Are Sandy Hook child victims alive and well?

It is five years since the Dec. 14, 2012 shooting massacre of 20 children and 6 adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

Wolfgang Halbig is a former Florida state trooper, school safety consultant, and a Sandy Hook “truther” whom Lenny Pozner sued but then dropped the lawsuit.

On New Year’s Eve, Dec. 31, 2017, Fellowship of the Minds received an email from Mr. Halbig, with the startling claim that the 20 Sandy Hook child victims are alive and well. His words:


To support that claim, Halbig included this composite image (see below) of the 20 victims as 6-year-olds and as they presumably are today.

↓Click image to enlarge↓

Three things about the above image:

  • The young adult pictures of the 12 females resemble their childhood pictures, especially the seven who posed as adults together: Avielle Richman, Grace McDonnell, Olivia Engel, Madeleine Hsu, Charlotte Bacon, Caroline Previdi, and Allison Wyatt.

  • The young adult pictures of the 8 males don’t much resemble the child pictures.
  • If the adult pics indeed are of the child victims, that means they were not 6 years old on Dec. 14, 2012, but were much older.

Referring to another group photo of eight Sandy Hook female child “victims” (see pic below), Professor James Fetzer said:

“I think the photo of eight girls is right. Wolf[gang] talked about it on [John B. Wells’ internet radio show] Caravan to Midnight and said that he had had it vetted by an expert who works w/ FBI.”

I asked Halbig in an email for the source(s) of the pics of the child-victims-as-adults, but got no response.

Since Halbig said in his email to FOTM that Facebook had helped him find the child “victims” as adults, I conducted a search for each of their names on Facebook. This is what I found:

  • In most cases, the Facebook pages of individuals with the same names as the Sandy Hook victims are set to private and thus, no information can be gleaned, not even a picture. As an example,there is only one Avielle Richman and only one Jessica Rekos on Facebook, but their respective pages are both set to private.
  • In some cases, e.g., Josephine Gay and Catherine Hubbard, there is no one by that name on Facebook.
  • I was able to find the Facebook pages of four individuals whose adult images resemble the Sandy Hook child victims. They are:

(1) Olivia Engel: The only Olivia Engel on Facebook says she is the owner of Olivia Engel Jewelry Designs (she makes necklaces) and lives in West Hartford, CT. Here’s a screenshot of her Facebook page, in the event she deletes the account or takes it to private.

Below is the composite I made of Sandy Hook Olivia Engel (#1), Halbig’s Olivia Engel (#2), and Facebook Olivia Engel (#3). Note the striking resemblance: same eyebrows, same nose, same labial folds around her mouth when she smiles, same chin.

(2) Allison Wyatt: I found an Allison Wyatt whose adult image (#3) resembles the Sandy Hook Allison Wyatt (#1) and Halbig’s Allison Wyatt (#2) — same eyebrows, same face shape, same blonde hair color. However, one must be “befriend” Facebook Allison Wyatt for information on biographical details.

(3) Emilie Parker: Out of several Emilie Parkers on Facebook, there is one “Emily Parker” (#3) who most resembles Sandy Hook Emilie Parker (#1) and Halbig’s Emilie Parker (#2) — same blonde hair, same nose, same fondness for the color pink. There is no biographical information other than “Community Organization”.

(4) Jesse Lewis: Out of the Jesse Lewises on Facebook, this Jesse Lewis (#3) — who is a HVAC Tech (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Technician) at Tri State Enterprise (a contractor in Flatwoods, Kentucky) and lives in Argillite, Kentucky — most resembles the Halbig Jesse Lewis (#2).

Of the above four (Olivia Engel, Allison Wyatt, Emilie/Emily Parker, Jesse Lewis), the strongest resemblance is among the child, adolescent and young adult versions of Olivia Engel.

To make the case that the Sandy Hook child victims are still alive, all that is needed is just one case. If, say, Olivia Engel is alive and well and living in Hartford, Connecticut, then it means we were lied to. We then have every reason to believe the other 19 child victims also did not die at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012.

Lastly, here’s something rather bizarre.

