Virginian Republican David Yancey wins tie-breaking draw

david yancey

Yancey (l) and Simonds (r)

The day before the drawing, the demorat candidate tweeted this:

“I will continue to fight. Yancey has declined my offer to make the draw tomorrow final, so I guess the only sure thing is that this won’t be settled tomorrow. I’m sorry that my district may not have representation Jan 10 because of this.”

So guess this does make it final? Don’t hold your breath.

From NY Post: Virginia used a random drawing to select Republican David Yancey as the winner of a deadlocked state House election on Thursday – a race that had been contested since November.

The State Board of Elections certified Yancey’s selection after a short ceremony in the state’s Patrick Henry building in Richmond after picking his name out of a bowl.

Democrat Shelly Simonds thought she had won the Nov. 7 race against Yancey by one vote in a recount last month.

But a three-judge panel ruled the race was a tie after deciding a ballot originally not counted that circled both Simonds and Yancey was intended for the Republican incumbent. The circle around Simonds name had a line through it, the panel said, invalidating it.

That left the two candidates deadlocked at 11,608 votes each.​

To settle the matter, the Board of Elections planned to break the tie by selecting the winner from a clear glass bowl at the end of December ​ in Richmond.

But Simonds’ lawyers filed a challenge in Newport News Circuit Court, arguing that it’s necessary to protect the integrity of the vote.

The race for the 94th House of Delegates in Newport News is significant because party control of the state House hanged in the balance. With Yancey’s win, Republicans have a 51-49 advantage in the chamber.


6 responses to “Virginian Republican David Yancey wins tie-breaking draw

  1. The Republican winning this election by straw vote was and is a miracle. There is no other way to look at it.

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  2. Why have elections when you can flip a coin?
    In the case of Virginia, either way the establishment wins and the voters lose.

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  3. It will be very interesting what hurtles will be thrown in the path of this Republican taking his seat!

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  4. I am glad that the seat was awarded to a republican. I am however disappointed in the process. None of this should have ever happened. I am 1 of 5 techs that maintain and certify the voting equipment in my county so I know how the system works.
    If a ballot is mis-marked the ballot scanner will tell you so. It’s right there on the screen. It even says ‘ask a pole worker for assistance’. The pole worker should have told the voter that they had the option to submit a corrrected ballot. And they must not have. Or the voter said ‘never mind’ after all what difference would it make? Famous last words, huh.
    And to decide an election on luck of the draw? we couldhave avoided the whole campagin crap if we’d drawn names to begin with. that’d be fair. Right? sarc

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  5. The reason I don’t register with EITHER of the two wings of the NWO party is stuff like this. Just look at the “Republicans” that diss Trump. I can’t tell them apart from the thieving, lying Democrats. I don’t want anything to do with either of them.

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