Why did the Christians of Iraq find no protection from George W Bush?

I was duped! I trusted Bush, but hindsight proves me wrong.

Today’s article in Breitbart deals with the divide between the “Neocons” and what we believe to be real conservatism.

BREITBART – John Zmirak: #NeverTrump National Review Licked ‘the Mud Off of George W. Bush’s Boots’ While He Allowed Iraq’s Christians to Be Ethnically Cleansed

by ROBERT KRAYCHIK – 30 Dec 2017

National Review “let themselves be turned into the propaganda wing of the neo-conservative movement” during the George W. Bush administration, while ignoring the ethnic cleansing of Iraq’s Christian communities under Bush’s watch, said John Zmirak, Senior Editor of The Stream and author of the new Politically Incorrect Guide to Catholicism.

Read the article here.

It grieves me to the core to know what evil was perpetrated by our government. 

Lord Jesus, as we end 2017 and begin a new year, we ask you to mercifully grant us your leadership through 2018. Thank you for your great love, which lights our hearts.

34 responses to “Why did the Christians of Iraq find no protection from George W Bush?

  1. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Rebogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Yes, I voted for Bush II; but, the only reason was – that was the only thing on the ballot that was marked conservative. And, then we learned he was a turn coat – the whole Bush dynasty turned against America and voted for Hillary Clinton, a communist democrat. So now we all know they lied to us.

    Bush II turned against Christians for the love of Saudi money. He is such a fake – each year he hosts the disabled veterans that he sent off to Iraq under false pretenses – is it because of guilt?

    What a sorry lot. Sorry, no respect for traitors.


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    • kommonsentsjane . . . Bless you for putting forth that comprehensive addition to this article.

      I also voted for Bush, thinking that he was stepping up as a true Conservative to foster and uphold those ideals that we hold dear. It was not until my sister informed me that the grandfather’s of Bush Jr were both involved in the selling of armaments to both sides fighting in WWII. This caused me go out and study this dilemma for myself, and sure enough, I was able to verify this information. This happened after his two terms as POTUS. Then I started looking at the things he did during time in office. I was rather horrified . . . and yes, one of the glaring indictments was that he sat back and DID NOTHING when the ethnic cleaning of Christians was going on in Iraq.

      I was also was among those who were duped by this man. However, once I woke up, I decided that I would never again be duped by the Bush dynasty ever again. This was one reason why I was bitterly opposed to having Jeb Bush take yet again another bit at the apple, in his bid for POTUS. I do not ever want a “Bush” residing in the White House again, as in forever!

      I am more than glad that the day will come when each of these men will stand before the Judgement Bar of God and have to answer for the fact that they allowed “their fellowmen to be slaughtered” all in a quest to fill the bank accounts of this family.

      The only thought that eases my mind on the fact that so many, many people lost their lives . . . Iraqi Christians, American military men, Iraqi civilians, etc. is that Our God will not deny any blessing that any of these individuals earned and was entitled to by virtue of the life they lead. In Eternity they will experience blessings that will more than make up for the fact that their lives were cut short. When you really think about the immensity, the sheer weight of so much blood shed, all in the effort to garner more wealth . . . it causes the person who contemplates this to nearly become breathless!

      TD . . . this is truly a fabulous post! Thank you to adding to the information that is out there regarding this traitorous family enterprise.

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  2. AMEN 🙏🏻

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  3. No difference between the Bush or the Clinton crime syndicates. People should now realize the two party paradigm is just a facade, a rouse and the paths to the end are both liberal and conservative which do not include Religious Sovereignty in any manner. One World Government supersedes all the nation state games and money. To think Trump wields any power is just as ridiculous as Dubya’s or Bubba’s reigns on the Joo and Jesuit juggernaut. All this political and pundit pablum is apologist drunken history.

