Oregon residents are up in arms at having to pump their own gas

pumping gas

Oh noes!

From Yahoo: A new law took effect at the start of the New Year in Oregon, making it legal for citizens to pump their own gas at stations—and Oregonians are not happy.

The law, which was passed through Oregon’s legislature in May and signed into law June, allows self-pumping in almost half of the state’s 36 counties. This leaves New Jersey the only state which still outlaws pumping one’s own gas.

When a CBS affiliate in Medford, Oregon, asked its Facebook followers to comment on the new legislation, the responses sparked reactions on social media. The post on Facebook has been shared over 55,000 times and has elicited over 40,000 comments that range from serious to sarcastic, but nevertheless, are equally entertaining.

 “I don’t even know HOW to pump gas and I am 62, native Oregonian…..I say NO THANKS! I don’t want to smell like gasoline!” one woman said.

“Not a good idea, there are lots of reason to have an attendant helping, one is they need a job too. Many people are not capable of knowing how to pump gas and the hazards of not doing it correctly. Besides I don’t want to go to work smelling of gas when I get it on my hands or clothes. I agree Very bad idea,” another Facebooker wrote.

“FEAR NOT OREGON!!!! I’ve decided to move to Oregon to open a school to teach people how to pump their own gas,” one man joked.

Not all Oregon gas stations will be changing their ways, according to the Bend Bulletin. “Honestly, I don’t think we’re going to make a change,” a cashier told the paper. “Our regular, longtime customers love coming here and talking to us while we pump their gas.”

She went on to say that many regulars probably don’t know how to work a gas pump.

A gas station manager in Prineville, Oregon, said his station will continue to employ attendants. Another gas station owner in Metolius, Oregon, added, “My equipment is not set up for credit cards, so we don’t have any way of recording the gallons.”

While the law will require everyday citizens to pump their own gas, the Americans With Disabilities Act ensures gas stations provide assistance for the elderly and disabled.

In New Jersey, a violation of the self-pumping law will elicit a fine between $50 and $250 for first offense, and up to $500 for subsequent offenses.


74 responses to “Oregon residents are up in arms at having to pump their own gas

  1. Oh, suck it up, cupcakes.

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  2. There are Cold Days in Wisconsin when I would gladly pay someone a couple bucks to fill the tank for me..

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    • When I was in high school I got a job at a service station. We had to fill the tank, wash the windows, check the air in the tires, check the oil and water, even if they just bought $1.00 worth. Stations were in competition with each other for their service. This was at $.26/gallon.

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      • lophatt . . . I sorta remember those says. My first car was a 1966 (or maybe 1965, I guess time has dimmed my memory) Ford Fairlane 500, black with white vinyl top, bucket seats, 8 cylinder: I sued to fill it every pay day with Ethyl purchased at $ .25 a gallon. I bought this car in 1970, it was beautiful. I gave it to my brother, but someone hit him, he got rid of it . . . but occasionally we would see it on the streets, at least for a couple of years. Now I have to pay nearly $ 3.00 a gallon for Plus gasoline for my 2000 Solara, and $2.85 a gallon for Regular gasoline for my Toyota RAV4 . . . . I certainly do miss the days when I could fill my tank for under $5.00. Now I nearly have heart failure watching the numbers go up on the meter at the gas station. Life was wonderfully simple back in the day . . . . .

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    • EddieBG . . . Thank you . . . you are a man after my own heart!

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  3. Seriously? People there is more to life to complain about then pumping your own gas. I find this absolutely ridiculous and absurd.

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  4. The world is ending! 😱

    I have never seen such nonsense from people. These adults have lived their entire lives without putting gas in their own cars? I didn’t even know there are states that don’t allow self service. You would think that people would have watched an attendant put gas in their car at least once or twice, and be able to figure it out. And these guys think they have mental superiority over the rest of us. Pitiful…

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    • People’s Republic of New Jersey– where self-reliance is as welcome as the 2nd Amendment!

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      • Anonymous . . . I am very glad that there are those in New Jersey that are pro 2nd Amendment. As far as self-reliance goes, although I am not mandated to have to pump my own gas . . . I would just about suspect that after watching the gas attendant do it a bazillionth time, I probably could in a pinch get out of my car and pump my own. I am just glad that I don’t have to . . . I am also very thankful that those who work as gas station attendants have jobs (I understand from those who live in states where they can and do pump their own gas–the price of gas IS NO LOWER THAN IT IS IN THE STATE OF OREGON) and at lease hopefully they are not going to the state offices to apply for food stamps. I would much rather seeing someone doing something in our society to earn their own way, than just wait for the state to give them assistance (with my tax dollars.)

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    • It’s been that way since the 1970’s (I think). I remember when it wasn’t.

