20 pedestrians and then ran away, it wasn’t an act of terrorism”. They also make sure to not mention when the terrorists are screaming Allua Akbar or whatever crazy words they use to help satan….I mean ‘allah’.

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  5. Let’s hope Machete Man will receive jailhouse justice very soon.
    Attacks on the elderly and child molestation are dealt with severely behind bars.

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    • Zorro . . . . you are absolutely correct. Even hardened offenders have elderly among their own family members, and also little children . . . they just will not tolerate savage behavior of any sort being perpetrated upon either the elderly or the very young. When you can say that, you know these types of individuals still have a heart, whereas Machete Man may well have a heart of stone.

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  6. My late husband, after he retired, volunteered with Meals on Wheels centered in our parish. (I could not go with him because I was still working at that time.)

    The parish rule was: Never do it alone. Always have someone to go with you. One of you drives and stays in the car while the other delivers the meal.

    The same with Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC) giving communion to the sick and the homebound. Don’t do it alone.

    An 86-year-old retired priest in another parish went to minister to a woman who needed counseling. He made the mistake of seeing her by himself. Next thing you knew, the woman charged him with sexual harassment. He denied it, but was chucked out of the diocese just the same. Sixty years of faithful priesthood went down the drain.

    The irony is that within a few weeks, the woman committed suicide. The priest was never exonerated and is now staying in her married sister’s house, sleeping on her couch and eating just one meal a day. No way to treat an elderly priest.

    Moral of these stories: Do good to those who need your help, but if you must go out of your way, don’t do it alone.

    God bless all of us.

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    • Margarita Macaria . . . . It is tragic to hear of those who are so crazy, or evil that they would perpetrate such evilness on an unsuspecting person who is just trying to help them. I wholeheartedly agree . . . “Do good to those who need your help, but if you must go out of your way, don’t do it alone.” If well doers always minister in couples, then both the doer and the receiver are protected as there is a third party to witness the goings on.

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    • I have a friend who’s father (he’s 102) participates in this. He still mows his own lawn and goes walking every day.

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    • Good advice about volunteering in pairs for any charity work that takes one out of a communal situation. Very sad about the elderly priest. We can and should never underestimate the evil in the human heart. Once again, our Lord counseled us to be, while “innocent as doves,” also “wise as serpents” — i.e., be prudent, and use our good judgment and wiles.

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  7. I am so glad the lady was not badly injured physically, but she’s surely very shaken up. Sadly, it appears she’s not street-smart with these times of heinous violence being perpetrated by goodness knows who (Although I would like to know more about the attacker).

    Let this be a lesson to Meals-On-Wheels volunteers, always visit in twos, and carry loud whistles to signal distress if anyone untoward approaches. One more thing, VOLUNTEER A FEW HOURS A WEEK to deliver Meals-On-Wheels

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    • She probably had a false sense of security, since these illegal muslim rapefugees and terrorists are being secretly imported from their third world hellholes, and people don’t have their guards up. It’s like all of a sudden, “There goes the neighborhood”.

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  8. I hear the ads to volunteer with Meals on Wheels and considered it. Then not. I doubted I’d be able to carry. Why put myself in that potentially unsafe situation?

    Machete attack? Fits a certain profile, just saying.

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  9. He was vandalizing her car and she used poor judgment in confronting him…

    “Ibrahim had recently begun staying at Harbor Place, according to to Champlain Housing Trust spokesman Chris Donnelly. The female victim was a Meals on Wheels volunteer delivering food to the motel, he added. She was inside the motel office when she saw her car being vandalized and went out to intervene, he said. That’s allegedly when Ibrahim attacked her.”

    Source –


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    • CP . . . . I read the entire news article referenced above. There is an additional picture of this psycho . . . he certainly looks exactly like the Somalis that have moved into North Portland. They have a very distinctive look, they are much smaller in stature than what you find among our own African Americans. I am willing to bet anything that this man is Muslim, particularly when you take into consideration that his last name is a variation of the name “Abraham.” Muslims are very big on claiming “Abraham as their father.” (Abraham the father of Isaac.)

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    • Thank you for the additional information, CP. She was very, very foolish to confront Ibrahim, especially since he was armed with a knife/machete.

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  10. All this is keeping me from participating in NFL playoff fever.

    She interfered with an individual engaged in an entrepreneurial activity. What does she expect?

    Abukar will cop a plea in the East Coast’s sanctuary state.
    Actually Vermont is one big mental institution.
    The land of the Bernie lovers.
    NYC Liberals all fled there when there was still a real Mayor and Police Commissioner in NYC.
    Now they could come back but it too expensive.

    Abukar will cop the Somalian Lo IQ defense then spit on the judge for being a racist.
    That cop sounded like he was apologizing for the scumbag and blaming overcrowding in the homeless shelter.

    There are individuals out there who need to be institutionalized for their own safety and that of the public.
    Thanks to crackpots like Geraldo Rivera, it is difficult to force individuals with impairments and emotional disorders to be institutionalized.
    This type of patient has not attained (and never will attain) emotional maturity, yet they have the same rights as an adult instead of those of a child.
    So volunteers think they are tending to rational individuals who are down on their luck, but instead are walking into an asylum full of criminally insane and illegals.

    like was said; use better judgement, work in teams, or take self defense training and obtain a concealed carry permit.

