College student argues for infanticide

I’m sure the good folks in Iceland would concur with this soulless individual. After all, what better way to “eradicate” disorders!

Brought to you by Students for Life. About the video:

A student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville bragged about his support for infanticide up to two years of age! Extremism from abortion supporters is one reason many people are moving towards the pro-life movement.

h/t Moonbattery


35 responses to “College student argues for infanticide

  1. I didn’t bother listening to this drivel. I know the story already. But what, really, is the difference between infanticide and abortion, but a few days, months, or years? Two sides of the same wicked coin. I will no longer ignore those who turn a blind eye to abortion. I actually posted that on the Book of Feces yesterday. Can you imagine the hate I got from my ” friends”. I consider myself fairly intelligent, and fairly easy to conduct a conversation or a discussion with. Not so with the hate filled baby killers out there. I think that they hate so because they feel the guilt of what they know in their hearts to be true. That God does exist and life begins at conception. They just can’t accept it in their own minds, because to do so would be to force them to admit that they are wicked, just like the rest of us who have already turned our lives over to Christ.

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    • pigpen51 . . . Bravo! Congratulations, that was an excellent argument of why the lamos who think that participating or advocating for abortion is wrong . . . “I think that they hat so because they feel the guilt of what they know in their hearts to be true. That God does exist and life begins at conception . . .” That is short and sweet. They wish to wipe away the guilt that deep down they know they have because there is a God who created this Earth, and created each and everyone of us. To deliberately take a life of one of God the Father’s children is wrong, It frustrated the plan which was designed in Heaven before we came to Earth, that each soul would have a trial period on Earth, for some it may be a very short period, for others a very long period. It is Satan who wishes to disrupt this grand plan, so he whispers that it’s okay to do away with something that is just a lump of cells. Unfortunately, far too many people fall for this great lie.

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  2. Sentient-ability to feel or perceive things.

    Obviously, this guy isnt!

    He has a face only HIS mother could love!

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    • Has it occurred to this soul-less U. of Tennessee student that his mother could have infanticided him?

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      • Lol..probably not. These types cant “self-reflect”. I am sure you experienced many of these types, but as a grad student, I could tell who the undergrads were. They (think they) learn a new word, or philosophy and suddenly they were the smartest person on campus. This pompous a@@ will get knocked down a rung or two or three or four when he gets into the “real world”!!

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        • Teri . . . I must agree with you . . . even taking into consideration the smug attitude. He doesn’t even know . . . he ain’t all that!!! I can hardly wait until he gets out into the real world, I guess we can only hope he makes a soft landing . . . or perhaps not!

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        • As the clip shows, this beady eyed, curly haired Adam runs true to form, assuming he can bully his opponent with that aggressive chutzpah, while repeating himself and the question to reveal he’s got nothing in his head but a leftist cliche.

          We should take Lenin’s advice at least on one thing, who when asked how to reply to Kautski said,

          “Why should we bother to reply to Kautski? He would reply to us, and we would have to reply to his reply. There’s no end to that. It will be quite enough for us to announce that Kautski is a traitor to the working class, and everyone will understand everything.”

          There’s no point arguing with these enemies and traitors to Christian America. At this late stage our reaction should be Lenin’s. It’s not a mark of the civilized and educated man to try and reason with the Left at this point, but of abject cowardice. These leftists–like this student–who’d murder two-year-olds without batting an eye will most assuredly murder Christian adults by the tens of millions as they did in Russia less than a century ago. You could say the Republican establishment, talk radio, and Cuckservatism Inc exist to keep us talking and caught off guard with less awareness of our impending end than boiling frogs.

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          • Smarmy little bastard makes my skin crawl. He’d make my ovaries twitch if I had any.

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          • Dan, excellent points again. I simply call it arguing with idiots which I refuse to do anymore because as you said…we are way past that point.

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            • P.S. I also think this guy should get infanticided because, “well, you can tell there isn’t any sentience there right?”

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              • We could just say we terminated his gestation in the undergraduate trimester. Or, “senior term” abortion. Hey, that wouldn’t be “murder”, would it?

