On supporting John McCain in the 2008 election

We knew Obama was a monster. He made it clear in his personal Mein Kampf, “Dreams From My Father.”

Many also knew McCain was a flawed candidate. He was very hostile to Christian organizations and to many other conservatives.

We watched McCain and his people do everything they could to undermine McCain’s running mate, Sarah Palin. As impossible as it seemed, one could conclude that McCain was deliberately giving the nation to a leftist dictator.

How I prayed and wearied myself in intercessions before the Lord to force through answered prayer the election to go to the Republicans. I got to the point where, if you could see my spirit man, I was tattered and ragged.

Then the Holy Spirit turned my mind toward one Bible verse, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”

I quickly searched it out online and found Psalm 46 verse 10. So I read the whole psalm a few times, taking in the message. The psalm speaks of trusting the Lord in the midst of upheaval. “Nations are in uproar. Kingdoms fall. He lifts His voice, the earth melts.”

God was clearly telling me to relax my white knuckled grip on the election, and lean back into His arms in complete trust that He has it all under control. Since that time I have frequently returned to that psalm as a source of faith in our turbulent days.

John McCain supporting ISIS

In 2008 I knew McCain was not a person I would choose in a positive way, but simply a lesser of 2 evils. However, now that we have hindsight, it is plain to see McCain was much more poisonous than I had thought. In that same era, I also trusted the Bush family.


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways submit to him,
and he will make your paths straight.”
– Proverbs 3:5-6

Right now we seem to be in the midst of a news blackout. Huge things are happening, but not being reported in the MSM. And we don’t know which sources can be trusted to be truthful and accurate in alternative media.

Now more than ever we must trust God.

“Be still, and know…”

39 responses to “On supporting John McCain in the 2008 election

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    Now more than ever we must trust God. Miracles do happen, we were saved from Hillary.


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    • i do believe it was the hand of God that rescued us from the Clinton crime family.

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      • TD . . . Great article! Not only did “the hand of God” rescue us from Killary, but we were also rescued from a Presidency of John McCain . . . who is inherently an evil man. Many of us could not understand why McCain was not elected POTUS, then Romney was not elected POTUS. Now that Trump is in office, I can only conclude that we WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN AS WELL OFF, as we are with Trump.

        The one grand scripture which you so graciously shared with us. . . “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and He will make your paths straight. Proverbs 3:5-6” I must admit that “my own understanding was that either McCain or Romney” would be best for our nation as POTUS.”

        After the unfolding of President Trump’s nearly first year in office, I must concede my understanding (and wishes) regarding the two individuals who ran for POTUS were not appropriate for our nation. Perhaps there were not enough of our citizenry who had had a belly full of the NWO crowd. I see that Our God denied us having either of the last two Republican candidates (who were not particularly conservative) be successful in attaining the Presidency . . . only to gift us with someone else, who was not even on the horizon at those two times. This greater gift has so far proven to be what we needed–someone who would really start cleaning the swamp. Yes, our current President has his warts and all, just as I do . . . but I would rather have him, with his accomplishments that either McCain or Romney.

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    • Anon, you grossly underestimate his evilness by thinking McCain to be a mere pussy. He’s a blood-thirsty warmonger, and his foundation (McCain Institute) is funded by George Soros, the Rothschilds and the Saudis. https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2017/07/23/john-mccains-foundation-is-funded-by-saudis-rothschilds-soros/

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      • I conclude the same thing.

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      • I absolutely agree with that. He has cared very little over his lifetime for the lives of “the little people.” This goes way back to when he was a pilot, and he was hot doggin his plane, a horrific accident happened with the loss of life of a huge number of sailors who served on that aircraft carrier. Since his father was a very high ranking Naval officer, it was hushed up and McCain was transferred to another ship. In his lifetime he has proven to be an incredibly evil man. I can hardly wait until the time that the Grim Reaper pays him a visit.

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        • True, when I read where he caused the deaths of so many sailors and ran inside and hid and did nothing to help put out the fires or help his fellow man, did it for me. he is a sick twisted man. He crashed more than one jet and while in VN he sang like a songbird. He was the only “prisoner” that left there with meat on his bones.
          The treatment of his wife that suffered horribly from a crash while he was in VN finished me. She had been a beauty queen and after the crash she was 4 inches shorter and in pretty bad shape. He dumped her and the kids for a richer woman he now treats like crap.

