2 Republican Congressmen got AIDS at Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove is a 2,700-acre campground in Monte Rio in northern California, belonging to the Bohemian Club — a private San Francisco-based men’s club. In mid-July each year, Bohemian Grove hosts a more than two-week encampment of some of the most prominent men in the world, including U.S. presidents and politicians.

The mid-summer encampment includes a ritual, first begun in 1881, called “Cremation of Care” in front of a 30-foot owl statue that Alex Jones identified as Moloch.

President Richard Nixon said in his private presidential tapes:

“The Bohemian Grove that I attend from time to time . . . is the most faggy goddamn thing you could ever imagine . . . it’s just terrible.”

Now, a revealed blind item on the Hollywood gossip blog, Crazy Days and Nights, confirms what Nixon said about the Bohemian Grove.

Crazy Days and Nights‘ blogger calls himself “Ent Lawyer” (Ent=Entertainment), who has a track record of accuracy. The Daily Beast describes Ent Lawyer as:

“. . . calling out many of Hollywood’s now-ostracized sexually misbehaving elite, sometimes years in advance of the mainstream media.

‘If you had been reading @entylawyer, you’d have known about Matt Lauer. And Harvey [Weinstein]. And Kevin Spacey. Just saying,’ tweeted New York professional Sara Zucker. Or as investigative journalist Mark Ebner (one of only 20 people who knows the blogger’s real-life identity) observes, ‘Enty Lawyer is like the anti-Perez Hilton. In my opinion, that’s what makes him so impressive, is that no one knows who he is, and he’s being proven right again and again. That’s like legendary shit.’”

This is Ent Lawyer’s “Blind Items Revealed #4,” posted on January 1, 2018:

November 13, 2017

I know there are some of you who want to know more about the Bohemian Grove parties. As promised to someone on Twitter, I asked a guy I know who gave me the Kevin Spacey item and goes every year to give me some scoop. Apparently in the very early 80’s, there were two politicians who were at the event one year. They each had sex multiple times with one of the male workers. He was a college student who was HIV+ but didn’t know it. These were early days. Both of the politicians contracted HIV and then AIDS. One died within a couple of years. The other managed to live for quite some time, but did die of AIDS related complications. The crazy thing was the latter politician had basically been thrown out of politics by that point so I’m not sure why he was still being invited.

John Clifton Hinson/Stewart McKinney

Ent Lawyer identified John [sic] Clifton Hinson and Stewart McKinney as the two politicians who got HIV/AIDS from a male worker at the Bohemian Grove.

From Wikipedia‘s entry on Stewart McKinney (R-CT):

Stewart Brett McKinney (January 30, 1931 – May 7, 1987) was an American [Republican] politician who represented the Fourth congressional district of Connecticut in the House of Representatives from 1971 until his death from AIDS in Washington, D.C.in 1987. […]

His physician speculated that McKinney became infected with HIV in 1979 as the result of blood transfusions during heart surgery. McKinney was known by friends to be bisexual, though his family said this was not the case, which raised the issue of how he had contracted the disease. […] Arnold Denson, the man with whom McKinney had been living in Washington, and to whom McKinney left property in his will, said that he had been McKinney’s lover, and that he believed McKinney was already infected when Denson met him.

From Wikipedia’s entry on Jon Clifton Hinson (R-MI):

Jon Clifton Hinson (March 16, 1942 – July 21, 1995) was a Republican U.S. Representative for Mississippi’s 4th congressional district from 1979 to 1981. […]

In 1980, Hinson admitted that in 1976, while an aide to Cochran, he had been arrested for committing an obscene act after he exposed himself to an undercover policeman at the Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington National Cemetery. Hinson then denied that he was homosexual and blamed his problems on alcoholism. He also said that he had reformed and refused to yield to demands that he resign. He won re-election with a plurality of 38.97 percent of the vote. […]

Hinson, who was married, was arrested again on February 4, 1981, and charged with attempted sodomy for performing oral sex on a male employee of the Library of Congress in a restroom of the House of Representatives. […]

Hinson resigned on April 13, 1981, just three months into his second term in the House…. Soon afterward, Hinson acknowledged that he was homosexual and became an activist for gay rights. He later helped to organize the lobbying group “Virginians for Justice” and fought against the ban on gays in the military.