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    • Maryaha . . . Regarding your sentence . . . “And these guys think they have mental superiority over the rest of us. Pitiful …”

      Since the new law applies to only those counties than have fewer than 40,000 residents. I for one am thrilled that they did not include, Multnomah, Marion, Washington, Clackamas counties in this. If you had ever traveled to the State of Oregon, you would more than realize that we have, far more than our share of people who are mentally handicapped; which may well include those who would smoke while pumping their gas, and other acts of sublime stupidity. I for one do not want these lamos pumping gas while I am at the gas station, or for that matter any of my loved ones . They are a danger to the whole world, including those who are at gas stations, because they have no common sense. Case in point: A friend once told me that her daughter was dating a man from North Dakota, when he would come up on a Y-I-E-L-D sign . . . he would “roll down his window and “Yell.” When asked why he did this, he said the “sign said to Yell (Yield.) If there are folks who cannot read with understanding, they certainly do not belong driving cars, or putting gasoline into those cars! If they cannot read, I rather doubt they will obey the warning posted on gas pumps.

      I don’t think that we as Oregonians necessarily feel that we are “mentally superior” to those living in states that do allow their citizens to pump their own gas. We just do some things differently. All states have laws than are unique and perhaps seem rather difficult to understand by those in other states.

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  5. The protest comments all sound exactly like the vapid arguments against Voter ID laws.

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  6. It sounds like the law merely ALLOWS people to pump their own gas if they CHOOSE to,so what’s the big freak-out all about? Trust me-it’s so easy a CHILD can do it;in fact around here a lot of kids see it as a treat to get to gas up the car when they go with Mom or Dad to the station.
    “I don’t even know HOW to pump gas and I am 62, native Oregonian”
    REALLY?? What a sheltered life these people must live. Have they figured out how to open a box of cereal yet? Maybe the local College offers a class…

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  7. Wiki says Oregon has 27 official state emblems or symbols. We can now add a 28th symbol for the State of Oregon: Snowflakes!

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    • 27, a favorite number sign of freemasonry. Coincidence? Maybe.

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . I can understand why those who live in the other 48 states where self-pumping is allowed. You all grew up with it, and It’s okay if you want to call me a “Snowflake.” I just don’t care. I still love all of my FOTM family, even if they have come to the conclusion that I am a Wuss and a Snowflake! IT’s just okay, in my own family of birth we certainly have those who “follow their own path,” so it’s okay is my FOTM family has those who also follow their own path.

      I did look up this new law, it ONLY APPIES to those counties than have fewer than 40,000 residents–which means kinds sorta . . . Eastern Oregon. Many of those folks since that is ranch/farm country are quite used to pumping gas from their onsite gas tanks. I live in Multnomah County, which has probably 10 times that many residents.

      Now that I have reached the age of 71, I do not want to pump my own gas. I want to pay some one else, who needs a job to pump it for me. I don’t want to have to get out of my car to go into the convenience store to pay inside, I want to hand the gas attendant my money.

      Just recently, since it was getting near freezing temperatures, I put a bottle of “fuel injector anti-freeze” in each of my cars, before having the attendant start pumping, I asked him to put the bottle of additive in. To me this was a Win/Win situation. I won by not having to do this myself, and he won because I smiled and thanked him profusely!

      There may be many who think I am “puttin’ on the Ritz” by owning two cars; a 2000 Toyota Solara, which I ordered thru a Toyota dealership, and more recently a 2016 Toyota RAV4 (the RAV4 was purchased for the specific need of having siblings who have developed physical/medical problems that made getting into and out of the Solara very difficult. Actually of the two cars the Solara is definitely my favorite, it has every gadget know to man at the time it was built in 2000. Now the stupid RAV4 has every gadget known to man in 2016, although I bought it second hand. It has NO tap deck, NO CD player, it has the expectation that the owner knows how to operate a “Bluetooth,” which is beyond the scope of my understanding. It also has a “parking assist” and several other alphabetically coded assist functions that I am mystified as to what they even are, so I rather think I just don’t need them. Although I should look them up in the manual, but that seems like rather a lot of bother for something that I obviously do not need.

      I was supposed to sell the Solara after I got the RAV4, and I had at least three buyers, but then I found that insuring both cars, earned me a very hefty discount, which really helped in paying the physical damage on the RAV4. So that the total to cover both cars was barely more than covering only the RAV4. That factor, together with the fact that I just could not bring myself to part with the Solara, has made me the owner of two cars. Someone recently said, “Oh! You must be rich!” Well no, not really . . . the night before the first of the prospective purchasers of the 2000 Solara was supposed to come to actually take it away, I had to call and say I just could not part with it. I guess the Solara is just “more of a toy than the RAV4 is.”

      To get back to the fact that some counties in Oregon are able to pump their own gas . . . I am more than glad that I will not have to pump my own gas. Now, if I ever want to take a trip to Idaho, Utah or beyond . . . I guess I will have to have someone teach me how to pump gas . . . . .

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      • I must admit when I lived in Oregon it was nice to not have get out in the rain to pump gas. But I sure hated giving the attendant my debit card. I don’t think I’d give one my card today, not with the advances in identity theft. I’d carry cash for filling up.

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        • DCG . . . . I certainly do agree about giving anyone your Debit card or Credit card. . . . it just is not safe! (I have had my identity stolen twice in about the last two years. Once they purchased $3600.00 in merchandise at a Fred Meyer store that was only one mile away; and once another card number was used in The Netherlands to try to purchase merchandise–since I have never been outside the USA, it certainly was not me trying to make the purchase.) I never use either of those conveniences when purchasing gas for my cars, I always pay in Cash. I like Cash.