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      • McCain is a product of nepotism which instead of improving on the next generation he devolved further than his career military father and grandfather. failure after failure resulted in them covering for him until he had been safetly installed as a grand wizard of the senate. was he a hero? beats the shit out of me. either way that was a milllion years ago and hardly passes for a highlight on your resume at this point.

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        • Pray without ceasing

          Look up the attack of the USS Liberty in 1967. Thirty-four dead, 174 wounded, and Admiral McCain didn’t just let it happen, but facilitated it. And forced the survivors to sign NDAs.

          Complete media blackout — and there are even youtube clips of “honorable” senator McCain being confronted about this only to have the questioners dragged away by armed goons (never to be heard from again??).

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  2. Barack Obama greatly, hugely damaged this country, the repercussions of which will persist for years and from which I’m not sure America can restore ourselves. That being said, given what I know now about McCain, a President McCain would have plunged America into even more wars.

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . I have 100% confidence in what you have written. We are so much worse off because of Obummer, and then if we had added McCain on top of that . . . it would have been disastrous. Just because someone is registered as a Republican, that is absolutely no reason to think or believe that they have the interests of this nation, or its people foremost in their minds. I fervently pray that we are able to pull out of the damage that was done during the 8 years of Obummer. I guess, we can only strive to correct what was deliberately done to our nation.

      {I’m going off track here: I am really going to be ticked off if Obama is invited to the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry, either in place of, or in addition to our legitimate President, and First Lady. There seems to be some question that this may happen, since Harry is such good friends with Obummer.

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    • McCain knew he was the push Obama needed to step into the White House, he was not fair to Sarah Palin. Donald Trump opened the eyes of voters unmasking the traitor telling the people whom McCain really was, McCain could never recover from being exposed and quietly began to undermine President Trump. He used Lindsey Graham, who now sees the picture changing and is slowly making a gradual change, John McCain will be remembered not as a great American war hero.

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    • True, sadly when I look back I think we had to suffer through the Obama Presidency for the people to elect someone like President Trump. The people were ready, McCain would not have done it.

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  3. The “singing canary of the Hanoi Hilton” was NOT a patriot and a hero. Trump was right about this, though he was blasted for telling the truth. If we are again faced with choosing between two evils, I will gracefully take a pass. Our elections are no longer legitimate anyway.

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  4. McCain’s behavior has always been self serving in the extreme. He betrayed his wife. He betrayed his fellow POWs. He betrayed this nation.

    When he dies his ex-comrades will greet him at the pearly gates and throw him into the eternal fires while being blessed by all the angels in heaven.

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  5. Some of McCain’s globalist buddies may be already in prison at Gitmo:

    (from #assange on Twitter)

    11/26 Soros last tweet
    12/14 Obama last tweet
    12/17 ATL airport blackout
    12/20 Wikileaks lawyer office stormed
    12/20 Schmidt steps down
    12/21 Global Magnitsky Act EO issued
    12/22 #Assange last tweet
    12/23 Mattis to Gitmo
    12/23 Pence to Afghanistan


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    • Tim Shey . . . . there are certainly some strange things afoot. I can only hope that there is truth in the rumors which are being put on the internet, regarding so many of these traitorous beings.

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  6. Those ‘ISIS’ fighters with whom McCain is photographed at a Jordanian training camp in 2013 are in fact M0ss@d operatives.

    McCain helped Hillary&Obama cook up the whole ISIS thing after the failure of the original plan (as reported by Wesley Clarke) to ‘take out 7 countries in 5 yrs’ after 911 had clearly failed given the survival of Independent regimes in Syria and Iran.

    The driving force was and is the Oded Yinon Greater Israel Project – the same driver for the recent demonization of Iran to give Trump an excuse to invade that country and waste American $TRILLIONS and millions of lives for a war that will only benefit Israel.

    Time for intense PRAYER AND FASTING to implore God’s mercy on us all.

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    • Bollyn traces this fabricated GWOT conspiracy back to a high level meeting in Israel in ’78 attended by GHWB himself, after which our ME policy was turned over to Greater Israel–of which about half its people live in the US and virtually control America’s public forum and hence its election processes.

      The official 911 narrative is necessarily false inasmuch as it requires a suspension of the laws of physics to be true, and the circumstantial evidence of Israeli involvement and White House complicity is overwhelming. As Richard Perle gloated in an interview, Jews, meaning International Jewry, have such control over the members of the United States’ Congress that they can remove all but about five for opposing their agenda. Their grip on the presidency is even firmer, as the White House is now beating the war drums for wars this country cannot possibly afford against two countries that have never and could not attack us despite the crap about NK missiles and nukes. This is treason, not bad judgment, and is nothing less than a conspiracy between both parties running straight back to that meeting in ’78 and before. What dupes we’ve been to buy into the two party narrative and second-rate political theater we see on the news. For all the electronic gadgets we have, we’re as bad off as the cave dwellers in Plato’s allegory.