Hinson died [on July 21, 1995] of respiratory failure resulting from AIDS in Silver Spring, Maryland, at the age of fifty-three.


37 responses to “2 Republican Congressmen got AIDS at Bohemian Grove

  1. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    When will these men learn – mind over matter. So sad that a few minutes of pleasure – kills you.


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  2. When one plays with matches, do expect to get burnt!

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  3. Sorry, – but I have Absolutely-No-Sympathy-whatever = for these sexual deviates that get diseased from their disgusting sexual behavior.. Furthermore, I am very angry that these liberal-headed sexual morphidites – colluding with Democrat politicians have devised the way to make decent-normal people pay their medical bills..

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    • I agree. Maybe that was Bathouse Barrys intent? It’s pretty obvious to me..that Congress and the Hollywood crowds are one in the same. Vile, degenerate pedophiles!

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    • EddieBG . . . . You have touched on something that I think if extremely important . . . “I am very angry that these liberal-headed sexual morphidites–colluding with Democrat politicians have devised the way to make decent-normal people pay their medical bills..

      I you think back on the problem of medical payments for “spouses, and significant others.” This funding of medical care for homosexual individuals started back when they were complaining that it was not “fair” that married people got to have their spouses covered by their employee insurance. So then various businesses “got on board” and offered medical coverage to both homosexual, and non-homosexual, non-married, but living together couples. Once they were able to buffalo the public into that, then the push for “equal rights” to actually marry come into play . . . so that today we have much larger medical costs because many homosexuals have AIDS/HIV, and in many instances the monthly cost for prescriptions runs up to almost $2,000. a month. Then the push was to allow LBGT XYZ to enter into the military, I believe in many cases so that they can access the lucrative medical coverage that may allow them to surgically change to whatever gender they are trying to transition to. This has stuck John Q Public with astronomical military spending on these surgeries. There is just an on-going push to have everyone accept these behaviors are being main stream, and that we can all live happily together for ever and ever (and the taxpayer can pay through the nose for these elective surgeries.) In many instances these are the very things that push the medical costs in our country to an ever upward bound spiral. I was saddened when the courts struck down the more recent ban that President Trump attempted to enact. You and I, as taxpayers, will die a death from a thousand cuts, as the assault continues for us to pay for self inflected diseases, and reassignment surgeries that are strictly a personal choice. Medicare, as insolvent as it has become, has even started paying for reassignment surgeries. When you really contemplate the horrendous cost for all of this . . . it makes one’s head spin!

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      • Auntie, you are absolutely correct in your statement about allowing trans into the military to obtain the surgery on the backs of the taxpayer.
        If you see some of the pictures of these people, they are not military ready or in shape.
        They will take up to a year for meds and preparation for surgery. Surgery runs about $160,000 then recovery and life treatment.
        Just when can we, the taxpayer expect them to actually work and be battle ready? In the meantime we are short handed and others have to cover for them.
        We know there is a high suicide rate and those on drugs their bodies aren’t equipped for can be very unsteady.
        Our President is absolutely right to refuse them entry. If they want to join, get the surgery first on their dime and prove they are stable.

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          • sick and disgusting man! 😦
            he needs spiritual and mental help, not surgery…not at taxpayer’s expense

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          • Former captain of the USS Lollypop.

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          • Dr Eowyn . . . just looking at that picture truly is emotionally painful, at least for me it is. Why would any sane nation spend its wealth in an attempt to foster what can so obviously been seen as severe mental illness. Really, how many MEN are going to be attracted to this “woman?” So, I suppose once that reality soaks in “she” will still not be satisfied with life in general.

