Upside-down crosses and Chelsea Clinton’s happy new year to Church of Satan

Last November, coming across blogs claiming that Chelsea Clinton had been seen wearing an upside-down cross necklace, I took pains to track down and examine images of her with the satanic jewelry.

I determined that the upside-down cross was an optical effect from the bail that attaches the cross to her chain necklace, only to have Chelsea herself shoot down my painstaking debunking when, on January 2, 2018, she tweeted “Happy New Year” to the Church of Satan.

That day, Chelsea tweeted actress Chrissy Teigen to offer comfort and solidarity when Teigen got in a Twitter storm over pizzagate. Responding to Teigen’s tweet,”what. is. happening. hi hooters!,” Chelsea tweeted:

“In 2017, @ChurchofSatan & I were put on a few threads together. In 2018, it’s @Hooters. What a time to be alive Chrissy!”

An hour later, the Church of Satan chimed in:

“The never ending excitement here is never ending.”

To which Chelsea replied @ChurchofSatan:

“It’s been so long! Happy New Year!

The Church of Satan responded to Chelsea’s happy new year:

“Same to you, here’s to a great 2018!”

Chelsea has since deleted her “Happy New Year” tweet from her account, but it is archived here. Below is a screenshot of the exchange:

The next day, January 3, reacting to the news of her “Happy New Year” to the Church of Satan, Chelsea defended herself, saying that she was just being “civil, cheerful, respectful” to “people who don’t share our religious beliefs” — Satanists:

If Satan had a Twitter account, would Chelsea Clinton send “Happy New Year” and “Merry Christmas” wishes as well? After all, we can’t allow a mere difference of religious beliefs to stop us from being “civil, cheerful, and respectful” to the Devil, can we?

Speaking of upside-down crosses, Mookie kingston @mookiek2 tweeted this image of Hillary Clinton wearing a pendant embossed with an upside-down cross:

Then there’s anti-Trump actress Jennifer Lawrence who, on September 12, 2017 on the Tonight Show, wore a pair of upside-down cross earrings:

The screenshots of Lawrence were taken from this video:

See also:

H/t FOTM‘s TrailDust, GiGi and reader YYZ


38 responses to “Upside-down crosses and Chelsea Clinton’s happy new year to Church of Satan

  1. The apples don’t fall far from the tree …

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  2. What a vile creature! You gave her more than the benefit of the doubt. She is, at minimum “amoral”. Look at her alleged parents. At least one of them!

    You could package her, her “mom and dad”, Obongo, all their friends and acquaintances and the whole “Comet Pizza/D.C. ‘art'” crew and you wouldn’t find a bio-waste outfit willing to touch it.

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  3. Satanism is not another denomination and most certainly not a religion to be compared to Judaism or Methodism. Chelsea is Clinton 2.0, she’s not going away but will rise once her time is ripe.

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    • Absolutely correct. It’s amazing to me how conditioned people have become to feeling ashamed of their own faith. We never have to apologize for being Christian. And no, “Satanism” is hardly a “denomination”. A denomination of what?

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  4. I believe it is exactly what it appears to be, upside down crosses. I saw a YT video a few days ago by April LeJune, that mentioned Hillary-Huma emails that were recently released. She said that there were references in them to some kind of “vampirism”. I wouldn’t doubt it for one second.

    The Chrissy Teigen stuff is also interesting, since it was she and John Legend that were on that LAX to Tokyo flight that was sent back after being four hours into the flight. People on Liz Crokin’s Twitter feed have been asking if the couple ever made it to Japan, as they haven’t really posted any photos of their trip like you would expect them to. They have, however, found plenty time to attack Liz personally since she pointed out that they had images and symbols of pedophilia on their websites.

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    • These people belong to the same filth that inhabits the whole Hollywood-Music scene. They think evil is “Kool” and diddlying little kids is funny.

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    • The Bradford File converted the Huma emails into a searchable PDF. I searched for “vampirism” and “vampir” but came up with nothing:

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      • I mis-remembered…April LaJune didn’t mention it in a video, it was in a Twitter comment. Here is the exact quote:

        “Ok. Here’s one. Look at the emails of Huma and Hillary dumped by FBI. They’re talking abt a type of vampirism. If we go down that road, people won’t be able to handle it.”

        So I’m guessing that they didn’t use the word “vampirism”, but whatever word or phrase they did use, is a type of vampirism. I just wish I knew what it was so I could search and see it for myself. Heck, I guess I could just ask her. 😳

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    • I haven’t heard anything related to “vampirism”. I HAVE read a few things related to John Legend and Chrissy Teigen related to Satanism. But these issues were raised by someone who was tracking down all of these peoples connections.

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  5. I Kmart this is completely off topic, but check out this video on Jennifer Lawrence.


    • Uncanny resemblance!
      As for cloning, I’m not yet sold. Most people have doppelgangers. I was once in Oaks Bluff on Martha’s Vineyard and noticed a lot of women looking at me very oddly. Later that night a guy came up to me in a pub and said he had just spent 2 hours playing pool with my twin.