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  4. Think about it….. The fix was in for Bush. The establishment is always steps ahead of us and they knew that only a Republican President could get the Patriot Act passed. it sure wouldn’t have happened under Gore. BO could have modified it or cancelled it all together but we didn’t hold our breath waiting for that to happen. Remember how Obamacare was whipped out post haste.. full cloth… out of nowhere, ready to be enacted? That is exactly the way the Patriot Act was… ready to go. Bush has been just another talking head… another puppet of the NWO and Soros.

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    • Oh… and just as the Iraqi Christians’ plight was ignored by the Bush admin., so too, BO gave gratis to all the Muslims but Christians were only a tiny percentage allowed asylum in the US.

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    • Of course. They aren’t “a step ahead”, they determine the steps…..period. NOBODY plays and NOBODY gets public notice without their careful vetting and approval. All the rest is stagecraft.

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    • phoenix . . . God Bless you for “telling it like it is!” To further back up the fact that “The fix was in for Bush.” Think about his first election and the issue of “chads” (I think that is what they were called)in Florida. Then all of a sudden Bush was POTUS. There is NO DOUBT that the NWO is always two steps ahead of us peons. What is amazing is this last election, that the American people pulled off a real WIN! The NWO crowd have been pissin’ their pants over it ever since! In order for us to actually benefit from our form of government, we need to strive to have more and more people come to the realization that if they want peace and prosperity–they must rein in government, and the shadow government, no matter what they throw at us!

      (I am going to go slightly off tract here) In yesterday’s news, relative to the election in Alabama, where they have certified that Jone’s the Communist/Socialist has been certified as the winner of the Senatorial race The news media is now coming out with stories regarding the election. Yesterday’s was that there was an abnormally high amount of “write-ins” for Judge Moore by people such as “Mickey Mouse” and other fictional characters. They also claim that there are write-ins for the previous Senator who lost to Moore in the Republican primaries. Even thought this may be, do not be fooled, this tactic is being used so that you and I will hopefully take our eyes off the ball . . . it does not negate the fact that there was wholesale election fraud going on. This is put one way the NWO can use to get us to shut up and go away, by planting the seed in our minds that the election was lost due to “write ins.”

      All this kind of garbage is part and parcel of the NWO, of which the Bush Syndicate, is a major player.

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  5. Two other words for Neo-Conservatives: Zionist Warmongers.

    It’s no wonder that both Bushes, Sr. & Jr. — and their respective pro-abort wives — did not support Donald Trump who, in one year, has enacted policies more conservative than Ronald Reagan.

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    • Absolutely. What I found amazing is that they were actually stupid enough to show everyone their true colors. Now everyone can see that the far radical left and right are one and the same.

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      • As is often said about our so-called two party political system… left wing, right wing… but same old bird. LOL

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      • I can think of countless examples of them telling the world what they’re about and what they intend to do. They aren’t ashamed and they are not fearful.

        Most of it is so outrageous that it doesn’t register. I remember Poppy Bush talking about austerity and Slick Willy talking about “leveling” and basically making us a Third World country.

        Most of the think tanks put their plans up for viewing. They’re not hidden.

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        • lophatt . . . Now that one really looks at the actual words which were spoken by either of these two men–they meant exactly what they said. To the not so observant (which you are not) it just kind of goes over one’s head, and you do not really take it to mean much of anything. Once you come to the understanding that these folks are among the NWO crowd, then you read those words again, and a far more sinister interpretation comes to mind. This was a most excellent find on your part. Thanks.

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    • Dr. Eowyn, I am ashamed to have been so totally fooled by the Bush family. One of the final links for me was the mysterious friendship with the Clintons, W’s extremely odd friendship with Michelle Obama, and their strange enmity towards Trump.

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      • The Clintons are the ultimate litmus test.

        Bill is a rapist and assaulter of women, who should have been impeached and arrested years ago. Hillary is a satanist. Both are psychopaths. There is something very wrong with anyone who can vote for Hillary, or be friends with the two (as in the case of the Bushes).

