Judge lowers bond for illegal alien tracked down by ICE after speaking to media


Why isn’t the illegal alien using his money to apply for citizenship? Does he purposely want to tear his family apart? Course he could return to his native Mexico and his family.

From Seattle Times: An immigration judge Thursday sharply reduced the bond for Baltazar Aburto Gutierrez, whose November detention by immigration-enforcement officials raised concern that he was being retaliated against for speaking to the news media.

Judge Charles McCullough set the bond at $5,000, down from $25,000. Aburto Gutierrez has money to pay and expects to do so Friday, said his lawyer, Stephen Robbins, after a courtroom hearing at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, where Aburto Gutierrez is being held.

When the Mexican immigrant delivers the bond, he will be released and plans to return to his Pacific County home, Robbins said. “He’s very relieved and very happy,” the attorney said of his client.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials arrested Gutierrez, 35, early on Nov. 27 as he was heading to Okie’s Thriftway Market in Ocean Park for coffee and eggs. Recounting the arrest by phone from the detention center last month, the shellfish worker said he had just gotten off work.

“You are the one from the newspaper,” he said an ICE officer told him after seeing Aburto Gutierrez drive in.

The Mexican native, who said he has lived in Pacific County for 15 years, concluded that ICE was retaliating against him for talking to The Seattle Times about the earlier arrest of his longtime girlfriend.

Aburto Gutierrez has no criminal record, an ICE arrest report provided by his attorney confirms.

In a phone call last week, Gov. Jay Inslee told acting ICE Director Thomas Homan he was worried about the “chilling effect on free speech.”

Homan, however, said retaliation was not the reason for Aburto Gutierrez’s arrest. ICE officers had met him in June as they arrested his girlfriend and turned over the couple’s children to his care, the acting director said. By November, officers realized the children had left for Mexico to be with their mother and no longer needed Aburto Gutierrez’s care, Homan said.

That information came in as a tip on Nov. 16, according to the ICE report, which makes no mention of the Nov. 9 Times story in which Aburto Gutierrez’s account of his girlfriend’s arrest appears. The story, about ramped-up ICE enforcement in Pacific County and its impact on Donald Trump voters and other locals, attracted international attention.

Soon after, two ICE officers set up “surveillance” at Okie’s, knowing that Aburto Gutierrez usually came to the store everyday between 7:30 and 8 a.m., according to the arrest report. They got their man at 7:50.


14 responses to “Judge lowers bond for illegal alien tracked down by ICE after speaking to media

  1. Why was he arrested and what is he charged with? Presumably, if he has a bail set, he is accused of something. Is it illegal immigration?

    Why would they have turned the kids over to an illegal immigrant? It sounds as if his “girlfriend” was deported. Why wasn’t he?

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    • Immigration charges for both. His girlfriend was nabbed in immigration sting: Diaz was arrested when she took their children to meet with someone who answered an ad she placed to sell a homemade piñata; it turned out to be a sting.

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      • So he’s been living there illegally for 15 years? His girlfriend for some years? She gets ousted without the kids and they give them to him? Why, because he isn’t selling pinatas?

        To “Zip…”, below, yes, I linked to that a day or so ago. Our Zionist owners don’t apply the same standards to themselves as they do their cattle.

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      • DCG . . . Great article! It is interesting to note “the children were sent to Mexico to be with THEIR mother.” Obviously, the actual mother of these children had remained in Mexico, while the father took up with another woman up here in the States. The reason this guy was apprehended was because ICE determined that since the children were no longer living in the US, there was no longer a reason that he was needed to take care of the dependent children.

        I say ICE . . . you go guys! It was pretty nifty how they set up the capture at the local grocery store.

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  2. Wow – there’s a lot of holes in what the media is NOT covering. Are the kids really with her? Who has them? What are they hiding? Seafood industry decline from Fukushima or what? Contrast the difference with Israel’s excess immigrants perhaps as far back to the Clinton Administration that have served their purpose.

    Israel announced it would pay African migrants living in the country illegally $3,500 each plus a free airline ticket, to return to their home countries or ‘third-world countries’, like Rwanda and Uganda. Officials told the immigrants they will face jail time if they don’t leave by spring, 2018.
    Read More https://needtoknow.news/2018/01/israel-tells-illegal-african-immigrants-accept-free-ticket-home-go-prison/

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  3. Judge Charles McCullough is just one example of the kind of judges who must be routed out. In one year, Pres. Trump has already appointed many CONSERVATIVE judges across the country:

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    • Amen to that! No doubt about it, this looney judge was a holdover from the Obummer years. He needs a swift kick in the britches, and be sent on his way. He is in no way judging what is good or correct for the citizens of this land.

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Our legislators and judges are the only thing more illegal than our ‘aliens’.

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  5. I bet the people of Tacoma rest easy at night knowing they are being so well protected by the judicial system, sarc. And that their rights can’t hold a candle to what invaders are allowed.
    The hard working tax payers of the US are being abused and taken advantaged of.

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  6. No criminal record or history? He’s here illegally which is a crime. So in fact he does have a criminal history. The lowering of the bond is very common and has nothing to do with his protest. Why don’t these illegals apply for citizenship? It seems like that would be the sensible thing?.

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    • Well,yeah,but-the thing is,they don’t WANT to be Citizens-they just want all the perks.

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    • The way I understand it, “normally” one applies and there are quotas every year. If you stay on the applicant’s list long enough, and have a clean record, you get “resident” status.

      Most of the ones we discuss are claiming asylum. They have no legal status that would allow them to remain and, as such, would be subject to immediate deportation. What these guys say basically is “I am a political prisoner in my country. If I’m returned I will be killed”.

      When someone does that they are entitled to a hearing. There are so many that it takes a long time to get on the docket. Meanwhile, they hang around in “limbo” until their day in court.

      For those who know they really aren’t refugees, the longer they can stall their hearing, the better.

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