I found the Facebook page of the Nancy Lanza:

There is very little on Nancy Lanza’s Facebook. Her last post (see below) was an update of her profile picture on March 5, 2013 — 2 months 19 days after she had been shot to death by her son, Adam.

See also “Are these the dead Sandy Hook kids all grown up alive and well” on Before It’s News, and:


70 responses to “Are Sandy Hook child victims alive and well?

  1. In the case of Emelie Parker . . . I rather doubt that any of us will ever forget her father, Robbie Parker. He had the ability to laugh and joke one minute, but right on queue, once he was at the microphone bemoaning the loss and extremely tragedy that had befallen his family–the tears flowed, and the face changed to one of extreme sadness. I would love to see at least one case proven that the supposed murdered child is still alive. Any and all persons involved in this horrific hoax on the American people need to be cooling their heels in prison for a very long time.

    The very thing that sticks in my mind . . . when taking into consideration all the various ins and outs that we were privileged to witness for ourselves via film clips, in addition to the real estate transaction records which showed that numerous houses were transferred into the names of parents, and others intimately involved in this hoax AND the records show the purchase price as: $ 0.00 How does that happen in the real world unless something illegal or underhanded was going on? How is it that the masterminds, and those who participated in this chicanery actually thought that the American people were so stupid, so gullible, so naive, so easily duped that we would not question the “official story.” God Bless each and every person, including our own Dr Eowyn, for continuing to stay on point, to bring the real information out into the light of day!

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    • There are still a lot of avenues for further research here for someone with the time and resources. Each of these “characters” in this pageant are somewhere now. I tried to track down our Mr. Parker through some contacts of my own. I haven’t given up but I’m at a standstill. I’ve heard a few bits but haven’t been able to confirm them yet.

      Dr. E and others had a major role in uncovering this. Some of us played minor roles in contributing to this joke being called into question. Like “The 9-11 Movie”, once you’ve seen it, you can’t “unsee” it. The preponderance of the evidence is overwhelming.

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  2. Good follow up. Too many coincidences or a whole lot of doppelgängers are running around. The truth is out there and it will come out.

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  3. I’m glad to revisit this again. My theory is that they used photos of children that were already older than the narrative would indicate. Whether the names had anything to do with actual relatives or not is questionable. For the life of me, I can’t imagine why they would use actual names.

    The whole thing is a complete and obvious fake. The surest way to discover this would be to exhume some bodies. It has been demonstrated in virtually every way imaginable that this was contrived. It is difficult for me to imagine someone who has actually studied this that could doubt the research.

    Despite all the “Lenny Pozner” hype (real or imagined), Halbig has actually prevailed. When the chips were down and “Lenny” had to put up or shut up, he shut up. Preying on peoples emotions in order to get them to suspend their logic is an old trick.

    Nobody “official” is ever going admit this, no matter what. Those involved did a masterful job of unveiling this hoax. I still love to look at these tidbits of information. They really weren’t all that careful. They didn’t think they had to be.

    Anytime someone asks if the government lies, you can point to this.

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    • lophatt . . . Bravo! You have made some extremely valid points. More and more people now believe that our government is more than willing and able to lie to us citizens, without even breaking a sweat.

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    • Kevin J Lankford

      I would suspect they would have used real names to assure their connection and claims to all the proceeds (I’m sure in the millions) donated through the internet and other channels by all those that are taken in.

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      • Yes, certainly. A cursory look into the ages of the alleged parents, as compared to the ages of the alleged students, would raise a few eyebrows. Now maybe there’s something in the Connecticut (or New York) air that forestalls conception, but I doubt it.

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        • My thought exactly! That the Sandy Hook fake child-victims are actually much older than 6 y.o. would explain why so many Sandy Hook moms seemed to have had their children late in life, in their late 30s and 40s.

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    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    For your information.


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  5. Keep it coming, Doc! Nobody Died at Sandy Hook!

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  6. It looks like Josephine Gay and Catherine Hubbard were switched.