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              • I like to think of it as retroactive abortion. because pretty soon, if life becomes so cheap and meaningless, then there will be no rules of any kind. My argument with pro abortion people is now ” when does a human life begin”. I have never gotten a single baby killer to give me a straight answer, save my cousin, who said when the baby was outside of the mother’s womb, and takes a breath on its own. She of course is wrong, but at least she could make the argument from a Biblical perspective that she is right. At the very least, she could have come up with a Bible verse to try and support her idea. She would be wrong, of course, based upon many other bible verses. But here is one that seems to support her theory. Genesis 2:7And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

                As I said, there are many other verses that explain that since we were in the womb, God knew us, that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

                Here is an even better secular one. If a woman is 8 months pregnant and a man kills her, he is charged with 2 homicides, not one. Hypocrite much, law makers.

                But yea, I tried to disengage from some of the hatred on facebook yesterday, and was continually hounded. So I had enough, and finally came out and was no longer patient, loving, kind, and nice to the murders of the abortion movement. I simply told them about how abortion is abhorrent and an affront to God, that they cry when a dozen people are shot by some nutjob, and yet don’t bat an eyelash when they live in a country that since 1973 has killed approximately 50 million babies. That the argument that bringing a child into the world due to incest, rape,or such is simply not a good thing. I clobbered them on that one.

                I am a Christian, have been saved for a long time. But when I was 19, I had a girlfriend who was 15. She became pregnant with what turned out to be our first daughter. If the world had it’s way, my 37 year old daughter, and the mother of my grandson, would have been aborted. Now, she turned 16 just a couple of weeks after having conceived, yet that doesn’t make it any difference, I technically raped her, although our relationship was consenting, and we did get married. We went onto have two more children, boys, and after 11 years, she asked me for a divorce. I didn’t want to do so, but she was insistent. So my life choices are not something that I am trying to point out as a good thing. I ended up spending 35 years of my life in a steel foundry, when I have an IQ that is, well, let’s just say that I have taken some college classes, and have a 4.0 going, and that I tested and qualified for Mensa. So bad choices when you are young, can affect the rest of your life. But you still must make the best of them.

                As to my life now, I remarried after a couple of years, my present wife and I adopted two sisters, and we have been married for over 25 years. I am totally devoted to my present wife, who is currently battling breast cancer. But my plan was to grow old with the wife of my youth.

                I used to feel guilty when i would say that i hate abortion, and then not offer some way to help the young girl or woman who is pregnant. But I have come to the conclusion that they are two completely different things, and not necessarily my responsibility. I chose to end up with 5 children. I never have asked one of you to help me take care of them, or to help send them to college, or to buy them new shoes. Why should we feel guilty if we can’t do so for the other women who choose to get pregnant.

                No more will I allow the baby killers to define the terms used in this brutal practice. Pro choice, my ass. You mean, pro killing the baby in your womb, and then sucking it out piece by piece with a vacuum. I will not speak kind, soft words which make baby killers comfortable with their shame. And you can bet that I will become a very loud voice for life. If this is all too harsh for you, I apologize. Sometimes life is harsh. But you know what is harsher? Go online and find a video and watch an abortion. Then lets talk about how the church is failing miserably at one of it’s jobs, protecting the least of these. I am sorry if I offended some. You are lucky. I wanted to use the language that i would have used in the foundry, because this abortion issue is making me mad and it is making me sick. Mostly mad at us in the Church who have turned a blind eye to this and let it happen, while we were content to go to church on Sunday and say, ” You tell them, preacher. That is giving them what for.” and then never doing a damn thing about it.

                I hope every single one of us has something to meditate on this Sunday Lord’s day, and not some football game or what have you. Because fathers, you are responsible in making sure that your wives and children also hear what I just said. Sometimes the truth is a hard thing. I know that in my case, I have been dragged through a bunch of knot holes lately. And I think I have finally developed that Pastor’s limp that I once spoke about. How you should never trust a Pastor without a limp.

                Sorry to upset your applecart on a Sunday. When the Spirit tells me something loud enough, I always listen. He said to tell you. So now, what are you going to do with this?

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  3. Like I keep saying, Life “is what it is”, not necessarily what you wish it was. Abortion is murder. It isn’t even “birth control”. You don’t get a pass because the victim is little and defenseless.

    We all KNEW this would happen when they started it. Actions have consequences. Sometimes life throws you a curve. Being a responsible adult means dealing with life’s problems, not murdering God’s creations to avoid them.

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    • lophatt . . . that was absolutely beautifully put. Unfortunately, we have far too many “adults” out there who are so stupid they cannot conceive of abortion as not being a source of birth control. If you are old enough to get pregnant, as in you were a willing participant, then you should be adult enough to deal with the consequences.

