Epidemic of medical boots: Now it’s Rep. Jackie Walorski

It’s an epidemic!

Of politicos wearing a medical or orthopedic boot.

First, it was Hillary Clinton, first seen on October 15, 2017 with a medical boot, ostensibly because she broke her right toe “while running downstairs wearing heels and falling back”. Two months later, on Dec. 14, she’s still wearing an orthopedic boot, although of a different color — navy blue instead of grey.

Then, it’s RINO Sen. John McCain, first seen on November 6, 2017, with “the boot” on his right leg, ostensibly because of a “minor tear” in his right Achilles’ tendon. 17 days later, he switched the boot from his supposedly injured right foot to his healthy left leg. McCain nonsensically explained he did so in order to give the left leg “a break” because it “was doing extra work to compensate for the boot” on his right leg.

Next, Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) was seen wearing “the boot” on her left leg:

Then, it’s Hillary close aide Huma Abedin, spotted on December 29, 2017 wearing pants with an interesting rectangular-shaped wrinkle on her right pant leg:

The latest discovery: Congresswoman Jackie Walorski (R-Indiana), 54, a member of the House Ways and Means Committee. On November 2, 2017, Walorski was photographed by AP’s Pablo Martinez Monsivais, leaving the White House with a group of other House Representatives after a meeting with President Donald Trump. (Source: Boston Herald; h/t REBRN)

I cropped and enlarged the image of Walorski, and painted the yellow arrow pointing to her boot:

First elected to the House in 2012 with the support of the TEA Party, Walorski turned out to be somewhat of a disappointment:

  • Voting with the Republican Party most of the time, Ballotpedia calls her a “centrist” or “moderate” Republican.
  • Madison Project gave her a score of only 59% on conservative issues.
  • Freedom Works gives her a lifetime score of 69% on issues that promote less government, lower taxes and more economic freedom.

Reportedly, the number of sealed indictments since last October has reached over 8,000.

H/t Kelleigh


31 responses to “Epidemic of medical boots: Now it’s Rep. Jackie Walorski

  1. Oh, but those medical boots are just the hottest fashion accessory, don’tcha know? 👠👡

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  2. They could stop injuring themselves like this if they just quit putting their foot in their mouth.

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  3. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    It’s called “breakin’ on the wrong side of right.”


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  4. Who’s next to get the “boot”? 👀👈

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  5. Chelsea Clinton also has a boot on her foot. There was a mention in Newsweek regarding the boots, just not sure if it is accurate or an old picture.

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  6. Hahaha! That’s a good one. And it’s not even a pun anymore. I’m starting to believe in the boot.

    After all of this is over, or better yet, at the finale with the grand jury trial, Trump lets everybody in on the magnificent game of politics he played to reach that holy point. It’s a mere dream, and a strange epidemic of medical boots and bell-bottom pants aren’t enough to convince me totally. But it’s hope at this point.

    It reminds me all the more of the slaughter of the Vegas partygoers and the bizarre fires in California. The Deep State is in a state of covert civil war, I’m convinced. Their next desperate step is apparently to force us into war either with Iran or North Korea, despite Kim Jong Un desiring peace talks and behaving more and more like a terrified dictator rather than ambitious overlord. I just fear that, like most of our past wars, the MIC and DS will force violence to nip the peace just as it’s blooming.

    Pray to our Heavenly Father that this does not happen. There are many Followers of Christ Jesus in NK. They, and all the innocent oppressed, would suffer first and for many decades from war or nuclear assault. To say nothing of our own troops. But when has the dark industrial empire elite ever cared for them? Or anybody?

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    • Yes Eli, I am praying. Scripture says, “As a watercourse is the heart of a king in the hands of the Lord. Whichever way He choses, He turns it.” It is also written, “He makes wars cease to the ends of the earth, He breaks the bow, He shatters the spear, He burns the shields with fire.”

      So in agreement with God’s Word, which will not return to Him void, I am praying the He will daily grab hold of the hearts and minds of everyone in power throughout the world, least to greatest, in every sector of society, in both evil and good leaders, and turn their hearts away from war. That He would show all leaders on the brink of war a better way. That the Father’s will would “be done on earth as it is done in Heaven”

      May the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified in the days ahead.

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    • Eli . . . . Amen to all of that!

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  7. That Hillary, she’s a trend setter. I’m hoping to see them all in orange this year.

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  8. Maybe it’s another freemason/devil “initiation” injury?