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  6. Thanks for sharing this one with us. I probably would have missed it myself and its message is too significant to be ignored. From what I’ve learned, it appears that the same sort of thing happened in the Bosnia/Kosovo/Yugoslavia conflict. That is, NATO’s destruction of the region enabled the Muslim populations to gain a foothold at the expense of Christians. Some say that it was all about protecting drug routes into Europe but it appears to me that it was more the beginning of what has been happening recently in Europe with regards to the Muslim invasion (thus more evidence that what we see happening today was planned long ago). An even earlier example is illustrated by the West’s allowing the same thing to happen in Lebanon when that once Christian majority country was taken over by Muslim/Isamists and as a result, many Christian families were “ethnic cleansed” from the landscape. The West stood by and did nothing. So, this article on Breitbart helps to clarify that our two-party political system has really just been a one party system made to appear as two and it’s really quite encouraging that Americans overall are (or will be) awakening to this fact. Did anyone happen to notice the indirect reference provided by Zmirak in the linked Breitbart article? He is quoted as saying,

    “They’re still 18-year-olds sitting in their Yale dorm rooms playing Risk, but instead of little plastic pieces, they’re American soldiers.”

    Zmirak is of course making reference to a certain highly treasonous secret society at Yale and seeing reference to it in a Breitbart article makes me hopeful that even bigger change is in the air than I thought. If only supporters on the left could be made to realize that the root of much of mankind’s (real) problems actually lies in the small network of secret societies that currently maintain a strangle-hold on our government. If only history would repeat itself and the anti-Masonic sentiment that swept the nation in the early 1830s could surface once more, we could maybe begin to live within the true promise of our Constitution — as freemen. Whether this happens or not, thanks to President Trump and his base, a new day is nonetheless dawning and all of us ought to feel proud in being a part of something that perhaps this time around, even history won’t be able to ignore.

    Happy (almost) New Year, everyone! 🙂

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    • They coined the phrase “The Great Chessboard” to describe how these evil agents rule the world. WE are the ones that think about “countries” and “populations” and “cultures”, etc.. To them, these are just knowledge items for use in manipulating their cattle (us) where they want them to be.

      Properly understood we can stop discussing these things in unrealistic ways. You don’t have to “like” something to realize its true nature. If there is ANYTHING possible that can be done about this it starts by exposing this for what it is, not what we have been told to believe.

      Those with the power to affect nations and their people belong to an organization. It isn’t related to “country” per se, it is a Satanic urge to control others as a reward in itself. We will not get any relief from this be applying to the culprits. It is more than unrealistic to expect good from evil.

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    • the postman . . . I am in agreement 100%. I pray for a new day of dawning that more and more Americans will wake up and find that we (you and I) have been played for the benefit of both the right and the left. A pox on all their houses.

      It fries me to think of old man Bush and his antics of hugging various woman’s bottoms and telling the joke, “His favorite book is “David Cop-a-feel.” Put the old fart in a home for patient’s with dementia. Then you have his goofy wife, maintaining that he cannot be held responsible for his actions since he is old and feeble . . . yet this behavior has been going on for years . . . And by the way, I can hold anyone responsible for anything I feel like! I don’t like Bush I, nor his wife . . . they have lived lives of ease off the blood of many innocent people.