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  4. It is interesting that he picked two years of age. Is his name Herod?

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  5. This educated idiot has never babysat a two year old.

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    • I sure hope he hasn’t! I wouldn’t let that fiend within 100 feet of any kids.
      That’s another reason to not assume someone you met is “normal”. We rarely really know what a person who seems ‘normal’ really thinks or does.

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  6. By the way, if you use birth control pills, you are using an abortifacient. Life begins at conception. The pill does not prevent conception. It creates a hostile environment in the womb and prevents implantation. The newly created life passes from the mother and dies. God forgive us for the hundreds of millions of babies we have murdered.

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  7. I agree with what Dan says, but unfortunately every other Christian I know thinks I’m, and I quote “satanic” and likely not a Christian because I believe these people should be dragged whole-say into a courtroom and tried for murder and crimes against humanity. Seven. Hundred. Million. Infant. Souls. Ripped to PIECES!

    And we’re told to wave signs on a sidewalk. No. The fact that no one did anything when this first occurred is living proof to me no one will do anything when the buses or trains pull up to transport us to our new “homes”, assuming they bother.

    What is so horrifying to me is, the same Christians who condemn using armed resistance to stop the mass slaughter (Despite that it’s an Unconstitutional act that one could argue a good case for armed opposition for expressed purpose of DEFENDING Constitutional authority… cough…), turn around the next minute and discuss that maybe civil war will be necessary when the topic of government tax misuse, fraud and government corruption enter the picture. Or worse, talk about how great and important it is to fight an endless war against Islam and terrorists. Just wow. Priorities are so skewed that discussing the matter even with others is impossible. the Christians of the past would be appalled. In fact, most of the human race should be. By sheer body count alone, we are the worst murderers in recorded history such that any excuse for any previous war against so-called tyrants is a hypocrite’s essay.

    And people insist to me that America is a glorious and moral nation. No it is not, it’s quite the opposite. Especially since the Republic died, slowly. Maybe the Father in Heaven will answer our prayers through Trump. May Christ send it so, for the sake of those we can still save. And for the sake of executing the madmen and women who lurk amongst us, convinced they’ve done no wrong by murdering their own children.

    Ok, sorry. I had to get that out of my system. It’s why I avoided posting for so long. Especially about Abortion. I could spout for ages and it solve nothing. Words are the preached resolution of this coward at this point. And action without a unified public uprising is a hopeless attempt to scoop up the ocean.

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    • Eli, I am reminded of the young boy, walking on the beach by the ocean, picking up starfish and tossing them back into the sea. An older man comes along, and says to him, ” Do you really think, with all the thousands of starfish laying along here, that you are making any kind of a difference?” The little boy ponders this for a moment, looks at the one in his hand, then says, ” It does to this one”, and tosses it out into the ocean.

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  8. So bc humans may not understand another form of communication from a living thing like a tree, we should or can kill it without a second thought or consequence ? …………..
    He’s basically saying its okay to kill anything if he doesn’t feel it communicated with him . What the hell kind of thinking is that? So by that logic I should be able to kill all liberals for lack of communication??? Or kill me for lack of wanting to communicate with him?

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  9. If they’re so intent on killing babies and small children,why not give ’em that option-ONLY if THEY agree to be killed as well? That or face a Murder charge in Court. Makes perfect sense to me. Let’s see how committed they are to their ideal….

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  10. That’s the last time I’ll say “Now I’ve Seen It All”

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  11. In short:

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  12. I get it now!!! His eyes tell me that he just found out he was going to the butcher’s shop when he was hatched and who knows his folks had a change of heart and pardoned him. My advise to him is keep it in your pants so you don’t have to sacrifice your offspring.

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  13. That guy and anyone like them are very disturbed, not only mentally but spiritually as well. How could anyone rationally think it’s okay to kill a baby? Just to do it? Did they ask him on what circumcstances that would be “OK” to murder a child for? That is absolutely cold hearted and frightening that someone would think that is all right to do.
    The Roman empire and others that ended up being ‘death cults’ self destructed. They also had emperors that sat on stone dildos, they practiced infanticide (Spartans) and abortions, they gloried violence and animal cruelty. Sounds like the way this nation and the others are being steered. I heard that Belgium has assisted suicide for any disorders, even depression.
    Not far off are we??
    Pray to Jesus, don’t forget! 🙂

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