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  7. Today , it can be hard to know who is real . See video : ” RUSSIANVIDS – IS ANYTHING REAL ANYMORE ? ” by Zack Greevey

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    • We need , and must pray to GOD , for the gift of THE HOLY GHOST to be with us , so as to discern and keep the truth . JESUS CHRIST IS SAVIOR AND REDEEMER .

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  8. Reblogged this on Cinderella's Broom and commented:

    Someday, one of them will talk.

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    • I have to admit that I’m curious about that as well. I would think that janitors, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, vendors, etc., would be talking about this. Of course, closer to home, when I look at our local school district, unless we make a special effort just about anything having to do with them is under the radar.

      I have three schools within easy walking distance and don’t know a thing about any of them. The thing that makes me the most curious is that, now that the “media” has been reassigned, I would think locals with ties to the school would be talking about how it was closed, or special ed. only, yet portrayed on the MSM as active.

      I have said before, and I’ll say it again, that this needs a good private investigator. I’d even chip in to a fund to do that. There are many every day records that should be available or an explanation would have to be provided. After all, this was a “public school”.

      The collusion with the feds and state (as well as local) governments is impossible to ignore. Whether one follows the exorbitant money stream, or the legislative nightmare, none of it is “normal”.

      Trust me, I would LOVE to see them all busted for this. Unfortunately, I doubt that will ever happen. Ten years from now we’ll still have shills wringing their hands and wailing about “the children”.

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      • “There are many every day records that should be available or an explanation would have to be provided. After all, this was a ‘public school’.”

        Invoking FOIA, Halbig sued the State of Connecticut for those records — to no avail. See:

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        • Oh yes, I’m talking “private eye” stuff. Even public schools have to purchase supplies from vendors, etc.. There are records. If the schools won’t provide them the vendors might.

          Also, people must be paid. Bus Drivers, cafeteria workers, etc., would collect paychecks, if not directly from the schools then from contractors. If the records aren’t there that is suspicious enough. How would they pay their taxes?

          I’m not suggesting calling the local governments and asking. I know that its been tried. I’m suggesting that a good investigator could find a lot of things through the use of sophisticated software and good old-fashioned sleuth work. The key being “low key”.

          It is exciting and good to watch fearless people plunge headlong into conflict with TPTB in these things. It can also prove embarrassing for them. But at a stage like we’re at with SHES currently, maybe the next approach would be careful, quiet, information gathering.

          From the pool of information detailed summaries could be developed and published. There are often more than one way to skin fish. Each of these “characters” were presented to us for their use. They either came into being expressly for the operation, or they existed previously and continue to exist post-event. They would have left and would continue to leave trails.

          I am very certain that some of those investigations would be fascinating. Who were they before and where are they now? Are they doing other operations under new names? Are they in hiding?

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      • Lop, as has been exposed, the Wayback machine has no records of any phones or electronics for that building for about 4 years. The Christmas trees found hidden behind the Fire station before it was known they were to be given and the denial of nearby medical personally given access to help along with the dingbat coroner sewed it up for me.
        The doctor has some excellent footage of the inside of the school and you can tell it has long been abandoned and was being used for storage.
        The those involved in taking down the building so quickly and having to sign waivers is very suspicious.

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        • Oh yeah, I’m familiar with all of that. I agree, it’s more than suspicious. I think my point was, if you are running a school, you need supplies and service workers, as well as faculty. The school has to pay for that. If the schools and governments won’t provide the information, a little detective work might show just who those venders were. If you could talk to them and/or their current and/or former employees, you might learn something. If they are non-existent, its pretty obvious they weren’t running a school.

          I watched some of the hearings too. They were lying and obfuscating. Why would a genuine victim of a horrendous event as advertised not want to cooperate? I don’t have to be convinced. I’m already there.

          My concern is for those who are still stuck on the official version. I think that once a person realizes what these mutts are capable of it becomes MUCH harder to feed them B.S. in the future. For that reason it is good to make these things absolutely clear to those who might not otherwise consider them.

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        • You know i saw Coronor Carver on a Forensic Files episode on Youtube. It was the disappearance of Helle Crafts. She also was from Newtown.
          I dont know if you’ve seen it but some people may find it interesting to see him in 1996.

