After being named “Today” co-host, Hoda Kotb receives text from Lauer: “It meant the world to me”

hoda kotb and matt lauer

Hoda Kotb and her “good friend” Matt Lauer

Imagine the outrage if any conservative woman had gushed about how she had received a congratulatory text from Bill O’Reilly.

From NY Daily News: Scandal-plagued TV host Matt Lauer reached out to Hoda Kotb to congratulate her after she was named his full-time replacement on the “Today” show.

“He texted me and he said congratulations and some really nice words, and it meant the world when I saw the text pop up,” Kotb told Entertainment Tonight. “My heart just went like, you know, it meant the world to see that.”

NBC announced Tuesday that Kotb will take over as Savannah Guthrie’s co-host on the weekday program — a little over a month after Lauer was fired by the network following an allegation of inappropriate sexual behavior. Multiple women have since come forward to accuse Lauer of sexual misconduct as well.

Kotb, 53, has hosted the “Kathie Lee & Hoda” segment of the “Today” show alongside Kathie Lee Gifford since 2008, and will continue to host that fourth-hour program in addition to her new gig. She has worked as a fill-in host during the earlier hours of the “Today” show in the past, including since Lauer was terminated.

Lauer, 59, said in a statement in late November that he feels “ashamed” by hisundisclosed past behavior, but contends some of the allegations against him are inaccurate. That statement represents the only public comment he’s made since his firing.

Kotb, who was joined by Guthrie for her interview with ET, told the entertainment outlet she’s been in touch with Lauer since the network cut ties.

You know, Matt is our good friend and continues to be, and I think for both of us, we’ve just been trying to navigate this time and honor our love and friendship with Matt, but also understand and try to learn more about these circumstances,” Kotb said.

“So, it’s complicated when you are surprised by revelations, but you still care deeply for somebody who’s a friend.”


16 responses to “After being named “Today” co-host, Hoda Kotb receives text from Lauer: “It meant the world to me”

  1. I suppose that there is a great deal of truth in the idea that when a friend commits a sin, or a criminal act, unless that act damaged us directly . . . then they do not just automatically get “cut off” as far as friendship goes. He has paid an extremely high price for his foolish behavior. He is act at age when other outlets would naturally shy away from him, then you add the sexual harassment allegations on top of that . . . and you have a man who may well remain unemployed for the rest of his life, unless he starts a business of his own.

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  2. @Auntie Lulu, “He has paid an extremely high price for his foolish behavior.” ???? You do know he is accused of RAPE by a few women don’t you? I don’t know if you can put a ‘price’ on that. He can retire VERY nicely. I don’t think you need to worry about him.

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    • I have no use for Matt Liar.

      Having said that, and after seeing what happened to the Hermanator as well with Roy Moore, and seeing these so-called “victims” seemingly evaporate after the fact, I want to see some evidence other than he said-she said.

      Rape is a serious charge and can ruin lives regardless of their authenticity.

      Just ask the Duke lacrosse players.

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  3. Oh, he’s okay, except he got caught…

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  4. “So, it’s complicated when you are surprised by revelations…”

    Now that’s laughable! These clowns knew full well what Matt Lauer had been doing for years.

    I listened to Mike Zullo on Freedom Friday last week. He’s still working on the Obama forged birth certificate case. He talked a lot about Savannah Guthrie’s role in that act of treason. She played a big role in it, and needs to answer for her part in it. The claims she made about seeing and holding the birth certificate have been proven to be outright lies.😎

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  5. I think all this says volumes about who Hoda is as a person. I have distanced myself from from friends who did a whole a lot less than rape.Once I know someone is not what they claim to be, I am outa there.
    And if you know what they are and accept it, then you are of the same ilk,

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  6. The ” thing ” matt lauer , is a sodomite , pervert . Make an internet image search of this edomite , enemy of JESUS , and see what you find . Sorry for making you throw up you’re lunch . The ” thing ” hoda kotb , is a tranny , transvestite , transgender – abomination . See video : ” HODA H-O-D-A HODA ” , by MrE

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  7. Hoda is just another fake looking out for herself, she and bimbo Meghan Kelly couldn’t be any happier to see Matt Lauer ousted from the show, he sure helped them occupy the spot -Savanna has to be be very careful and watch her back or she’ll be moved out fast, she fears Meghan Kelly. Meghan Kelly is not soooo sweet, really? The “women” dominate the airwaves a sure boost to NBC. But watch, not far away the Bush daughter, although there is no substance in her character will eventually substitude Hoda, what a scramble, women destroy one another to occupy the hot seat and eventually get their asses burn.

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    • Savanna is a democrat and a liberal to the core, I don’t think she’s that great, she and Lauer are the same dog with different collars! Lauer’s career ain’t over yet!!!

