City of Seattle settles sex abuse lawsuit with one of former Mayor Murray’s accuser

Ed Murray with husband Michael Shiosaki

For background information related to the disgraced homosexual Ed Murray, see here:

Via King5 News: The City of Seattle has reached a $150,000 settlement with one of the men who accused Ed Murray, the former mayor, of sexual abuse.

Delvonn Heckard is one of five men who accused Murray of sexual abuse.  Heckard’s attorney, Lincoln Beauregard, released a statement after the settlement. It says, in part, “The case was never about the money, but the settlement funds will greatly assist Mr. Heckard in his recovery.”

Heckard’s attorneys intend to donate 100-percent of the attorney fees to sexual assault recovery organizations.

Heckard had filed suit against the mayor earlier this year, accusing him of molesting him when Heckard was a teenager in the 1980s. Heckard’s attorneys had decided to withdraw the suit, saying they will re-file the case after the mayor was out the office to prevent him from using his position of power to further his side.

Murray resigned from his position in September, and Heckard refiled his suit in October. The suit claims Murray paid Heckard for sex on multiple occasions in the 1980s when he was a teenager.

The City of Seattle was also named in the lawsuit. Heckard says the city allowed Murray to use his position of power to “spread false and harmful information about Delvonn, and his attorneys, in an effort to win reelection and extinguish these claims.

Heckard is one of five men who have now come forward claiming they were sexually abused by Murray in the 1970s and 1980s, including one of Murray’s cousins who claimed he was abused by Murray as a boy. Murray said the accusations are false, which he maintained after the city’s settlement was announced.

“I am relieved to put this matter behind me; however, that relief is bittersweet, tempered by the painful experience we have all undergone,” Murray said in a released statement. “The lawsuit was painful for me, my husband, my family, and my former staff because the allegations were untrue. I did not molest or have any sexual contact with the plaintiff. I was prepared to defend myself in court (as I have been doing at my own expense), but wholeheartedly agree with the City’s decision to pay $150,000 to avoid the cost and uncertainty of litigation.

The following is the full statement by Heckard’s attorney:

“Delvonn Heckard is appreciative of, and accepts, the City of Seattle’s offer to amicably resolve this matter and bring this community some peace at the end of this difficult year. As a result of the professionalism and kindness of the City’s current leadership, particularly Mayor Jenny Durkan and City Attorney Pete Holmes, the parties were able to resolve this matter for the terms set forth in the settlement agreement.

This case was never about the money, but the settlement funds will greatly assist Mr. Heckard in his continued recovery. Mr. Heckard’s attorneys intend to donate 100% of the attorney fees to sexual assault recovery organizations. Lincoln C. Beauregard and Julie A. Kays will donate $25,000 to the King County Sexual Assault Resource Center. Lawand Anderson will donate $12,500 to the Harborview Sexual Assault & Trauma Unit, and another $12,500 to the Silent Task Force.”


12 responses to “City of Seattle settles sex abuse lawsuit with one of former Mayor Murray’s accuser

  1. Oh! I’ll just bet that disgraced ex-mayor Murray was in full agreement with the fact that the City of Seattle shelled out $150,000 to settle this claim. Why not just have the City set aside a fund to pay for male prostitutes for the use of Murray? This almost makes one wonder if people who seek the office of major don’t need to purchase (on their own) insurance that would indemnify the Seattle taxpayers in the case that the major “jumps the tracks” and does something for which he needs to be sewed?

    Now that the citizens of Seattle have this experience under their belts, I would hope that they will take this kind of thing into consideration when voting for prospective new majors. It is nothing short of a scam that taxpayers are on the hook for the personal behaviors and predilections of people serving in governmental posts. It is just ridiculous.

    DCG . . . . Thank you for this great post! It sort of makes me feel that as screwed up as Portland, OR is . . . . Seattle is way worse. (Not that I am washing such bad luck on their people–but then they voted him into office. So I guess you get what you vote for, or something like that . . .)

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  2. Congratulations, Seattle Democrats, for electing a child molester as mayor! NAMBLA must be so proud.

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  3. And the only people that got screwed are the voters; the taxpayers are paying for this aberrant SOB.

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  4. “Pervert Perks”! Perfect. What a budget item “Sodomite = $150K

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  5. WTF how do perverts these get elected? Where will it end? When will it end?

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    • I have a feeling their constituents are perverts too. Now certainly I don’t think that a “majority” of the voters are perverts. This is one of the reasons I don’t trust elections, it defies logic.

      There are a lot of perverts in Seattle. I certainly don’t know the percentages, but I think a good guess might be 20%. That still doesn’t account for it. They are a noisy and noisome group, but, theoretically, they only get one vote each.

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  6. Why is this pervert NOT in Prison? These Perverts need to be brought to justice sooner than the rest before they do something to another young person. Semper Fi.

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  7. If this case did not happen while he was mayor, why would the city feel obligated to pay? Let me guess…….uhm, could it be that its’ going to fund some queer organization or other?

    How can they spend taxpayer money on this? If he were mayor and acting within his capacity (somehow), they might have a case. But this appears to have happened long before he entered office. In other words, it has nothing to do with his being mayor.

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    • The lawyers argued that the city played a role in alleged negligence and defamation of Heckard. It lists public statements in support of Murray made by council members. I’m guessing the city settled quickly to avoid more bad PR.

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  8. Only 5 more lawsuits to settle? Chump change to seattle, they just passed that soda tax to cover this loss/sarc. If it wasnt about $, than the lawyers should have done this pro-bono for the victim…who by the way, now probably gets 75k, before tax and at a cost of 200.00 plus an hour for therapy, the poor guy just might get 2 weeks worth! Liberalism = screwing the tax payer anyway they can!! (pun intended)!

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