Sweden: Raped by 20 Muslims, woman told she’s disgusting because she has semen in her hair

“Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad”.

That famous quote was said by Prometheus in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s poem “The Masque of Pandora” (1875).

Lack of empathy is a form of madness — a defining attribute of the narcissistic and anti-social personality disorders, and of psychopaths. Prometheus’ quote is descriptive of contemporary Sweden that, like Germany and Denmark, is besieged by an epidemic of rapes and sexual assaults by Muslim “refugees” and “migrants”.

Chang Frick reports for the newspaper Nyheteridag (Metro), Nov. 25, 2017, that more details are now known about the sensational gang rape of a woman in Fittja in August 2016.

Fittja is a district of Botkyrka Municipality, a suburb of the Swedish capital, Stockholm. In 2008, Fittja had a population of 7,458, 64.7% of whom were of non-Swedish origin, of whom 25.1% were non-Swedish citizens.

The Swedish government refuses to identify and keep a record of its residents by their race and ethnicity. But we all know what “non-Swedish origin” and “non-Swedish citizens” mean, given the presence of the Fittja Mosque, and the fact that Fittja is identified as among the most severe category of urban areas with the highest crime rates in Swedish police’s 2017 report.

Indeed, 10News describes Fittja as “a Muslim dominated area”.

In August 2016, a woman was raped, kicked and beaten in a Fittja stairwell by 20 men, who laughed and filmed the gang rape.

The people whom the bloodied woman turned to for help all ignored her:

  • A neighbor who saw what happened told police he has “learned not to see or hear so much”.
  • The rape victim rang the bell of a nearby apartment to ask that the police be notified. But the man who answered the door refused to help and showed her the way out.
  • The woman tried to get help from a guard at the train station, but was turned away.
  • Then the woman went to the Fittja City Center for help. According to the police report, a man at the center said to the woman, “Eeew, you are disgusting. You have sperm on your face and on your clothes. Don’t involve us.”

10News reports that the woman had to take the subway to central Stockholm to seek help. Several men are now charged with the crime. All of the rapists are reported to have “migrant background” — Swedish media’s euphemism for Muslim migrants.

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38 responses to “Sweden: Raped by 20 Muslims, woman told she’s disgusting because she has semen in her hair

  1. The religion of peace, ha! Wait til they start that shit here in this country, 12 gauge remedy?

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    • Sadly Carly, they already have. The woman ganged raped by five in Colorado Springs a few years ago. Did so much damage, she had to have repair surgery and is now hiding in fear. Then the little girl in Idaho. I think raped in her apartment laundry room by preteen and teens.
      These rapes in Sweden sometimes ends in death like the case of Elin Krantz, left dead in the woods in a horrible position by someone she tried to help. And the nurse grabbed on her way home from the hospital where she works. Left in the field dead and naked.
      These are barbarians and laws mean nothing and they work with the attitude it is okay to violate women.
      Sweden no longer protects its people. The people must uprise and take their country back.

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    • That’s for close-in work; I’d use a .30 rifle, say 30-30 or so. Any questions?

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      • Those poor women, talk about cowards who wouldn’t even help her! What a country it must be! Hey, those ladies who want to avoid gang rape, they may want to carry a lighter and a can of hairspray around, if the sex criminal rapists get too close, she could ignite the hairspray like a flame thrower (though the flame only goes maybe 12 inches away, but it’d be enough to singe their goat beards off, and maybe their eyebrows, and would make the perps easier to identify.

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  2. Sweden is finished. Destroyed. All Swedish men have either been feminized, or too afraid to split open the heads of these satanic beasts. I could care less about the Swedish Government, or any Government. Find out what mosque these subhumans attend, set it ablaze as they’re inside, & all who try to escape, have the exits guarded by herds of pigs.

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    • You’re awfully hard on the pigs, aren’t you? Why don’t we advertise for Young Democrats as Security Guards at the exits for minimum wage, and see how many actually respond. My guess is 0, as in zero, null, OK?

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  3. Tragic and infuriating.

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  4. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    These people are “animals.” What do we do with wild animals? You know the rest of the story which is “tame them or kill them.” The taming part is out of the picture from what we see and hear because they are mentally retarded and are not tameable.



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    • Well, all you have to do is open the Bible to the Book of Genesis. God spoke of Abraham’s son, Ishmael. God foretold regarding him and his decendants that they would be as wild animals, that his hand would be against his brother’s hand. They would not be controllable. How true this is.

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      • I can’t figure out where you’re going with this, but speaking of the sons of Abraham, the EU’s “Greek” Minister of Migration, Dimitris Avramopoulos (meaning in Greek “a son of Abraham”), has just announced that immigration is here to stay and no part of Europe will be allowed to remain ethnically or culturally homogeneous. And I believe it was the president of the EU who also chimed in, saying Europe’s future survival depends on continued African migration. This is tantamount to announcing that white genocide is official EU policy and the EU’s ultimate purpose. Americans of European ancestry are also slated for extermination.