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  11. A useful idiot is someone who believes in communism or socialism, not someone who feeds the hungry.

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    • Actually, the definition of “useful idiot” is broader than that. It’s someone who naively and idealistically believes in a cause, but actually is used by cynical puppeteers for their own propaganda and designs.


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      • Dr Eowyn . . . . How very unfortunate that this description applies to so many of the folks we have all around us. They are so caught up in doing what they perceive to be “good for humanity,” that they are totally unaware of the risks involved, and many times they actually further injure the people they are supposedly ministering to. Not out of deliberate intent, but because they have thought out the fact that their ministering to these “poor individuals” actually does more harm than good.

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      • Caring for the hungry, sick, naked and imprisoned is our Christian duty. Being naive and careless is not. I used to have this argument with people. Jesus said “blessed are the meek”, not the “wimpy”. I think you could expand that to include the well-meaning but stupid.

        The “armor of Christ” may protect you from spiritual assault, it doesn’t work as well against other physical weapons.

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  12. Focus on those who sucked the likes of Abukar Ibrahim into America and why. Wake up and realize that this will never stop until enough .gov bureaucrats are too afraid to continue working for the commie revolution.

    “Despite what your momma told you, violence does solve problems.”
    – Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle

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  13. I have of course several thoughts on this. First,I believe that Jesus would desire us to be ministering to the least of these. But remember, Nehemiah trusted God, and yet still set a watch. So of course, never do this alone, never allow two females alone to do this. And always, always carry a firearm. I am sorry to say, but in this day and age, and at my age of 57, I simply cannot count on being able to fight off 3 or 4 healthy men anymore. When I was young, I worked in a foundry, and I had so much strength in my hands that I could grab you by the forearm and you could not break my grip. Not even with the right technique. My hands had a grip of iron. Now, I only count on my trigger finger being able to protect me. This is only in a matter of life or death, of course. My first priority, after assuring my co worker was safe, would be to see just how fast I can still run. The best fight you win is the one you never participate in.

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    • “Jesus would desire us to be ministering to the least of these”

      Our Lord also counseled us to be “wise as serpents and innocent as doves”.

      Also, are these really “the least” among us? Our times are very different than then. There was no welfare state in Jesus’ time. I submit that animals-in-need are “the least among us” today, not humans in our welfare state.

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      • That is a tough one. While it is true that many people who are on the dole are there by their own poor choices, does that make them any less in need of our help? And trust me, I have been there, the government is not doing a good job of meeting the needs of the truly poor. Jesus himself said that the poor would always be there, meaning to help them, I tend to believe.

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  14. Here we go with the feral somali animals again….there is going to come a day that we the people will take justice into our own hands to stop these savages and that day can’t come soon enough.

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  15. This is simply an expression of Islamic expansion and a result of letting loose this “religion” of mass murder and serial killing on western civilization. These psychos are trained in the mosques. As long as the old media and Homowood cover it up, it will continue to get worse. It is becoming an everyday occurrence.

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  16. Here is a report from Sept. 27th, with the same station WCAX reporting on racist graffiti, with this same Abukar Ibrahim playing a victim.


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  17. The PRV (People’s Republic of Vermont) has no shortage of useful idiots, hence we have Bernie Sanders and Howard Dean.

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  18. Patrick Cornell

    He barricaded himself in a room for 2 1\2 hours eventually coming out on his own? The Vermont Police or whatever police dept. up there that responded should have ordered him out and given him 2 1\2 minutes to comply before storming in guns blazing. The way the Police coddled that psychotic miscreant is absolutely sickening! That man needed to be taken down in short order to set an example to others like him that gratuitous violence against innocent old women will not be tolerated but swiftly and harshly punished. What the heck is wrong with the Police up there? 2 1\2 hours is too long to wait for a maniac with a machete to surrender. If a White American man would have attacked a 70 year old woman with a machete he would not be at his leisure to surrender, he’d be shot in a matter of minutes if not seconds.

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  19. The “Meals on Wheels” program is intended to help feed the shut-in elderly/disabled population, not young indigents. There are other programs for them. Unfortunately, this volunteer was delivering to a an emergency housing shelter where all types of people are cared for and not a safe environment for an elderly person. When I used to work with high cognitive functioning folks with intellectual disabilities, my company was looking for a way for our clients to give back to the community since they themselves receive many services and funds paid for by we taxpayers at the state and federal levels. I drove my clients to pick up the pre-prepared meals at our Senior Citizen center, loaded them in the vehicle and we delivered to addresses (single family homes) out in the county. I assisted my clients if needed, but it was up to the client to carry the meal(s), knock on the door, greet the receivers and carry the meal(s) into the home if required. The elderly folks we helped were very appreciative and I encouraged my clients to engage in some conversation with them for a few moments before driving to the next home. We were hoping to expand our clients’ understanding of the different conditions of human life, to realize there are others who are struggling with everyday life and to help them focus on others’ needs. It was a good experience for me, my staff and our clients.

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