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        • Glenn47 . . . Thank you for expanding on the situation of military candidates arriving for duty, but not being fit for duty. It really is just a ploy that was instituted under Obummer, one that makes every attempt at continuing the breakdown of our military. (That and the fact that so many of the very top military officers either were instructed to leave the armed forces, or things were so bad for them that they voluntarily hit the door.) I find no fault with the idea . . . “IF they want to join, get the surgery first on their dime and prove they are stable.” That is a reasonable expectation of any person wishing to join the military services of this nation. How many of us would want a loved one serving with someone who may (or may not) be psychologically stable? I rather think none of us would. Just look at what happened at Ft Hood, and the deranged psychiatrist . . . who was allowed to go on a rampage, although numerous other officers around and about knew he was unstable. Yet everyone was to fearful, to hesitant to step up and reveal the fact that this psychiatrist was one brick short a load. Consequently, a number of people died, and others were severely maimed. Should we not wish to ensure that ALL of our military personnel are mentally healthy, and would not pose a problem to those around them? I think that the POTUS should be more than able and capable of making that call. The ‘PC” crowd really just do not care about the rest of society, they only care that their agenda is pushed forward.

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  4. For Christians, they should already KNOW better. For non-Christians, as a matter of common sense, the proof is everywhere that you can die from putting your “John Thomas” where it was never intended to go.

    Anyone with urges such as these is functionally disordered and should get help. It should never be “accepted” nor should it be encouraged.

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    • lophatt . . . this is the very reason that God gave certain laws. Not to restrict his children, but to give instruction to promote healthy lives in abundance. I agree this kind of behavior should never, ever be accepted as normal, because this can hasten your death; and you will live miserably during the time before you eventually succumb to the disease. Those who do indulge in this most dicey behavior, wish with all their might to have those of us around them validate their behavior–in an effort that they not feel badly on an emotional level. This is another one of those ideals when taught to young children, that is not in their best interest.

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  5. Kevin J Lankford

    Wow, finally a real example of “Politically Correct”.


  6. it’s amazing that these types of places are allowed to exist…what is allowed and what isn’t….men can have sex on the streets and get HIV and other things, people can get their genitals cut off in the name of “equality”, people can get drunk from liquor and develop liver cancer, folks can smoke to their hearts content and get COPD….but, in some states, if you sell or drink raw milk, armed officers from the dept of agriculture and the FDA will raid your business or home and arrest you….go figure.

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  7. there are gay republicans currently / previously in elected office at all levels of government. most are “married” to unpleasant women.


    • There’s no woman “unpleasant” enough to make me queer. I don’t get that. If men feel attraction to other men they should get help, immediately.

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  8. Hey Zorro, take off your mask and re-read your one-liner.. Is that statement one you’ll stand on..?? Many of these “closet sex deviates” marry good women just to “look” normal to the rest of the Normal Society.. You too would become “unpleasant” if you found your chosen mate was “pumping & bumping” morphidites to satisfy their abnormal sexual deviency..

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  9. What a perfect way to entrap politicians and powerful people. Load up the hired help with paid male escorts, get the VIP guests drunk and film the ensuing “activities”. Now these “players” are permanently pawns. Same as Epsteins Lolita Island.

    So who runs “Bohemian Grove” and keeps those “articles of influence”? Have any members of SCOTUS been guests? How about key decision makers like McCain? Would sure explain a lot of strange behaviour from Washington…

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    • I swear to you, I told my kids, “this govt. blackmailing sex stuff that is and has been so rampant, makes me believe we have a bunch of hormonal 8th graders running our govt.” I was blown away to read FOIA documents from the 50’s in which the CIA would drug someones drink, wait for them to pass out, unclothe them and have a hooker sit on their lap, take pictures and BAMB…they are now blackmailed! I have no doubt, and think I read that CIA has done this to secret service, as well as FBI, etc. It really makes me think, that maybe Jack Kennedy wasnt as big of a womanizer they say he was, probably FAKE NEWS and blackmail! I have no doubt the clandestine CIA probably has a hand in kepping Bohemian Grove alive just for this very purpose and these vile humans, using their reptilian brains are too STUPID TO FIGURE IT OUT!

