This is CNN: New Year’s Eve show highlights pot-themed party

cnn pot reporter

From “The Most Trusted Name in News.”

From Fox News: CNN put the “J” in journalism Sunday night, with a marijuana-themed New Year’s Eve show many viewers found downright doobie-ous.

During the beleaguered cable news network’s year-end show from Times Square, reporter Randi Kaye did several, um, “hits” from Denver, where marijuana is legal. At various points, she held a joint, lit a bong, marveled over a special gas mask used by stoners and wondered where she was.

“This is for you, Andy!” Kaye said at one point, addressing CNN host Andy Cohen and holding a lit marijuana cigarette out to the camera.

Cohen, the Bravo star and executive producer of the “Real Housewives” franchise, was hosting with CNN stalwart Anderson Cooper. Kathy Griffin was previously Cooper’s New Year’s Eve partner, but the network dumped her after she made fun of President Trump by holding his mock severed head in a photo shoot.

Cohen enthusiastically praised Kaye’s report, while a smiling Cooper reminded viewers that Kaye’s high-jinx was all above board, even if a bit unseemly. “I just want to point out that this is all legal in Colorado,” Cooper said, smiling.

Kaye, who announced she was witnessing “New Year’s Eve, Denver-style!” did not appear to partake herself, and would not be breaking the law if she had. But she did seem disoriented at one point.

“We’re at a dispensary called the Medicine Man!” Kaye, who sported dangling marijuana leaf earrings, said. “I’m trying to remember where we are. Where am I?”

Kaye’s pot-themed reportage was done from a “puff, pass and paint” party, whatever that is.

Viewers seemed split on social media: Some were appalled by the open embrace of marijuana, while others were dismayed by the network’s decision to replace Griffin with Cohen.


22 responses to “This is CNN: New Year’s Eve show highlights pot-themed party

  1. Oh, come on! CNN had to do something because they can’t have disgraced Kathy Griffin do a repeat of her simulating giving Anderson Cooper a BJ during CNN’s 2013 New Year broadcast. /sarc

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    • Isn’t Cooper queerer than a football bat? I kind of think watching CNN on New Years Eve (unless you’re researching their antics) is the equivalent of taking your cousin to the prom.

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    • I guess I missed the article on Griffin the first time around. Her behavior is just not acceptable. Under the circumstances, since particularly right now everyone has a heightened sense of what may constitute “sexual harassment.” I would say her vulgar, unseemly actions, should have gotten her in some deep, deep water. Yet, the PC crowd had not yet been awakened to the “sexual harassment” craze. I find her to be such a _______. I cannot even use the word. I can only hope that as time goes by, she is fazed out of our social commentary altogether.

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      • Hadenoughalready

        She’ll render herself irrelevant, just like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharptongue and several others have. When’s the last time we heard from them???
        Lies only go so far before they’re exposed.

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    • That’s probably more appropriate than we think. Her head does remind me of an ass and that may have turned Swisher Cooper on.

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  2. Hadenoughalready

    There are some people who will do ANYTHING for money or attention; perhaps both.
    CNN has shown itself to be a media-whore and there are no limits to the extent they’ll take it. Whether lying, chesting of getting stoned on national TV, it doesn’t matter.
    Like an ill-tempered toddler, good or bad, anything for attention. Why the FCC hasn’t intervened, I have no idea.
    Remember the day when “media” had “standards”….yeah.

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    • Hadenoughalready . . . You have brought up an extremely important question . . . .”Why hasn’t the FCC intervened to stop her behavior?” Since I believe (at least in the back of my mind) that Griffin is Jewish, and since the media outlets are almost completely Jewish owned and dominated–it may not be perceived as being sound business to tangle with them.

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  3. They wrote some of their latest stories while on location! Except the Trump collaborates with aliens from the hollow earth. Even the producers weren’t stoned enough to go with that one.

