Baltimore residents blame record-high murder rate on lower police presence

baltimore sign f the police

From NPR: For the third year in a row, Baltimore, Md., has had more than 300 murders, reaching a new record of murders per number of residents in 2017 (and a record killing per capita).

Some residents attribute the high murder rate to relaxed police patrols in the city following high-profile cases of police brutality. Officers have backed off in neighborhoods, like the one where Freddie Gray was arrested.

The Rev. Kinji Scott, a pastor in Baltimore who’s held positions in local city government, says the opposite needs to happen. “We wanted the police there,” Scott says. “We wanted them engaged in the community. We didn’t want them beating the hell out of us, we didn’t want that.

He’s among activists who are calling for police reform to reduce the violence in Baltimore and several other high-crime cities across the U.S. that he says haven’t seen change. That change begins with a conversation between the communities directly involved, Scott says.

“We need the front line police officers and we need the heart of the black community to step to the forefront of this discussion,” he says. “And that’s when we’re going to see a decrease in crime.”

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Interview Highlights

On the current state of community safety in Baltimore

When you think about young people who are out here facing these economic challenges and are homeless and living places that are uncertain, and you’re a parent — you’re scared. Not just for yourself really, but for your children.

The average age of a homicidal victim in Baltimore City right now is 31 years old. We had a young man who attended one of the prime high schools, [Baltimore Polytechnic Institute], Jonathan Tobash, and he was 19 years old, he was a Morgan State student. And he was killed on his way to the store. That’s the state of Baltimore right now.

On whether the community wanted police to back off after the death of Freddie Gray

No. That represented our progressives, our activists, our liberal journalists, our politicians, but it did not represent the overall community. Because we know for a fact that around the time Freddie Gray was killed, we start to see homicides increase. We had five homicides in that neighborhood while we were protesting.

What I wanted to see happen was that people would be able to trust the relationship with our police department so that they would feel more comfortable. We’d have conversations with the police about crime in their neighborhood because they would feel safer. So we wanted the police there. We wanted them engaged in the community. We didn’t want them beating the hell out of us, we didn’t want that.

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21 responses to “Baltimore residents blame record-high murder rate on lower police presence

  1. What a difference between the noble black Christians of that church in Charleston, SC, and the black rioters of Baltimore, MD. Like Dr. King said, it’s not about “the color of their skin, but the content of their character.”

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    • It pays to watch what people do, not what they say. Atlanta sponsors concerts and major events in its parks ‘to bring people together’ and all it enriches is the staffs at trauma centers and undertakers. Those who clamor the loudest usually have ulterior motives. The Gospel commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves doesn’t call for police presence or any form of civil or gov’t regulations. Humble men act quietly because it is 2nd nature to them to obey their God.

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  2. — traildustfortm — Agreed. Great comments.

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  3. B-but, Baltimore blacks said the police are racists and wanted them out of their neighborhoods!

    By the way, the jury completely exonerated the 6 police officers on trial for Freddie Gray’s death.

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    • This should be a sure sign of the chaos and instability in their communities and their culture as a whole. I can not embrace or explain away the bad behavior of another white man simply because I am white, too. His ‘wrongness’ alienates me and breaks the bonds of any trust because he shattered them first. Maybe White Pride can’t work because we simply can not accept it lumps even the rotten apples in with the rest of us. Take Charles Manson and his gang for instance. I like to think he’s so far out of ‘Whiteness’ he was in a category all his own. He deserved life maybe even worse for his actions. If I’m at an event that’s basically white, I want all thugs and criminals kept out. They simply aren’t my kind regardless of their status. Blacks appear to embrace every element so long as they have a skin color in common.

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . Now that the Baltimore blacks got what they wanted–the police out of their neighborhoods, they are beginning to back step. The cost of having the police ignore some of these inner city neighborhood is just too high!

      It is most grievous what the 6 police officers were put through . . . and then they were exonerated. Did they receive their lost wages, the attorney fees they spent in defending themselves, or anything for the pain and emotional suffering that they were put through? Probably not.

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  4. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    As always, “go figure,” it is always the clash of cultures. The blacks never did want to combine the cultures from the beginning and still don’t want to – it was the white politicians and MLK who wanted that “I have a Dream.” It is time to let the blacks have their culture and every other culture to have their culture and everyone to FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION. None of us have to follow BLM where they want to “fry the Police like bacon.”


    If people fool around, aren’t smart enough to protect themselves and get pregnant and don’t have a father – they have to pay the piper. That’s life. Don’t come back and blame the Police if you don’t have a father to help you through life. All you young folks – quit being lazy and WISE UP. No one told you “THAT LIFE IS EASY.”

    What is so hard about that?


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    • kommonsentsjane . . . you have brought up something that is extremely interesting . . . “Just UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION AND TREAT EVERYONE EQUALLY AND FAIRLY. If you break the law — YOU GO TO JAIL.”