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    • Wow. that is wild. Probably one in the same. Jennifer L. is like 1000 years old, as they sustain themselves from eating aborted babies and drinking blood. Kinda like Kim K. eating her placenta and Peter Theil drinking young peoples blood. Its in Vanity Fair


  6. The wicked waffle . They worship satan but deny knowing the devil . In reality , they are all luciferians . The serpent has many names and disguises . — Counter and overthrow to them . The Cross is a holy symbol of the passion and sacrifice of JESUS CHRIST , in our stead . THE SON OF GOD , being pure and innocent , took upon himself all the sins of mankind , through all of the generations . His spilled blood , makes it possible for each one of us , to be forgiven of our sins , by faith in and obedience to Him . Justice must be fulfilled but mercy has its claim . THE LORD JESUS is the chief cornerstone of a sure foundation , of each man’s salvation . It is by Him we gain entrance and welcome , through the Pearly Gates , into The Kingdom of Heaven . JESUS CHRIST IS SAVIOR AND REDEEMER ; THE ONE WAY AND ONLY HOPE .

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  7. I am – well, I don’t know how to tell you how I feel about these tweets. I am not shocked, so maybe just repulsed by it. I wear 3 crosses, and one is a gold Jerusalem cross, another Jerusalem cross is a silver Celtic design and a traditional silver one that I had blessed while going through chemo and the rest of the therapy. Chelsea’s comments leave me chilled inside. Evil is everywhere. But she had good teachers. What I see on on Hillary, may be…MAY BE…a piece of eight coin or of that vintage. I have an authentic one from a very famous wreck. The coins were stamped occasionally off center, especially if they were of smaller denominations. They even cut them to trim off excess weight if they were over the weight designated. The methods of producing them were crude.

    Happy New Year everyone…let’s just bring the hammer down on evil.

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  8. Chelsea Clinton is not to be trusted, she´s got some of her dad´s and a whole lot from her mother, which is the worse part. Some day, I wont be around to see it, she will be in politics, right now she´s learning, by then her parents will be a legend and then she will put it all to practice. Just as the Kennedy´s have done. It pays to wait.

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    • This is the ultimate spoiled brat. Free ride, all the way. Even her wedding was paid for by “charities” and included “living expenses” for years. The crooks know that they can buy influence with the Mob Queen and her Cuck.

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  9. Spiders always wait patiently to kill their prey!

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  10. doesn’t every God-fearing Christian tweet “It’s been so long!” and “Happy New Year!” to the church of satan? (sarc.)
    if chelsea didn’t think it was no big deal, then why did she delete her tweet?
    the clintons lie…period.

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  11. Wishing a happy new year to the church of satan pretty much seals it for me. All 3 Clintons seem to be actual bonafide devil worshippers.

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  12. Sadly, she is the mother of two. Anyone seen them around or anyone playing parent and grandparent? Me either.

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  13. Back in the summer, when that bizarre tale of Hillary becoming a minister, people were joking around on Twitter, making comments about her being a minister for the Church of Satan. If l remember correctly, didn’t they claim they didn’t want her either?

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    • The woman is so profoundly narcissistic and divorced from reality that she doesn’t even see how ridiculous she is. I wouldn’t invite her to a “black mass” if I were a Satanist. She’d steal the accouterments. You’d have to keep counting the daggers.

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  14. They’re incubating with the rest of the maggots. I hear they’ve got a good orc den somewhere in the swamp’s underlevels.

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  15. The answer to the riddle of Chelsea Clinton is simple: When she was born, the doctor dropped her on her head!!!
    Since WHEN is ANYONE required to give the Devil “equal time”?!?! But: Look at who her parents are!

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    • Thank you, John, for finding the source of that image of Hillary. In the CNN video, most of the time her pendant-with-a-cross is obscured by the irritating CNN Breaking News banner. At the 0:37 mark, the entire pendant is visible. I took this screenshot and it appears to me the cross is NOT upside down.

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  16. Pingback: Chelsea Clinton twittrade till Church of Satan, Hillary Clinton bar uppochned-vänt kors som halssmycke – Harpolekarens blogg

  17. That is not an upsidedown cross. This article is BULL DREN


  18. Chelsea’s biggest problem seems to be she’s a moron – I’m sure she had to be told to remove that tweet. Princess of loose stools. Spawn of the Rotten one and Hubbard, raised by a rapist.

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  19. “…just being ‘civil, cheerful, respectful’ to ‘people who don’t share our religious beliefs’…”

    …is exactly what got us in this thousands-of-years-long mess when Eve decided it was OK to be “civil, cheerful, & respectful” to that sneaky serpent/ devil in the Garden of Eden. :-/

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  20. yes!
    Jesus knew to rebuke Peter after the foretelling of his death and resurrection and Peter wanted to fight to protect Jesus from his experiencing his passion:
    “Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.” Matthew 16:23

    as Christians, we must always remember to:
    “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” Matthew 10:16
    nowhere did Jesus say we must be buddies with satanists….chelsea, again, has it wrong.

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