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  8. looks like Lauer bedded Hoda too….

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  9. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Maybe Lauer hadn’t gotten to her, YET. And, she got the top spot. So why should she talk about the garbage behind her.


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  10. Matt Lauer = Anthony Weiner wannabe.

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  11. Journalists as celebrities? Is every ass on TV elevated to demigod? Like football players should just play the game because they’re not much good for anything else (anyone ever had a triple bypass performed by a wide receiver?) these talking heads should relate the news then shut their traps. They aren’t elected officials, they make no policies, barely know the details but have an opinion on everything. Just like the drunk down at the Frosty Mug who expounds on every subject from roads to national defense. I’ve always wanted to meet one of these posers so I can say, ‘I like the way you read the news at 7 am!’

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  12. Hoda is a smart Black woman. She’ s making sure she stays friends with Matt Lauer because she doesn’t know where he may turn up next. Like Brian Williams .
    She knows she’s lucky to be where she is because the Jews are filling all or as many as possible of the sports, entertainment, game shows, talk shows, news and other sources of media with Jews and Blacks or pairing then with White men and especially’, pairing White women with Black men.
    Just as Wendy Williams , another Black talk show host sitting on her throne having her audience clap, and be fascinated and in awe of her dribble.
    Just as the Jews have their Jewish shows to get Whites and Blacks to reveal their cheating and affairs while they laugh at us.
    When the Jews talk of a Jewish century, their bragging of how they dominate the world with their ideas and influence society, culture, taste , beliefs , history, events.
    Listen to the Jewish Rabbi’s on the Christian programs. They talk of the Old Testament concerning themselves while the Christian host sit, listen and act amazed about the Jews interpreting the Old Testament and it’s meaning and the coming end times in reference to their race or cult, to catch the Christians in their net so that the Christians sit back and help and allow the Jews to bring about their messiah and world kingdom. The Jews are telling us that it wasn’t the Jewish people who crucified Christ , but the Pharisees , etc. etc. The Catholic Church absolved the blame that they accused the Jews of doing for 2000 years of crucifying Christ and put it on the Romans.
    Suddenly now that Trump has declared Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Iran suddenly has riots. All we have to do is to wait to see what other plans are in store for us. No matter how much Israel and Netanyahu talk peace, they want Iran defeated, overthrown or out of the way as a glue that holds the Arab world together to expand their Jewish kingdom eastward as in Old Testament Biblical times.
    The Jews got Trump to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, now all they have to do is to get ‘Trump and Congress to pass HR 6421, the Anti Semitism Awareness Act to shut down all criticism of any minority group, especially Jews, their real goal.
    And the Pope is no saint or angel. He calls for a New World Order. He’s from and in a Jesuit organization created by a Jew.
    Robert Maxwell, a Jewish business man said:
    “”You will have a New World Order.
    You will have a One World currency.
    You will have a One World economy..
    You will have a One World religion.
    You will have a One World military. You will have a One world Order whether you want it or not.”
    And he was later drowned at sea; claimed to have fallen overboard.
    The Jews have the money, the Catholic Church the religion, and Great Britain, the government that some say still controls the United States.
    No wonder the British family is so dominant in our news .
    We get into wars to defend England. England promised the Holy Land to
    Israel,Truman declared it a State, Trump declared Jerusalem it’s capital and now Israel can start exerting its behind the scenes power. Frump has taken the power of God.
    We heard in the past about suitcase nuclear bombs. Well, the World Trade Center was destroyed by planes to get us into war in the Middle East by the Bush’s. Now all we have to do is to see where all the negative hate and criticism towards China, Russia and North Korea takes us to further this New World Order.


  13. I see Steve Quayle’s name listed .
    Steve Quayle appeared many many times on Art Bell’s show and they both followed the Hal Bop comet for months,
    discussing it as it supposedly traversed it’s way toward the earth.
    As Hal Bop came closer to earth, Steve Quayle finally begin to talk of it more differently.
    Now it beame more than a comet.
    Suddenly , after weeks and months of commenting on the comets flight through space towards earth, this comet according to Steve Quayle , became a barge towing a cargo container and when it got over Africa, cargo doors on the container would open up and spread a white powder or substance over Africa and millions would die.
    Shortly after this , the Heaven’s Gate group committed mass suicide believing they were going to be taken away on a spaceship.
    If you remind Steve Quayle of this crap, such as Hal Bop that he puts out while using and hiding behind a religious aura to push his stories he removes your comment and locks you out from commenting.
    Art Bell and his guests also promoted the collapse of the economy and the world takeover in 2000. which didn’t happen.
    George Noory is no different. He loves to coax his guests to name tragic or bad events to happen.


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