Illegal alien arrested for soliciting sex from 8-year-old via Snapchat

illegal alien

When I searched for this story, all the headlines came up as “Roseville man” or “Sacramento man” arrested.  Not one headline about the perp being an illegal alien. Good job SRM. Way to avoid the truth.

Also, who lets their eight-year-old use Snapchat?

From KCRA: Roseville police arrested a 21-year-old Sacramento man accused of contacting an 8-year-old girl for sex via Snapchat, officers said Wednesday.

Gilbert Garcia-Bejarano was taken into custody Tuesday afternoon on charges of sending and soliciting sexually explicit material from a minor, attempting to contact a minor for sexual purposes and possessing false immigration documents, Roseville police said.

A mother called Roseville police on New Year’s Day after finding inappropriate Snapchat messages on her daughter’s cellphone.

Detectives discovered that Garcia-Bejarano sent the girl sexually explicit photos the week before, asked her to send him nude photos of herself and proposed them meeting up to have sex, police said.

“It was apparent from the conversations that the male knew the victim’s age,” according to a post on the Roseville Police Department’s Facebook page.

Detectives contacted Garcia-Bejarano over Snapchat, posing as the victim and arranged to meet him for sexual activity. Garcia-Bejarano showed up at the meeting location Tuesday afternoon in Sacramento, thinking he was meeting with the underage victim, police said. Instead, he was met by Roseville detectives.

Garcia-Bejarano was booked into the South Placer Jail.

See his charges here (on page 245). Along with two other charges, the illegal alien is charged with 114 PCusing false citizenship papers: Any person who uses false documents to conceal his or her true citizenship or resident alien status is guilty of a felony, and shall be punished by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170 for five years or by a fine of twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000).


40 responses to “Illegal alien arrested for soliciting sex from 8-year-old via Snapchat

  1. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Eight years old and uses SNAPCHAT? It looks like we now need “parents’ supervision” by a family “grown-up.”


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    • Hard to believe that parents are that stupid makes you think do they really love their children.

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    • kommonsents . . . . I guess I must be, or am an old fart, but if I had an “8” year old . . . . . they sure as the dickens would not have “their own cell phone.” How horribly stupid this child’s mother must be. It’s great that either the child brought the phone to her when these nude pictures arrived, but wait until this same child is 12 to 16 years old–she will not be quite so willing to have her mother auditing her phone.

      This kind of overindulgence on the part of the mother, may well prove dangerous for her child(ren.)

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      • Exactly. But you know, I hear mothers on TV and on the web (reviewing cell phones) saying how their 8y old just got her first iPhone or whatever, and how it’s just perfect, or it’s “just a perfect age for a first cellphone”.
        And I think, “WHAT?”

        But they claim they NEED to have the phone so the mother can contact the child anytime there may be an “emergency”…

        Odd how we were all basically able to survive childhood without them. I say, get ’em a flip phone. Or a dumb phone. Both of which will do the job.

        I got mom a smart phone. She went back to her flip phone (got it for her years ago to match the one I’d had). Got dad a smart phone, he never used it. Got him a flip phone. Still waiting for him to activate it. He likes his cordless home phone; it’s about all he needs.

        He has no interest in using the Internet on a phone. Doesn’t really want to be reachable while he’s out and about. Kinda like me. I didn’t have a cellphone until maybe 10y ago, then not for 1-2y, then went for a smart phone 5y ago and haven’t looked back. And I use it mostly to talk.

        But I want dad safe, so I encourage him to at least pack a cell phone (charged, but need not be activated or with a subscription) so he can call 911 if needed. He’s been through a heart attack, cancer, and other stuff. But he resists the phone. What can you do? This is a man who, when I was a kid, made Charles Bronson look like a wimp. He doesn’t want/need help.

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  2. When I first read the blog I blew a gasket and my brain when into over drive I live in Rossville but in TN until I got into the it I was out of my mind thinking that was going on in this little town I live in, but alas I can’t put anything now a days past anyone on anything any more. I sure hope that child’s father is in check if it had been my child I don’t know what I might have done.

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    • Brian . . . It is very nice to know that you have the “normal concerns that any father should have under these conditions.” Unfortunately, we have far too many children where only a mother acts as head of the household, and these children are denied the blessings that only a Father can bring to them.