          Years ago when I first started driving, I taught myself three things: 1) fill your gas tank every time you get paid, so that you know you have a full tank * 2) you always use cash, if you don’t have cash to spend, then you probably cannot afford to purchase whatever * 3) fill your tank when it shows one quarter full) I have never had to “walk for gas” at any time in my life, and I am not about to. (Even though they say that the weight of the gas cuts down on the mileage to be expected. I could care less, I just don’t want to get stuck with an empty gas tank!)

          Probably in my whole life I have only purchased gas with a credit card perhaps three times, and there had to be some extenuating circumstances that made me do that. Other’s scoff at me, or at least the lady I worked with at the Dairy did, because she only used a Debit card, but I have maintained my lifetime allegiance to cash, and I don’t plan on changing any time soon.

          It is rather odd, because both of my parent’s used Shell gas credit cards when they purchased gas. So I did not learn my thing about “purchasing gas with cash” from them. I guess that was just an oddity that I picked up on my own. That has lead me to wonder, of my siblings, do they use cash, or credit cards? I am going to have to follow up on that one.

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        • Yeah, I meant to mention that little “feature”. One shouldn’t confuse this with how being an “attendant” used to be. These guys are one step up from the ones that spit on your windshield at stoplights and want money for washing your windows.

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      • “It’s okay if you want to call me a “Snowflake.” I just don’t care. I still love all of my FOTM family, even if they have come to the conclusion that I am a Wuss and a Snowflake!”

        Auntie Lulu, I trust you know me by now that I would never insult or demean you. My “snowflakes” comment was meant for those Oregonians who, as this post’s title says, are “up in arms” because they now must pump their own gas. Whatever one’s preferences are on gas-pumping, to go into a rant or worse (“up in arms”) over this is absurd. Aren’t there more important things to be upset about? I don’t see Oregonians or any state being “up in arms” over giving ILLEGALS sanctuary, for example.

        Lastly, I’m somewhat confounded by this post eliciting so many comments. As a matter of principle, I’m always in favor of DIY — self-reliance vs. dependency.

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  8. Now, if the gas stations were still offering full service (cleaning the windshield and checking the oil level, etc.) like many of us enjoyed back in the day, I might be upset too. Full service is a pleasant memory, so nostalgic. Oregon, join the rest of the country and remember to take time to teach your grandparents how to pump their gas and use the credit/debit card application.

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  9. Are You loco (crazy) ? The attendant pumping your gas here? He’d probably charge You an arm and a leg!

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  10. Whatever you think about it, it was a weird law to begin with. It was sold as a “right to work” law. What it really was is a law that did not allow for a “closed shop” union in exchange for a “guarantee” that the pumps would require a person to operate them.

    Coming either direction, North from California or South from Washington, once you tried to get gas in Oregon, if you tried to fill your tank you were immediately assaulted by angry pumpsters. YOU CAN’T DO THAT! they’d shout. It was weird.

    You were also at their mercy. They took your car (and your time) and seemed to deliberately prolong the agony. I’m glad to hear its gone.

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  11. These same people can’t check the air or oil or fill their windshield washer fluid. Changing a tire is out of the question.
    I grew up with boys always working on their cars and you rarely see that now.
    Many states have chosen to have people pumping for customers for safety reasons, but we have become very dependent and unable to take care of even minor things.

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    • Thanks to all this computer system junk, they’re making it harder and harder to do. Plus, nowadays a lot of dads don’t know how to do this stuff and then they don’t teach their kids (who are playing videogames anyway). The new cars are nightmares, some of the new batteries are sealed and you can’t even fill them. Just think about when all these newfangled weird options break, like the one where if you stop at a light your engine turns off. They’re making cars disposable and chintzy, and they’re all starting to look alike too. Go for pre OBD 1 if you can. New cars are not going to age very well. I just got a flat a few months ago, some plastic rivet that was on someone’s bumper broke off and gave me a flat. Cheap crap is what they’re making now. Oh and don’t get me started about all this automatic traction control……

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      • chemtrailssuck . . . I agree with you 100%. I really do not like all this new fangled stuff. Even my Solara V6, has such a “compact’ engine space that it is near impossible for even someone who may be a machinist to work on them. When I bought the 2016 RAV4, I was talked into an insurance policy to cover engine repairs, with a $100.00 deductible. This is almost a necessity in this day and age, when repair bills run in excess of a thousand dollars for something that used to be relative minor. Gone are the good old days. Now we are forced to just junk our cars, and start with something new. This is really not an improvement in our lives.

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    • Glenn47 . . . Even though I do not wish to pump my own gas; I actually can find the dip stick for oil, the dip stick for automatic transmission oil, and the cap for the radiator . . . years ago (1970) I was gifted with a subscription to AAA or Oregon, so thankfully I have never had to change a tire myself. I would never do that, somewhere I acquired a horrible fear of having the jack fall, so using a jack for tire changing is completely of the question. I have only had to call AAA twice to change a tire, and once because I stupidly left my light on, so I needed my battery recharged.

      Probably my biggest dilemma at this point in time is . . . I attempted to open the hood on the RAV4, but so help me I could not find the latch thing that you need to pull to get the hood to open. Very soon I will take it in and have the ins and outs of that mechanism shown to me.