      Here in Portland, OR our transit system is set up so that you purchase a ticket before you get on the bus or train, or you pay in cash on your way in. There are fare inspectors who randomly board the buses/trains and check to see if passengers have a valid ticket to ride. Then up comes the problem, because there was such a large amount of black riders who had been issued citations because they had not paid their fare . . . the City Council (in their wisdom) did not believe that it “was fair” that there was a disproportionate number of blacks who were being cited for failure to show payment of fare. So they suspended issuing citations to black people. Is that crazy or what!!! What is fair and equal about that?

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      • Who knew the Portland city council was racist…

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      • Makes you wonder what they would do if all the white riders decided to stop paying.

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      • DAH…Auntie….here in CA we took statistics to show that “too many” kids were being suspended from school for drugs, violent acts against teachers and classmates, etc etc….and that WE teachers are repsonsible for educating these violent kids, no matter……and so….my district’s “solution” for the expulsion stats? STOP ExPELLING KIDS NO MATTER WHAT THEIR OFFENSE OR AGAINST WHOM……I could HARDLY believe my ears when this speech was delivered to us from our district “pubahs.” Much the same reasoning as suspending consequences in your area for transit fare vilolations…..I guess the latest law enforcement depends upon how many people violate the law. If, at some point, so many violate the law so as to be an onerous job in enforcement, you just suspend the law and let them have their way……

        Can’t tell you how many times I wonder what would have happened to us in the USA if this SAME, LIMP, attitude had been pervasive when we faced very tough foes during WWII?????? Too many of them? They distroyed our fleet? Oh well….we can’t do anything about it…just let them have their way………

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  5. Strange how certain communities are lawless in the extreme and always blame others for their behavior.

    Sort of the behavior one would expect form an mentally disturbed individual. Except in this case it is an an entire category of people.

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  6. Be careful what you wish for. You might get it.

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  7. The sons of cain , through ham , will do the works of their father . Their specialty and enthusiasm are : antics , drama , violence & blood spilling , thievery , and riot . How can anyone reason with such ” beasts ” ? They will never , as a group , own up to their own responsibility for their sub normal condition . For the last 40 years , they have had all advantages and opportunities to make something better of themselves and look at what they’ve done . Reference all government programs , preferences , quotas , affirmative actions , and black economic empowerment schemes .

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    • THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST is the only hope that can ” equalize ” and reconcile all people . Even so , there is a hierarchy called Birthright and Priesthood – Aristocracy and Patriarchy . In the dealings of men , these concepts are only a poor and imperfect reflections of the heavenly reality . Men are not created equal , but we are all equal before GOD’S law . We have varying talents and abilities and dedications . There are different places at GOD’S table , and various rewards in paradise . We first must get there : to concern ourselves about our own salvation by the gift of faith’s justification , and then comes work’s sanctification . It is the ” two good hands ” approach for gaining admittance and welcome commendation , through the Pearly Gates .


  8. Let’s have a lower police presence and more murders, and more police presence and more murders. Of course, more police presence resulting in blacks getting killed by police trying to make an arrest for violence, murder, robberies, gangs, drugs and the like, and a policeman loosing his/her job or maybe dead because he was killed by the one he was trying to arrest. One to the cemetery, the other serving life. Now, lower police presence and more murders because the criminal element dominates the streets, police not making any arrests, and going home to his/her family, meantime the criminal element removed from a bloodbath and to the morgue, and nobody see nothing, say nothing. Which is better? You tell me!

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    • Excellently put. Why are we willing to do the impossible? Why should ANY segment of our population need “special treatment”? I could certainly do a dissertation on why I think this happens, but I won’t. We have laws, we have standards of behavior. The apply to EVERYONE.

      Dr. King and others had a vision. For those who would share that vision it is possible to do so. For those who do not want to behave themselves, just like children, there are consequences. Under no circumstance should we lower the bar to accept less.

      The cops do not exist to fix social problems. The cops should not exist to protect one segment of society from other members of the same segment. Whatever the fix is for that, it probably isn’t the police. The police should simply respond to a threat in the simplest way possible. Neutralize the threat is the name of the game. Social workers can discuss root causes.

      I have said many times what I think about this. If they have to get the National Guard to carve out safe zones while relocating rampaging idiots, so be it. It’s either that or sealing them in and letting them “resolve” their problem the hard way. That’s actually easier.

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  9. 9 out of 10 if not if not more of the fine young gentlemen who are upstanding members of their community and loved by family members have been, are currently or are contemplating their next crime. the officers involved have to make split second decisions based on thier experience and instincts. you wanted them to leave you alone. well, now you’re alone. anything else you need before we cut you completly loose?

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  10. Lol yes, the lack of police is the cause of murder.

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