Philadelphia’s new DA vows to “trade jails for school”

larry krasner philadelphia magazine photo

Larry Krasner/Philadelphia Magazine photo

Didn’t criminals already have a chance at school?

According to Wikipedia: Philadelphia consistently ranks above the national average in terms of crime, especially violent offenses.It has the highest violent crime rate of the ten American cities with a population greater than 1 million residents, as well as the highest poverty rate among these cities. It has been included in real estate analytics company NeighborhoodScout’s “Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in America” list every year since it has been compiled.

And from the Philadelphia Police, the city ended the 2017 with 315 homicides.

From HuffPo: In an emotional swearing-in speech Tuesday, Larry Krasner, Philadelphia’s new district attorney, promised to transform the city’s criminal justice system, fight inequality and lower the high incarceration rate.

“Today, we start the long road towards trading jails and trading death row for schools,” Krasner said. “Today, we trade fear for sanctuary.”

A civil rights defense attorney with a history of suing the Philadelphia Police Department, Krasner was elected as the city’s top prosecutor in November, defeating Republican opponent Beth Grossman.

Krasner, who has been applauded by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and other progressives for his calls for reform and strong stance against capital punishment, said Tuesday that everyone deserves protection, support and a second chance. He spoke of human potential being lost due to incarceration, and of how the current system impacts residents across the city — from the police officer to the young student to the mother of a heroin addict.

“Today we start the long road towards trading division between police and the communities they serve for unity and reconciliation and cooperation, all of which make us safer,” he said.

Along with not pursuing death sentences, Krasner has said he will end the city’s use of cash bail and its controversial “stop and frisk” policy.

Krasner said the election was not about him as a person, but “a movement for criminal justice reform” that is sweeping the nation. His duty as a “technician” of that movement, he said, is “to seek justice in society.”

“That requires us to communicate the truth, to represent the public and to exercise power with restraint, with our roots dug deep in the rich soil of equality,” he said. “That’s what we need to do.”

Krasner replaces Kelley Hodge, who has been serving as acting district attorney since July, when she replaced Seth Williams(demorat). Williams announced in February that he would not seek a third term and was later indicted on 29 federal fraud charges involving campaign funds and other financial disclosures. He pleaded guilty to a bribery charge and was sentenced in October to five years in prison.


20 responses to “Philadelphia’s new DA vows to “trade jails for school”

  1. Kevin J Lankford

    Sounds like what he means, is trading prosecuting crimes, for pampering criminals.

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  2. “Krasner was elected as the city’s top prosecutor in November, defeating Republican opponent Beth Grossman.”

    Congratulations, Philadelphians! Your collective IQ must be in the single digits. You’ve done the seeming impossible — dig an even deeper hole for yourselves and your city.

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    • You can’t make this stuff up, right? A law firm of Jewish ambulance chasers, whose only real interest in blacks is whether they’ll cook as well as clean toilets and further the Cloward-Piven strategy, takes over the DA’s office in Philly. The man who’s going to end corruption in the DA’s office wins with $1.7 million in outright graft from Soros, apparently getting 3x the votes of the pretend Republican whose job was obviously to make Republicans look like clowns. Krasner sued the police something like 75 times, so morale on the force should hit rock bottom in no time at all.

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    • Just think, pretty soon its going to look like the slums of South Africa. It’s time to write these places off and concentrate on containment. Don’t let it spread and it’ll take care of itself.

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  3. Problem begins st home. No such thing as family with a mom and dad any more. Kids with a close loving family rarely have criminals for kids.

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  4. Some People learn thru the Brain, – Others’ Learn thru the Pain..

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  5. A box of rocks has more sense than this nut case.

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  6. Captain Obvious

    I live near the city. I hate having to go there, but I do. The black men look at you like they want to rape you and the women look like they want to kill you. White hatred is on full display with signs in windows of homes reading:

    “Fascist Scum your time is done! White Supremecy is terrorism!”

    The place is a hell hole. I can’t wait until I don’t have to work there anymore.
    The “sanctuary”they talk of means, protection from criminal prosecution of criminals. Look for the city to become a criminal playground in 3,2,1….

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  7. You can send a baboon to Harvard but, no matter how many years you keep him there, he’s still a baboon. You can’t reward a thug into growing a brain or a conscience.

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  8. Hey, buddy, good luck. I ain’t hiring any on those jail birds to change the gasket on my garden hose, are you kidding or what?

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  9. Krasner can’t possible be serious for all the reasons as Dan pointed above, but just in case Mr Krasner hasn’t been apprised of what goes on in Black schools I share this with him.

    A White Teacher Speaks Out

    “Until recently I taught at a predominantly black high school in a southeastern state. I took the job because I wasn’t knowledgeable about race at the time, and black schools aren’t picky. The school offered me a job and suddenly I was in darkest Africa. Except, I wasn’t in Africa; I was in America…………”

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    • Lana, that is scary! The majority of those kids are not easy to deal with!

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    • My parents got a divorce and I had to go to an “inner-city” school for a year. Wow! It was a war zone. Some of the kids in the eighth grade were 17. They challenged (physically) the teachers. I saw fist fights between teachers and students. At the time we had no “resource officers”, just teachers.

      The blacks, hispanics and asians all formed separate “blocks” and the ALL hated the whites. There were only a very few of us. Entering or leaving the school had to be carefully planned to avoid an ambush.

      They need to stop expecting the police to be social workers and the teachers to be armed guards. If they “act out” they should be jerked out of there and thrown in the slammer, instantly.

      As a society we are going to have to find a solution for this. It isn’t going to be more of what we’ve been doing.

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      • There isn’t a solution to that problem because they are product of their environment, it just take but a few to be able to make it out of there, they know is very difficult when they don’t have the means and the support from a family where a father is missing. There are kids in the hood that are smart but cannot find the way.

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  10. The answer is not to mollycoddle those buffoons , miscreants and criminals . The people loose respect for GOD , and any good law , when justice is robbed , and the guilty go free to do worse . These officials do act , in their capacity , in the place of GOD . He sees their negligence and culpability , and will hold them strictly accountable , for their profane insult , to His honor . Pray , to THE LORD JESUS , for the swift discovery , and punishment , of all corrupt officials .

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