      I agree, years ago, it was more than common to have guys working on their cars. Unfortunately, with the advent of “computers” for everything on cars–the shade tree mechanic is a thing of the past.

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      • Auntie, I would never insult you, after reading all your amazing posts. I felt the comments were about this younger generation. Luckily you and I grew up in an era where we had drivers Ed and home ec. And shop classes. Things that actually prepare us for life. You would never fit into the snowflake class.
        I am also at age where I would love to have my gas pumped, but it isn’t offered here. I spent a few months in New Jersey awhile back and that is the only way you can get fuel. I figured it was for safety due to armed robberys and theft. Perfectly understandable there. That state scared the bejesus out of me. People seem to be unhappy there and very impatient. Just my perception coming from a laid back area.

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        • Dr Eowyn . . . . I did not to any degree think you were castigating me. I guess if there are those here who are “up in arms” rather than be in that condition of excitability over something–let it be over the influx of illegals who come in and are partly to blame over the ever rising rents, and drains on government services, such as the WIC program. If you cannot buy your own baby milk, baby formula, vegtables, etc. then you probably should not be poppin out babies. Those who feel they are “up in arms” should save their energy for pushing back against the criminal governments we have in this state.

          Of all the things I know, I know that you would never say anything that could possibly be construed as being a slight against me. God Bless you, I love you for all the good things you do for me, and for all of the FOTM family. Sorry if in writing that I made you feel or think that I was calling you out, it never entered my mind.

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        • Glenn47 . . . God Bless you. It is nice to reminisce about how things used to be, today’s young people just do not understand that there was a time when things were sweet, and gentle. A far cry from the society of today.

          Thank you for saying that you enjoy things that I have posted. For some reason I absolutely love to write, this goes back to high school and writing term papers–I loved that the very best of all. The only thing that I feel sad about is I realize that I am starting to have some cognitive interruptions. It has come to my attention that I will write a word, such as “but” when I go back and re-read what I though I wrote, I find I wrote “put.” In comparing both of those words, you will note that a “b” is the same as an upside down “p.” I think my circuitry is going on the fritz. I hope that everyone can bare with me, I guess when I try to proof read, I just don’t seem to see the glaring errors.

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  12. I live in the big city and we are still stuck with gas jockeys. Also it is illegal to round off the amount on a fill up!

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  13. They do that because gas attendants would get a lot of cancer from inhaling the fumes day in and day out. So, they spread it around instead. It’s not THAT hard to do, geez.

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  14. Get used to pumping your own gas and after a while you’ll rather pump it yourself than have an attendant do it. However don’t make the mistake of trying to pump diesel.

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  15. Well this isn’t good, for the fact it adversely affects the already dismal employment options in Oregon, and the wanton criminal element will exploit that to steal gasoline as much as possible. Although for beign so allegedly environmentally conscious they sure don’t bother to do away with the gasoline and diesel, funny how that goes, isn’t it? This isn’t much news, but what is much news is that pot is rapidly taking over the entire state, since caretels were already entrenched, it simply provides them with a money laundering option they didn’t previously have, it is also badly impacting the organic farming industry, as either independent idiots or cartel frontmen suck up lands, and then drive off neighbors with their denatured stench weeds, or the presence of “security” thugs to guard their garbage from other fellow lowlifes.

    Oregon is rotting at present, and the people are too drugged out, either from substances or from their own socially-conditioned psychosis conditions, (trans, “non-binary” & homosexual garbage etc. has swept through here like the black plague swept through europe.) to care, I suppose. The gas isn’t much that is news worthy, but there are other issues like those listed above that are going completely unaddressed, and it says something very bad that, of all these problems, organized crime & gangs, wanton drug abuse, spiritual pollution & corruption, pandemic disrespect, amorality & anti-morality, and grotesque sexual depravity, this piddly non-issue of gas pumping is the thing these morons get their knickers in a twist about.

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    • Oh I almost forgot, there is also “Recycle-geddon” going on now as well, decidedly more news worthy, turns out that instead of going to regional recycling centers that would break down recyclable materials into raw material resources etc. as many people were lead to believe, the scuzzy garbage companies were just mailing it all off to china for profit, which has now come to an end because china is refusing to take the materials now for some reason (moving on to phase 2? I now suspect the whole thing was a charade to begin with, to financially empower bolshevik china, and give them lots of raw materials to utilize on top of that.) so now everything goes to dumps again, and with things like what chemtrailssuck mentioned, all this anti-repair culture of “disposableness”, there is going to be a huge spike in difficult to recycle, or downright unable to recycle, garbage from cars, to TVs, to all kinds of other materials that will go to waste & gunk up the already full-to-bursting dumps.

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      • That’s absolutely right. Think about that if you live in a place (like I do) where the recycle nazis demand that everything be washed, fluffed and segregated. The truth is, it all goes into one big pile.