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        • jessejacksonthethird

          The were not hidden behind the fire station. This site and others tried to make it seem like the Sandy Hook firehouse had exactly 26 trees that day. To prove that they used this photo:

          Now compare that to this photo:

          Seems like a lot more than the 26 FOTM and others tried to claim.

          And again, they were not hidden in any way


          • Hey, jessejacksonthethird shill:

            The Christmas trees were stored BEHIND the volunteer fire station. So, yes, they were hidden, but were revealed only by a news video taken from above by a TV news channel’s helicopter.

            I took a screenshot from the news video of the Christmas trees — and counted them. There were exactly 26, matching exactly the number of those in the school who were supposedly killed by Adam Lanza. And the trees were then trotted out in memory of the 26 victims. What a coincidence that the fire station had exactly 26 trees ready! /sarc

            Your pic and your words “seems like a lot more” would be laughed out of a court as evidence: It’s taken from far away; doesn’t clearly show the individual trees; and some trees were obscured.

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  9. Halbig pleaded insanity? You’re insane to be claiming that…or just a lousy liar!

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  10. I have long been uneasy with the Sandy Hook story, thinking it’s possible the story was exactly as reported. But this article completely changes that for me. What evil and madness this nation has been subjected to by out of control parts of our government! Thank you for the research Dr. Eowyn.

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  11. Given the apparent age disparity, one wonders if maybe the clothing of the children might yield something interesting, that is to say… do the available photos of the children depict styles and fashion aspects that are consistent with the late 80’s early 90’s eras? Any “memeish” hand gestures or other styles as well that might indicate an era in which the photos were actually taken? Forget whether the photos are bright and look modern or recent, that kind of thing can be done to even very old photos with the programs available these days, as I understand it.

    Perhaps it is true that the kids did go to sandy hook… in the late 80’s or somewhere in the 90’s, however… long before the school was decommissioned. I don’t know that anyone has looked at these angles yet… and it might yield some interesting points that the information scrubbers failed to account for.

    Also I am a bit disappointed with Mr. Halbig there, he shouldn’t sit on data like that when he could ensure it’s preservation by spreading it en masse through the alt media. If its in the name of “protection” of persons involved, there isn’t really many justifiable reasons to protect those involved if they have no intention of being truthful, and intend to continue the farce, as the evil being done directly, and indirectly, from the event vastly outweighs any “comfortable lives” they could have been offered. Do they not understand what happens when you try to cut deals with the devil? The end result is always that everyone (except the devil) loses.

    It also doesn’t help that facebook washes out any EXIF data that might be helpful, I imagine it copies data to undisclosed servers first, before scrubbing, of course, to make a resource for govt. agencies and other terrorists, but it sure foils private investigations, as is likely intended, all under the pretext of providing “privacy” to the end-user. (can’t have the CIA’s citizen self-spying agency that goes by “facebook” etc. potentially being used by “unauthorized persons” like an actual citizen trying to determine the truth of an event, after all.)

    Thanks for the additional info Dr. Eowyn.

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    • I agree with you about Halbig. I don’t know why he is so secretive about his information and sources.


    • I have had mixed feelings about Halbig and his various approaches since the outset. I will give him credit for what he’s done, however. He may be gun shy from the lawsuits or maybe his sources have asked him not to disclose them.

      I truly appreciate all that everyone has done on this and it is always easy to criticize. Much of this has not been done the way I would have done it. Nonetheless, we know much that we would not know otherwise.

      I think there is value in proceeding cautiously. Leaping to conclusions or making categorical statements can prove problematic. There are categories in this that can be absolutely characterized without fear of contradiction. The details are a little dicier.

      I know what “I” think, and I’ve read what others think. I have many beliefs that I feel VERY confident with and others that are held in a sort of graded fashion. There is no question that this is a hoax. The questions are matters of detail.

