NHS care: Woman requests female doctor, met by pre-op transgender medic with stubble & a beard

male nurse

From Daily Mail: A woman who asked to be seen by a female nurse when she went for a smear test was ’embarrassed’ when she was allocated a person with ‘stubble and a beard’.

Upon being called in for the procedure (pap smear), the patient said she was ‘distressed’ to discover that the nurse was biologically male. When she pointed out the mistake, the nurse responded that their gender was not male and that they were transsexual. 

In the end, the patient decided not to go ahead with the intimate procedure and complained to the NHS

She told The Sunday Times that it was ‘weird where somebody says to you “my gender is not male” and you think: “well, what does that even mean? You’re clearly a man!”‘

The patient described the nurse as having an ‘obviously male appearance…close-cropped hair, a male facial appearance and voice, large number of tattoos and facial stubble.’

The woman received an apology from the NHS following the incident at a clinic in North West London NHS Foundation on September 16 last year.

In her letter of complaint she wrote that, when booking the appointment, she had requested a female nurse or practitioner. She added: ‘People who are not comfortable about this are presented as bigots and this is kind of how I was made to feel about it.’

The patient emphasised that her complaint was not in relation to the nurse’s appearance or gender status.

It comes as equalities minister and education secretary Justine Greening said she was considering proposals that would allow people to legally change their gender without being diagnosed by a doctor.  

Ms. Greening was last week said to be getting cold feet about self-certification after a consultation on changes to the Gender Recognition Act was delayed.

James Caspian, a psychotherapist who works specialises in working with transgender people, said scenarios similar to that the patient who went for a smear test experienced would become more common is self-certification went ahead. He argued that politicians had not thought through the implications of such a move. 

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust said: ‘We apologised to this patient for the recording error and because the staff member accepted they didn’t manage the situation appropriately or professionally; the patient needed to feel listened to.

‘Trust policy for all services is to consider seriously all requests for clinicians of a particular gender; it allows patients to feel more supported; we will deny a request if we believe it to be sexually motivated or where there might be a risk to a member of staff, but we will always explain ourselves.’

NHS guidelines say its transgender employees receive equal treatment and protection from discrimination at work but does not go into specifics about procedures.

The national census will ask every home in England and Wales if a transgender person lives there.  The question, likely to be in the 2021 census, will be the first official attempt to count people who say they were born in the wrong sex.


30 responses to “NHS care: Woman requests female doctor, met by pre-op transgender medic with stubble & a beard

  1. NHS care: Woman requests female doctor, met by pre-op transgender transvestite medic with stubble & a beard.

    There, I fixed it for you, Daily Mail!

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  2. Can our world get any crazier?

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    • Just when you think it can’t possibly get any WEIRDER,the NEXT special snowflake with an evil twist comes along and it DOES! (I HAVE to quit asking that question-it seems to just court disaster…)

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  3. It’s a classic. Not only are people’s beliefs ridiculed, they are forced to “accept” this social engineering whether they want to or not. Just like people who don’t want to be looked at in the bathroom by people of the opposite sex are disregarded. There is no “respect” with these communistic social engineers.

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  4. I wonder if they would have sent that same “nurse” to a muslim woman who requested a woman nurse….probably not.

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    • That’s a very good question.

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    • Mom, I thought of the same thing -I think we can safely bet they wouldn’t have done that to any Muslim woman.
      They have to force this crap on everyone with laws because there is no other way to make the change in reality other than by force. Thousands of years of acknowledging there are only two sexes and that homosexuals are mentally disturbed all thrown out in a matter of a few years – sick!
      I was once in the locker room at our community pool about ready to change out of my swim suit after my workout. A woman (Lesbian) came up to me and said she ” liked” my swimsuit. It was clear by the creepy leer on her face that what she was admiring was not my swimsuit. I felt violated, and thought to myself, this is why they don’t put men and women in the same locker room- so women can feel safe from any sexually charged interactions, and yet I have to put up with getting hit on by a sexually confused individual!

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      • They can enforce “compliance” with laws. They can’t enforce “beliefs”. Beliefs are matters of faith and example. One doesn’t have to be a genius to see how well the sexes interact in Muslim societies. Would anyone voluntarily want that?

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  6. That isn’t something most people would be comfortable with. I think the ptb in this case would have to concede that.

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  7. Am I a doctor if I identify as one?

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  8. God hear our prayer!

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  9. So can the NHS guarantee that the man, and he was clearly a man, isn’t just someone claiming to be a woman for easy access?
    I have to agree with the patient, pack up and go home. They can try all they want, but they will never make me think differently about this mental disease.

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  10. This would make a good laugh if it wasn’t a serious thing…..

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