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        • And much of that big pile apparently gets delivered to third-world countries. Thus it serves as part of the elite strategy to transfer first world wealth to third world countries, raising their standard of living while helping to lower ours… Having learned that environmental organizations are very near the root of the omnipresent conspiracy that controls our lives from birth to death and realizing too that it’s all about depriving the masses of power by slowly depriving them of resources, I concluded that recycling is nothing but a scam that’s intended to help remove all (free) material resources from the population — materials that might otherwise be used to advantage by the poorest among us for their survival. Aligned with this of course is the fact that economics cannot fully achieve its potential — that of being the ultimate weapon of mass destruction — unless members of the proletariat class are blocked from accessing all free resources. As such, there’s perhaps no four-letter word in the English language more despised by the Malthusian elite than the word “free” — be it a part of a free lunch or free energy. This hatred of free (natural) resources (or, more accurately, hatred of our access to them) forms the basis of all present day environmental policy which more or less began in the mid-nineteenth century with the outlawing of individuals “living off the land” without paying requisite hunting and fishing license fees. This explains why prominent members of the conservation movement of the late nineteenth century were also heavily involved in bringing about the (now-proven-to-be Malthusian) eugenics movement in America — because both movements actually shared the same Malthusian basis to begin with. So yeah, the reason why recycling organizations seem like they’re run by Nazi’s is probably because, essentially, they are. I once tried to acquire boxes of recycled CDs for use in building solar thermal panels and those same Nazis who swear that all their efforts are intended to help “save the planet”, refused to allow me to take any. Imagine my shock!

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          • Yep! That’s my take on it too.

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          • the postman . . . . Bravo! That is an extremely accurate synopsis of the strangle hold the “green” folks have on our society. We were suckered by thoughts of “Save Our Planet,” while all the time, that was not the agenda. The real agenda was to just keep us tied into purchasing “those things that they would allow us to have.” This was the monumental con. I just wish that these next generations, who have not know anything different, could actually see the reasoning behind the “green” movement, which has nothing to do with “SAVING OUR PLANET.” So many of them are so steeped in the liberal, NWO agenda, that they are not able to think outside the box.

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            • And that’s what worries me. We on the right may be “winning” right now against the liberal left because there are still large numbers of wise people among the population as a whole but unless we re-shape our liberal educational system, the day is going to come when the winning is no longer. Eventually, old wisdom will die out and the new idiocracy will reign supreme. Society will eventually collapse under the sheer weight of its own stupidity. We’ll one day be using ropes and duct tape to keep skyscrapers from falling over, while sacrificing 90% of our incomes to stopping climate change. 😉

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      • Seumas . . . It sounds like you may be from Oregon? I cannot agree with you more, Oregon is a rotting cesspool. Much of the problems have been brought on by liberals/conservationists who have attained office here.

        I had not heard of China purchasing our “recycling junk” , but hadnot heard of them refusing to do so in the future. This is a tragedy. Here they hammer on us to sort, sort, sort our refuse, put your “food garbage” in with your yard debris clippings. It nearly wears a person out. Since I own a four-plex, I can tell you I have spent much time in going through the “Recycling Can” and sorting into what I thought was recyclable, and what I knew from their pamphlets was just garbage. I guess if it is all garbage now–I will immediately stop sorting. Let the tenants put whatever in which ever can (garbage or recycling) they feel is most appropriate. Now what you have said makes this situation become even clearer. Some months ago I called the garbage hauler and posed the problem that one tenant puts cans in recycling which have not been cleaned, and any type of loose plastic film, both of which are prohibited according to their “recycling phamphlet.” Their response to me was . . . “Oh! A little bit of that doesn’t matter, it’s really okay.” Now I see it’s okay, since they were either shipping it to China, or are now sending it to the land fills over in Eastern Oregon. What a scam! When you find out that you have been duped by the office of City Management, it really ticks you off!

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        • Indeed Lulu, I am from Oregon, much of an embarrassment that is these days. Here is one version of the relevant story: http://www.bendbulletin.com/localstate/5642709-151/chinas-recyclables-ban-could-affect-central-oregon
          Personally I’m thinking that, given this racket we were coerced into participating in, we the people should learn how to recycle our own stuff, and cut the garbage companys’s supply line to bolshevik china… from metals to glass and paper.

          To start with, here’s something for all the folks here to spread around and make: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHD10DjxM1g&index=224&list=PL72AnNXgYMYg2DbDScauZhs4GH3_KuOLT
          If the “green meanies”/nazis are going to try to profit off our hard work and give us nothing in return but trash pickup, while empowering a foreign, and Hostile, bolshevik nation, we may as well deal in the raw materials we already purchased, (and just need to convert to trade-acceptable forms, metal ingots, glass bricks, paper pound sheets etc.) ourselves.

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          • Seumas . . . Wow! Thank you for finding the actual article regarding the US-China recycling connection. Very interesting. I absolutely loved the clip of building your own back yard foundry. I certainly do agree, we need to try to snatch any profits that can be derived from recycling materials for ourselves–rather than let them have it.

            I can certainly see why the Commie governments here in Oregon do not want us peons to know that their “great recycling venture” is now virtually a bust. After coercing all the various garbage haulers in Portland (and I imagine elsewhere) to invest in the glue garbage only cans, the blue recycling cans, and the green cans for yard debris, and the yellow bins for glass . . . if it became common knowledge that this enterprise was a complete failure they would have major problems with egg on their faces. As in why believe anything they tell us!