  3. First, what is an eight year old doing on SNAPCHAT with no supervision? If left to me, I would take matters into my own hands and then claim temporary insanity, a good attorney will handle my case without the illegal alien “NOT PRESENT”, where could he have gone?

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  4. No worries…Governor Moonbat will exonerate him!

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    • Maryaha . . . although I agree, Governor Moonbat probably would take such action. Hopefully, the INA has been apprised of (yes, I know this is a Sanctuary State) his release date, either from the city jail, or a State of California prison . . . and they can nab him, and send him on his way back to the area his slithered away from.

      Isn’t it funny that so many are against Building the Wall. This is but one of the bazillions of reasons that we do need the Wall, because we have loonies in charge of certain states, that just will not protect the American citizens.

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    • Yeppers-in California he’s as legal as anyone now,so he’ll get his day in Court,an apology for the arrest,a kiss on the forehead and down the road he goes.

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    Just how the heck does that work in a “sanctuary city”? Every thing they did was against their “illegal alien protection program”.

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    • He can get a drivers license in CA. And fraudulent SS numbers are known to be sold and passed amongst illegals.

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      • Wonder if obamy got his that way (scar) they said it belonged to someone else.

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        • The AltMedia chatter is that Obama’s maternal grandma, who was an executive of a Honolulu bank with access to social security numbers, got him the SS # that belonged to a dead Connecticut man.

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          • Yeah, “grandma” had a bushel basket of ’em. They come in handy when you’re laundering money and doing phony real estate deals.

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          • Oh my heavens! I always wondered how in the world he had ended up with a Connecticut SS number. I presume that this old bat has passed away, other wise if this can be proved–she should be in jail.

            The question comes to mind, since the SS Dept keeps in-depth records on deaths . . . wouldn’t it pop up as being flagged that someone new is using the SS number of a deceased person?

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            • Lulu, MANY people are aware of the ssn issue. Orly Taitz (sp?) brought it to the government’s attention many times. Obongo’s primary ssn belonged to a former inmate at Fairfield Hospital in Newtown Connecticut. How’s that for synchronicity?

              Obongo couldn’t even pass a routine ID check. That’s the thing, it doesn’t matter unless they want it to. They are lawless.

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              • One wonders, was sandy hoax pulled off in part to have an excuse to demolish the school because it contained records, perhaps? (And what about the freemaosnic child ID program going on as well?) Records such as attendance of that man in his youth, or perhaps something worse? All very peculiar indeed. The need to demolish the place, and swear the demolition crew to secrecy seems to indicate the presence of something incriminating that couldn’t have been taken out of the building.

                All very strange.

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            • Grandma Madelyn Dunham conveniently died just 2 days before Obama won the 2008 presidential election.

              Obama said he couldn’t attend her funeral due to the whirlwind of events following the election, although grandma had brought him up after mom Stanley Ann effectively abandoned him at age 10 by sending him back to Honolulu (from Indonesia). Finally, while in Honolulu for his Christmas-New Year vacation, Obama attended a memorial service for grandma on Dec. 23 and scattered her ashes.


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              • Dr Eowyn . . . . Thank you for the history lesson. It is nothing short of flabbergasting that he could not find the time at that she died to acknowledge this profound (?) loss. Since “she died just 2 days before Obama won the 2008 presidential . . . he would not be inaugurated for more than another two months. What could have been so pressing about setting up his criminal enterprise that he could not find the time to honor his grandmother, and all she did for him. This just proves, there is no honor among thieves . . . evidently “Grannie” wasn’t above breaking the law, so why should Obummer cease his plans to entrench his criminal enterprise long enough to bury her?

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                • Ya know,the more I see about BHOS?’s alleged presidency and “political career”,the more angry I am that he was even allowed INTO the U.S. AT ALL. I still can’t believe nobody even CARES that our Country was ruled by a Criminally Illegal Alien for nearly a Decade. If he’d been a White guy,he’d have “stretched a rope” by now. He should thank Allah EVERY day for the Politically Correct Movement.

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  6. Hell, I don’t even know what Snap Chat is!!