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  4. Well, from now on, whenever CNN makes one of their asinine comments, whoever they are speaking to should simply ask, “What are you smoking?”!

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    • Maryaha . . . . Excellent suggestion. I for one don’t even want to see or hear comments of this ilk, therefore I never watch CNN. The idea that their people are either trying to gross us out by inappropriate behavior, or they are just plain lying to us . . . it is just too much to have to put up with.

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  5. Since pot became legal auto accident rates have scored. To think this is legal is insane. Denver’s legalized pot should have been a wake up call to all other states. But then what else can we expect from liberals? What’s next????

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    • The bureaucrats don’t care about the consequences. It’s all about the money.

      And if they finally wake up to the hazards, that’ll just mean they’ll need more taxpayer money to solve the problem they created.

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      • DCG . . . . That comment just hit it out of the ball park! That is exactly what they will do if the “brain fog” ever lifts.

        The State of Oregon enacted a marijuana law a couple of years ago. Now we have these “dispensers” about every six blocks. That in itself is just pitiful.

        Right after the prohibition was lifted, there was an auto accident, where the driver was found to be “intoxicated after using marijuana.” I think that it came as a big surprise, particularly to the man who was arrested. He should be very thankful that I was not sitting on his jury, because I have ZERO tolerance for those who indulge in anything that can cause intoxication, and then go out into the public and put the rest of our lives in jeopardy.

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        • I agree… but I think the powers that be think there’s a trade-off in allowing the great unwashed masses their vices (at least those the loudest voices clamor for) in return for diminished violence towards others by those who are made less violent (including sexually) by alcohol or pot. “Opium of the masses”. Music to calm the savage beast. All that.

          Which, hopefully, is much greater than the numbers of those made more violent (or more likely to be violent, including by wrecking their vehicles) by their effects. It’s a sad statement about human behavior and the ability to control one’s actions. And the desire of humans to degrade themselves to their lowest-basest behaviors & desires. And how the media feeds on that in order to make the most money by making the most advertising income for having the most viewers those advertisers are pursuing (because those viewers are most likely to buy their crap)…

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    • I was never anti-mj, until they legalized it. My neighborhood became unindated with homeless pot smokers with cell phones..thanks Obama. The mental illness from the high thc is rampant. You cant go anywhere without the smell of the “skunk junk”, and I swear, people just got stupider! I absolutely hate it! I am one hoping Sessions gets rid of rec. mj and sticks to medical only. Crime is up and police emforcement is “too busy not looking for illegal immigrants to do anything about it. Car accidents are up, and car insurance has gone up too! The mj.people now have lobbiests, which tells me its not going anywhere. They use pesticides in the production to get higher yields and have changed the natural process of the plant! Ughh…in my opinion, it was and is the biggest mistake any state can make!

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  6. Whatever their kind is pushing, whether it’s here drugs and sodomy to our young, or over there open borders, our response will fall short unless we recognize that what best classifies their behavior is sowing disorder.

    They’re now giddy they’re so sure the annihilation of Christianity, traditional America, and Western Civilization is within their grasp, and what a decades-long laugh they’ve had at our expense, watching in disbelief as we kept returning to their bought-and-paid-for flunkies in the Republican Party to make things right.

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    • Dan . . . What you have written is very true. I think that the response of many Christians is that we must strengthen ourselves by putting on the armor of God. I further think that many Christians have been further strengthened by the results of this last election. So many of us thought we were fighting an uphill battle that would end in extreme disappointment . . . the windows of Heaven opened and spilled out blessings, such as most of us still find hard to imagine. The fact that we are seeing, nearly daily, changes being enacted that will surely improve our lives, and the lives of those who come after us.

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  7. I guess we can add Cannabis News Nutwork to our library of CNN names.

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  8. One of the many effects of marijuana is talkativeness. So sitting around on New Year’s Eve with a bunch of self righteous bubbleheaded Colorado liberals who already can’t STFU seems like torture to me. What a party…

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