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  16. Great catch, DCG! This is funny and sad on soooooo many levels!

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  17. Ha! Just the other day, somehow the thought of gas station attendants came into my mind and I thought: Gee, I haven’t seen a gas station attendant since… well, at least the 1970s.

    I didn’t even know that gas attendants even existed anywhere anymore. I thought they went extinct just shortly after the dinosaurs. I’ve lived strictly in the Western states (SoCal, Arizona, Nevada), where perhaps we got onto the “pump-your-own” system earlier than most other states(?)

    And here these pansies are all upset that their prehistoric gas station lifestyle may be going belly-up. There are a lot of Oregonians here where I live now, and I’d already noticed that… I don’t really like ’em.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    ‘Loyal American Underground’

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    • Yeah, Oregon was “unique” in that somebody authored this “union busting” bill in the 70’s (I think). They called it a “Right to Work” law. They said in essence, that the unions couldn’t have a closed shop. In exchange they promised they wouldn’t automate or allow people to pump their own gas.

      So years after this was in effect, whenever I’d drive through there I’d get screamed at by the pump jockeys for daring to touch the sacred hose.

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      • lophatt . . . I did office work under Teamsters Local 23, up until my retirement. Unions before the 1970’s, as you have indicated, were much more prevalent than they are at this time.

        At Swan Island Dairy (Kroger owned) when I retired the person who replaced me was non-union. When the other office person that was union retired three years after me, her position was non-union. So the office was manned by two union people, and five non-union people. Since Kroger Company comes from the land of no unions, they did not want to continue having office workers that were union.

        All the other union jobs from Fred Meyer Office (Kroger owned) were sent either back to Kentucky where they could get really cheap (although quite inept labor,) or they were sent overseas. There were a few positions at the main office, which had union personnel, who were transferred to non-union positions, which were not the positions that they had previously worked.

        Life was good back in 1974 when I went to work for Fred Meyer in their Accounts Receivable Office. As a union worker, we really had excellent pay and benefits. We also had a union retirement, which is something that people today, no matter how many years they may have devoted to a company, do not have.

        At the present time, I doubt that there are even more than 12% of workers in Oregon that have union affiliation.

        There are good things about unions, and there are very bad things about unions. I am glad I had a union job for all the years I had, but many of the unions, particularly public employees unions, teacher’s unions, etc are a blight on the land scape, and they endanger the public by the outrageous amounts of their pensions. (My pension, by comparison, would not be considered grandiose.)

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        • Yeah, I’ve been in unions (even been a steward) and I’ve been management for many years. Basically I don’t have anything against them, in theory. They have grown as corrupt as the management (in my opinion). It doesn’t have to be that way, but it is.

          These laws that were introduce roughly in the seventies, were designed to weaken unions without their membership realizing it. They were sold as your “right to work”. Oddly, Jimmy Carter was a big proponent of this, although I’m not aware of it catching fire outside of Oregon.

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          • lophatt . . . Yes, I agree, the main problem with unions is that they are corrupt.

            You might get a laugh over this. When the woman who remained at the Dairy for several years past my retirement, finally retired, t(wo of the big honchos from Teamster’s Local 223 showed up. They presented her with a printed, bound book regarding “Jimmy Hoffa” the number one criminal of the Teamster organization. Even though these two officials knew that with her leaving, both of the Teamster positions would be forever gone. It was rather gross to see how budy/budy the Teamster officials were with the Kroger officials that had to do with ironing out new labor agreements.

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            • Unions are very corrupt, I HAD TO BE IN THE UNION, but women were just more money coming in, they never ever did anything for us, they were for the men and fought the company tooth and nail for the ones that were caught sleeping on the job, drank -there were many of those, lazy, and yes, stole from the company, cheated, accrued overtime not worked with the stewart’s blessings, they themselves were in the game because something they had hanging up on management, and all I knew, and saw, as well as the rest of the women, we could not have a piece of the pie and had to keep my mouth shut because that meant job preservation. When I retired they were so glad, I knew too much, my department was the most corrupted statewide.

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              • Yes. They can be very stupid too. I used to try to explain how they were “killing the fatted cow” with their idiotic demands. Many of them were simply too unsophisticated to understand what I was saying.

                I would explain that, if we didn’t make a profit, there would be layoffs and/or we would go out of business. All they could see was immediate raises, etc. Some of the requests were insane.

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              • Alma . . . I know only too well, the discrepancies between the union us women worked under, and the Teamster Local 305, that the dairy workers were under. If you can believe this, some years ago the members (male employees) went out on strike, they were able to picket the Dairy, so Jeanette and I did not cross the picket line. We got $35.00 a week in strike benefits. When the two of us returned to the plant around 10 weeks later . . . it came to light that the vast majority of the 305 men had crossed their own picket lines. Yet, Jeanette and I were kept out for so long. I lost so much respect for many of the men after that fiasco. Particularly there was one dufus guy, a loud mouth, always with the big bravado–he was the very first to cross his own picket line. When I think of it it makes me sick. You are so right, when it comes to women being in a union–we were never allowed to vote for those we wanted in the union leadership. No, we had to stay with the hand picked men who would every few years, switch positions in the hierarchy within the union, and us women were forever shut out. All of them were making a minimum of $100,000. in addition to cars, car allowances, etc. etc. etc. So I don’t have the fondest memories of being in a union, particularly a Teamster affiliate (the most crooked union in the annals of this country.)

