De Blasio’s 2018 salary increase not sitting well with folks


When’s the last time you received a 15 percent raise and were authorized to gift yourself that raise? It’s good to be a public servant!

From Fox News: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will kick off 2018 with a roughly 15 percent salary increase. The progressive Democrat, who currently makes $225,000 per year, will be sworn in to his second term on January 1.

Under legislation authorized by the mayor in 2016, he will see a $33,750 increase to $258,750 per year.

De Blasio’s pay hike alone is more than the annual salary of a minimum-wage worker in the city, the New York Post reported. The $33,750 boost is more than the annual salary of a full-time worker making the city’s roughly $13 minimum wage.

“Oh, that’s way, way too much money for the mayor,” said David Schermerhorn of VOCAL New York, a group that works with low-income New Yorkers. “That’s corporate America money.”

De Blasio authorized his cushy new salary two years ago by signing legislation that gave city pols a retroactive raise starting January 2016.

But he refused to accept any pay hike during his first term because he convened the advisory commission that recommended higher salaries for the city’s elected officials. When he signed the City Council legislation in February 2016, he said raising the mayor’s salary “is appropriate for the next term.”

City Council members ended up going $10,185 above the recommendation for their own salaries to give themselves a whopping 32 percent raise, from $112,500 to $148,500.

De Blasio’s billionaire predecessor Mayor Bloomberg took $1 a year in pay.

“The new salary is not out of line,” said E.J. McMahon, research director at the Empire Center for Public Policy, noting $258,000 is about equal to the $130,000 Mayor Koch got his last year in office after adjusting for inflation. “Koch, in retrospect, was worth it,” McMahon said. “Whether that applies to Bill de Blasio obviously is a matter of opinion.”

Cops’ union boss Pat Lynch is of the opinion that he is not. “Mayor de Blasio has once again demonstrated the height of hypocrisy,” the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association president fumed. “While he is among the highest paid mayors in the country, his police force is near the bottom. While he takes a 15 percent raise … he has offered the women and men who keep our streets safe 42 months of no raises.

De Blasio’s office had no comment.


15 responses to “De Blasio’s 2018 salary increase not sitting well with folks

  1. DeBlasio is a leftist pox on the city of New York and the fools that elected him. I will never again spend a penny in that city or state until he’s gone.

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  2. But I’m sure David Schermerhorn of VOCAL New York, who says the pay raise is “way, way too much money for the mayor,” had voted for De Blasio.

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    • Curious timing, this. I just looked up actress “Allison Brie” who is Jewish. I thought “Is Brie a Jewish name?”

      Turns out she’s just another Hollywierd stooge hiding her real name for commercial success (e.g. Natalie Hershlag going as Portman). Allison Brie (((Schermerhorn))) is her full name.

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  3. New Yorkers’: When, oh when, will you wake up and get out of the Democrat/communist matrix????????

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  4. It’s for sure that this bumble-head is not worth even 25% of that salary; and the fact that city council members took a 32% raise ought to be enough to see each and every one of them voted out of office come the next election! There must be some kind of a fog inversion in NYC that has caused the full blown epidemic of “brain fog” that seems to plague that city. From what I can tell, the only one not suffering from such is our very own–Steven.

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  5. I was going to suggest Steven for the next Mayor,but that’s one of those jobs I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies,let alone a good friend. (They sure could use a Man like Steven in charge,though…)

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  6. Truck, as long as the job is properly done and “the cancer of corruption” is not allowed to take hold I am sure it can be done but, I agree, who would want to be cursed for the rest of his life.

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  7. They pay over $300K in my town and it’s only 10,000 people.

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    • That seems like an outrageous amount for a city that size!

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    • In Orange County, California, the meter readers employed by the county Water Board earn–I mean get paid–six figures.

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      • Yeah, I didn’t say this mayor “deserved” it, it just happens to be what they pay. I made a good salary in my day too, but I had a high-responsibility job. Mayor of this town is a joke. I could do it in my spare time with one arm tied behind my back.

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        • This is just another reason the people are raging. The theft of taxation underwriting overpaid jobs while the “civil servants” laugh LET THEM EAT CAKE.


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    • No wonder why people want a career in politics, EASY COME. IN Miami the Mayor rose from a simple fireman climbed that “ ladder” and won’t let go, he is arrogant and thinks and acts Ike no other, he and the family run expensive subs, he has bodyguards, -BODYGUARDS- who the hell does he thinks he is? He dresses in very expensive threads, his circled is the upper class. Don’t try his office because it’ll end up in the secretary’s waste basket. And the kickbacks unimaginable, we are a poor city while the mayor is a millionaire.

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  8. What a wonderful city when the committee of checks and balance is in on the take. Of course they will keep their mouths shut for one of the worse mayors in the country. He is a bully and has treated his police force with contempt, and the people keep voting him in.

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