    • 2x4 to the head

      like the way you think 😉

      perhaps they stubbed their toe while slipshod, hoodwinked and cable-towed from the dark room of reflection.


  9. Here is an excellent video by Greg Hunter. He has very good connections and discusses President Trump’s Executive Order, the Clintons, election fraud, Q-Anon, etc.

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  10. I pray daily through Jesus Christ that PDJT is the recipient of God’s wisdom throughout these days of 2018 and beyond. Ours is The Greatest Republic ever created, and yet we are in moral ruin through corruption, ignorance, incompetence, greed and lust for power.

    Our Congress passes unconstitutional laws, our Courts are corrupt, and we’re being enlightened daily about the absolute criminality within all Agencies of the Executive Branch. Indiana, throughout the time VP Pence was Governor, has been a hub for sex trafficking and pedophilia. There is no room in my heart for compassion towards those elected or unelected cogs in the wheels of Government.

    We, The People, need to take our share of responsibility towards restoring our Republic. Regardless of political party, there are precious few incumbents that deserve reelection in 2018. We either need a new political party or have the guts to get rid of the professional politicians who have enriched themselves at our expense for so long. Good men need to come forward for 2018.

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  11. Pingback: Epidemic of medical boots: Now it’s Rep. Jackie Walorski #itishappening – Unite or Die

  12. The less “need” we have of government the better off we’ll be and the less control they’ll have. There are some things that require us to act collectively, through government. We have MUCH TOO BIG a government that is involved more in social engineering than meeting OUR needs.

    A start would be developing the habit of thinking about what we can do about issues without the government’s involvement. Over time they have gotten people into the habit of asking permission for things they don’t require anyone’s permission for.

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  13. Hadenoughalready

    And I just found the reason. It’s because they’re so full of hot air and methane gas that, if they didn’t add additional weights, they’d float away – like cow farts…

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  14. This is a shocking vid on Indiana.


  15. Dr. Eowyn, please research filia.aurea’s video. That… sounds credible. Too much so with my premonitions. I firmly believe the Holy Spirit has given me, and doubtless plenty of others, the ability to detect individuals with extremely deceitful personas.

    From the moment I saw the man on camera, I had a bad feeling about him. He reminded me vermin. There was an individual I met once who reminded me of a black rat. Turns out, I was right. It wasn’t his mannerisms, it was his eyes. They were… black. Empty, like they were opaque. I don’t see that often at all. When I looked at Pence, the first thing that leapt into my mind was “white rat!”. I think the Spirit of Truth was reacting with disdain at his presence.

    Recently, my prayers were answered in regard to learning more about Pence. For some absolutely random reason, I never knew Pence was from Indiana. I’m a shameful sinner of sloth, so I never bothered to google it… not sure why. And upon learning this ready information, I reacted badly. Perhaps this is all false, but I strongly support that Pence needs to be watched closely. We approach the end, and if false prophets are with us, we can be certain false Believers are as well. Saying one thing, and doing another.

    My own sins are strong and I must wrestle with them daily, Christ give me strength and mercy, but there is a grand difference and scale in sin. If Mike Pence is actively involved in satanic ritual or child trafficking, well… that’s a big difference from formerly being so, or even peripherally aware. Perhaps he’s a double agent and Trump chose him BECAUSE he’s been aware of the truth, and is providing knowledge about what was going on. Maybe he’s pretending to be a sheep, while actually being a wolf.

    I look forward to further analysis of the video. Also, good article. Keep it up with the ankle monitor research. It’s funny how you were the first to be suspicious of something I and I know a few others dismissed initially.

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  16. I’ve actually had to wear “a boot” for two broken bones in my foot, that I didn’t realize I had broken until about a month afterwards. In preparation for surgery on my left hand, was cleaning… can’t have surgery without having a clean house, ‘ya know! I slipped on the wet kitchen tile floor and slammed my right ankle / foot into the “lip/ gap” under the cabinets beneath the sink. I knew it HURT, and it did turn pretty shades of purple, blue and green. By the time I went to the doctor about my foot – with my left hand in one of those hard, molded plastic casts with funky hooks and pulleys – it was too late to do anything about my foot, ‘cept put it in a knee-high air-cast boot. They are NOT at all comfortable. I cannot imagine having to wear an ankle “bracelet” inside the boot. THAT has got to be painful. But, then, if that’s what these crooks are doing, to hide their embarrassment, they deserve every bit of the pain! And then some!!!

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