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    • D-FensDogG . . . just so that no one thinks they are missing out on real “gas station attendants.” When you buy gas here in Oregon, they 99.9% of the time DO NOT WASH YOUR WINDOWS, NEVER check the radiator, etc. The stations do supply the items so that you can get out of your car and wash your windows yourself. If you should suspect that your radiator might be low, you just about have to take it into a shop, or do it yourself. Thankfully, I change my oil often enough, that they always check all my fluids each time they do an oil change–which is great for me.

      There was only once in recent history that a gas station attendant washed my windows. He was probably 50 years old, and there were no other customers in the station at the time. I am pretty sure that if I had been a man, or if the attendant had been appreciably younger, he would not have taken the time to wash my windows. Younger people have no idea that those niceties used to be performed by gas station attendants, so they do not put themselves out to do it.

      You may not like the Oregonians that are coming your way, they just want to escape the non-stop rain here. If they are the libtard sorts, just don’t let them start out-voting you, like the libtards who moved up here into Oregon from California.

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      • Of course not. Think of the dynamic, not what they “say”. I mentioned that, in my day, it was the EXPECTATION. If a station didn’t do that they would have gone out of business. To do that the businesses needed employees.

        Over time they have slowly changed the dynamic so that you pay as much, but receive less. In addition, less people are employed. All these schemes produce are increased profits for the businesses and less employment for the workers.

        If you notice in many stores they now have the do-it-yourself check outs. I NEVER use those for any reason. Why? Because they put people out of work, use the customer as an unpaid employee and will result in what we’re discussing here down the road.

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        • lophatt . . . . Wow! I had never thought of it in that manner, i.e., reducing expectations, and reducing the number of paid positions. I cannot in any manner argue with . . . “All these schemes produce are increased profits for the businesses and less employment for the workers.” That is right on the money!

          Taking into consideration that I worked for Fred Meyer/Kroger Co from the time period of 7/1974 thru 5/2008. Once stores like Walmart were allowed to come into the state of Oregon, there was an unending assault on other stores, such as Albertsons, Safeway, and Fred Meyer, those who paid union wages to all employees. Once the assault began, little by little, they all sought ways to trim expenses. The other union stores were in an unending battle to compete with non-union labor stores. I see the innovation of putting in self-serve check-outs as one of the things they instituted in order to compete. I am grateful that at least some work positions were retained. At least for me, here in Portland, I prefer using the self check-out. So many of today’s checkers are frankly from the dregs of society. They dump your groceries into the grocery bags, not caring that they put the loaf of bread in the bottom of the bag, with three cans of soup on top. Where, when I get home, I find a squashed loaf of bread. They may throw the fruit in the bag, and that, after all the time I took to pick out unblemished fruit. I like to bag my own stuff, because I take care to pick out good fruits and vegetables, and I do not want them haphazardly just thrown in a bag.

          I can see where there is good sense in utilizing the human cashiers, and sometimes I do, but I will not wait 3 to 4 deep in line to utilize a human cashier. That sends me straight for the auto check-out line.

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          • Lulu, actually that sounds like its the intended result. I know the wal-mart “supercenter” around here was claimed to be some grand glorious thing, and well it should be with 16+ checkout lanes, but for the duration of it’s existence (it mowed down a historic baseball field. by the way, I doubt it was legal, not that the city officials would care about legality.) The maximum of those lanes ever open for use is 5, and that is on bustling days like holidays etc. normally it runs with about 3 lanes… which naturally leads to frustration in the customers who get packed in like sardines, and the staff seldom open another lane unless there is a lot of pressure, so most get fed up, and take the self check-out route. Also unrelatedly fred meyers eh? that place seems like a cult these days, you hear “customer appreciation walk” over the loudspeakers in that weird voice and you think they’ll come marching down the aisles wearing a mormon/JW smile. (read: fake smile)

            Thanks lophatt for pointing that out, now I know that wal-mart is intending to axe their employees, and get free labor out of the customer, while painting it as a service. Truly NWOish of them.

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      • AUNTIE, you must never take personally anything I say about “people” generally. It’s just a plain fact that I’m kind of a Misanthropic Curmudgeonly type of person and I pretty much dislike people from… everywhere. I’m an equal opportunity disliker. Ha!

        The worst part of it is that… I was born and raised in L.A., but way back then, La La Land wasn’t nearly so Liberal (read: Communistic) as it is today. In fact, back then, it was mostly “The People’s Republic of Santa Monica” and West Hollyweird that stood out as very Left-leaning compared to the rest of SoCal.

        Today, I feel embarrassed admitting that I’m a native Californian. (Especially since I’m probably as far Right as Right can get!) However, at least I can say I’m from SoCal and NOT NoCal. I have a real special dislike for Northern Californians. If we could build a prison wall around San FranCrisco and every metropolitan center within 300 miles of that satanic city, we would immediately improve the country by 666%.