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    • Pam . . . . I’m with you! Maybe its just another site where you tell your friends what you had for lunch. When I did have Facebook, that was exactly the kinds of messages I got, before I deep sixed ’em.

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  7. This is just another phase of the inexorable march toward total state control of the children. First, “The Mall” became a substitute for The Neighborhood. Now it’s all digital and anonymous. Parents are out of touch with their kids, just like the state wants it.

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    • lophatt . . . . You have stated exactly what makes this activity so very dangerous to children, “Now it’s all digital and anonymous.” I certainly do agree, the state certainly does not want parent’s to act in the roll of head of household–they want the children to think and believe that the state is in charge of all families. All the more reason for parent’s to home school, whenever possible.

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  8. “Confessions of a Public Defender

    …………….I have no explanation for why this is, but crime has racial patterns. Hispanics usually commit two kinds of crime: sexual assault on children and driving under the influence…………………”

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    • That’s a very honest piece. Why would they take exception to the truth? I don’t absolutely know why certain groups exhibit group behavior either. I can speculate, but it really doesn’t matter because they do.

      So these types of discussions are based on magical thinking. The Controllers want everyone to deny the obvious. If you deny the obvious you can never effectively control the problem.

      So the usual two sides of the question are, how do we deal with the behavior in a practical sense (i.e. jail, mental institution…whatever) and social, is this something than can be changed with intervention?

      If you’re a cop or prosecutor you’re really only concerned with the first problem. I think that’s fine as it is where most of us interact. All I care about is that they obey the law and stop harassing people.

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      • ” Why would they take exception to the truth?”
        I know you were being rhetorical in your question Lophatt, but for any newbie readers….Your one question can be asked over and over again in almost any area or problem these days, and the answer which you gave, “The Controllers want everyone to deny the obvious. If you deny the obvious you can never effectively control the problem.” is definitely true. But the bottom line answer is, its all about Jewish totalitarianism, i.e., Communism and destroying the White race, our religion, and our culture. They are destroyers of anything that gets in the way of world they want to create, and they have learned that it is far easier to lie and deceive to get their way as opposed to being an open adversary where people have the opportunity to really think and ask questions. Whether lying us into wars and conflicts, or all the social engineering where they lie about the subjects of racial and cultural differences, differences between the sexes, or the true nature of most homosexual behavior, they have twisted and lied, and made the truth taboo.

        “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you [Gentiles] will do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which is not in your nature to build.” You Gentiles by Maurice Samuel

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        • I couldn’t agree more. And yes, my question was rhetorical. The only thing I’d change to your response is that they aren’t creating a “world” for us. They are preparing the pasture for their cattle.

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    • Poor impulse control.

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    • Lana . . . . I can agree with that 100%, just by looking at local news accounts. It’s always sexual assault on children, or DUI. Perhaps these pervs cannot deal with adult women.

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  9. Here’s something else I really hadn’t thought much about:

    This behavior effects us all. The selective lawlessness is appalling. They are picking and choosing which laws to abide by in the interest of forcing their social engineering down our throats.

    Note what it says about the “reason” for immigration law being federal.

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    • lophatt . . . You are right on the money! Personally, I agree with those who think that the officials in “Sanctuary States” should be arrested and charged with something. They certainly are causing grief for those who are actual American citizens.

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  10. Children 13 and under definitely shouldn’t be using cellphones because they can easily become victims of pedophilia and the electromagnetic radiation emissions are particularly dangerous to young brains, as well. In reality, none of us should be exposing our bodies to these emissions. So many parents are just plain stupid.

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  11. I just don’t understand how an 8 year old agrees to send nude pictures of herself or even talk about having sex with a stranger….?

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  12. Any child under the age of 15 does not need a cell phone, as they require adults to transport them to activities, or provide them with money to obtain transport.

    Wake up!!! They have so much growing up to do in the real world!!

    The last thing any child needs is a cell phone. the second to last being a video game, the third; TV, and fourth; a computer.

    Give ’em a calculator for trigonometry in their sophomore year, and build technology from their.

    For children, technology should be used exclusively for tracking purposes and to instill virtue and wisdom in their immature brains. Anybody who thinks otherwise has not received those benefits.

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