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  7. Kevin J Lankford

    Watching mccain in action in 2007, it was clear he would have conceded defeat, even if he had won the vote.

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  8. it’s was obvious that Mccain didn’t want to win….

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  9. Nobody voted for McCain.

    People voted against Obama, for Palin, or both.

    If you heard his speeches during the 08 campaign, they were anything but inspiring. The loudest cheers, by far, were when he said, “Governor Palin sends her best wishes”

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  10. I didn’t care a whit about McCain-I voted for Sarah Palin,I expected McCain wouldn’t last long as a president anyway.

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  11. If I hear John McAnus referred to as a “war hero” again, I am going to hurl chunks.

    Lucky for him his daddy was an admiral.

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  12. I wrote in McCain in 2004, but by 2008, I had my awakening, and wrote in Ron Paul.

    McCain didn’t campaign to win, he campaigned not to lose, and as so often happens with this kind of strategy, he lost.


  13. The only “support” I’d provide is to help steady the chair until they got the noose in place.


  14. Trail, you’re a more religious man than I. It took me a VERY. LONG. TIME. to wake up to The Horror that McCain and the Bush Family is. But wake up I have, and I am always on the lookout for more info.
    It seems to me that I, myself, have had more than my “fair share” of cognitive dissonance to wake up to, but I am on that long and arduous road—as are we all, it seems to me.

    These amoral criminal psychopaths are going to get theirs. In the meantime, we must remember that, Yes, God Almighty is in control of all things, at all times. And if His “Invisible Hand” is not readily apparent to us, we must also remember that it is not only our free will that changes things, but the free will of others does, also.

    I have also learned—and I continue to learn—that knowledge of political things is essential and necessary—but it is not sufficient. A great knowledge of political affairs and sociological happenings is important, even intriguing. But it is never a substitute for an adequate spiritual life: McCain, it seems, is going to hell. That’s all right by me: I don’t want to wind up there with him.

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  15. Great comments! & many so funny (lophatt, lol!)

    Well, don’t feel bad about McShame 2008. Many may have been duped or slow to “wake up,” but guess who WAS wide awake already even back in the 1990s? Yup, our current President! He was a hoot & totally “politically incorrect” way back then. Too funny.

    1999 Dan Rather interview with Donald Trump, about 13 minutes:

    He irked the Reformed Repub Party (Calif) because he dissed other Repubs, lol (Pat Buchanan vs. someone else, Trump referred to one of them as a “Communist”), & he wasn’t clued in to their platform.

    At about 6 mins., Rather asks him re his opinion on McCain, Bush, Bill Bradley… You know what POTUS said re McCain, “He was captured. Does being captured make you a hero? I don’t know.” (lol!), & re Bush, “Well, so far I’ve been very very saddened as he does not seem like Albert Einstein!” (crack me up!) Would he have been President were it not for his father? asks Rather. Trump, “NO.” And Bill Bradley? Trump said he did not have a lot of respect for him & that he would make a “terrible President!” Then DJT says many politicians are “dumb as dirt.”

    Anyone remember some “marketing expert” named Jack Trout? Rather asked him re Trump & Trout said Trump was one of the biggest MEDIA SCAMS ever, & that he was only running in 2000 to promote his business name brand –AND– that Trump would NEVER spend the $$ required to run for President. I wonder if that guy/Trout is still alive & saw Trump get elected in 2016! I hope he was so he could eat his words. (Never say Never!)

    A few brief clips show a very young dark-haired Melania, & a very YOUNG Roger Stone. And another clip of Trump right at home among all the blue collar workers (very touching since folks like that is how he WON in 2016)!

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  16. It took me a very long time to wake up to this fraud, as it did the Bushes.
    Oh Well: Let us not make the same mistake with another political case of never-ending herpes, Mitt Romney!

    McCain and Hillary will get along just fine when they both go to hell!

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  17. Thanks! I so needed that scripture today!

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  18. Then the Holy Spirit turned my mind toward one Bible verse, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” –

    Do you realise Obama quoted the same exact bible verse (actually the whole psalm) during a 9/11 memorial speech?


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