        ~ D-FensDogG
        Would You Like To See… ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ Come To Life?

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        • Hey, I wouldn’t get too “uppity” if I were you pal. I used to think Southern California was the phoniest place on Earth. Still do. I grew up in Sacramento. Then went North from there before leaving entirely.

          My mother lived in San Diego so I know what I’m talking about. I spent much time in SoCal and you can have it. But, as you say, I try not to condemn people who find themselves there with the nature of the place.

          I’ve lived all over, places are what you make them.

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          • Growing up in SoCal at the time I did (1960s, ’70s) it was about as close to paradise as I expect to get while on “this side” of The Great Divide. I was really blessed and didn’t realize it until much later, as a curmudgeonly adult. I grew up about 18 blocks from the beach, and I thought that was just a normal thing. I thought EVERYONE lived 18 blocks from a beach! Ha!

            But I couldn’t possibly live there now, not even if I were a mere 18 blocks from the beach. The human congestion, the Communistic local governments, etc. BAH!

            But as bad as SoCal has become, I believe NoCal is still worse.

            For decades I had wanted to live in Reno, but it took me too long to get here, and Reno has turned out to be literally the greatest disappointment of my 58 years. It doesn’t help matters that half of the residents here came from… [you guessed it!] …NoCal.

            I shoulda stayed in Prescott, AZ. …Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda, and If.

            ~ D-FensDogG
            Would You Like To See… ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ Come To Life?

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  18. LOL – I’m 53, and I have been pumping my own go-juice since I was sixteen.

    Liked by 2 people

  19. I think it’s kind of a shame. It’s a quaint throwback.

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  20. We’ve had self-serve in VA for probably 40 years. Occasionally, maybe 3 times in my lifetime have their been few if any incidents of gas stations blowing up or people immoluating themselves. Yes it puts people out of work, gennerally minimum wage jobs and if you’re an idiot you get gas on you. frankly I don’t like having to deal with room temature IQ clerks, also minimum wage, that couldn’t care less about me or their job. I pump gas at a service station when I was a teen. We also changed tires, washed cars, did lube jobs and other repairs. All that stuff will never be self-serve. Besides, where self serve is the law there are still stations with full service – if you don’t mind payin 15~25 cents more a gallon. And most are now convience stores with gas. around here many are owned by small businness, families, etc.
    I call this a Buggy Whip Moment.
    People were up in hands when automobiles came into use. All of the street cleaners will be out of work. What will they do? Guess they went to work in service stations.
    Eventually those snowflakes out there will get used to it. Gas will cost less, competition will increase and there will still be full serve stations.
    Frankly I’m not suprised the people in OR are upset. After all, half of them moved there from Califailure and brought their wonderful Ideas with them.

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  21. So you hand some guy your credit card when he pumps your gas?
    No Thanks.

    Full service vs self service is the way it used to be and I’d like to see it come back. First of all there are individuals who have issues and it may be difficult for them to deal with the issues associated with pumping gas themselves. Also many people can afford paying extra for the service.

    it would great to be able to pick full service vs self service because it’s impossible to get your tire air and fluids checked at the self service places which virtually every ‘gas station’ is and has been for as long as I can remember. Anyway they would ask if you wanted them to check under the hood, and you would decline in order to save time.
    Problem is the self service places might sell the oil and anti-freeze inside the store, but the cashier is typically alone inside a bulletproof enclosure.

    I’m still trying to get past that election that was determined by a coin toss. I heard the Virginia Democrats are demanding a recount.

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    • Well, like it or not, that’s how it works. Some of them send you inside to pay. It is not what I knew of as “full service”. They just pump your gas.

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    • The D decided that she didn’t really mean it when she said she would abide by the random drawing. The whole thing was screwed up because of a room temperature IQ voter and room temperature IQ pole worker. Either they were asleep at the wheel, couldn’t read English, just didn’t care or what ever. The machine tells you your ballot is screwed up and asks you if you want a do-over. I’m glad the R won but it wasn’t fair. They counted a ballot for the Rs which caused a tie, hence the game of chance to see who won. Victory is not so sweet when you only get it on a technicality. I have a feeling karma’s gonna show up.


      • YouKnowWho . . . I think you are absolutely right about the election in Virginia. I don’t think it is really over, the fat lady hasn’t sung yet (whatever that may mean in this instance.)

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  22. What a shocker! We had to begin pumping our own gas back around 1973-75! How did Oregon get to be so entitled for so long? 😉

    Admittedly, I was nervous about having to do it but you get over that fast enough. It’s not rocket science. I think the pump-your-own began because of the (first major fraud of) Middle East “Oil Crisis” in the early/mid 1970s.

    Very true & NOT FUN about also having to eventually learn to check your own battery’s water levels, the radiator’s levels, the oil level, the air in tires, etc. Grrr to all that. If there were any “full service” stations left, I didn’t know where they were because it seemed they ALL went self-serve at the same time.

    (Just more “punishment” from TPTB who felt Mostly-White Mostly-Christian America had been having it “too good for too long” & hence began their degradation of American Society.)

    Sigh. The “Good Old Days”…

    Good to know re the ADA that says elderly/disabled must have attendants pump their gas if they so desire. I didn’t realize that one!

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