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  7. I was conned by William F. Buckley and National Review and the Bush Family for many years, and we’re it not for the internet, I never would have been red-pilled.
    William F. Buckley made a deal with the Devil to save National Review Magazine. It was a good journal of commentary, as far as commentary goes: It was coherent where leftist rags weren’t.
    But after Bush, Sr. stabbed America in the back after he betrayed us on “No New Taxes!” I noticed the pattern: We conservatives are the scapegoats, the sacrificial lambs, the cucks. The script has typecast us as the Bill Holden, the sap always left holding the bag.
    Like father, like son: George W. Bush did NOTHING to help Christians ANYWHERE because—drumroll!—THE BUSHES ARE NOT CHRISTIANS. They got to where they were, in large measure, because they successfully impersonated Christians. The Bushes are SATANISTS.
    This is what the Bush Family is. This is what Buckley was. (And I will always remember he threw Pat Buchanan’s and Joe Sobran overboard).
    As a matter of fact, this is what John Paul I was, too: Maybe not a Satanist, but no real conservative, he. This is what Francis is, and, YES, Francis IS a Satanist.
    It took me many years to wake up. All History is a fight between Jesus Christ and Judas Iscariot: Each player takes one role or the other.
    On the worldstage-scale of things, Bush played a role in a program, an agenda. That Agenda is ZIONISM, the “Manifest Destiny” of a Greater Israel. This requires, in part, the destruction of inconvenient people, like, oh, the Palestinians, the Syrians and the Iraqis and Iranians. (It even meant an attack on the USS Liberty).
    This is what the drama is. It ends with Anti-Christ.

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    • Did you mean JP 1 or JP 2 (or both)? I wouldn’t argue with that. You must consider who controls everything. That’s how we get these “choices”. I hope no one actually believes these mutts just “appear” or “earn” the right to run for office.

      There was a time when they at least gave the eaters the superficial acknowledgment indicative of some sort of democracy. Not anymore. No, we are merely spectators and our “job” is to cheer for and obey their decisions.

      There is ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT about the Bushes Satanism. There is little doubt about JP 2 (according to Fr. Martin). I think we knew something. He explained it pretty well. Properly understood that should inspire caution, but not rebellion. He was only one person just like the current one.

      You have also identified the “agenda”, although I would offer that “Zionism” is just the expression of something much older. In Russia the Rothschilds and their agents funded both Communism and Zionism. For their purposes the two are indistinguishable.

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    • steven . . . Bless you, once again you blew me out of the water with your comments. I had never thought of the USS Liberty as part of this large game of chess, but I see you are right. It is true, “All History is a fight between Jesus Christ and {Satan, whose agent was} Judas Iscariot.” All of the battles will eventually end up being fought between these two entities at the end of times . . . fortunately, we know who the victor will be!

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  8. Does scull and bones society ring a bell. Both Bushes were members, and they are for NWO. That queered them with me. Sr was part of the Kennedy assassination, and that is evil. The NWO’s whole agenda is decrease the world population, so the elits have a better life and more control. They are using the muslimes to further destroy all the stability we have. The thing is, we are on to them, and so is Trump! They Hate Trump, because he is one and they know he knows and hates what they want to do to this country. They are going to do what ever it takes to get him gone. Only our prayers for him, keep him safe from their evil.

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    • artbycheryllynn . . . I am in agreement with you. Our current needs all the prayers possible. Prayers that thank God for His graciousness in providing this man with the drive to want to sit as POTUS , , , and prayers that ask that the Angels of Heaven be sent to bless and protect him, and to give him a keen intellect relative to what steps should be enacted that will be of the greatest benefit for the average American.

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  9. Mom Bush has always been the Matron of the Bush clan; she has been the director behind the scenes and like the chess players carefully watch for the perfect move only to see her failure when Jeff tried the run for the presidential seat at the White House. This time she was getting old and burned with senior Bush ill health, besides hey all new Jeff was not popular even though the Hispanic vote, mainly the Cubans in Florida,


  10. My awakening began during W’s 1st term, when I saw Slick & Bush 41 together having a laugh about something – they got together for charity over some tragedy, and it just jarred me into thinking there was something fundamentally wrong about the two of ’em together like that.

    I didn’t vote for W his 2nd term, but I’m embarrassed to say I wrote in McCain – I wasn’t fully awake yet.

    But for W to run on a platform of being a compassionate conservative, and then turning his back on Christians that needed his help the most, is an abomination.

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