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  10. EddieBG and Zorro – any ‘good’ woman who discovered that her husband was a sexual deviant would immediately exit the relationship, regardless of social or political consequences.

    We are witnessing an avalanche of abhorrent behaviors – from mentally ill people choosing to disfigure their sexual organs (which does not alter their gender) to human-like robots being given ‘personage’, and sold as ideal life and sex partners for men, women and pedophiles.

    Everything being promoted by ‘equal rights’ mouthpieces is designed to degrade and devalue nature’s healthy relationship between a man and woman – and undermine core family life. We have to protest and reject the onslaught of unnatural and immoral behavioral paradigm being thrust at us by the global media/marketing machine, and protect malleable young minds wherever we can.

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  11. I’ve heard it said many times in my Life – that the Penis is at the opposite End of the Brain stem, and the struggle for control of the Body is in the Balance..

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  12. This cannot be true, RINO’s are great and perfect: DINO’s are bad evil


  13. Odd, these rinos must have been out of favor with the nwo crew as the nwo crew has the cure for aids, at least according to some of the mind control sex slave victims.

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  14. How very interesting… a resource for other commenters who may not know of the creepy thing: https://isgp-studies.com/Bohemian_Grove (if the link doesn’t work, try: http://archive.is/GM7hH a note on ISGP, they do endorse evolution, and other things they really should know better about, so keep your boulder of rock salt handy, at least they expose the aliens and UFO hokum for what it is.)

    A point of contention though, I know many, many people parrot the “owl is moloch” thing based off jones stuff, but as a novice mythologist (not a mythicist, that’s a whole other thing that is wholly unrelated.) I can’t say that I have any knowledge of the owl as a motif, or associated animal, of moloch, also given jones’ dubiousness as well, I suspect the idol has been misidentified. I do know owls have been associated with “lilith” of the judaics (herself considered a predator of children.), “athena” of the greeks, “arianrhod” of the celts. It’s also the animal used by the scuzzy omicron delta kappa secret society. You might notice all those pagan deities happen to be female… interestingly walter cronkite used to voice the owl for that ceremony allegedly, so apparently a male voice was required for the idol. Bringing back the original question, who is the owl idol supposed to be?

    Also homosexuality & secret societies goes way back, from the uranians to the bogomils, etc. that it goes on at this place is no surprise. Have to say though I’m surprised more people than just jones haven’t tried to infiltrate or listen in on what goes on there, or other meetings etc. that become public knowledge and expose what they hear immediately and as widely as possible instead of sitting on it… its a shame there is such a lack of courage, or an inability to act for whatever reason, or both.

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  15. and I thought this story was about recent the politicians are current members of congress not something that happened years ago……


  16. I’ve maintained the gay agenda could not have swept through so fast and furiously without the help of gay insiders. From city councils up to congress, open or closeted, they came in the door with every other progressive disease. What better way to destroy anything without actual confrontation than to infiltrate and initiate change from inside? 4% or less? That’s smoke and mirrors. There’s a good deal more and battalions of sympathizers supporting them. Their God is Self Indulgence, the out of control lust which makes normal heterosexual lust pale in comparison. Since its health risk is so high they demand everyone else pay to combat a self induced sickness. Tobacco does the same yet there are multiple programs to quit and even ban it. Gays want their hedonistic lifestyle and a guarantee of no risk for it. Homosexuality is also the top layer leading to lower and lower deviancies. Once openly condoned there will be no going back as sexual deviance becomes worse and worse. We have little to go on that it was the sole sin of Sodom; but it is probable homosexuality was one of many that God declared to be abominations.

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