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      • Its not that I don’t appreciate his efforts, just to be clear, Lophatt, but his approach does put him, as well as what he has discovered, in danger for if he has no backup route, the information is solely with him, and if “they” pull something to… you know… “suicide” him, then the information will be lost, and that he already has trouble with a disease makes such an event all the more plausibly deniable. You can easily see the problem with having everything centralized like that… it wasn’t too long ago that one Joseph “Danny” Casolaro got axed before exposing a big thing that started small, while investigating something tying into child sex abuse etc. Something in which bill clinton, john kerry, and geroge bush were involved in at various levels as well.

        By the way Dr. Eowyn, I do hope you have a safe place to back up the data you find, like an external hard drive or old computer drive, a hidden safe surrounded by bear traps, etc. I’ve found that some old resources are not as permanent as one might think.

        Speaking of pozner though, I did run across this a while back while looking up some unrelated research…
        one marilyn posner, yeah I realize it has an “s” instead of a “z”, but I wonder if there is any relation at all, as being on the board of “alphabet” as well (basically google mega-corp’s pseudonym.) as well as involved as a trustee in carnegie, and president of the andrew carnegie society, is a pretty high rank position.

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        • No problem. I’m not suggesting anything. I just meant what I said. I really do appreciate everyone’s efforts. It is easy to criticize (meaning me). If I were “king” and I were in charge of this, somehow, I probably would have approached it a bit differently, that’s all.

          There are advantages in group efforts. There are also many disadvantages. Even when groups try to coordinate their efforts they often clash. What is an “absolute certainty” to one is “questionable” to another. I just happen to think that it is usually better to get as many ducks in a row as possible before letting the neighborhood know they’re landing.

          But that’s me. There is no question but that he’s helped. I have both rooted for him and cringed at the same time. I admire his courage and tenacity in staying with it.

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        • I don’t hoard. I publish to FOTM all my Sandy Hook research. It’s in the public domain.

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        • I email him back and forth and he has sent me some interesting things.


  12. Is it possible Halbig has a friend or contact in law enforcement who is able to get access to the private info on Facebook? I could understand why he may have to protect them if they violated the law themselves in order to provide him with the data. I wish Mr Halbig well in recovering from cancer. I can’t help but believe the stress he has undergone in all this effort to bring the truth to light hasn’t had an effect on his health.

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  13. Jennifer Hubbard is a writer for Magnificat magazine. Under her essays it says she resides in Newtown Conneciticut and that Catherine Violet was a victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012.

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  14. Thanks to Fellowship of the Minds for this information, and for maintaining its interest in this topic. By the way, does anyone know what James Tracey is up to nowadays? I miss his blog.

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  15. Dr E, or anyone else i came across this. I thought it might be useful. It is the cemetary.

    Never seen it before. Quite interesting for the critical thinkers. Saw it a while ago, had it in mind to share at right opportunity .

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  16. Dr. Eowyn…I’m a 64yr old US Army Veteran, a Retired Claims Adjuster, I live a modest life in a Mobil Home, very remote, in an Agricultural Town in N.E. Connecticut with my Blue Heeler, a cat, and 2 Fish. I spend a lot of my time cutting firewood, especially this year. Brooklyn,Ct is a Red town in a deep Blue State. Anyhow, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart sir for the work that you do, I’ve been an FOTM follower for years via RSS Feed in my Browser. In my opinion, hands down, this is the best Website on the Internet. The day Sandy Hook happened, I called my friend that night, and we both said to each other….100% Fake. As far as I know, you are the only Site that has stayed on this and not let it fade, Thank You, and thanks to Mr. Halbig. Keep up the good work Dr., we need you sir.

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    • Thank you, Bob. I am deeply honored and humbled. Thank you for your service to our country and for being a loyal FOTM reader. Please pray for me. I will include you in my daily morning prayers. ♥

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  17. The Parkers reportedly live just outside of Vancouver, WA, and make no secret about it. There were articles about them on the anniversary of SH. I thought the “grieving parents” were horrendous at SH, but when I read through Elissa Parker’s blog, and look at the photos, I have to ask myself how they would keep up this farce. Wouldn’t the children know whether or not they actually had a sister, and how would they keep the secret? Check out her blog, I would love to hear other’s thoughts:

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  18. As with so many other ‘media events’ I think we’ve been lied to in a big way regarding Newtown/Sandy Hook. Unfortunately however, I think we have to question the motivations of everyone connected with this event, whether pre or post event. We can’t allow ourselves to be used twice –first with the emotional upheaval whenever children are placed in jeopardy or are harmed, and second, in the subsequent search for the true facts of the event once it’s clear much of what is reported doesn’t add up or make sense.
    Especially because this event involved the supposed death of children who were targeted by a supposedly unhinged individual with what the media immediately reported was an assault weapon, most of the population will go along with the authorized storyline and think anyone who questions it is a heartless and obsessive ‘conspiracy theorist’, a term the CIA has admitted they weaponized after the Kennedy assassination. Because most people do not remember anything other than what is reported within the first few hours of an event, all of the investigative work done by people in “the movement” is never read by, or heard of, nor known by the vast majority of the population.

    However, enemies of “the movement” ensure that most of the population DOES hear about the heartless, obsessive conspiracy theorists who track down family members of the supposed deceased victims of this fear inducing event. The vast majority of the population will immediately assess those members of “the movement” as the unhinged fringe, who are people to be avoided, shunned and ignored, for fear of being equated with such ‘fringe’ portions of society.

    Given the sloppiness of the Sandy Hook event, it was sure to raise questions among “the movement”. Is it possible the main purpose of this particular ‘terror’ event had little to do with gun confiscation, but more to do with painting anyone who questions authorized narratives, specifically the Sept. 11th narrative, as someone who is an obsessive conspiracy nut, and part of the unhinged fringe? Could the main purpose have been to deflect continued investigation away from those international actors and forces that were likely behind the events of Sept. 11, which was obviously the catalyst for a world-wide upheaval, whereas Sandy Hook was not? If a lie is to be believed by many, it had better be a whopper. Which lie is bigger, which has had the more far reaching, tumultuous and disastrous effects, and thus must be protected at all costs?

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  19. My question is this I agree with most of what is posted but is it possible that other mass shootings are fake as well?

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  20. Here is a rule of thumb that my wife and I live by: “TeeVee Lies!” Sandy Hook was our breakthrough realization that we are being lied to in the media….pretty much about everything. “…just drop off the key,Lee and get yourself free!” -Paul Simon

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  21. I found them in September and sent a couple of draft photos to Wolfgang. I’ve since updated my findings and I created the one-page photo you have posted. It’s them. Thank you for getting the word out. MSM won’t do it for me.

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  22. One more thing . . .
    Those aren’t their real names.


  23. If guns, including AT-15s, are to be kept out of the hands of those with mental health issues not one of you whose posting were not deleted, so appear here, would be allow a cap gun. For one thing, each victims family did not receive millions, because $22M was not donated. Your supposed photos of the slain children are the wrong age, as at most they would be 12 now. Ambulances were— Forget it. You ‘truthers’ are a bunch of fucking nuts. And that insults both actual buts and those with mental health issues. You need to get rt another hobby; one that doesn’t tax your brain like finger painting. Jesus. What a daisy chain of lunatics!


    • Well, if I were someone who knew nothing about Sandy Hook, and I go simply by the moral character of the person commenting here, I would conclude by your over-the-top venom, condescension, and fondness for obscenities — displayed by none of the commenters whom you trash — that you doth protest too loudly. A psychiatrist would say you are being very defensive.

      A person in possession of the truth is at peace, which most certainly is not you.

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    • As witnessed by your lack of English writing skills, one could suggest you get another hobby, too. And you might want to sign up for a debate class while you are at it.

      Pro-tip: If you think you are going to insult any gun owner, using the incorrect nomenclature won’t help your cause.

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    • English gets better when cussing?

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    • What is an “AT-15”? It seems you are implying that the commenters here are insane. It is difficult to tell, however, as your verbal/writing skills are worse than a Latvian friend of mine who has only been speaking English for a year or so.

      You clearly lost the implication associated with the ages of those in the pictures. I would avoid detective work if I were you and you can forget about that application to “Mensa” .

      P.S., I don’t finger paint “Jesus”. Have a nice day Chris.

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