Black Lives Matter

Of Course They Do

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For those who are expecting more, this is deliberately brief. The point is that the reflexive accusation of racism as a means of silencing every kind of non-leftist speech is a very tired meme. You can call me racist until you faint, and I will not be shaken up or defensive. Leftists, black and beige alike, you are boring.

19 responses to “Black Lives Matter

  1. It has gotten to the point where being called a “racist” is damn near a badge of honor.

    After all, you are pissing off the right people.

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  2. TD . . . . That was certainly short, but very sweet! I could not agree more, most of us have had it up to our eye teeth in the use of calling people they want to shoot down . . . . R-A-C-I-S-T. It is strictly a ploy that the leftist mob uses.

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  3. Well said, TrailDust. I’d long reached the point where my reaction to accusations of racism is a big yawn.

    All Lives Matter!

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    • That’s the proper reaction, in my opinion. To do otherwise is to concede that one feels obligated to get they accuser’s blessing somehow. It is arrogant and rude.

      To be perfectly honest, while I do not consider myself “racist”, if I wanted to be I could. I don’t need anyone’s permission or approval.

      Just like a lot of people have trouble with the distinction between “prejudice” and “discrimination”. They are not the same thing. It is not “illegal” to be prejudice. It may even be “wise” to be prejudiced.

      I’m sure that most readers of this site are familiar with social engineering. This is how it is applied. One technique is accusing someone of being a certain way and it is assumed they will vehemently deny it. In that way it implants the notion that the only “acceptable” answer is to confirm the accuser’s desired affirmation.

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    • Amen, Dr. Eowyn. Where we live I regularly drive past a couple of 100% white Unitarian churches, both sporting the rainbow flag and the BlackLivesMatter banner. We all know that answering the statement, “Black Lives Matter,” with the addition (not contradiction) that, “All Lives Matter,” will lead to an argument, and some dope calling you racist. This of course reveals the true nature of the BLM movement. BLM is a leftist racist organization, some of whom are literally calling for the extermination of all whites, by which they mean all who are not leftist blacks.

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      • traildustfotm, I have always said BLM is none other than Black Panthers with a modern twist, not communist but, a deep rooted hate for whites, can you tell me, if the hate is so deep why do they “marry” whites, is it because they no longer hate the whites or is it because they want to advance their race?

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  4. Booooring. I am not conceited and I will not ever allow anyone to belittle me because I like ME.

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  5. When humans have less rights than dogs: gentrification


  6. As adults we understand that feelings must be managed, they’re the enemy of reason and logic. That’s the difference between conservatives and liberals, we’ve grown up while they remain emotionally stunted children prone to tantrum.

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  7. It seems those accusing are the racists. It has worn itself out and holds no water any longer. Sadly, it has only worsen the last 8 years.

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  8. In Christ we are all of one blood
    They just want us all warring so we never get wise to the big picture.

    The racism charge has jumped the shark.

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  9. For me, BLM = Baby Lives Matter! 👶 The Black Lives Matter crowd don’t have any problem killing their babies.

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  10. Obozo the Clown was (s)elected to first stir up the racist pot, which had pretty much gone out of existence, but the old “divide and conquer” meme had not. He set this country’s race relations back 60 years His second duty was to foist homosexuality and transgenderism on the U.S. to speed up the globalists’ DEPOPULATION wet dream. So, we got our first “gay” POTUS and First Tranny. Third, he (along with substitute Pope Frankie) was to usher in Islam as the one-world religion (ideology). He seeded all 50 states with tens of thousands of Muslims. He did a bang-up job, didn’t he? And the leftist Dhimmicrat idiots are still praising his treachery.

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  11. Right on Goldbug!!

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  12. Alex Jones has duly noted the overwhelming hysteria of the race card. He said, and I agree, that if “everyone is racist, then no one is racist.”
    A little hair-splitting is in order here. Advertising deals in stereotypes because they are inevitable. And stereotypes simplify things. Bigotry is also inevitable: Many other people do not like my “flava.” So be it: I may not like theirs, either. This, too, is inevitable.
    But these things, in and of themselves, are not “prejudice,” per se: A “knee-jerk reaction” is not necessarily the equivalent of a judgment. Stereotypes and simple bigotry are not necessarily the results of a prejudice, a judgment of the person, AS A PERSON, before all the facts are known. Besides, these things are inevitable, given the warp and woof of everyday life.

    All this being said, take not offense: As a life-long New Yorker, I have found SOME black people and SOME Jews to be the most absolutely prejudiced and offensive people on Earth. I’m talking about absolute torch and pitchfork hatred—not knee-jerk reactions. And it is THESE haters who insist upon leading the discussion, upon making the rules.

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  13. As long as the lame stream media listen to these cretins we will have this going on and they will keep on playing the race card.

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