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  5. Progressivism builds cowardice:

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  6. Sounds like Sweden is what Boston, San Francisco, NY and LA want to be.

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  7. Patrick Cornell

    What is the objective of multiculturalism? When is enough enough? 20 years from today, who is going to liberate Europe and at what costs? This cannot be allowed to continue, prudence demands reversing the Muslim invasion.

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  8. Note that the authors of all this Social Engineering want no part of their own medicine:

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  10. This assault is a continuation of the biblical war , of the wicked against Jacob. The enemies against JESUS claim it is they , themselves, who should have the birthright . Their coalition of the ” offended ” include : cain , ham , canaan , ishmael , dan and esau . ( In reality , it is a army of the damned. ) These tribal groups exist today , but are known by different names – with directly descended , modern and political , religious affiliations . Their ultimate dream & final solution , on their way to absolute tyrannical dominance , is the genocide and extermination of the christian heterosexual white adamite : man , woman and child . The servants of evil accuse their victims of what they themselves are guilty . They follow their father , the serpent .

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  11. And this is why Americans need to defend their right to keep and bear arms: to oppose all enemies, both foreign and domestic. In at most 200 years Europe will finally have been conquered by Muslims as Europeans are too stupid to see what is happening. Millennials in North America, aka, Generation Y, want to turn the USA in a country of pussies also, and will, if not stopped. Socialists and communists and globalists and the PC crowd should all be moved to their own sanctuary cities and walled in. Let them get a taste of what is coming. Let them be raped and killed and abused by the Mohammedans and ruled under Sharia law until they scream for help and to be let back in the USA again. Mentally retarded useful idiots!

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  12. Disgusting the victim will have psychological problems for years; she should sue the gov’t and individuals who turned her away….

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  13. If this happened to me or my daughter? I would find a way to take them out….and I don’t mean dinner!

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  14. Use their own Kor’an ordained Shzria Law on them.. If their finger or their hand, or their Eye, or their Tongue, or their Genitailia offends another, then Cut Them Off … – Second Offense = Castration from the Neck down..

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  15. With regard to the people who “didn’t want to get involved” I am mildly curious how their Mt 25:44 moment will turn out.

    With regard to the country itself, it was one of the first to get the porn industry really going, and was the first modern country to legalize homosexuality.

    I suppose God has had enough…

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  16. A Swedish court has acquitted five men accused of raping a woman and being complicit in her rape in Stockholm suburb Fittja in 2016, saying there was insufficient evidence to convict them of the crimes.

    Source –

    Five men acquitted in Fittja rape case


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    • How awful for the rape victim. Heaping insult upon injury.

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    • I followed your link and read the local newspeper account. Her lawyer’s post-verdict comment says most of what I feel:

      “”The verdict is an embarrassment for our legal system. No perpetrators should escape such a cruel and ruthless gangrape. This is the worse gangrape I have worked on in 26 years,” lawyer Elisabeth Massi Fritz said in a statement.”

      It may well be that the victim was in the building to buy non-Rx drugs from a friend, but that has NOTHING to do with the fact of the deliberate violence. NO is always NO, for God’s sake. But then again, I doubt an appeal to God will have any positive effect on the creeps. Here’s where vigilantes and night riders derive a lot of common support.

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  17. Only hope her rage and hate don’t consume her this will be in her mind for a long time. Prayers for her mental stability.

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  18. Read about Muslims who converted to Christianity, most have to go into hiding. I just finished a book by one, it’s called, “The Cost; My Life on a Terrorist Hit List”. He talks about growing up muslim and how if you dare to mention Jesus Christ as the Son of God, or try to talk to anyone in Pakistan about Christianity, they can murder you and face no charges. And this is today! They’re still mad about things that happened centuries ago. They don’t ever forgive or forget. They are not a ‘religion of peace’. Any religion that denies the deity of Christ is not following the Truth.
    They see non-Muslims as playthings and don’t have any guilty conscience of taking what is not theirs. Pray for them, as well as any others who are lost.
    Happy New Years!

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    • You are so true even the ones who make it here are still worried death could come at any moment.

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      • Sure, I mean look at Salman Rushdie, they’re probably still out for his head. Theirs is a fanatical brutal “religion”, more like a giant cult. Reminds me more of Satanism. The author of the book said he was still being followed and his family threatened in England where he apparently emigrated to. He refused to deny the Lord, even though he had to give up everything, but he said it was worth all the hell he had to go through. Hopefully his family in Pakistan will be allowed asylum in the UK if they are able to have a spiritual awakening such as the author did.

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